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Exploring New Timbres with Duo Anova & Bateira Trio

Duo Anova & Bateira Trio

Duo Anova, comprised of cellist Susan Davita Mandel and guitarist Kenji Haba, and the Bateira Trio—highlighting Sandy Hughes on flute, Conway Kuo on viola, and Satoshi Okamoto on double bass—filled Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall with richly textured works and singular timbres that rode the knife's edge between rigorous complexity and pleasant amiability.

Mandel, gleaming like a moonbeam in a silvery dress, and Haba, sporting a spiffy bow tie, display a striking compatibility. His serene reserve offers a burnished setting for her bejeweled expressiveness.

They open with a four-part piece by Dusan Bogdanovic, “Quatre pieces intimes.” Bogdanovic crafts a dense, savory musical stew, synthesizing classical and folk influences. Whispering secrets of a pensive heart, the first movement, “Prière,” roots yearning caresses against subtle, tightly controlled rhythms while “Mouvement”is an elfin romp under a midnight sky. The penultimate selection, “Le Harpe de David,” features a seductive melody stained with tears, and the fourth, “Chant,” gallivants with piquant intricacy.

Duo Anova demonstrates the breadth of their range and interests by pairing Josh Henderson's “A Bird Fell Today” with Michael Kropf's “Night Waltz.” Tempering the somber truth, that to live means to die, Henderson offers an impressionistic work, which highlights Mandel catapulting from vitriolic blaring to delicately wrought fluttering while Haba intones the poem (the piece's inspiration) in Japanese. Standing in opposition, “Night Waltz” sways and pivots with gilded memories, a diffusion of meditative starlight.

Haba and Mandel close the program with Bulgarian composer Atanas Ourkouzounov’s “Tanzologia,” a heated take on dance forms. The opening movement, “Contempotango,” spotlights Mandel and Haba performing cadenced rapping and tapping on their instruments. A jigger of wicked flicking and spiking, it segues into ambient aching. “Valse-Slave,” nuanced and graceful like a pen-and-ink drawing, demonstrates spacious lyricism while “Bulgarian Rock,” the catchy finale, froths with quicksilver vigor before skidding to aringing exclamation.

Bateira Trio opens with the signature offering of Composer's Voice, Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame. Cheryl Krugel-Lee's “3.6 Miles Per Hour” scampers with irresistible insistence. “Solace,” by David Morneau, glows like moonlight on water; layering watery strata, it stains and seeps with lavender hues. Marching with a persistent fervor, Douglas DaSilva's “Rondellhund” paces with doglike rabidity and appetite. Aurelio Scotto's “Ragtime,” bursting with sunshine cheer, gambols delightedly before bounding to an ardent finish. “Fantasy,” offered by Nina Siniakova, squeals, taunts, and rumbles combatively as if spoiling for a fight.

David Berlin, Douglas Wagoner, Francis Kayali, Vivian Li, Matteo Bertolina, Scott Janz, Murray Gross, Isaac Hayward, Ted Mann, and Stan Link all contribute entrancing works to round out Fifteen-Minutes-of Fame.

Vivian Li fashions a four-part composition, “Anywhere That's Wild,” based on “Spirit Smoothie,” her contribution to Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame. Chockfull of rhythmical pyrotechnics, its dense form, laden granular surges, showcases BateiraTrio's adroit dexterity. The first movement, “Anywhere That’s Wild,” hopscotches with nimble textures that rip along until a thrusting, ramped up ending. Hot on its heels, “Riddles and Knots”twists and turns, braiding itself into a Gordian knot. The ending, like a high-flying Jenga tower, erupts into blazing chaos. “Elegia” features a plaintive, mewling whine, which is soon spiced with flaky, peppery delicacy. “Spirit Smoothie,” the final, inspirational dessert, holds a tart center in its candy crisp shell.

