Javier Pérez Garrido

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Javier Pérez Garrido

Javier Pérez Garrido holds an Advanced Degree in Clarinet Performance (2008) and Composition (2010) from the Conservatory of Murcia, Spain. He has been given performance and composition awards in several national and international music competitions. Javier has played as soloist with many of the most important youth wind and symphonic orchestras around Europe. Since 1998, he has composed nearly 80 works including solo, chamber, ensemble, choir, wind orchestra and orchestra pieces. His compositions have been performed in various European and American countries. www.perezgarrido.com

Concert Dates

  • February 14, 2014 at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Cartagena (Murcia), Spain

15 one-minute selections for Javier Pérez Garrido
Canciones de Esperanza

Concert program
  • MoonSong

    David Avshalomov

    Composer/conductor David Avshalomov (b. 1946) writes in a neo-Romantic tonal style, displaying a lyric gift and rhythmic vitality. Creates works for choir, solo voice, chamber ensembles, band, orchestra, earning regional com. Conducted orchestras and opera for 20 years, toured in Europe, Far East, recorded music by his grandfather Aaron in Moscow. Now focuses on composing and singing.

    Two troubled lovers stand beneath mountain pines on a clear cold night, holding hands. The pall full moon slowly rises and, gazing at it, each privately wonde--must they part? It is all in how you play the melody, and how softly and expressively you can play it in that high register.

  • Tango for One

    Charis Bean Duke

    Charis Bean Duke is a composer of chamber music, vocal music, and children's opera. Her choral music has received many awards. She enjoys collaboration with other artists and musicians and takes inspiration from many genres. Charis currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.

    Tango. The most sensuous and intimate of all partner dances is evocative of hot sultry nights filled with music and beautiful people. Yet sometimes we tango alone, remembering love and romance, perhaps yearning for more.

  • Rare Mare Romance

    Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards is an American composer and full-time music major at Los Angeles City College. His private studies include piano & composition with Dr. Kevin Kelly. Edwards desires to compose for micro-operas and film. Additionally, Edwards was awarded 2011 Guardsman of the Year by the CA Army National Guard.

    Rare Mare Romance was composed from imagining a incarcerated male wild horse seeing his true love on the border of his captivity for the first time. From imprisonment, he can but only smell and look upon her before his captors rush him and chase her off.

  • Romanza

    David Bohn

    David Bohn received degrees in composition from the University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Illinois. He currently resides in West Allis, Wisconsin, and is the music director at St. John's Lutheran Church in West Milwaukee. He is the President of the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers.

  • Come Slowly, Eden

    Neal Endicott

    Neal Endicott (b. 1990) is a composer and saxophonist based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is a graduate student at Western Michigan University where he studies composition with Dr. Richard Adams, assists with composition classes, and teaches saxophone methods. www.nealendicottmusic.com

    “Come Slowly, Eden” is a love poem by Emily Dickinson. The poem deals with desire and sexual pleasure can overwhelm the unprepared brain. I adapted the poem using the concept that I call crypto-serialism. I convert each letter of the poem to a letter between 0 and 11. I then use each of these numbers as a pitch class designation and then shape those notes into a coherent melody. In some pieces that I approach in this way I add extra pitches to enhance the melody. In this case, however, I chose to be very strict, which forced me to be very careful in how I shaped phrases.

  • Romance

    Abigail J. Fox

    Abigail is a First Class graduate in Music from the University of Liverpool, where she studied clarinet for 3 years with Andrew Roberts. Today she is a composer and focuses most of her attention on film. She maintains an active website on the art of composition from a Christian perspective.

    The male voice presents, with a dark persuasive line. The female reply is lighter and independent. He interrupts and completes her musical sentence. She breaks into his line and turns his melody into her own. He comes back, softer than before, turning her melody into his. Two are now one.

  • I Surrender

    Murray Gross

    An award-winning composer and conductor, Murray Gross studied at New England Conservatory, Oberlin College, and Michigan State University. Currently on the faculty at Alma College (Michigan), his compositions have been performed by the New York New Music Ensemble, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and numerous professional and collegiate ensembles.

    The great poet Pablo Neruda wrote a series of 100 Love Sonnets inspired by his wife Matilde Urrutia. He wrote to her: “Now that I have declared the foundations of my love, I surrender this century to you; sonnets that rise only because you gave them life.”

