Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Passione Quartet

PASSIONE Quartet plays concerts and recitals in Romania, Italy, Greece, Japan.

PASSIONE has been featured in other projects, with established artists, of various styles:: Bogdan Bradu, Phoenix, Alan Bedin (lead singer of Synergy in Italy), project Opus Avantra, Donella del Monaco, Alessandro Safina.

PASSIONE Quartet has performed on a regular basis in venues throughout Bucharest and Romania (Hard Rock Cafe, Fratelli, La Scena, Arcub, Villa Rodizio, Clubul Diplomatilor, Club Cuba Republika del Sol), but also in TV shows (,,Autostrada TVR" – TVR 2, ,,Vineri STAR"- TVR International, "Jurnal Cultural" - TVR Cultural, ,,Povestiri Adevarate"- Acasa TV, ,,Phoenix 45 ani"- TVR 1, ,,Nora pentru mama"- Kanal D, ,,Dansez pentru tine"- PRO TV, "Sa ne-amintim duminica" – National TV, "Stele sub lupa" – Antena 2 ).

PASSIONE Quartet repertoire includes about 400 classics songs, carefully selected, organized by period style, as well as modern pieces written specifically for the quartet with a wide range of musical styles addressed (film music, waltzes, tangos, ambient music, entertainment, Romanian and international folk, jazz and cafe-concert) resulted in attracting a large audience, so that the PASSIONE Quartet is frequently invited to perform at important functions as well as concert halls and clubs.

In 2008, OPUS AVANTRA banded together with the Quartet Passione and premiered "Viaggio Imagginario", in Club Citta from Tokyo. In the same year they released the disc Opus Avantra – "Live in Tokyo". The show was staged in major cities from Italy: Rome - Stazione Birra, Milan, Venice - Teatro Santa Margherita etc. In the summer of 2008, the PASSIONE Quartet was invited to support 12 concerts in the Rodham Island, Casino Rodham and the music program included classical and modern genres.

PASSIONE’s concept is to address a diverse audience. PASSIONE repertoire is structured a variety of musical genres, from classical music to pop-rock.

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Concert Dates

  • May 25, 2014 - Romanian Athenaeum, Strada Benjamin Franklin, Bucharest, Romania

15 one-minute selections for Passione Quartet

Concert program
  • High Voltage

    Oleg Bezborodko

    Oleg Bezborodko is a ukrainian pianist and composer. He studied at the Kiev Conservatory and at the Conservatoire de Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Oleg teaches piano classes at the Ukrainian National Academy of Music. His works have been performed throughout the world by many renowned musicians and ensembles.

    This work was written in one day - 15 of March, 2014. Bearing in mind a performance style of the Passione quartet I tried to combine typical classical gestures for communicating high passion and tension with rock and pop idioms.

  • Hocket

    David Bohn

    David Bohn received degrees in composition from the University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Illinois. He currently resides in West Allis, Wisconsin, and is the music director at St. John's Lutheran Church in West Milwaukee. He is the President of the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers.

  • Vilamadi

    Alfie Cooke

    Alfie Cooke is a British composer, double bassist, reeds player and sound manipulator. In these, as with his work as an artist, he is self-taught. Many say it shows. He performs irregularly in the trio New Sound Ensemble and lives in perpetual fear of the number 13.

    Back a few years, before the sliding door became an obligatory sign of the modern world's new order, you could slide down the window in the doors and lean out, letting the cool or cold English air rush across your face as the train speed through the countryside.

  • And Now This?!

    Douglas DaSilva

    New York City composer, guitarist, educator, filmmaker, Douglas DaSilva is Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice Concert Series and Premiere Salon Concerts. He is dedicated to promoting new music and living composers. His cello solo “Stabat Serban” was performed at the 2013 George Enescu Festival by Maestro Serban Nichifor.

    "And Now This?!" is the punchline to an absurdist dream. It is dedicated to PASSIONE QUARTET

  • The Carradam Jig

    Allan 'Herbie' Jones

    My playing and conducting career began at an early age. Playing trumpet in numerous orchestras and conducted small orchestras and wind ensembles. Being a self taught composer, composing and arranging tunes for all types of instruments has brought great pleasure and I intend to keep on writing whenever I get the inspiration.

    This piece has been written in a Gaelic dance style. The title of the piece is original, in that it comes from the names of 2 of my friends who participated in playing the tune, at home on Violin and Mandolin, to see if they could dance to it. They were successful.