Bateira Trio closes with Erwin Schulhoff’s “Concertino,” which seemingly resonates as a bucolic depiction of Prague in the 1920s. The first movement, settled in a low, autumnal register, energetically grumbles while the flute castigates. The next movement gallops with a folk-inspired fervor, charging at breakneck speed, even as the flute beseeches for a more contemplative pace. The penultimate movement weaves with a serpentine trajectory, scalloped with pensive edges. The last piece switches between the flute and piccolo invoking a shopkeeper showing off his wares to a discerning customer. Greeting, teeming, and admonishing, it captures the color of a bustling marketplace.

Erin Bomboy

Erin Bomboy

Stan, the Steelpan Man

Stan, the Steelpan Man

Stan, the Steelpan Man—or Truman Pringler to his parole officer—was one of the world’s foremost players of steel drums, especially the big ones. His personal collection included a sheet metal steelpan the size of Manhattan’s Columbus Circle that was ornamented with animatronic rubber noses dancing the fandango. Stan’s favorite, however, was a much smaller “rocketpan,” which he’d made out of an LGM-25C Titan II nose cone. No surprise, then, that the sounds it produced were generally regarded as “otherworldly.” To keep them that way, Stan employed a team of laid-off NASA engineers to thoroughly clean the instrument after each performance. Given Congress’s annual slashing of agency funding, the engineers were only too happy to have the work.

David Gunn

David Gunn

Upcoming Performances

Composer's Voice


Sunday, February 9, 2014 - 1:00 PM

Sunday February 9, 2014 (New York, New York) Composer’s Voice features a themed Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Land of Mystery and Trolls with Eva Ingolf. The concert also discovers the fantastical home built instruments pvc flute, and cardboard tube created and performed by Skip La Plante. The concert will be rounded out with a variety of art songs by David Morneau, Eric Nathan, and David Rimelis.

Mary Hubbell Mary Hubbell is described in the New York Times as “a soprano with a sweetly focused tone,”

Eva Ingolf

Eva Ingolf is a well known Icelandic violinist particularly recognized for her authoritative performances of solo works by J. S. Bach.

Alice Jones

Alice Jones is a flutist known for giving performances that are “lively” (New York Times)

Melanie Mitrano

Melanie Mitrano’s song cycle “Phobias & Infatuations” won the Summit City Art Song Festival Composition Award. Most recently, her work was featured on Arts Up Close Montclair TV 34.

Skip La Plante

Skip La Plante invents, builds, composes for, performs on and teaches with musical instruments built from trash. He co-founded MUSIC FOR HOMEMADE INSTRUMENTS in 1975.

David Rimelis

The son of country western singer “Idaho Ed,” David Rimelis was raised on American folk and popular music; he has won prizes in a number of regional fiddle contests. Rimelis is artist-in-residence for the New Jersey State Council on The Arts and teaching artist for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center He is also Director of Music Education for the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children in Newark New Jersey. His music is featured in the film about violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg “Speaking in Strings”, PBS and New Jersey Network documentaries “Summer Camp”, “It’s Red It’s Edible It Bounces”, the Mo Willems cartoon “The Man Who Yelled,” and the feature film “She Devil.” National Television appearances as featured musician include “Emeril Live” (improvising original music as “Dr Strings), CBS’s “The Guiding Light” (fiddler and country band leader), and NBC’s “Four Stories” (volunteer music teacher to HIV affected children).

David Morneau

Described by Molly Sheridan as a "flashing beacon" of inspiration, David Morneau's eclectic output is best exemplified by 60x365, his "ambitious yearlong musical project" for which he composed a new one-minute composition every day.