  • The interrupted serenade-2

    Vladimir Karpenko

    Vladimir Karpenko (1958) was born in Ridder (East Kazakhstan), studied in Almaty conservatory. Now he lives in Irkutsk, Russia. Нe is the composer, the musicologist, the pianist, the teacher. The author of compositions for a symphonic orchestra, chorus, chamber ensembles, a piano, a organ, vocal music.

    In different registers of a clarinet the melody and accompaniment sound. The serenade (as well as in Debussy’s Serenade) doesn't come to an end, but interrupts.
  • EunHaeng

    Eun Young Lee

    Eun Young Lee has worked with the New York New Music Ensemble, ALEA III, Pacifica Quartet, eighth blackbird, Gemini Ensemble and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, East Coast Contemporary Ensemble, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, among other ensembles. She has earned the PhD at the University of Chicago. EUNYOUNGLEEMUSIC.COM

    In this 60-second piece for solo clarinet, the different (sometimes opposing) characters, motives and their function are interwoven. EunHaeng (Gingko in Korean) is a species of tree, which has separate female and male growths- the title thus suggests a “Romance for solo clarinet” as was required by the soloist.

  • Tanta Pasion

    Akmal Parwez

    While studying electronics in Tokyo on a Japanese Government scholarship, composer-vocalist Akmal Parwez studied composition with Yasushi Akutagawa and Klaus Pringsheim. After completing his university studies (B.E., M.E.), he felt compelled to devote his life to composing, singing and teaching music. In the U.S. he studied composition with Florence Jolley, Leo Kraft, Samuel Adler(M.A., Queens College; Ph.D., Eastman School of Music).

    'Tanta Pasione' (Spanish for 'So Much Passion') is a romance based on 'Pat Diip', a Raga portraying 'Kaam Ras', the emotions of romantic love. The piece is written for and dedicated to Javier Perez Garrido.

  • miel, en noir et blanc

    Alexandr Simon

    Simon was born in Canada in 1986 and has lived across the country, from Newfoundland where he completed his Bachelor of Music, to Vancouver Island where he is currently studying. In addition to composing, he also writes extensively about music.

    Traditionally 3rds and 6ths have defined the sound of music. They give shape and context to the sound. Once flipped or shifted slightly their definition changes. These same principles apply to love, and so this piece shows the contour of a love without the details of other intervals.

  • Romance

    Adam Torkelson

    Adam Torkelson studied sonata and orchestral composition with John Bavicchi at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Throughout his career, he has composed concert music, film scores, and jazz charts. He plays piano in a professional jazz quartet and lives in Houston, TX.

    a “Romance” is a simple, lyrical, and tender piece for clarinet composed in 2013. It highlights the various dramatic aspects of the instrument in a language that shadows the sound of improvisation.

  • Soliloquy

    Dale Trumbore

    Luca Vanneschi’s music was awarded prizes in more than twenty International competitions and it has been performed by some of the more qualified musicians all over the world. Hans Werner Henze said about his music: “… it is an intelligent, non conformist, elegant and full of grace music.”

    Hailed by the New York Times for her “soaring melodies,” Dale Trumbore has received commissions, performances and awards from organizations including ACDA, ACME, Chanticleer, and the Kronos Quartet. Her choral work The Whole Sea In Motion is published by G. Schirmer's Dale Warland Choral Series. Hear Trumbore's music at www.daletrumbore.com. Soliloquy for solo clarinet is an internal debate: the surface, flat and emotionless, at war with an underlying desire for passion.

  • Cuicatl

    Jatziri Valtierra Rodríguez

    Jatziri Valtierra Rodríguez (born Mexico City, 1984) is a Mexican composer. Jatziri studied composition at Center for Studies and Research in Music (CIEM), were her principal teachers were Víctor Rasgado, Kavindu (Alejandro Velasco) and María Antonieta Lozano. She has participated in several workshops in Mexico.

    Cuicatl The work is composed and dedicated to the clarinetis Javier Pérez Garrido.

  • An Air of Romance

    Rain Worthington

    Rain Worthington's music “…take(s) ideas of American musical style to a new place – like a walk in a familiar, yet very different park.” Rain’s emotionally evocative compositional style is nuanced, delicate, powerful and transporting. She has been influenced by world music, minimalism and romanticism.