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The Swan of Jim Bob Tuonela

The Swan of Jim Bob Tuonela

Jim Bob Tuonela eked out a modest living as a ferryman, rowing travelers across Lake Meptang, and always accompanied by his faithful pet swan, Gloria. Among the passengers one day was Jean Sibelius who, at the time, worked as a bicycle messenger – and not a very good one, it must be said, because he often lost his lading. On that day, for example, Jean was short a box of peepholes, six chocolate herrings, and a swan. So when he spotted Gloria paddling contentedly by the side of the boat he figured he could at least get part of his missing cargo back. As the boat neared the shore, Jean threw his bicycle into the lake, successfully diverting Jim Bob’s attention. Then he jumped out of the boat, grabbed the swan, and ran off. He had quite forgotten to collect the rest of his cargo from the boat, though, and, swan or no swan, the courier company fired him. Years later, after having embarked on a more successful tunesmithing career, Jean wrote a tone poem that addressed his impetuous theft whose memory still haunted him: The Swan of Jim Bob Tuonela. The bird, by the way, had been pregnant, and when she gave birth to a boy chick, Jean promptly named him Gloria Swan’s Son.

David Gunn

David Gunn

Upcoming Performances

Fifteen-Minutes of Fame Kenyon Wilson

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with Kenyon Wilson

Friday, May 23, 2014 at 1:45 PM

The World Premiere of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Kenyon Wilson will take place during the 2014 International Tuba/Euphonium Conference in Bloomington, Indiana, on 1:45pm Friday, May 23, 2014 in Ford Hall on the Campus of Indiana University.

Dr. Wilson holds positions as principal tubist with the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra in Alabama and the Augusta Symphony Orchestra in Georgia. He has performed solo recitals in Canada, Japan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia in addition to presenting recitals in thirty-six states in the USA. He has soloed with the Augusta Symphony, Waco Symphony, Queen City Brass Band, Clinch River Brass Band, Blasmusik Texas Brass Band, and the Asahikawa Symphonic Band in Japan.

a Selected composers for Fifteen Minutes of Fame include:
Night Dance by Joe L. Alexander
Petite Valse Romantique by David Avshalomov,
The Urban Sculpture by Rodrigo Baggio,
Mangle by David Bohn,
Tubalosity by Kay Charlton,
Affinity by Nicole DeMaio,
Rumble in the Jungle by Gary A. Edwards,
Frogs by Matthew Hetz,
Minute 'til Midnight by Katie Lyphout,
Don't Be Seen by Joshua Mattison,
Signals I by Serban Nichifor,
Frog by Elizaveta Sanicheva,
Lullaby for the Offspring by ohnathan Segovia,
Quick Down Low by Ray Strobel, and
Up an Down by Angelo Ursini

You can find more information here

Fifteen-Minutes of Fame Passione String Quartet

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with Passione String Quartet

Sunday May 25th at 7:00 PM

Vox Novus called for one-minute pieces for string quartet dedicated to Passione for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame to be performed Sunday May 25th at 7:00 pm at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, Romania

The one-minute pieces are to be written specifically for this project, which will be performed by Passione String Quartet.

PASSIONE Quartet plays concerts and recitals in Romania, Italy, Greece, Japan.

PASSIONE has been featured in other projects, with established artists, of various styles:: Bogdan Bradu, Phoenix, Alan Bedin (lead singer of Synergy in Italy), project Opus Avantra, Donella del Monaco, Alessandro Safina.

PASSIONE Quartet has performed on a regular basis in venues throughout Bucharest and Romania (Hard Rock Cafe, Fratelli, La Scena, Arcub, Villa Rodizio, Clubul Diplomatilor, Club Cuba Republika del Sol), but also in TV shows (,,Autostrada TVR" – TVR 2, ,,Vineri STAR"- TVR International, "Jurnal Cultural" - TVR Cultural, ,,Povestiri Adevarate"- Acasa TV, ,,Phoenix 45 ani"- TVR 1, ,,Nora pentru mama"- Kanal D, ,,Dansez pentru tine"- PRO TV, "Sa ne-amintim duminica" – National TV, "Stele sub lupa" – Antena 2 ).

PASSIONE Quartet repertoire includes about 400 classics songs, carefully selected, organized by period style, as well as modern pieces written specifically for the quartet with a wide range of musical styles addressed (film music, waltzes, tangos, ambient music, entertainment, Romanian and international folk, jazz and cafe-concert) resulted in attracting a large audience, so that the PASSIONE Quartet is frequently invited to perform at important functions as well as concert halls and clubs.

In 2008, OPUS AVANTRA banded together with the Quartet Passione and premiered "Viaggio Imagginario", in Club Citta from Tokyo. In the same year they released the disc Opus Avantra – "Live in Tokyo". The show was staged in major cities from Italy: Rome - Stazione Birra, Milan, Venice - Teatro Santa Margherita etc. In the summer of 2008, the PASSIONE Quartet was invited to support 12 concerts in the Rodham Island, Casino Rodham and the music program included classical and modern genres.

PASSIONE’s concept is to address a diverse audience. PASSIONE repertoire is structured a variety of musical genres, from classical music to pop-rock.