Eric Nathan

Eric Nathan’s served as Composer-in-Residence of the 2013 Chelsea Music Festival (New York) and 2013 Chamber Music Campania (Italy). His music has been featured on NPR’s radio show “From the Top” and on WQXR’s Q2 Radio. His music has been recognized with awards including the 2013 Rome Prize, ASCAP Rudolf Nissim Prize, BMI William Schuman Prize, four ASCAP Morton Gould Awards, and a Charles Ives Scholarship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

"...the 15 Minutes of Fame project of Vox Novus is a godsend. " - NY Music Culture Examiner Fifteen Minutes of Fame is 15 one-minute acoustic works by different composers. Fifteen Minutes of Fame gives a variety of new music by living composers to audiences hungry to hear what is being created in today's music scene. Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Land of Mystery and Trolls with Eva Ingolf will feature the one-minute works from composers: David Bohn, Erik Branch, Remigio Coco, Tim Corpus, Joe Gianono, Fermino Gomes, Nathan R. Johnson, Kevin J. Kelly, Daniel Mihai, Alex Nante, Juan María Solare, JJ de Azevedo Souza, Adam Torkelson, Jean-Pierre Vial, Rain Worthington.

One of the premier showcases for promising composers, Composer’s Voice Concert Series is an opportunity for contemporary composers and musicians to express their musical aesthetic and personal “voice.” Composer’s Voice has presented over 100 concerts in New York City and scores of concert performances throughout the world. "[Vox Novus offers] the presentation of serious works by established and emerging composers. Those voices should be heard, and they can even be reheard on the Vox Novus website (" - New Music Connoisseur

Click here to see the concert program

Composer’s Voice Concert
Sunday, February 9, 2014 - 1:00 PM
Jan Hus Church
351 East 74th Street
(between First and Second Avenues) New York, New York


Calendar of Vox Novus Events
Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Announcing results for
Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with Piano Pinnacle

Piano Pinnacle, a piano duo comprising of pianists Deborah Grimmett and Iman Habibi, selects the 15 minatures for their Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame to be premiered April 27, 2014 on the Composer’s Voice concert series in New York City.

This set of 15 works was based on the theme, "Canada" which composers were encouraged to creatively interpret for their one-minute compositions. Submissions for this call for scores were received from around the world and were written in many different styles and techniques.

Piano Pinnacle has established itself as a leading new piano duo ensemble in Canada. Its performances have been hailed as a “true tour de force[...], ” and “an absolute delight” (Musetta Stone). Piano Pinnacle won Second Prizes at the United States International Duo Piano Competition (USIDPC), and at the International Northwest Piano Ensemble Competition (NWIPEC), and has twice attained the Audience Choice award at the latter. The duo’s performances have been heard across Europe and North America, in cities such as Paris, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, Oslo, Colorado Springs, and Vancouver. Piano Pinnacle is dedicated to rejuvenating the piano duo genre, by presenting an eclectic mix of old and new repertoire with “a passion that could only be achieved by years of patience[...]” (The Other Press). The ensemble aspires to promote and nurture the development of new music, and has so far inspired and premiered a dozen original Canadian compositions for two pianos.

Pianist Deborah Grimmett’s performances have been heard throughout Canada and Europe in major concert halls such as Auditorium Santa Croce (Italy), Norges Musikkhøgskole (Norway), Espace Carpeaux (France), Ganz Hall, and Sherman Clay Steinway Hall (US), Centennial Theatre, and The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (Canada). She was a finalist and prizewinner in both the Vancouver Academy Provincial Senior Secondary Competition, and the BC Piano Competition. Ms. Grimmett enjoys an active performing schedule, making guest artist appearances at the Gallery 345 Concert Series, Douglas College Arts at One, Vancouver Art Gallery, Composers’ Collective Green College Series, and Vancouver Public Library Concert Series. She has played in masterclasses for several highly acclaimed artists, including John Perry, Andre Laplante, Marc Durand, Philippe Cassard, and Lydia Artimiw. Deborah currently enjoys an active performing schedule as soloist, duo pianist, and chamber musician. As a collaborative pianist, Deborah has studied with Rena Sharon and Lydia Wong. Ms. Grimmett holds a Master of Music degree in piano performance from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of British Columbia, and an ARCT (Piano Performance Diploma) from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her principle teachers include Marietta Orlov, Jane Coop, Kenneth Broadway, Ralph Markham, and Sara Davis Buechner. In addition to her performance schedule, Ms. Grimmett is currently Director of the West Point Grey School of Music, where she maintains an active studio of talented young pianists.

