Current Projects

The 60x60 project
- 60 compositions, 60 seconds long from 60 different composers for 1 hour of today's music
- 60x60 Audio
- 60x60 Dance
- 60x60 Images
- 60x60 Video
- Orchestra 60x60

The Composer's Voice concert series
A series of chamber concerts in New York City highlighting contemporary composers from Vox Novus

Fifteen Minutes of Fame
is a collection of 15 one-minute acoustic works composed specifically for a specific performer or ensemble.
Articles & Interviews
Interview on Some Assembly Required
with Jon Nelson
- October 16, 2010
You have one minute
- By David Cutler,
The Savvy Musician - 2010
No time to fool around: Robert Voisey and the "madness" of the 60X60 project
- By Tobias Fischer,
White Fungus,
Issue 11 - 2010
Rob Voisey: 60x60 Dance World Financial Center, NYC
- By Suzanne Thorpe,
Arts Electric,
December 21, 2008
Interview on No Extra Notes
- By Richard Zarou,
August 9th, 2009.
Link to Podcast on iTunes
An Express Without Any Delays
- By Roslyn Sulcas ,
New York Times,
November 17, 2008
Brant Lyon & Friends / Beauty Keeps Laying Its Sharp Knife Against Me
-by JoAnne McFarland,
NYC Big City Lit,
Fall 2008
Computer Music blog
- By Evan Merz,
October 18th, 2008
Arts Now! 60 X 60 2008
- By Karen Moorman, September 2008
Gone in 60 Minutes: Electronic Compositions Showcased at NC State University - Alexandra Jones,
"Classical Voice in North Carolina",
October 1st, 2007
"Writers' Block"
- Chris Pasles,
"Los Angeles Times",
July 22, 2007
"Time and Motion"
- Anne Cammon,
"Fly Global Music Culture",
May 26, 2007
In Concert, 60 Times the Fun"
- Sophia Yan,
"Oberlin Review",
April 27, 2007.
"60x60 Project presents 60 composers in 60 minutes"
- Rachel Slade,
"North Texas Daily"
February 28, 2007
"Sound Sampler"
- Greg Haymes,
"Times Union",
February 9, 2006.
"Ingenuity and madness?"
- Malcolm Miller,
"MV Daily"
December 24, 2005
"Got a Minute? A Few Words on Music in 60 Seconds or Less"
- Robert Voisey with additional reporting by Frank J. Oteri,
New Music Box,
May 1, 2004
Interview on Noizepunk & Das Krooner show #21
Interview on Kalvos and Damian Show #454, "The Catafalque of Valentines"
February 14 (real audio stream)
**MP3 part 1 or
**MP3 part 1
**MP3 part 2 or
**MP3 part 2
"From Irish Eyes to Short Attention Spans"
- Frank Oteri & John Schaefer,
"Soundcheck" WNYC, New York,
March 17, 2005

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60x60 Composer
2011 International Mix
2010 International Mix
Sanguine Mix
UnTwelve Mix
Order of Magnitude Mix
2008 International Mix
Evolution Mix
Munich Mix
2006 Pacific Rim Mix
2006 Midwest Mix
2006 New York Minute Mix
2005 Pacific Rim Mix
2004 International Mix

