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Stone Soup

Stone Soup

For over a decade Vox Novus and Composer’s Voice has presented the most electrifying contemporary music of living composers and musicians.

Now we are at our 100th concert.


To celebrate our 100th, we are throwing a performance party gala called "Stone Soup" with a goal to enjoy an extravaganza presenting the greatest number of composers, musicians, ensembles, and performers that we can possibly showcase at one time with general revelry.

Why Stone Soup?

The story of “Stone Soup” unfolds as hungry travelers come to a town in search of food. However, a famine has struck the town’s people and they have no food to spare. The travelers boil a pot of water containing a large stone, proclaiming it to be a delicious “stone” soup if only they could locate a special garnish. The inquisitive villagers eventually contribute vegetables, seasonings, and meat to make a nourishing meal that feeds everyone.

The special ingredient is community!

Using the parable of “Stone Soup”, we hope to pool our resources to create a musical soup that can feed us all.

Here’s why.

Composer’s Voice wants to evolve our series to compensate performers for the 2014 season.

We can do this if everyone adds a little.

What will you add to the soup?

Every little bit helps and it doesn’t have to be with cash. (but we could sure use it!)

COME JOIN US! See what we are all about and listen to some great music! Composer’s Voice is presented twice a month and is free!
Find more details here at Composer's Voice

SPREAD THE WORD! Post to facebook, tweet, text, email, or just talk about Vox Novus, Composer’s Voice, and Fifteen Minutes of Fame to your friends, family, and colleagues. The great thing about Vox Novus projects is a little goes a long way. If everyone tweeted or commented on facebook that would already be in the thousands. That would help!

DONATE a little to the cause! $1, $3, $5, $10 (if everyone who read this donated $3 we would be completely funded!)

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice

For eight years, Ernestine Pringler worked for Iowa World Airways as a flight attendant. While the job was enjoyable, Ernestine secretly yearned to play timpani in the Panzerville Orbital Orchestra. She even took to smuggling a travel-sized kettledrum aboard the aircraft wherever she flew. And when she wasn’t busy collecting motion discomfort bags, she’d hide in the little galley and practice, practice, practice. Eventually, the incessant pounding compromised the integrity of some fuselage welds, and the airplane broke apart as it was flying into Panzerville one day. Ernestine was delighted to discover that her kettledrum, when inverted, made a fine parachute, and she landed unharmed. (The fate of the passengers is another story.) Her escape from certain disaster prompted the airport superintendent to hire her as an air traffic controller, where she found that her kettledrum made a dandy table on which to rest her clipboard, affording her even more opportunities to practice, practice, practice.

David Gunn

David Gunn

Composer's Site

LCCO 2013 Call for Scores for Chamber Orchestra

Upcomming Performances

CrossIsland Trio

Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Cross Island Trio:
One Minute Waltzes
for clarinet, cello, and piano

April 13, 2013
8:00 PM

Cross Island Trio perform Fifteen Minutes of Fame at the Distinguished Artist Series at Plainview-Old Bethpage Library, Oyster Bay , Long Island, New York
This Fifteen Minutes of Fame contains 15 one-minute waltzes from the composers: Helga Beier, Scott Brickman, Dominic Dousa, Alan Elkins, Adam Giese, Masatora Goya, David Heuser, Kevin Holland, Steven Kreamer, Tim Labor, Libby Moyer & John Spartan, Steven Serpa, Bob Siebert, Ruben Toledo, and Benjamin Williams

Fiften Minutes of Fame
One Minute Waltzes
with Cross Island Trio
Sunday April 14, 2013 1:00PM
Distinguished Artist Series
Old Bethpage Library
999 Old Country Rd
Plainview, New York

Composer's Voice Japan Perspective.jpg

Composer's Voice
2nd Annual
Japan Perspective
curated by Douglas DaSilva

April 14, 2013
1:00 PM

Composer’s Voice Presents it’s 2nd Annual Japan Perspective concert featuring Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Satoshi Okamoto, double bass & Pascual Martinez Forteza, clarinet: 15 one-minute pieces by 15 composers from around the world, writing specifically for this project and performer to be premiered on this concert! This international collaboration will present the music of Javier Martinez Campos; Fermino Gomes; Naifeh Harmon; Olga Harris; Steven Kreamer; Peter Lam; Maureen Reyes Lavastida; John Mackay; Steven H. Markowitz; Kevin McCarter; Kaori Nakano; Kala Pierson; Jamal Sameri; Leo Soeda; Christopher Wicks from Australia; Brazil; Canada; Cuba; England; Germany; Iran; Japan; and USA.

