Javier Pérez Garrido

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Javier Pérez Garrido

Javier Pérez Garrido holds an Advanced Degree in Clarinet Performance (2008) and Composition (2010) from the Conservatory of Murcia, Spain. He has been given performance and composition awards in several national and international music competitions. Javier has played as soloist with many of the most important youth wind and symphonic orchestras around Europe. Since 1998, he has composed nearly 80 works including solo, chamber, ensemble, choir, wind orchestra and orchestra pieces. His compositions have been performed in various European and American countries. www.perezgarrido.com

Concert Dates

  • February 14, 2014 at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Cartagena (Murcia), Spain

15 one-minute selections for Javier Pérez Garrido
Sueños y Agitaciones

Concert program
  • Amatory Waltz

    Andrew Haile Austin

    Andrew Haile Austin is currently pursuing his doctorate at the Peabody Conservatory studying with Kevin Puts. In addition to composing, he has music directed over 100 musicals across the country. Most recently, his songs were featured at the New York Festival of Song in NYC. www.andrewhaileaustin.com

    In “Amatory Waltz,” the clarinet can’t seem to keep his mind on the dance. He sees each more attractive, prospective partner and is ever distracted by his lusty desire for them. As he rapidly changes from partner to partner and the dance becomes increasingly erratic and off-kilter.

  • Romance (flirtation)

    Matteo Bertolina

    Matteo Bertolina was born in 1988; he’s studying composition and electronic music. He took part in 3 editions of “Festival 5 Giornate” (Milan) and in "2011 Shanghai Electronic Music Week" and "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" (New York) He won the First International Plathner's Eleven Composers Competition (Hannover).

    Flirtation, notes... silence... notes... silence... notes... happy ending???

  • Enhanced in a Tower...

    Erik Branch

    Erik Branch is a native of New York City, and received a BA and MA in Music (Composition) from Hunter College. He lives near Orlando, Florida, where he is active as a pianist, musical director, composer/arranger, opera chorister, and actor on stage and screen.

    Inspired by the opening line of the English poet Robert Graves’ The Garden: “Enhanced in a tower, asleep, dreaming of him…,” this piece tries to suggest the dreamy, nocturnal, hushed, erotic mood of the poem.

  • Blue in Reed

    Remigio Coco

    Pianist and composer, Remigio Coco is born in Maenza (Italy) in 1965 and lives in Latina, near Rome. He received his Piano Diploma in 1985, and graduated in Electronic Music in 2007. His works range from chamber music to electroacoustic pieces, also with live electronics

    "Blue in Reed" is a melancholic and somehow "romantic" piece, vaguely inspired by Miles Davis' "Blue in Green". In it, a "jazzy" melodic line and small arpeggios are mixed together, to create a polyphonic sensation.

  • Love on the Wane

    Krystal J. Grant

    Composer, pianist, and teacher Krystal J. Grant believes in diverse ways of creating and understanding music. Her chamber music and electroacoustic pieces are influenced by the melodic contours of jazz drummers and the rhythmic arrays of Cuban music. She performs in diverse venues, including art galleries, senior centers, and schools.

    Mirth. Anxiety. Fury. Acquiescence. These four states of the heart may arise when love is on the wane. With a variety of rhythms and harmonies, this piece gives brief impressions of each state.

  • Romances for solo clarinet

    Shigeru Kan-no

    A Japanese Composer-Conductor. In Fukushima/ Japan. Studies in Fukushima, Tokyo, Wien, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Frankfurt with Shimazu, I・Yun, Nishimura, Österreicher, Bernstein, Lachenmann, Rilling and Zender: theory, piano, composition, conducting and musicology. Get 58 times Competiton and Conducting Prizes, *over 150 Opera-repertoires, 700 Concert-repertoires.

    A small tale with variable musical technic. Not so much love, nit so much maerchen, but to like. An influence from old piece WVE-124 for solo clarinet. Many elements can be hided in the music. There is no bar. A clarinetist must play within 60 secondes.

  • Remembrance of Romance for Clarinet solo

    Dmitry Kitsenko

    Dmitry Kitsenko studied composition with Solomon Lobel and Tiberiu Olah, listed in the Musik Geselschaft und Gegenwart (Germany), The New Grove of Music and Musicians (England), a complete biographical reference work "International Who's Who in Classical Music 2003", Encyclopedia of the Modern Ukraine, and The Ukrainian Musical Encyclopedia. Master of Arts (2000).

    Remembrance of Romance for Clarinet solo was written in September 2013. This is not an actual romance but the memory brought by recollection of the beautiful time full of passion and heartbreak.

