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15 one-minute pieces written specifically for a specific performer/ensemble.

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new music from living composers

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bridging the gaps of electronic music

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- 60 one-minute works from 60 different artists
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Articles & Interviews
Composer's Voice Concert Series May 19, 2016 at Brooklyn's Firehouse Space
by David Mecionis, Sound Word Sight
- May 30, 2016
Arts Now Series: 60 x 60
By Karen E. Moorman
- September 18, 2012
Interview on Some Assembly Required
with Jon Nelson
- October 16, 2010
with by Rejean Beaucage, VOIR,
- MAY, 27 2010
You have one minute
- By David Cutler,
The Savvy Musician - 2010
Rob Voisey: 60x60 Dance World Financial Center, NYC
- By Suzanne Thorpe,
Arts Electric,
December 21, 2008
Interview on No Extra Notes
- By Richard Zarou,
August 9th, 2009.
Link to Podcast on iTunes
An Express Without Any Delays
- By Roslyn Sulcas ,
New York Times,
November 17, 2008
Arts Now! 60 X 60 2008
- By Karen Moorman, September 2008
Gone in 60 Minutes: Electronic Compositions Showcased at NC State University - Alexandra Jones,
"Classical Voice in North Carolina",
October 1st, 2007
"Writers' Block"
- Chris Pasles,
"Los Angeles Times",
July 22, 2007
In Concert, 60 Times the Fun"
- Sophia Yan,
"Oberlin Review",
April 27, 2007.
"Ingenuity and madness?"
- Malcolm Miller,
"MV Daily"
December 24, 2005
"From Irish Eyes to Short Attention Spans"
- Frank Oteri & John Schaefer,
"Soundcheck" WNYC, New York,
March 17, 2005
"Got a Minute? A Few Words on Music in 60 Seconds or Less"
- Robert Voisey with additional reporting by Frank J. Oteri,
New Music Box,
May 1, 2004
Interview on Noizepunk & Das Krooner show #21
Interview on Kalvos and Damian Show #454, "The Catafalque of Valentines"
February 14 (real audio stream)
**MP3 part 1 or
**MP3 part 1
**MP3 part 2 or
**MP3 part 2

Robert Voisey

A bunch of composers know Robert for presenting a little bit of their music in a few places around the world.

Voisey has been described as "mad" or "crazy" by the New York Times, Time Out London, Music and Vision, and White Fungus Magazine. "The first thing to be said about "60x60 Dance" is that it is a masterpiece of organization. The idea ... is quite mad. But it's this kind of madness that makes the cultural world go round, and so our thanks are due to the composer Robert Voisey" - An Express Without Any Delays, New York Times

Robert Voisey composes chamber music and electronic music. His chamber music feels neo-romantic and frequently utilizes extended instrumental techniques and graphic notation. The electronic music he creates tends to be either ambient in nature utilizing throat-singing techniques he records of himself or he flips over into a mashup territory comprising of a collage of micro-samples.

Robert's piano work, "Persistence of Melancholy" received its Carnegie Hall debut in 2019 and featured on the album ENDURANCE with pianist Matthew McCright.

The Mid America Freedom Band premiered Robert Voisey's work at Electronic Music Midwest festival and was described by as, "... combined Mid America Freedom Band's concert band instrumentation with electronics in compelling ways, allowing these often separated musical ventures to work together. Voisey's work ... used mass textures and a graphic score that played with, and against, concert band tropes, with the electronics supporting and enhancing the dense sound masses." - Computer Music Journal 2019

Voisey's work has enjoyed the privilege of being selected and performed on many festivals including: ADevantgarde festival, American Art Experience, Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, Brookes Oxford's Sonic Art Festival, Create Festival, Dance Parade, Digital Art Weeks, EARFEST, Electronic Music Midwest Festival, EuCuE xxvii festival, Fresno New Music Festival, International Electroacoustic Festival at Brooklyn College, International Sound Art Festival Berlin, Annual Kentucky New Music Festival, Annual North Carolina Computer Music Festival, Spark Festival, STUDIO 300 Digital Art and Music Festival, 12 Nights The Street: Festival of Electronic Music, Art and Performance, and the 3rd All Ears Contemporary Music Festival.

Robert Voisey is most known for his production work with the company he started Vox Novus and its concert series: 60x60, Composer's Voice Concert series, Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame, Circuit Bridges, and XMV.

60x60 has presented and promoted the works of more than 2500 composers with over 350 performances in close to 50 countries across the globe. 60x60 collaborations have presented the work of thousands of choreographers, dancers, performance artists, video artists, fine-artists, and more.

The Composer's Voice concert series has presented over 1000 composers and musicians in 150 concert primarily produced in New York City but also in more than 10 countries around the world.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame has featured more than 80 musicians and ensembles which have through Vox Novus inspired thousands of one-minute works to be written for them.

Robert Voisey intrinsically believes in championing a community which collaborates and joins together to celebrate new music.

Works by Robert Voisey
Production Projects
Composer's Voice
ENDURANCE: new musc for piano
ENDURANCE: new music for piano
60x60 (2006-2007)
60x60 (2006)
Beauty Keeps Laying its Sharp Knife Against Me
60x60 (2004-2005)
60x60 (2004)
60x60 (2003)
60x60 (2003)

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