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> RESULTS: Javier Pérez Garrido's Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Canciones de Esperanza
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Head in a Tuba

Head in a Tuba

People do what they are told not to do. Warn someone on a cold winter day in North Dakota not to touch his tongue to a pump handle and he will do so anyway. The tongue will instantly freeze to the handle and he will stand there, helpless, unable to work it loose. This is known as the Tongue on the Frozen Pump Handle Syndrome. A similar principle in music conservatories is called Head in a Tuba. It is extremely detailed and goes on for eight pages, but in a nutshell it states that if you put a tuba on your head, it’ll get stuck and you won’t be able to pry it off. And yet, hundreds if not thousands of prodigies get their heads stuck in tubas each year. Is it a rite of passage in the musical world? We asked piano wunderkind Dubois Dinklaker why he put a tuba on his head, but he apparently didn’t hear the question. Unfortunately for his suddenly uncertain career, he got his hands stuck, too.

David Gunn

David Gunn

Upcoming Performances

Big Apple Bytes

60x60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix

60 One-Minute Electroacoustic Works from New York

Friday, November 15, 2013 - 4:30pm

Brittani Alston and Rob Peterson from Lewisville University presents Big Apple Bytes which includes the 60x60 (2012) New York Mix with videos of New York travel destinations and landmarks.

The 60x60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix is the second ever 60x60 mix comprised of composers, musicians and sound artists from New York. Melissa Grey is the audio coordinator for the 60x60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix.

Composers included in the 60x60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix:

Sara Ayers, Kenneth Babb, Arnold Brooks, Fabrizio Brua, David Charles Calabrese, David Hal Campbell, Joel Chadabe, Dan Cooper, Jerome Covington, Lin Culbertson, Douglas DaSilva, Robert Dick, Lainie Fefferman, Dana Flavin, Allen Fogelsanger, Douglas Geers, Patrick Grant, Melissa Grey, Joshua Groffman, Donald Hagar, Jaclyn Heyen, Reena Katz, Howard Kenty, Mari Kimura, Gregory Kramer, Drew Krause, Joan La Barbara, Robert Lepre, John Liberatore, John Link, J Henry Hartman Lowengard, Chris Mann, Matt Marble, David Morneau, Tim Mukherjee, Jascha Narveson, Daniel Palkowski, Milica Paranosic, Joseph Pehrson, Samuel Pellman, Miles Pflanz, Dylan Thomas Price, Gene Pritsker, Jeffrey Raheb, Leah Raintree, James Ross, Edward Ruchalski, Sila Shaman, Nivedita ShivRaj, Mary Simoni, Pamela Sklar, Beth Sorrentino, David Jason Snow, Laurie Spiegel, Phillip David Stearns, Hans Tammen, Robert Voisey, Daniel Weymouth, John Wiggins, David Wolfson, and Charles David Younger

Click here to see the concert program

60x60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix
The Lewis University Department of Music Presents Big Apple Bytes
60x60 electroacoustic music inspired by New York!
Friday, November 15, 2013 - 4:30pm
Ives Hall
Lewis University
1 University Pkwy
Romeoville, IL 60446

Composer's Voice

Composer's Voice

Composer's Voice Features
Soprano Liana Valente for a pre-Thanksgiving Feast

Sunday Novmeber 17, 2013 - 1:00 PM

Liana Valente travels from Washington D.C. to serve New York City a delectable treat before the Thanksgiving festivities begin. She will begin with a scrumptious selection of 15 short one-minute miniatures by 15 different composers written specifically for her theatrical talents. This New York City premiere of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is an encore of her previous performances in Florida and D.C earlier this year. The composers included are: José Jesus de Azevedo Souza, Juan Maria Solare, Jana Skarecky, Andy Evan Cohen, Frank E. Warren, Roger May, John Mackay, Yan Pang, Erik Branch, Peter Nickol, Timothy J. Brown, Phil Taylor, Rodrigo Baggio, Christopher M. Wicks, and Ken Paoli.

Valente then joins with New York pianist Sara Bong to fatten the menu with longer works by William Vollinger (commissioned by Liana Valente), Derek Healey, and Dorothy Ross.

Admired for her work singing traditional soubrette/lyric opera, oratorio and song literature, Dr. Liana Valente is praised as an exciting performer of new music, regularly commissioning and premiering works written by emerging and established composers, appearing in concert and as a presenter throughout the U.S. and abroad. She is a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences hosted by the College Music Society, Music Teachers National Association and Sigma Alpha Iota, and was a presenter at The Phenomenon of Singing International Symposium VII held at Memorial University in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada in 2011.

Sara Bong began her piano studies at the age of 5 and made her Carnegie Hall debut at age 16, appearing in concert with the pianist Eugene List, with whom she coached for three years as his youngest student. Sara has worked in administrative positions and as a staff accompanist with a multitude of organisations, including as a coordinator of MidAmerica’s Festival of the Aegean, a three-week multi-disciplinary festival of concerts, opera, drama, and dance on the Cyclades island of Syros, Greece in 2011 & 2012, as well as adding the responsibility of festival accompanist in 2013.

Composer’s Voice Concert Series is an opportunity for contemporary composers to express their musical aesthetic and personal “voice” created in their compositions. Started in 2001, the “Composer’s Voice” concert series has presented over 100 concerts throughout the world premiering the works of thousands of living composers.

Click here to see the concert program

Composer’s Voice Concert
Sunday, November 17, 2013 1:00 pm
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
351 East 74th Street
New York, New York 10021-3798


Calendar of Vox Novus Events
Fifteen Minutes of Fame Javier Pérez Garrido

Coupled Fifteen Minutes of Fame for
Javier Pérez Garrido's Romances for solo clarinet

Javier Pérez Garrido's Romances for solo clarinet will feature a double dose of Fifteen Minutes of Fame to be premiered February 14, 2014 at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Cartagena (Murcia), Spain. One set of Fifteen Minutes of Fame is titled: Sueños y Agitaciones and the other set is titled" Canciones de Esperanza Each set of Fifteen minutes of Fame features different composers totaling 30 composers to be presented on this unique concert.

Announcing results for for Javier Pérez Garrido's first set of Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Sueños y Agitaciones

Andrew Haile Austin's Amatory Waltz, Matteo Bertolina's Romance (flirtation), Erik Branch's Enhanced in a Tower…, Remigio Coco's Blue in Reed, Krystal J. Grant's Love on the Wane, Shigeru Kan-no's Romances for Clarinet in A solo, Dmitry Kitsenko's Remembrance of Romance, Dimitar Pentchev's We Will Always have November, Christos Samaras's Traum (Dream), Aimee Smith's Romancing the Heart, Op. 18, No. 2, Juan Maria Solare's Asdrubal reinventa el Mar Menor, Danilo Valadão's Tragedy Eros, Luca Vanneschi's Piccola romanza Autunnale, Blair Whittington's Feathered Romance, and Christopher M. Wicks's Disquietudes of a Jealous Mind

You can find more information here

Announcing results for for Javier Pérez Garrido's second set of Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Canciones de Esperanza

David Avshalomov's MoonSong, David Bohn's Romanza, Charis Bean Duke's Tango for One, Adam Edwards's Rare Mare Romance, Neal Endicott's Come Slowly, Eden, Abigail J. Fox's Romance, Murray Gross's I Surrender, Vladimir Karpenko's The interrupted serenade-2, Eun Young Lee's EunHaeng, Akmal Parwez's Tanta Pasion, Alexandr Simon's miel, en noir et blanc, Adam Torkelson's Romance, Dale Trumbore's Soliloquy, Jatziri Valtierra Rodriguez's Cuicatl, and Rain Worthington's An Air of Romance

You can find more information here

Vox Novus Projects

Vox Novus
Composer's Voice
Fifteen Minutes of Fame
American Composer Timeline
Composer's Site
NM421 - New Music for the 21st Century




Call for Surround Sound Works: 60×60

Deadline: December 1, 2013

Vox Novus and Harvestworks are inviting composers and sound artists to submit recorded works as 5.1 audio 60 seconds or less in length to be included in a special 60×60 project collaboration in New York City.

60×60 is calling for works one-minute in length for 5.1 audio playback.

60×60 is a one-hour-long show made by sequencing 60 pre-recorded pieces by 60 different composers, each piece a minute in length or shorter. This 60×60 call for works is a unique collaboration with Harvestworks in New York City to create a 5.1 surround sound mix which will be premiered at Harvestworks multichannel TEAMLab listening room in Spring 2014.

Deadline for 60 second compositions for 60×60 is December 1, 2013.

There is no admission fee.

Works selected for the 60×60 5.1 will be announced in January 2014. The 60 works selected will be announced on the Vox Novus newsletter NM421 as well as the 60×60 and Harvestworks websites.

Any questions regarding the call for works can be addressed to:

Any questions regarding the technical aspects can be addressed to:

Click here for more details at Harvestworks

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: William Bruce Curlette, clarinet – In Memoriam: D. Stanley Hasty

Deadline November 16, 2013

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Bruce Curlette, Bb clarinet to be premiered on March 9, 2014 for the Composer’s Voice concert series at the Jan Hus Church in New York City. Composers should use "In Memoriam: D. Stanley Hasty" as a theme for their work.

Dr. Curlette is an active performer who has been featured on national venues such as the Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium and the national conference for the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors. Dr. Curlette has also taught the clarinet studio at The Ohio State University while its current professor, James Pyne, was on sabbatical. Prior to his tenure at Cedarville, Dr. Curlette was a member of the Grand Rapids Symphony and the Pittsburgh Ballet Orchestra. He received his M.M. degree in clarinet performance from Eastman School of Music in 1981 and his D.M.A. degree in clarinet performance from The Ohio State University in 1991. Dr. Curlette has studied with James M. Pyne, D. Stanley Hasty, Gervase de Peyer, and Carl H.C. Anderson and has been on the Cedarville music faculty since 2001.

In Memoriam: D. Stanley Hasty

My teacher, D. Stanley Hasty distinguished himself internationally as a pedagogue as well as a performer. From 1943-68 he held the position of principal clarinet in six major orchestras: the National Symphony Orchestra, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. He was also on the faculty of a number of the nation’s premiere musical institutions including the Eastman School of Music, the Juilliard School, the New England Conservatory, the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Peabody Institute. His success as a pedagogue is substantiated by his students, many of whom occupy a multitude of distinguished positions in symphony orchestras and on university and conservatory faculties throughout the United States. Stanley Hasty, Professor Emeritus of Clarinet at the Eastman School of Music, died Wednesday, June 22, 2011. He was 91 years old. “It is a unique legacy we honor, intensely rational yet beautifully free; always in touch with that lyric beauty that so moves the soul.” –James M. Pyne

Click here for more details

Composer's Site

Click Here for New Opportunities

Composer's Site

Click Here for Expiring Opportunities

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