  • We Will Always have November

    Dimitar Pentchev

    Award-winning composer and pianist Dimitar Pentchev, aka The Sound Convincer, has performed as a pianist all over Europe, the USA and Canada as orchestra soloist, chamber player and solo musician. In addition to that he has won awards for his music as a composer for concert hall, theatre and film.

    The title is a word play on the famous "Casablanca" line "We will always have Paris". Sometimes substituting a place with a time evokes more memories, the cautious discovery of intimacy with another human being that happen while you are oblivious to places you visit together.

    Christos Samaras

    Christos Samaras was born in 1956 in Thessaloniki. He embarked his music studies at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki (1969-76). He continued his studies at the University of Music and Fine Arts in Vienna (1976-82) and he pursued post-graduate studies in Composition at the University Of Fine Arts Of Berlin (1982-84). Works of his were awarded prizes in Greece and abroad. At present he is Professor of Composition in the Department of Music Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has also taught composition in various seminars and workshops. His compositional work includes all sectors.

    "...a melancholic autumnal noon, with cool breeze and leaves, many leaves that fill the path of the loneliness. At chestnut trees left the last leaves but at the end of this wonderful path there was light. Unbelievable brightness came from the end of the path. It was just a dream."

  • Romancing the Heart

    Aimee Smith

    Aimee Smith is an American composer, educator, and musician from the Pacific Northwest, focusing in neo-classical and contemporary styles. She holds a B.A. in Music from George Fox University and an M.A. in Teaching from Willamette University. She currently teaches special education and composes in southeast Alaska. For more information, please see aimeesmithmusic.weebly.com.

    Romancing the Heart is the second in a set of pieces for solo clarinet, part of a larger series, Expressions for Clarinet, Op. 18. Romancing the heart depicts the slow wooing of one's love as the interactions build and feelings deepen.

  • Asdrubal reinventa el Mar Menor

    Juan Maria Solare

    Juan Maria Solare, born 1966 in Argentina, works currently in Germany as composer, pianist (contemporary & tango) and teaching at the University of Bremen and at the Hochschule fuer Kuenste Bremen. His music has been performed in five continents. Eleven CDs of different performers include at least one piece of him. www.JuanMariaSolare.com

    The romance is, among other things, a metric combination that originated in the poetry of Spain. It consists of an indefinite series of octosyllabic verses, in which the even-numbered lines have a near-rhyme (assonance) and the odd lines are unrhymed. Musically, the rhyme is here done through intervals (descending major third, descending semitone).

  • Tragedy Eros

    Danilo Valadão

    Danilo Valadão - born in the city of Juazeiro - state of Bahia - Brazil, studies Composition in the Federal University of Bahia since 2008. Selected on the XIX Biennial of Contemporary Clasical Music of FUNARTE, a national competition, with the piece "Tempestade" ("Storm"). He has studied with great names such Wellingont Gomes, Paulo Costa Lima, Agnaldo Ribeiro, among others.

    a Tragedy Eros (Loneliness, Love and Jealousy) - The piece is narrative and divided in three parts: the first one, a melancolic melody on the low register representing a solitaire man. The second one, with a gipsy-like melody, representing the woman and the constant register changes showing the interaction of then until the multiphonics, representing the sex. The microtone in the middle register represents another man, causing the fury of the protagonist, who beats her beloved one to death.

  • Piccola Romanza Autunnale

    Luca Vanneschi

    Luca Vanneschi’s music was awarded prizes in more than twenty International competitions and it has been performed by some of the more qualified musicians all over the world. Hans Werner Henze said about his music: “… it is an intelligent, non conformist, elegant and full of grace music.”

    Piccola Romanza Autunnale evokes an atmosphere almost suspended that becomes more and more complicated from a formal and expressive point of view. It is a kind of meditative soliloquy, underlined from very and very touching and intense variations, where the timbre colours the expression and it is a relevant element of the same structure.

  • A Feathered Romance

    Blair Whittington

    Blair Whittington is a Los Angeles based composer who concentrates mainly on chamber and orchestral music. He studied composition with Byong-kon Kim and has worked for 18 years as music librarian at the Brand Library & Art Center in Glendale, California.

    This piece was influence by my 4 pet birds (parrotlets - 2 males, 2 females) and their passionate, comical and charming romantic gestures and calls to each other. The piece uses fragmentary bird like passages and longer dolce melodies.

  • Disquietudes of a Jealous Mind

    Christopher M. Wicks

    Christopher M. Wicks holds a MM in composition from the University of Montreal, and is a Fellow of the American Guild of Organists. He is the organist and choir accompanist at Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Salem, Oregon.

    There can be no romance without pain. In the labyrinths of our heart, jealousy will always lurk around the corner, as Proust reminds us in his travails with his Albertine. Jealousy perturbs the amorous mind in this solo clarinet piece of mine.