Audiences can expect to hear a new work by a different composer every single minute. This concert is the ultimate one-hour experience! The 60x60 Orchestra Project is a prism of diverse aesthetics, styles, and techniques. Once the music and clock begins, the audience will be taken through a musical journey of current aesthetics, techniques, and styles of music written by some of the most influential composers today--projecting spectrums of aural colors.


Upon entering the concert hall, in many performances of the 60x60 Orchestra Project, audience members will certainly notice a large analog clock on stage. Part of the listening experience, the clock provides the proof, if you will, that each work is only one minute in length. Although an analog clock may not be present at every concert, there will be a visual indication that marks the end and beginning of each composition.


You've never been to an orchestra concert like this before. 60x60 has already sparked provocative discussions and dialog for audiences from around the world. Moreover, 60x60 fosters interaction between audiences and musicians. These have led to conversations addressing various artistic and aesthetic issues ranging from,"did you notice the clever juxtosposition of harmonic arching motion with the Schenkarian paradigm," to "I liked number 36 the best."

But is this 60 individual compositions? Or, is this one composition written by 60 different individuals? You decide...

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