Audio Projects

states States
A post-modern project of Rob Voisey is his “States” project inspired by Jon Nelson’s 50/50.
“States” is a collection of 50 second mash-ups consisting of sound collage, featuring post consumer audio. Voisey’s piece “Oregon” was selected and featured on the "50/50" CD release by Recombinations/mnartists 2010 with 49 other DJ’s composers, and sound artists. “New York,” another miniature from the “States” project, is part of the 60x60 (2010) International Mix and received debuts at London.’s Stratford Circus as well as in St Louis and Japan. The works “North Dakota,” “Oregon,” “Texas,” “West Virginia,” “Hawaii,” “Virginia,” “Maryland,” and “Illinois” all debuted in New York City on the Vox Novus “Club” concerts.
constellations Constellations
“Constellations” is a collage project of Robert Voisey with ach Constellation Mix uses a ‘mobile’ form comprising of one minute ambient miniatures.
The ambient minitature us vocal samples from Robert Voisey himself both with and without electronic processing. Consistent with mobile form each constellation mix changes with each performance and is titled for the venue where it was debuted: “Constellations No Extra Note Mix” was created for the No Extra Notes podcast by Richard Zarou; “Constellations USB MIX” premiered in Stony Brook University on Long Island, New York in 2009; “Constellations Composer’s Voice Mix” premiered on Composer’s Voice concert series In New York City; “Constellations Das Punk & Krooner Mix” was created for the Das Punk & Krooner podcast; “Constellations EMMMIX” was premiered at the Electronic Music Midwest festival Kansas City, Kansas in 2007; and the “Constellations TRANSreveLATION Mix” premiered at the TRANSreveLATION concert in New York City. Many of the ambient miniatures making up constellations have received their own performances: “Sagittarius” was included on the 60x60 project and was released on the 60x60 2006 CD and received performances and airplay around the world; “Ursa Major,” was selected for the 60x60 UnTwelve mix in 2010 with performances in Chicago, Istanbul, Kansas City and Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania; the miniatures “Orion,” “Ursa Major,” “Ursa Minor,” and “Cancer” received premiere performances in New York City on the Composer’s Voice concert series.


As a producer, Robert Voisey is regarded as having ambitious ideas for the dissemination of contemporary music. His 60x60 Dance collaboration in 2008 brought huge success to the project and Roslyn Sulcas in The New York Times wrote: “The idea--60 new dance pieces are performed to 60 new pieces of music, each lasting no more than 60 seconds--is quite mad. But it's this kind of madness that makes the cultural world go round, and so our thanks are due to the composer Robert Voisey, who first came up with the concept in 2003.”

“Composer and electronic music impresario Robert Voisey devised the 60x60 concept so large numbers of composers could bring their work to audiences in a portable, palatable, and decidedly unconventional format. Since the series' inception in 2003, Vox Novus — Voisey's organization dedicated to the promotion of contemporary composers and their work — has solicited 60x60 submissions by composers at all professional levels worldwide and presented its hour-long recordings at concerts in cities from Brooklyn to Bucharest. …This digitized, compartmentalized, sound-bite format is a tantalizing new way to experience widely varied and eclectic electronic music. And 60x60's longevity and international acclaim show that Vox Novus' innovative strategy to attract audiences and encourage composers has actually worked” - Alexandra Jones, Classical Voice of North Carolina

60x60 contains 60 works from 60 different artists. Each work is 60 seconds in duration and sequenced together to create a one hour performance. “A minute can be ample time to express a whole gamut of imaginative sounds, or it can be a constraint which forces an artist to isolate what is the most important element of a work. The point of the project is that it enables an audience to take in and enjoy a cross section of different approaches to new music within a reasonable duration. And the purpose of Robert Voisey is to promote new music” -Malcolm Miller, Music & Vision

As a presenter and producer of new music, Robert Voisey is the Artistic Director of the 60x60 project, Co-Director of the Composer’s Voice Concert series, Vice President of Programs for the Living Music Foundation, and Founder of Vox Novus. Producing and presenting over 100 concerts in more than 10 countries around the world, he seeks innovative and creative approaches to promote the music of today's composers.