Selected composers for Fifteen Minutes of Fame include:

High Voltage by Oleg Bezborodko,
Hocket Song by David Bohn,
From The Days When You Could Lean Out Of Train Windows by Alfie Cooke,
And Now This?! by .Douglas DaSilva,
The Carradam Jig by Allan ‘Herbie’ Jones,
Azandem by Emil Khoury ,
Petit String Quartet in G Major by Alexander Kusztyk,
Introduction Et Allegro Pour Quator A Cordes by Martin Loridan,
Scratch by Kevin Poelking,
Souvenir De Bal by Louis Sauter,
Insomnio by Juan Maria Solare,
Emotie by Max Stannard,
Don’t Breathe A Word
by Edward Strauman,
Cerulean Sand by Robert Voisey, and
Fuji by Blair Whittington,

You can find more information here

Fifteen-Minutes of Fame West Winds

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with West Winds

Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 7:30 PM

West Winds will premiere their Fifteen Minutes of Fame at Living Arts of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 29, 2014 at 7:30pm. West Winds comprises of clarinetist Kristi Sturgeon, Mark Watson playing horn, and Dayna Smith playing bassoon. This Fifteen Minutes of Fame call for "West Winds" is inspired by the folk music of the composer's current country of residence or his/her nationality.

Dayna Smith holds a Bachelor of Music and a Masters in Business Administration degrees from Oklahoma City University , and continued her study in bassoon performance at Baylor University . A native of Lawton , Oklahoma , she has played the bassoon for over 25 years, performing in chamber groups, orchestras and professional bands. In addition to performing with the West Winds, Dayna also performs with Chamber Music of Tulsa, Starlight Bands, and Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra. Other recent performances include concerts with the Jackson Bay Quintet, Signature Symphony and the Tulsa Community College Orchestra. Dayna studied under Betty Johnson, Eric Arbiter and Dr. Kent Moore. Dayna also teaches bassoon privately in the Tulsa area.

Kristi Sturgeon holds a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Tulsa and a Master of Music from the University of Oklahoma where she studied with Dr. David Etheridge. During her career, she has performed with many area ensembles, including the Tulsa Philharmonic, the Signature Symphony, the Starlight Band, and in various venues in the Tulsa area as a freelance musician. Since 1993, Kristi has maintained a private studio at Owasso High School . In 2000, she joined the Ft. Smith Symphony in Ft. Smith , Arkansas as the group’s bass clarinetist and can be heard playing on three of the cds the orchestra has recorded on the NAXOS label. Kristi joined the faculty of the University of Tulsa as clarinet professor in 2010. When not playing, she can be found knitting or spinning yarn, arranging and composing, gardening, or enjoying life with her husband and two sons.

For over forty year, Mark Watson has been an active horn player in the Tulsa Area. He has been a member of the Tulsa Philharmonic, the Signature Symphony and the Starlight Band. Additionally, he has performed in the pit for Tulsa Opera, Tulsa Ballet Theatre, and many Broadway shows. Other musical activities have included numerous chamber music performances, church services and the occasional big band or solo performance. When he is not playing the horn, Mark is an information systems analyst support Maintenance and Engineering Systems at the American Airlines Maintenance Base in Tulsa . He enjoys fishing and camping and his life with his wife, Margaret, and their West highland Terriers

Selected composers for Fifteen Minutes of Fame include:

Poolkuh!! by David Bohn,
Live Oaks by Erik Branch,
Dabke for Lebanon by Karen Naifeh Harmon,
Double-Wind by Norbert Rudolf Hoffmann,
A Sussex Morn by Kevin Holland,
The Jonessie Reel by Allan H. Jones,
Chastooshkas (Limericks) by Vladimir Karpenko,
Sabah El-Ward by Emil Khoury,
OY CHORNA by Dmitry Kitsenko,
Painting VII: Tuscan Postcard by Aurelio Scotto,
Triskelion Moderato by Juan Maria Solare,
Zydeco Zebra by Samuel Stokes,
Komodo Dragon Dancing by Ananda Sukarlan,
Riffs by Cory Winters, and
West Winds and Fire by Julie Ann Stenberg Zeidel,

Concert information can be found here:

You can find more information here

Saturday Night Special: 60x60 Wave Farm

Saturday Night Special: 60x60

Saturday May 31, 2014: 8 p.m. – June 1, 2014: 1 a.m.

Tune in for a marathon of five 60x60 programs. 60 works by 60 artists, 60x60 offers something different every minute 60x60 is a project containing 60 works each 60 seconds in length presented continuously in an hour performance synchronized with an analog clock. 60x60 presents a slice of what is happening in sound and new music by representing 60 works that are diverse in aesthetic and style. Works are selected from an international pool of emerging and established composers and sequenced in order. The resulting mix is presented, without interruption, as a continuous one-hour performance synchronized to an on-stage analog clock, or radio broadcast in the case of this special series on Wave Farm's WGXC.

Wave Farm

Wave Farm is a non-profit arts organization that celebrates creative and community use of media and the airwaves. Our programs provide access to transmission technologies and support artists and organizations that engage with media as an art form. Wave Farm's major activities include:

Transmission Arts programs that support artists who engage the transmission spectrum, on the airwaves and through public events. The Wave Farm Artist Residency Program is an international visiting artist program. The Transmission Arts Archive presents a living genealogy of artists’ experiments with broadcast media and the airwaves. Wave Farm Radio is a continuous online radio feed.

WGXC (90.7-FM)

WGXC (90.7-FM) is a creative community radio station based in New York’s Greene and Columbia counties. Hands-on access and participation activate WGXC as a public platform for information, experimentation, and engagement. A program division of Wave Farm, WGXC transmits 3,300 watts, serving 78,000 potential listeners (view coverage map) in the two counties, and southern Albany County, on 90.7-FM.

free103point9 Transmission Art

WGXC: Hands-on Radio (90.7-FM)

Wave Farm Radio Event

Concert information can be found here:


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