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Summer Slumber

Awaking from Summer slumber; NM421 is back in force! (Not that there was really too much rest for me, if you are interested in all that take a look at facebook.)

A new season begins for Composer’s Voice. Coming up on September 15th Composer’s Voice starts its fall season with a Fifteen Minutes of Fame using text from Shakespeare’s character Titania. There are great things in store for Composer’s Voice and we have fantastic musicians traveling form all over to come and perform new works for us here in New York City.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame is just taken off! We have more than 10 calls open for composers to submit works. We have many many performances set for ensembles to premiere works here in New York City and across the globe. And that is just a teaser! There is so much more brewing we hope to announce soon.

60x60 is slowing waking up from the summer. I hope to get more information out about the upcoming events and calls soon. I am still looking for volunteers and presenters, please contact me if you are interested in helping.

And now NM421 has returned with lots of new music postcards from David Gunn, reviews for our series, composer opportunities and much much more. I am looking for writers, bloggers, and reviewers for NM421; if you are interested, please contact me.

Much more coming soon! Hang on tight!

Rob Voisey

Rob Voisey

The Original Night Visitors

The Original Night Visitors

Will we ever see the original “Amahl and the Night Visitors?” That first version of Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera begins with chronic fibber Amahl Goldberg sitting outside his house in Miami Beach playing a tuba. He tells his mother that an amazing star “as big as a window” is hovering overhead, and the two of them trade arias about it (“O Mother, You Should Go Outside”; “Stop Bothering Me!”). But this time, the kid isn’t kidding, as hundreds of city folk later attest (“Enquiring Minds Need to Know”). Soon, extraterrestrials invade the Earth, subjugating humankind and despoiling the planet’s tomatoes. NBC, which commissioned the opera, was hoping for a more uplifting plot line. So Menotti, who was behind on his rent and needed the money, rewrote it. Three benevolent kings replaced the aliens, and all traces of serialism – so crucial to the despoiling of tomatoes scene – vanished. Doesn’t any enquiring mind long to see the original?

David Gunn

David Gunn

Upcoming Performances


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Announcing results for
Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Titania (Queen of the Fairies)
Katie Crawford and Rebecca Ashe

Vox Novus called one-minute pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Titania, Queen of the Fairies featuring Katherine Crawford and Rebecca Ashe. The works were inspired on lines spoken by the character Titania (Queen of the Fairies) in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Composer's selected for this Fifteen Minutes of Fame are: Michele Abondano, Brad Baumgardner, Erik Branch, Sabrina Clarke, Anthony Donofrio, Joseph Eidson, Paul Gelsing, Fermino Gomes, Kevin Holland, Jason F. Rinehart, Jana Skarecky, Jose Jesus de Azevedo Souza, Thommy Wahlstrom, Andrew Walters, and Christopher M. Wicks.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Titania (Queen of the Fairies) will begin the fall season with a world premiere of the works on Sunday, September 15, 2013 1:00 pm at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Crawford and Ashe are traveling to New York to perform the world premiere this Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Titania (Queen of the Fairies).

Katherine Crawford sings with the Grammy Award-winning Kansas City Chorale, the Kansas City Symphony Chorus, and is the lead vocalist in The Digital Honk Box Revival, an improvisational electroacoustic music group.

Flutist Rebecca Ashe was the first American flautist to perform a recital at the Academy of Music in Latvia. She is a founding member of Dark Matter, a collective of composers, performers and scientists.

Sunday, September 15, 2013 1:00 pm
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
351 East 75th Street
New York, NY 10021-3798

You can find more information here


Calendar of Vox Novus Events
Composer's Site

New Opportunities

Expiring Opportunities


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Courtney Sherman, soprano with a very small consortium

Deadline: September 12, 2013

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Courtney Sherman, soprano with a very small consortium to be premiered on January 12, 2014 for the Composer’s Voice concert Series at the Jan Hus Church in New York City. Works are to be written for soprano with any combination of one or more of the following instruments: soprano saxophone, trumpet, horn, piano, cello. Works for solo soprano will also be considered.

a very small consortium is based at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and is dedicated to the performance of miniature masterpieces. We do more with less. We get to the point. We do small music, but we have big plans. This iteration of a very small consortium will consist of Courtney Sherman, soprano; Lada Gaines, soprano saxophone; Adam Gaines, trumpet, Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, horn; David Severtson, piano; Michael Dewhirst, cello.

Click here for more details

Composer's Voice

Composer's Voice

Calling for works composed for electric-jazz guitar and piano

Vox Novus is calling for short pieces (3-5 minutes) minute pieces composed for electric-jazz guitar and piano to be premiered by Rodrigo Baggio, guitar and Lis de Carvalho,piano)at the EMESP College of Music in collaboration with Composer’s Voice concert Series October 20, 2013 in São Paolo, Brazil

The 3-5 minute pieces are to be written specifically for this project. This call is open to all composers.

Rodrigo Baggio has excelled internationally in 2012, playing concerts and having his music played in various countries around the globe. Baggio is currently developing his own project called "Guitar Solo" in which Composition and Improvisation are combined on a particular way of instrumental performance.

Pianist, arranger and composer Lis de Carvalho started her Music education with her mother, Dinéa de Carvalho Ferrete when she was 6 years old and later studied with piano jazz with Hilton Jorge Valente (Gogô); composition with Prof. H. J. Koellroeuter; harmony, arrangement and Orquestration with Prof. Cláudio Leal Ferreira; Electronic Music and Synthesizer Programming at Escola Síntesis; Advanced Piano with Prof. Maria José Carrasqueira. Lis obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy -at FFCHL ( Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências Humanas e Letras) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Piano at FASM (Faculdade Santa Marcelina). Lis de Carvalho teaches piano and harmony, as well as the coordinator of the Jazz Piano Program at Tom Jobim EMESP - ( Estado de São Paulo Music School).

Click here for more details

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