Performance Series

Robert Voisey is the Director of the 60x60 60x60 is an annual event of worldwide concerts that highlights 60 composers who have composed works 60 seconds or less for an hour-long continuous concert. The "60x60" project started in 2003 and has created an annual yearly mix as well as alternate mixes such as the Pacific Rim Mix, Midwest Minute Mix, and others. Besides its annual world debut in New York City, in the project has received performances all over the United States and throughout the world including London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Munich, Bucharest, Istanbul, St Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and many others. 60x60 has been included in several festivals including the A*DEvantgarde, DMRN(Digital Music Research Network Festival,) Electronic Midwest Music Festival, Fresno New Music Festival, Internation Electro-acoustic Festival at Brooklyn College and Spark,. This project represents a slice of the contemporary music scene as a showcase of music from composers around the world, writing today's music.
Composer's Voice concert series. Composer's Voice features and exposes emerging composers as well as accomplished underexposed composers. It is designed to display their compositional "voice" in a themed exposition dedicated specifically to promote their music. Since the start of his role as Director of the "Composer's Voice" concert series, he has organized and produced more than 20 concerts in New York City. Through this series he continues to empower composers to broaden their audience by creating a venue to have their music heard.
Rob Voisey is the Director and Founder of 15 Minutes of Fame. 15 Minutes of Fame is a new music project featuring 15 one-minute compositions by 15 different composer written for a specific musician/ensemble.
Rob Voisey is the Director and Founder of Circuit Bridges is a monthly electroacoustic concert series, held in New York City. Our mission is to connect with similar organizations from around the globe that foster and promote innovative electroacoustic music and sound. Our concerts feature local composers and sound artists and those from visiting communities and immerse audiences in the vast wealth of electroacoustic music being created today. Circuit Bridges is dedicated to creating a community for creators of electroacoustic music and strives to explore all that is included, and currently being innovated, under the electroacoustic umbrella, such as sonic art, radio art, glitch, circuit bending, electronica, real-time improvisation, network performance, audiovisual composition, mash-up, and data sonification.

New Music Resources

Voisey is the founder and director of Music Avatar. Music Avatar is an online system to upload your music online. It creates a hassle free process for the composer to submit, update, and upload a submission with confidence that the opportunity will receive it. Music Avatar is a great way for organizations, ensembles and musicians to reliably receive submissions online.
Voisey is the administrator of Compmosers' Site. Composers’ Site is a free online database of composer opportunities. It allows for composers to quickly and efficiently search for opportunities like contests, competitions, residencies, and calls-for-works. Composers can also sign up to the mailing list to receive notifications on new and expiring opportunities.
Voisey is the creator and facilitator of American Composer Timeline. Created in 2000, the American Composer Timeline lists over 1500 composers from as early as the 1600's in American history.


Voisey is the Vice-President of Programs at the Living Music Foundation. The Living Music Foundation's mission is the support of independent, professional and emerging composers and performers of post-modern art music in their struggle for the space and freedom of expression growing out of the need to relate to one's surroundings interactively. His role is to coordinate and raise funds for concert programs, including grant writing and project production.

Robert Voisey founded Vox Novus in 2000. This organization was created for the purposes of expanding the presence of contemporary music in the public's vision, empowering composers and contemporary musicians to create, produce, and promote their music. Vox Novus does this by the production of concerts, exposure on the Internet, and facilitating networking between professionals.

Robert Voisey is the Organization Advancement Director of the Electronic Music Midwest Festival. Electronic Music Midwest is dedicated to programming of a wide variety of electroacoustic music and providing the highest quality performance of electronic media. This annual festival consists of approximately nine short concerts (about 1 hour in length) over the course of a weekend in Autumn. The goal is to bring together vibrant and interesting artists of all forms, give them a vehicle for their expressions, and a place for them to share ideas with others.

Robert Voisey was also interviewed by the Los Angeles Times for its Sunday Entertainment Section, profiled on No Extra Notes with Richard Zarou, Arts Electric at the Electronic Music Foundation, Fly Global Music Culture’s web magazine, as well as being featured on the Arts & Answers on WKCR, Afternoon New Music on WKCR, Kalvos & Damian's New Music Baazaar, Noizepunk & Das Krooner show and Martian Gardens on WMUA. His work routinely receives airplay on WKCR's “Arts & Answers” and “Art Waves” radio programs in New York City as well as Max Shea's “Martian Gardens” on WMUA Amherst, Massachusetts.

He has been invited to speak about his own music, the 60x60 project, and the promotion of new music at the Stony Brook University, Concordia University, Duquesne University , University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Central Florida, University of California at Fresno. He has also presented and introduced the 60x60 project to audiences all over the world including Mills College (Oakland, California), the University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida), Electronic Music Midwest festival (Kansas City, Kansas and Romeoville, Illinois), Adelphi University (Long Island, New York), A*DEvantgarde festival (Munich, Germany), Goldsmiths College (London, England), the Amadeus center (London, England), Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Oberlin, Ohio), State University of New York at Albany (Albany, New York), Lille Conservatory (Lille, France), University of Hartford, (West Hartford, Connecticut), William Paterson University (Wayne, New Jersey), CalArts (Valencia, California), Harbor College (Los Angeles, California), International Electroacoustic Festival (Brooklyn, New York), and Collective: Unconscious (New York).

