Call for Proposals

Vox Novus is calling for proposals for Circuit Bridges.

Circuit Bridges is a monthly electronic music concert series that collaborates with organizations from around the globe that foster and promote innovative electronic music and sound. Our concerts feature local composers and sound artists and those from visiting communities and immerse audiences in the vast wealth of electronic music being created today.

We will present music from collaborating organizations on a concert here in New York City. In return, these organizations will present music by our local composers on a concert in their area.

If you are part of an organization that is interested in collaborating with us, please send a proposal that includes the following information:

  • Name of organization and contact information
  • size of organization
  • description of the kinds of music and projects you present (500 words max)
  • links to online media that represents your work (please do not send files)
  • A proposal for a pair of concerts that will feature work by your composers and ours. We are interested in highlighting the strengths and aesthetic vision of our partners, so please fashion a proposal with this in mind.
  • A written commitment to present a concert that includes our composers, and a range of possible dates for such a concert. We will use this commitment and timeframe to schedule our concert too.

Send the above information in an email to

After reviewing proposals, we will select those that best fit our mission and schedule. We will contact selected organizations and proceed with planning our collaboration.

New Nodes

New Nodes is a specially curated program that presents a cross section of electroacoustic being made today. Circuit Bridges is building a network of electroacoustic artists and communities. We’re using New Nodes establish new connections that will enable future collaboration, sharing, and growth. A healthy network of electroacoustic communities allows this music to thrive.

Conatct Artistic Director David Morneau for more information:

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