Iman Habibi has successfully established his career as a composer as well as a pianist. He is recognized by critics as a “confident player,” (Prince George Citizen) and a “giant in talent” (The Penticton Herald). His compositions have been programmed by many prestigious concert organizations such as The Marilyn Horne Foundation (New York), The Canadian Opera Company (Toronto), Tapestry New Opera (Toronto), Atlantic Music Festival (Maine), the BCScene Festival (Ottawa), The Sonic Boom Festival, and the Powell Street Festival (Vancouver). He has received numerous awards including the International Composers’ Award at the Esoterics’ POLYPHONOS competition (2012), the First Prize at SOCAN Foundations Awards for Young AV Composers (for two consecutive years), the Mayor’s Arts Awards as well as others. His music and interviews are broadcast regularly on radios across North America such as CBC radio one, CBC radio two (Canada), and WQXR (New York). Iman has had the privilege of performing with a number of great musicians and ensembles such as the UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and the Atlantic Music Festival Orchestra. In February 2010, He appeared as the piano soloist with the Prince George Symphony Orchestra to premiere his own piano concerto. Mr. Habibi completed his Master of Music (2010), and a Bachelor of Music (2008) degree at the University of British Columbia.

Selections for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with Piano Pinnacle are:
Vieux-Quebec by Rodrigo Baggio,
Dancing leaves in the Wind by Miriam Berardi,
Bells of Sainte by Anne-de-Beaupré-David Bohn,
Duck, Duck, Goose by Soo-Jin Cho,
Paddling Northern Rivers by Ruth Watson Henderson,
Dextre by Alison Ireland,
Northern Light by Nathan R. Johnson,
49th Parallel by Adam Kennaugh,
Maple Breeze for Two by Shao Suan Low,
RED by Zack Merritt,
Roger’s Hill by William Murray,
Pinnacle Miniature by Giorgios Papamitrou,
too long by Farshid Samandari,
back in Montreal, Ginger was a baker by Joaquin Mendoza Sebastian, and
Valse Montrealaise by Christopher M. Wicks.

You can find more information here

Vox Novus Projects

Vox Novus 60x60
Composer's Voice Fifteen Minutes of Fame
American Composer Timeline
Composer's Site
NM421 - New Music for the 21st Century


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Matthew Rosenberg
bassoon solo

Deadline: February 21, 2014

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Matthew Rosenberg, bassoon to be premiered in a video performance scheduled for June 2014. The video of this performance will be available for viewing on the Vox Novus website, Summer 2014.

Matthew Rosenberg, bassoonist, is a New York City–based freelance musician and a teacher currently serving as faculty at the Luzerne Music Center. He holds his B.M. from New York University, an A.D. from the Aaron Copland School of Music, and his M.M. from The Manhattan School of Music, where he was featured as a soloist in the Strauss Duet-Concertino as well as many other MSM performances. At NYU, he studied primarily under Leonard Hindell, and Mark Timmerman, and was a featured player in numerous productions. His undergraduate education took him as far as Prague, where he learned under the tutelage of Jaroslav Kubita of the Czech Philharmonic. At the Aaron Copland School of Music he worked under Marc Goldberg and has studied with Roger Nye of the New York Philharmonic while at MSM. As an active chamber and orchestral musician he is a two time winner of the Lillian Fuchs Chamber Music Competition and has played with orchestras such as the Garden State Philharmonic, Nova Philharmonic, Park Avenue Chamber Orchestra, and the Amore Opera.

