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Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is 15 one-minute works written specifically for a particular musician, ensemble, or instrumentation. Composers are asked to write and dedicate their one-minute work to the performer. Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame frequently conducts multiple calls for works for various instrumentations.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is proud to feature phenomenal musicians and a broad range of instrumentation. In the past the project has produced sets of 15 for common western instruments such as flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, piano, guitar, cello, and others to more non-traditional instruments including bass flute, accordion, clavichord, oud, hichiriki, taishogoto, and melodica; as well as, larger ensembles such as string quartet, saxophone quartet, woodwind quintet, concert band, and various duos, trios, and mixed ensembles.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame call for scores are advertised and promoted on and

Scores for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame are collected and processed through an online submission engine sponsered by Vox Novus.

Vox Novus is seeking musicians and ensembles
to take part of its Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame project

Fifteen Minutes of Fame is 15 one-minute works by different composers written for a specific instrumentation.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame calls for composers to write one minute of their best music written specifically for a musician or ensemble. Vox Novus collects and collates the scores, biographies, and program notes and makes them available for the musician/ensemble to review. The musician/ensemble selects 15 of their favorite pieces with the idea of presenting the works in 15 exciting and varied minutes of new music.

Come join the ranks of musicians who have participated in Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame Musicians.

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