General Information

Currently a work in progress, this webpage serves to provide more specific information for orchestras about the Orchestra 60x60 Project. Questions or comments regarding this project should be sent to Robert Voisey.

More specific information about the Orchestra 60x60 Project will be posted on this page in the future.

  • Orchestras who commit to the Orchestra 60x60 project are expected to program the Orchestra 60x60 score on an upcoming season.

  • Vox Novus will provide a conductor score and parts, free of charge, to the orchestra.

  • If they choose, Conductors or Artistic Directors of committed orchestras may serve on the adjudication panel.

  • Vox Novus will provide press kits and other materials to committed orchestras for the marketing of Orchestra 60x60 concerts.

  • Orchestra Size

    The Orchestra 60x60 Project score will be scored for the instrumentation listed below. Please note that this is the maximum orchestration, and many of the Orchestra 60x60 Project one-minute works will most definitely be subsets of this instrumentation.