Click here for more details

Birmingham Art Music Alliance

Birmingham New Music Festival
Call for Submissions

Deadline: February 15, 2014

Birmingham Art Music Alliance Birmingham New Music Festival Call for Submissions

The Birmingham Art Music Alliance located in Birmingham, Alabama will be presenting the inaugural Birmingham New Music Festival (BNMF), a three-day festival of new music to be held August 21-23, 2014. The Alliance Programming Committee will select works of five composers outside of the organization to be included in the festival. The festival will feature performers Craig Hultgren - cello, Lori F. Neprud-Ardovino - clarinet and saxophone, Adam Bowles - piano and Kathryn Fouse - piano.

Submission to BNMF is free and open to composers of any age or nationality. Only one work may be submitted per composer. Submissions of acoustic, electronic, and/or electroacoustic solo or chamber works (duet, trio, or quartet) are encouraged. Works with projected video may also be considered. Submitted works are suggested to be no more than twelve minutes in duration. Composers must attend their performance if a selected work is to be presented at the festival. Selected composers may provide their own performers when submitting works for other than the featured instrumentalists. Travel, accommodations and non-featured performer expenses are the responsibility of the composer.

To submit, send the following attachments to , with an e-mail subject field of BNMF2014-:
-A single PDF document containing the following information, in the order given;
-Cover page with title, composer, instrumentation, duration, technical requirements, and a working URL link to an mp3 recording, if available, (either live or a MIDI realization) of the submitted work;
-Second page with a concise one-paragraph bio and another concise one-paragraph description of the work suitable for program notes;
-A second PDF attachment containing the complete score, (this requirement is waived for fixed media electronic works *if* a recording is provided).

Receipt deadline for submissions to BNMF is, February 15, 2014.

Concerts will be held at different venues throughout the Birmingham area, including the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham-Southern College and Moonlight on the Mountain. The festival will include an improvisation concert and a 60x60 performance in which 60 one-minute electronic compositions will be joined to create a one-hour concert. For more information about the Birmingham Art Music Alliance, visit its website at . The Birmingham New Music Festival is sponsored by the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

Click here for more details

Composer's Voice

Composer's Voice presents:
MaD Circle
Call for Works
Tangos and Waltzes

Deadline: February 28, 2014

Vox Novus is calling for music for dance to be presented on two performances in New York City on MaD Circle in the summer of 2014. MaD Circle is a special dance and new music performance on the Composer's Voice concert series in New York City. One performance will feature music and dance inspired by the waltz form, the other inspired by the tango form. All selected music will be choreographed for these performances. This call is open to all composers. There is no fee to submit.

The works should find their inspiration in, and incorporate the style of, the Tango form OR the Waltz form. Composers are free to interpret the selected form how they see fit. All works must be rendered in recorded form (either electro-acoustic composition or recordings of live instruments). No live music will be used for this project. Works must be 3-5 minute in length. No works over 5 minutes will be reviewed Submission Deadline: February 28, 2014

Works need to be submitted via electronically here at the following:

The 3-5 minute pieces are to be written specifically for this project. This call is open to all composers.

Click here for more details

Circuit Bridges


Deadline: February 21, 2014

Circuit Bridges is looking for electroacoustic works to present in its monthly concert series at Gallery MC in New York City starting March 27, 2014. The concerts will feature a quadraphonic speaker system. Any composer, regardless of region, age or nationality may submit one work. There is no fee to submit. Composers will required to enter their contact information as well a short biography and program notes for the work.

Works can be up to a maximum of 10 minutes in length. (Works shorter than 5 minutes are encouraged.) Circuit Bridges accepts all electroacoustic works, but we especially seek music that falls within one of the following categories:
> 2-channel stereo
> 4-channel quadraphonic - surround sound
> Video
> Live Performer and fixed media
> Live electroacoustic works

1) For consideration, applicants must register and complete an online submission form available here.
2) For adjudication purposes, all audio must be submitted as a stereo mix and uploaded through the online submission form.

Works need to be submitted via electronically at the following:

Click here for more details

Composer's Site

Click Here for New Opportunities

Composer's Site

Click Here for Expiring Opportunities

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