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Orchestra 60x60 will be scored for the instrumentation listed below. Please note that this is the maximum orchestration, and some works will be subsets of this instrumentation.

    2- Flutes (one piccolo doubling *)
    2- Oboes
    2- Clarinets
    2- Bassoons

    2- Horns in F
    2- Trumpets
    2- Trombones
    1- Tuba

    Timpani (4 drums / 1 player)
    1- Percussion Player:
      Suspended Cymbals (3 sizes: Large, Medium, Small)
      Crash Cymbal
      Snare Drum
      Bass Drum
      4 Tom-Toms
      2 Woodblocks
      Bell Tree
      Brake Drum
      Misc. Hand Percussion (triangle, claves, castinets, vibraslap, etc...)


Note: Flute 2 is the only instrument doubling. No other instruments will be doubled (eg., no English Horn, Bass Clarinet, etc...)

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