The music contained in the 60x60 score will be an aesthetic kaleidoscope of music written today.


The 60x60 Orchestra Project is designed to be portable. A conductor’s score and parts containing 60 one-minute compositions will be distributed to orchestras around the globe for programming.

Orchestra 60x60 is scored for the instrumentation listed here.


Composers, conductors, and performers enhance one another through collaboration, revitalizing concert audiences and attracting new listeners.


The 60x60 Orchestra Project is a fresh take on a successful new music project. Many people look for the next "new thing" that is going to revolutionize the orchestral music landscape. A collection of 60 one-minute compositions that new thing. The 60x60 Orchestra Project will only be presented in live performances. No recordings or broadcasts of the project will be made. This additional innovation will encourage audiences to attend the performance.


The number of composers, conductors, musicians, and orchestras involved in Orchestra 60 will make promoting the performances more effective than ordinary campaigns. Vox Novus will coordinate the efforts of everyone involved, allowing each orchestra and composer to focus on promotion in their own region. Together these regional promotions will reach an enormous audience and attract the attention of national and international media outlets. As each new performance takes place, interest and excitement will create a snowball effect in the press.

While short-form "signature" works are becoming popular, a concert of 60 one-second orchestra compositions is ahead of the curve. The call for works alone will be a media event. The sequencing of 60 diverse works in a single program will be a topic of conversation. The collaboration of so many composers, conductors, and orchestras will be historical.


Producing the 60x60 Orchestra Project is relatively simple! For a project of this size, the effort required by each orchestra is no larger than a standard performance. Vox Novus will coordinate the call for works, will collect the selected compositions into a single score and set of parts, will reproduce and distribute performance materials, and generate press kits and other publicity materials. Orchestras will only be required to program, rehearse, and perform the 60x60 Orchestra Project score.

For more information, contact Robert Voisey