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Founder's Statement:

Hello, and thank you for your interest. My name is Robert Voisey; I am a composer, producer, the founder of Vox Novus, and Vice-President of the Living Music Foundation. My aim is to create a new landscape in which composers can freely express themselves. Composition is a field where the roads to success and fulfillment are hindered by many obstacles, some obvious and some subtle. My mission is to help others overcome these obstacles by highlighting and expanding existing avenues to success.

As composers, we share the need to express ourselves through music, in whatever aesthetic, style or medium that we choose. This expression originates with the composer and is transmitted through music to the audience. Whether our audience be wide and diverse, few and intimate, or maybe just even one, we all feel the need to put a story, feeling, or idea into music that expresses what we need to express.

Living in a capitalistic economic and sociological environment, composers need to do much more than solely create music; they must be musical entrepreneurs.

Feeling the frustration of having to be my own agent, promoter, marketer, concertmaster, publisher, web designer, and proofreader, I looked for a solution that would encompass these things. I saw that my friends and close colleagues were doing the same work towards their own careers, and that we could benefit each other by combining our efforts. I created a company to reap the benefits of my hard work and to help others do the same. This company is Vox Novus.

I soon realized the huge demand for a new "home" for contemporary composers--a place where composers can become self-reliant musical entities, and survive in this new world of composition.

Vox Novus is intended to be: A resource of information for composers, helping them to self-publish or be published, record themselves or be recorded, concertize or be programmed on a concert. A place where a vast network of other composers can connect, to learn about and explore varying aesthetics and styles developing an stronger awareness of their own voice and expression. And a growing community of composers, artists, and enthusiasts of all backgrounds and interests.

For more information about my own music, current projects and other music activities, please visit my personal page at http://www.voxnovus.com/composer/Robert_Voisey.htm.

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