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"it's on the edge of what's happening" - Brant Lyon, Great Weather for Media

The Composer's Voice is an opportunity for contemporary composers to express their aesthetic and personal "voice."

Composer's Voice performances are short chamber concerts held on the second sunday and on the last Sunday of most months at Jan Hus Church. A calendar and history of Composer's Voice concerts can be found here. Created in May of 2001, Composer's Voice has had more than 80 concerts in New York City

Works are chosen from a wide range of contemporary composers and performed by dedicated musicians devoted to new music. Composer's Voice has presented the works of hundreds of living composers from around the world.

Concerts are recorded and archived to further promote the new music, performers and composers. Audio, video scores, and programs can be found on the Vox Novus website.

Composer's Voice is also the home for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame; this is an innovative project highlighting musicians who champion new music as well as present and promote the works of hundreds of composers.

Always Striving

The Composer's Voice concert series is always looking for new and innovative ways to empower composers and the champions who perform and promote new music. The goal is to give an opportunity for the composer to have a forum in which they can express their own aesthic or personal "voice." Composer's Voice does this in several ways:

- Frequent Concerts - The first and foremost way that Composer's Voice promotes composers is presenting monthly (or more) chamber concerts in New York City. Composer's Voice has presented more than 75 concert in New York City. Currently the performance series presents a short one hour chamber concert in the afternoon on almost every second Sunday and last Sunday of the month.
- 15 Minutes of Fame - Another endeavor is presenting the 15 Minuites of Fame project on its series. On many Composer's Voice concert tht 15 Minutes of Fame project is premiered where 15 composers received debuts of new works and the concert highlights the efforts of an adventurous musician/ensemble lookign to perform new music.
- Calls for Scores - Composer's Voice often presents musicians and ensembles who are looking for works to fit their instrumentation. Composer's Voice disseminates these calls to its members and the public and organizes calls for scores to fit the musicians needs. Check out new calls for scores and calls for works for Composer's Voice here.
- Maveric Musicians - Breaking the mold of the traditional model of mixing old music with new music. Composer's Voice presents almost all works from living composers. The series specifically seeks, presents, and promotes adventurous "maveric" musicians who embrace this philosophy looking to add exciting new music to their repetoire.
- Concert Curation - Understanding the difficult environment that new music experiences, Composer's Voice also presents opportunities for individuals and organizations to curate and organize performance. The goal is to strengthen and empower the field with successful concertizing strategies to further propegate new music. Composer's Voice also seeks to collaborate with musicians, composers, curators, and other new music organizations to creat opportunities for the composer and new music.

Composer's Voice

Directors and Producers

Douglas DaSilva is the Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice concert series; and the series is co-directed and co-produced by Monica Harte, Christian McLeer, and Robert Voisey.

Douglas DaSilva is a composer, guitarist, educator and music curator in New York City. As Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice Concert Series and Premiere Salon Concerts he is dedicated to promoting new music and living composers. He has been curator for concerts in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Valencia.

Monica Harte is co-founder and General Director of Remarkable Theater Brigade (RTB) in NYC. She is creator and producer of RTB's annual production of Opera Shorts at Weill-Carnegie Hall. In January of 2012, Monica Harte was named General Director of Nevada Opera Association (NOA). She has co-directed Compsoer's voice since 2007

Christian McLeer is a composer and a pianist. He is Artistic Director of Remarkable Theater Brigade and Music Director of Jan Hus Church. He has co-directed the Composer's Voice concert since 2007.

Robert Voisey is a composer and a producer. He is the Founder and Director of the Composer's Voice concert series, Fifteen Minutes of Fame, 60x60, and Vox Novus. He has produced, promted and presented over 200 concerts in 40 countires.

Composer's Voice
Organizations and

Composer's Voice concert series is a collaborative effort between Vox Novus, the Remarkable Theater Brigade and Jan Hus Church. Composer's Voice is proud to have the support from the Puffin Foundation, Vox Novus, Jan Hus Church and the Remarkable Theater Brigade.

Vox Novus believes strongly in the intrinsic value of contemporary music, recognizing it as a force in the advancement of culture and art. Our goal is to keep music alive by strengthening the connection between composer and audience, providing greater exposure to new music.

For ten years RTB has passionately brought new works, including operas, orchestral works, ballets, musicals, electroacoustic works, and concerts to the NYC concert going public.

Jan Hus Presbyterian Church & Neighborhood House This is the place you were welcome, long before you arrived!

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. has sought to open the doors of artistic expression by providing grants to artists and art organizations who are often excluded from mainstream opportunities due to their race, gender, or social philosophy.

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