New York Philharmonic’s Satoshi Okamoto, Acting Associate Principal Bassist, The Herbert M. Citrin Chair is a two-time winner of Aspen Music Festival’s bass competition; finalist at International Society of Bassists Solo Competition and at Izuminomori International Double Bass Competition. Prior to the Philharmonic: assistant principal bass, San Antonio Symphony; New York City Ballet Orchestra. Mr. Okamoto joined the NY Philhamonic in 2003. This is his 2nd time premiering a Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: his first with the Bateira Trio in 2012.

Spain’s Pascual Martinez Forteza joined the New York Philharmonic as Second Clarinet in May 2001 after a tenure with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, where he had been Second Clarinet since 1998. “…Mr. Martinez Forteza exhibited flawless technique and proved to be a musician of the highest caliber…”
Sir Colin Davis, Conductor “…Mr. Martinez Forteza has already positioned himself among the highest ranks of his contemporaries…”
John Adams, Composer/Conductor “…He possesses a high level of professionalism and musicianship, and has clearly earned a deep respect from his colleagues…”
Daniel Barenboim, Conductor and pianist.

Hailed by The New York Times as “a virtuoso playing at the edge”, composer/violinist Mari Kimura is widely admired as the inventor of “Subharmonics” & her works for interactive computer music. She won 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship in Music Composition and Composer in Residence at IRCAM in Paris. In the same year she was invited as a solo violinist with the Hamburg Symphony.

A former journalist with a stint as a Gulf War reporter on her résumé, Kyoko Kitamura is an oddball vocal improviser and composer who has performed and/or recorded with many distinguished musicians including Anthony Braxton, Reggie Workman, Jay Clayton, Steve Coleman, Jim Staley, and Taylor Ho Bynum. AllMusicGuide calls her “a major asset… Kitamura is an expressive vocalist who knows how to be quirky and eccentric but is also quite musical.”

Yui Kitamura was nominated for a 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award in the classical/orchestral genre. She is a co-founder and the artistic director of Multicultural Sonic Evolution (MuSE), a non-profit organization that creates a multicultural environment through sound and collaborations with other fields of art such as dance, theater, and film.

Cellist, Susan Davita Mandel performed the American debut of Robert Delanoff’s Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano at Weill Recital Hall as finalists of the AMTL Young Musicians concert series. Recently, Susan was the featured cellist in Jihae and John Patrick Shanley’s opera “Fire Burning Rain” at the Highline Ballroom in NYC and the Not For Sale campaign event in San Francisco Bay Area.

Yumi Suehiro started piano at age 6, and started marimba a year later. Ms. Suehiro has won numerous national and international competitions, including the top prize at the KOBE International Competition in Japan as the youngest winner. In 2007 and 2008, she was invited to perform her debut at the Carnegie Weill recital hall as a winner of AMTL audition, and in following year, she was featured as a guest marimba player in Latin percussionist, Victor Rendon's recoding “Fiesta Percussiva”.

CURATOR: Douglas DaSilva is a composer, guitarist, educator, curator, and film-maker in New York City. As Artistic Director for the Composer’s Voice concert series “DaSilva knows just how to tempt you with a delicious array of musical desserts that titillate your ear.” NM421 His documentary “My Dad’s Violin” is scheduled for release in 2014.

Composer's Voice Concert Series is an opportunity for contemporary composers to express their musical aesthetic and personal "voice" created in their compositions. Started in 2001, the “Composer’s Voice” concert series is presenting its 11th of 31 concerts scheduled in throughout the world for 2013, Sunday, April 14, 2013. Information on the Composer's Voice, and more projects of Vox Novus, access:

Composer’s Voice concert
Sunday April 14, 2013 1:00PM
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
351 E 74th St,
New York, NY 10021-3798

West Point Woodwind Quintet

West Point Woodwind Quintet
Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War

Sunday, April 14, 2013 - 3:00 PM

The West Point Woodwind Quintet will be presenting a special program commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War. This concert will include an encore performance of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame (15 one-minute pieces composed specifically for WPWQ and this commemoration) as well as the world premiere of works by Alyssa Reit; Aimee Smith; Erik Branch; and David Arend! This concert is FREE and open to all and will be held at the West Point Jewish Chapel. The concert begins at 3:00pm!

Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War
Sunday, April 14, 2013 - 3:00pm
West Point Jewish Chapel
750 Merritt Rd,
West Point, NY 10996


Calendar of Vox Novus Events


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Thinking Outside
of the Paperclip
with Alex Sramek

Deadline April 09, 2013

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute contrabass clarinet pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame to be performed Sunday, June 9, 2013 for theComposer's Voice concert series at the Jan Hus Church in New York City, with additional performance in Los Angeles. The one-minute pieces are to be written specifically for this project, which will be performed by Alex Sramek. The theme of this call is “Thinking Outside of the Paperclip”

Click here for more details

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