  • Azandem

    Emil Khoury

    Maestro Prof. Dr. Emil Khoury is a performer, composer, conductor, and professor of Western and Middle-Eastern musics. His works include the Great Love cantata for H. M. the late King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan; the Glory Maker cantata for H.M. King Abdullah the Second of Jordan; Our Love Is So Bright ballad song for American singer, Kay Weaver; the soundtracks of the Dive in Aqaba touristic film; the soundtracks of the A Teacher’s Memoirs film; the soundtracks of the My Love Turkish TV drama series; and many others for symphony and chamber orchestras, diverse ensembles, feature and documentary films, and TV and Satellite stations. More on Dr. Khoury can be found at

  • Petit String Quartet

    Alexander Kusztyk

    Alexander Kusztyk started taking piano lessons when he was 4 years old. He has composed since elementary school. Now, at 20 years of age, Alexander is pursuing a career as a professional road cyclist as well as a degree in both art history and music.

    Petit String Quartet in G Major is composed in the ABA form and features a lively and joyful melody. The slightly dissonant staccatos in the minor B section add to an already exciting piece.

  • introduction pour quatuor à cordes ,Hommage à Ravel

    Martin Loridan

    Martin Loridan is a French composer. He is graduated from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris (CNSMDP). His works include chamber, orchestral and vocal music, as well as film-music, arrangements and orchestrations, and have been performed throughout Europe and America by various orchestras and ensembles.

    "introduction pour quatuor à cordes ,Hommage à Ravel" is a short piece for String Quartet. It's a short movement, written as an introduction, homage to Maurice Ravel. It was written in 2013 for the PASSIONE String Quartet .

  • Scratch

    Kevin Poelking

    Mr. Kevin Poelking is a professional educator as well as an active percussionist and composer in the Washington, D.C. area. Mr. Poelking attended the University of South Carolina where he studied under Dr. Scott Herring and received his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education as well as a Performer's Certificate in Percussion

    Scratch was conceived based around a rhythmic motif that shifts between 7/8 and 9/8 time signatures. This opening motif is harmonically driven simply between contrasting, consonant open fifths and dissonant tri-tones. The piece ends with a groove in 4/4 time, played underneath the now familiar motif.

  • Souvenir de Bal

    Louis Sauter

    Louis Sauter is a French engineer and an amateur musician. He has played the piano since the age of 12, and sang with the Colonne orchestra for several years. He has written a number of pieces for piano, voice, chamber ensembles and orchestra, several of which have been performed in public.

    “Souvenir de Bal” begins as a minimalist composition with repeated notes accompanying fragments of a melody – the vague memory of a waltz heard during a ball. The memory grows stronger, and the melody is fully remembered, with its swift and dizzying accompaniment.

  • Insomnio

    Juan Maria Solare

    Juan Maria Solare, born 1966 in Argentina, works currently in Germany as composer, pianist (contemporary & tango) and teaching at the University of Bremen and at the Hochschule fuer Kuenste Bremen. His music has been performed in five continents. Twelve CDs of different performers include at least one piece of him.

  • Emoție

    Max Stannard

    Max Stannard is a young British composer, who studied Music at Lancaster University, graduating with First Class Honours. His principal study is the trombone with a background in brass bands. He has performed with and composed for a wide variety of ensembles and now works as a school teacher.

    This piece is inspired by folk dances and its purpose it simply to be enjoyed and get feet tapping. It is full of energy, with two main melodic ideas are passed the performers, and ever changing moods and dynamics

  • Don't Breathe A Word

    Edward Strauman

    Edward Strauman, a Yamaha Artist/Educator and a Eubie and Marion Blake Scholar, earned his Ph.D. in music composition from the Steinhardt School of Education Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions of New York University. Presently, he is an Associate Professor of Music at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.

    Don't Breathe A Word is theme music from the film noir, Give ‘M Daylight. The music underscores a cool, still, summer night after a rainfall. A mysterious man, wearing a raincoat and Stetson Fedora leans against a back alley wall smoking a cigarette.

  • Cerulean Sand

    Robert Voisey

    Robert Voisey's work enjoys performances worldwide including: George Enescu Festival, Electronic Music Midwest Festival, International Electroacoustic Festival at Brooklyn College, the 2012 London Olympics Open Weekend Festival. Fluent in short form, his 6 second orchestra work was performed by Vine Orchestra and his 10-Minute opera was performed at Carnegie hall.

    "Cerulean Sand" evokes past tales of future journeys. A very sincere thanks to Diana, Cristina, Madalina, and Violeta of Cvartet Passione as well as composer Serban Nichifor for making this Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame a reality; your dedication to new music is exemplarily.

  • Fuji

    Blair Whittington

    Blair Whittington is a Los Angeles based composer who concentrates mainly on chamber and orchestral music. He studied composition with Byong-kon Kim and has worked for 19 years as music librarian at the Brand Library & Art Center in Glendale, Cali

    In "Fuji", I wanted to create a musical depiction of my amazingly strong and productive young Fuji apple tree. Working from simple musical materials the piece weaves itself into something more complex.