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9th A•DEvantgarde – Festival June 12 - 28 2007
The 60x60 project was asked to create a special theme mix on the subject of oppression and totalitarianism for the 9th A•Devantgarde – Festival held in Munich Germany at Königsplatz. 60x60 contains 60 electronic works each 60 seconds each from a different artist. These 60 recorded pieces are performed in succession without pause, creating a 1 hour performance.
Thematically and spatially, the ninth A•DEvantgarde Festival tackles the Munich landmark “Königsplatz.” As so many in Germany, the place has an ambivalent history. Planned by Louis I. as a representative square revitalizing antiquity, Königsplatz was exploited by the national-socialists as an impressive backdrop for their ostentatious staging of the dictatorship.
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The performance created for the 60x60 Munich Mix used a graphic visualizer to project on to a helium filled balloon 10 feet in diameter (3 meters.) The images projected on the balloon were created using Sound Spectrum's G-Force visualizer (famous for its images in iTunes.)
1 Alex Shapiro Just a Minute of Your Time
2 Noah Creshevsky Free Speech Precis
3 Aaron Acosta pieces
4 David Hahn Amerika ist nun erwackt!
5 ~CDZ Tobio
6 Chelsea Duggan Calamity
7 Leslie de Melcher Omega
8 Greg Bartholomew No, George, No
9 David Claman Brit
10 Berangere Maximin Tribute to V. Maiakovski /
Asian Ostrich in the streets at Night
11 Susan Mathews Caged Dream
12 Gary Knudson Fragment
13 So Jeong Ahn Vordem Gesetz (In front of the Rule)
14 Ramon Gorigoitia Twin-Days
15 Giuseppe Rapisarda Le voci di qualcuno
16 Nicole Kim Apocalyptic Visions
17 Larry Gaab Tunnel
18 Paul Andriessens Whose Blood is it Anyway?
19 Anthony St Pierre Drum Rolls
20 Guy Livingston Antheil's Dream
21 Paul Steenhuisen Poland is not yet lost
22 Robert Voisey Executive Decision
23 Matthew Harder Bushmachine
24 Polly Moller Cold Blood
25 Phillip Acimovic A Stymied Statement
26 Doug Cohen Unwelcome
27 Frank Sprague End of the Beginning
28 Cindy Cox Xialba
29 David Fenech And die
30 Eve Beglarian My Heart is Trembling
31 Lynn Job Lake House Letter
32 Eldad Tsabary One Minute under God
33 Mike McFerron Dinadanvtli
34 Robert Parker Widow's Walk
35 David McIntire Was Er Sagte; Was Er Bedeutete
36 Serban Nichifor Animal Farm
37 David Newby Dark Sphere
38 David Ben Shanon Too Much, Too Soon
39 Patricia Walsh In Another Life
40 Gina Biver Liebe Mich, befrei mich love me, free me
41 Bernadette Johnson Independence!
42 Chris Mann Told You So
43 Benjamin Boone Middle East Peace Talks
James Miley
44 Douglas Dasilva How To Create a Totalitarian
State Step I: The Sacrafice of the Individual
45 Norbert Herber Trak News Agency
46 Korhan Erel Let Us All Kill in Harmony
47 Gerardo Giusti the Mission
48 Dennis Bathory-Kitsz Future Remembrance
49 Susan Hurley Sunrise
50 George Brunner pianalan
51 Dylan Mattingly Handful of Rain
52 Katrina Wreede 56 Seconds of Creep
53 Kubilay Uner Squint
54 John Allemeier Other Places
55 Doug Geers Enter Uruk
56 Norman Teale FAFM8
57 Benjamin Thigpen nous n'avons qu'un espair au monde
58 Rodney Oakes Donald's Soliloquy
59 David Gunn Totalitoccata
60 Elliott Carlson Botero Love Hurts
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
Concert Photo - Munich Mix
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