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Take it to the streets! Download and print one of our official Orchestra 60x60 flyers and post copies around your community. Places like coffee shops, grocery stores, libraries, museums, schools, universities, galleries, and local businesses are all great. (Please get permission and observe guidelines before posting a flyer. Violating someone's policies will not make a good impression and will hurt our campaign.)

Download our sample letter intended to provide you with inspiration to contact your local newspaper letting them know about Orchestra 60x60. Be sure to include a copy of our latest press release with your letter, which can be found on our Press page.

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Sample Support Letter

(.rtf) Sample Support Letter

Help keep the magic and majesty of live orchestral music in your community by joining our campaign to spread the word about our exciting and revolutionary new music project: Orchestra 60x60. Vox Novus will be compiling 60 one-minute compositions by 60 different composers to be performed as a continuous one-hour piece. We need your help building a team to generate enthusiasm and to get your local orchestra interested in Orchestra 60x60.

By their nature, orchestras are community organizations. Unfortunately many orchestras are struggling to maintain their listener community. Audiences are shrinking, there are an increasing number of competing entertainment options, and many orchestras suffer from a reputation of being old-fashioned.

We believe that Orchestra 60x60 will help revitalize orchestra audiences by attracting new listeners who are interested in innovative and culturally relevant programming. These concerts will not be recorded or broadcast. The only way to experience this concert is to get your orchestra to play it and attend the concert.

We have already invited orchestras from all around the world to participate, but we need your help to generate interest and enthusiasm. The more people you can get to sign up, the easier it will be for us to book a concert with your orchestra. This is going to be a major cultural event. Don't let your community miss out.

How to get involved
Go to our Eventful page and 'demand' a concert in your community. Eventful will track these demands by region and we will use these numbers to demonstrate audience interest. The more 'demands' we get from your area, the easier it will be to recruit your orchestra.

Eventful does require you to create an account in order to send a demand. (This prevents spam and other system abuses.) It's free and easy. Please do not let this discourage you from participating. We need as many Eventful demands as we can get. Plus, we'll be using Eventful to let you know as we book concerts and other special events.

After demanding an Orchestra 60x60 concert, spread the word. Tell your family and friends about the project and get them to place a demand too. If you have space on your personal website or Myspace page, add the Eventful widget. If you have a Facebook account, post a link to our Eventful page and join our Facebook group.

If you want to do more, here are some other things you can do to help: