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Bermuda Triangles

Bermuda Triangles

When polled, percussionists of all the major U.S. orchestras said they preferred Bermuda Triangle Company products two to one over other competing brands. Their only complaint was that the instruments, on a regular basis, tended to go missing.

David Gunn

David Gunn

Upcoming Performances

Composer's Voice

Composer's Voice curated by Andy Cohen

Sunday June 9, 2013 - 1:00 PM

Composer’s Voice Presents it’s Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Alex Sramek, contrabass clarinet: 15 one-minute pieces by 15 composers from around the world, writing specifically for this project and performer to be premiered on this concert! Alex Sramek is a Los Angeles-based clarinetist, composer, and purveyor of shenanigans. MFA from CalArts in hand, this refugee from software engineering has recently made a playful nuisance of himself playing in a klezmer/rock band, guesting with a drone/doom tuba duo, leading improv sessions across Europe, teaching a room full of Clarinetfest attendees grotesque extended techniques, writing minimalist songs for obsessive-compulsive children, and thrilling unsuspecting guests with impromptu restroom concerts. “Is he a beginner?” — Woman in Central Park, 4/2012, in response to multiphonic improvisation

Andy Evan Cohen is a classically-trained composer (Oberlin, Manhattan School of Music) who primarily works in theatre. His recent credits include the off-Broadway US Premiere of Vassily Sigarev's Black Milk; the world premiere of Incendiary Agents by Jack Karp; The Private Theater’s multi-media adaptation of Strindberg’s Playing With Fire at The Box, and the world premiere of the spoof musical Hungry Hungry Games (soon to be touring nationwide.)

Alec A. Head is an actor/musician currently plying his trade in New York. He has contributed music to The Shelter Presents: Night Windows, T. Schreiber Studios' production of Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard (in which he also played the part of Yepikhodov), and Snorks and Pins' By The Light of the Match (in which he also acted). As a session musician, he recently contributed lead guitar to Greg Mattern's first solo effort. He is also the guitarist and frontman of Brooklyn-based atmospheric metal band Ghostbound.

Composer's Voice Concert Series is an opportunity for contemporary composers to express their musical aesthetic and personal "voice" created in their compositions. Started in 2001, the “Composer’s Voice” concert series has presented over 100 concerts throughout the world.

Click here to see the concert program

Composer’s Voice concert
Sunday June 9, 2013 1:00PM
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
351 East 74th Street,
New York, NY 10021-3798

Signs Of Our 60 Times 60 II - 60x60 (2010) UnTwelve Mix

Signs Of Our 60 Times 60 II - 60x60 (2010) UnTwelve Mix

Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 8:00pm

Description Signs Of Our 60 Times 60 II Saturday June 8, 2013 - 8:00 pm Signs Of Our 60 Times 60 II vox novus and mobius present Signs Of Our 60 Times 60 II an evening of sound and video The 60x60 2010 UnTwelve Mix 60 one-minute microtonal compositions by 60 composers plus the premiere of The Signs Of Our 60 Times 60 II Video Slideshow which features images by over 100 visual artists mashed with one-minute sound pieces by over 20 composers 60x60 (2010 / UnTwelve Mix) Vox Novus in collaboration with UnTwelve created a special microtonal mix of the 60x60 project. In this particular instance, the 60 works will have an "UnTwelve" slant, as the emphasis will be on music which explores tuning or microtones. The miniatures we will present will all be part of what we call the UnTwelve Mix--short works with a focus of the novel beauty of tuning which escapes the rigid boundaries of 12-tone equal temperament, and the use of microtones. All of these works are compelling and worth hearing, including pulse pounding music, gorgeous harmonies, dark and moody soundscapes, humorous vignettes, and ecstatic dreamworlds.

This event is being presented by Jane Wang at Mobius and the audio coordinator of the 60x60 UnTwelve mix is Aaron Krister Johnson.

Composers in the 60x60 (2010 / UnTwelve Mix) include:
Monty Adkins, Sean Archibald, Christopher Bailey, Alexander Baker, Mark Ballora, Cameron Bobro, Warren Burt, Ann Cantelow, Thomas Ciufo, Elise Cumberland, Thomas Dempster, Phil Edelstein, Mark Eden, Robert Fanelli, Enrico Francioni, Michael Gaiuranos, Douglas Geers, Monroe Golden, Kraig Grady, Andy Hasenpflug, Joel Hickman, Anthony Hood, Chuckk Hubbard, Aaron Krister Johnson, Ioannis Kalantzis, Tova Kardonne, Christopher Keyes, Kevin Kissinger, Mike Leghorn, Robert Lepre, Patrick Liddell, Mike McFerron, Joseph Pehrson, Samuel Pellman, Andrian Pertout, Scott Peterson, Momilani Ramstrum, Prent Rodgers, Gilberto Rosa, Jose Ivan Sanchez, Tommy Scheurich, Ethan Schwartz, Les Scott, George Secor, Daniel Sedgwick, Carlo Serafini, Bob Siebert, Anthony St.Pierre, Penko Stoitschev, Agnes Szelag, Chris Vaisvil, Victor Valentim, Rob Voisey, Randall West, Danny Wier, Brent Wilcox, Ozan Yarman, Zachary Young, and Mark Zaki

More can be found at:

Signs Of Our 60 Times 60 II - 60x60 (2010) UnTwelve Mix
Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 8:00 pm
55 Norfolk Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
suggested donation $10

David Bohn Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: David Bohn

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 12:15 pm

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: David Bohn to be performed Wednesday, June 12, 2013 as part of the Lunchtime Organ Recital Series - 2013. The World Premiere of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: David Bohn, organ featuring 15 one-minute works by 15 composers written specifically for this event by composers: Daniel Arnold; Rodrigo Baggio; Pedro Bernardez; James Bohn; Erik Branch; Scott Brickman; Fermino Gomes; Stanley Hoffman; Dmitry Kitsenko; Bettie Ross; Edward Ruchalski; Aurelio Scotto; Juan Maria Solare; Jean-Pierre Vial; and Justin Walker will take place 12:15, Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at the Faith Lutheran Church, 601 E Glendale Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911.

More can be found at: Calendar

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Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Happy Birthday
Maestro Verdi
with pianist Giuseppe Lupis

Deadline June 10, 2013

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Giuseppe Lupis, piano to be premiered October 10, 2013, 8.00 p.m. Sherman Van Solkema Concert Hall, at Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI. This call is open to all composers. All works must be 60 seconds or less. Theme: “Happy Birthday Maestro Verdi” Notable composer Giuseppe Verdi was born on October 10, 1813. To celebrate his bicentennial, composers are encouraged to submit works for solo piano inspired by the music or life of Giuseppe Verdi and the theme "Happy Birthday Maestro Verdi." Compositions do not necessarily have to include themes by Verdi or be imitative of Verdi's music; but should have some connection. The composers can interpret this creatively. Submitted works can be written in any style and use any technique. Works that feature the peculiar characteristics of the piano are welcome.

Giuseppe Lupis

Pianist and composer Giuseppe Lupis enjoys more than twenty years of experience in the musical field, with frequent appearances in the United States, South America, and Europe. As composer, Lupis aims at restoring the prominence piano enjoyed in the 19th Century by featuring the peculiar characteristics of the instrument. In crafting his works, Lupis gives great consideration to the performer, the audience, and the musical language. Lupis’ works have been broadcast by Sky Classica TV, TV2000, Rai3 Lazio, Vatican Radio, and presented at the Berlin Philharmonic, Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, Opera House in Copenhagen, Martha Argerich Presents Project in Buenos Aires, Argentina; in Rome, London, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, and across the United States, Canada, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and South Korea. A former pupil of Aldo Ciccolini, Lupis holds a Doctoral degree from the University of Georgia and serves on the piano faculty at Grand Valley State University.

Click here for more details

Composer's Voice

Composer's Voice

Calling for Proposals for HARD EIGHT

Hard Eight

Deadline August 8, 2013

Composer's Voice is calling for performance proposals for its concert scheduled December 8th, 2013. The theme for the concert is "Hard Eight" All proposals must be less than 8 minutes in total; applicants are STRONGLY urged to keep their proposals for performances between 4-8 minutes. The concert is a celebration of Composer's Voice founder and Director Robert Voisey for his 44th birthday.

Performance Proposals should include:
- Title
- Relation to theme – (program notes)
- Instrumentation
- Length of performance
- Biographies of performers and composers
- All proposals should be submitted by August 8, 2013 to
- The email subject should read Hard Eight – your name - Title of Proposal

Chosen applicants will receive a performance slot on Composer's Voice concert December 8th, 2013 at Jan Hus Church in New York City, PR and administrative assistance from Composer's Voice, and the heartfelt appreciation of Robert Voisey. :)

Proposals should indicate if they need Vox Novus and Composer's Voice to help recruit musicians. Any and all questions should be address to with "Hard Eight" in the subject heading.

Hard Eight

Dice (commonly known as craps), is a game often played for money where the player (referred to as the shooter) rolls 2 dice hoping to roll a winning combination. The number 8 can be obtained 3 ways. The "easy way" by rolling a 6 and 2 or a 3 and 5, or the "hard way" by rolling a 4 and 4. "Hard" numbers are any 2 pair combinations: 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4, 5 and 5, and 6 and 6. Betting on the "hard" number combination results in a larger return when it is thrown.

Rob Voisey will be turning 44 on this Composer's Voice concert in December; and it will be "hard" as the age suggests. *Crap* :)

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