Robert Voisey received his undergraduate degree from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook where he studied Computer Science Engineering, Mathematics, Studio Art and Music Performance. He earned a certificate of Composition at Tel Hai College in the Upper Galilee of Israel, where he studied with Oded Zehavi and Aiten Schteinberg. He also studied at C.U.N.Y. Brooklyn College where he studied with Noah Creshevsky and George Brunner.

New York
Electric Trains
Lament and Sorrow
in memory of
Liana Alexandra
Homage to
Liana Alexandra
Chamber Works
Music in Motion
Tears of Dew
Tears of Dew
Miedo from Dos Palabras
Foolish Fantasies
60x60 (2006-2007)
60x60 (2006)
Beauty Keeps Laying its Sharp Knife Against Me
60x60 (2004-2005)
60x60 (2004)
60x60 (2003)
60x60 (2003)
Tears of Dew Excerpt
foolish fantasies
heavy clouds
nervous energy
persistence of melancholy
poetry gone
run rabbit run
taint-John McMurtery
Text sound
Angela 01
Living Apart
thirst excerpt
tainted tree
Shades of Forte
TainTed T
Art Song
Soy-Queja-Dos Pallabras
Dos Palabras-Beth Griffith-Beth Levin
Music in Motion-Rachel Carter White-Ana Milosa
Electric Trains
New York 60x60
State of Alabama
State of Arkansas
State of Colorado
State of Connetticut
State of Georgia
State of Hawaii
State of Illinois
State of Indiana
State of Iowa
State of Kentucky
State of Louisiana
State of Maine
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State of Massachusetts
State of Mississippi
State of Missouri
State of Montana
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State of Rhode Island
State of South Carolina
State of South Dakota
State of Tennessee
State of Texas
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State of Virginia
State of Washington
State of West Virginia
State of Wyoming
New York
Constellation Aires
Constellation Aires
Constellation Andromed
Constellation Andromeda
Constellation Andromeda
Constellation Aquarius
Constellation Aquila
Constellation Auriga
Constellation Cancer
Constellation Canes Ve
Constellation Canis Ma
Constellation Canis Major
Constellation Canis Mi
Constellation Canis Minor
Constellation Carina
Constellation Cassiopeia
Constellation Cepheus
Constellation Chamaele
Constellation Chamaeleon
Constellation Circinus
Constellation Columba
Constellation Crux
Constellation Dorado
Constellation Draco
Constellation Eridanus
Constellation Fornax
Constellation Gemini
Constellation Libra
Constellation Lupus
Constellation Lynx
Constellation Mensa
Constellation Microsco
Constellation Microscopium
Constellation Norma
Constellation Norma
Constellation Orion
Constellation Perseus
Constellation Pisces
Constellation Pyxis
Constellation Sagittarius
Constellation Triangul
Constellation Triangula
Constellation Ursa-Maj
Constellation Ursa-Major
Constellation Ursa-Min
Constellation Ursa-Minor
Constellation Vela
Constellation Volans
Constellation Vulpecul
Constellation Vulpecula
Canis Major and Minor
Orion concert mix
Cancer concert mix
Canis Major Minor concert mix
Ursa Major Minor concert mix
Ursa Minor and Major



persistence of melancholy
Nervous Energy
Foolish Fantasies
In the Playground of Colors
voice & electronic playback
high voice & piano
Dos Palabras
high voice & viola
flowing streams
heavy clouds
blank pages
poetry gone
high voice & violin
Music is Poetry in Motion
high voice & piano
Music is Poetry in Motion
flute and piano
run rabbit run
cello & piano
Tears of Dew
flute and violin
flute & Violin

string quartet
Deep Longings

choir (SATB)
another love parts
weep tears of pain
forever bound
when bleeding starts
Heavy Heart
Pater Noster

4 instruments
Frigid Piggy

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