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Upcoming Performances

60x60 Dance Toronto

60x60 Dance Toronto at Harbourfront

Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at 2:00 and 8:00 PM

Pairing 60 Toronto choreographers with each of 60 Canadian composers' 1-minute miniatures, this 1-hour performance spans the gamut of contemporary electroacoustic music and contemporary, traditional, classical and hybrid movement disciplines.

60x60 Dance links 60 composition/ dance works by 60 different composer/ choreographer pairs, each 60 seconds long, and presents them continuously in a one-hour performance.

In this one-of-a-kind performance, each minute of the hour features a different composer and choreographer. The 60x60 Dance collaboration has been performed across 3 continents, and its Toronto debut in 2010 filled The Music Gallery and won Paula Citron’s Genre Fusion Award. This year, 60x60 Dance Toronto will be presented in the NextSteps Dance Series at the Harbourfront Theatre, taking its place as an important cross-Canadian arts collaboration, where the traditional contacts the contemporary to challenge, inspire, and invigorate audiences and artists alike. Featuring all Canadian composers of every genre (from classical to spoken word to noise and everything in between) and choreographers from every imaginable movement discipline (including mime, aerial dance, breakdancing, Kurdish, Flamenco, Ballet, circus, stiltwalking, Highland, Kathak and many more), 60x60 Dance Toronto will once again be directed and produced by the award-winning team of Viv Moore and Tova Kardonne, and will include choreography by Toronto dance innovators of long repute as well as emerging voices. With concentrated, haiku-like musical and dance statements, 60x60 Dance creations span the ridiculous and the sublime in one continuous hour of pure inspiration.

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Tickets to the 2014/15 NextSteps season are now on sale. With seasoned artists celebrating anniversary performances and budding stars taking to Harboufront stages for the first time, this NextSteps season is full of performances you won't want to miss. The 2014/15 season continues the 40- year legacy of dance at Harbourfront Centre. As a hub of dance, we are proud to offer dance programming throughout the year, from performances to participatory events. And we are thrilled to play host to incredible dance companies from Canada and beyond every year.

60x60 Dance gratefully acknowledges the support of the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council.

60x60 Dance Toronto

Composers selected for this 60x60 include: Aaron Acosta, James Andean, James Bailey, John L Baker, Michael Baker, Bob Paul Bauer, Brian Beaudry, Myriam Bleau, Rolf J. Boon, Sarah Boothroyd, Ede Cameron, David Neil Campbell, Maxime Corbeil-Perron, John G Coutanche, Jeremy Peter Curry, Albarick Demontreuille, Jonathan Desjardins, Nicolas Diab, Suzy Easton, Arne Eigenfeldt, Joanna Estelle, Terry Gambarotto, Shaun Gamboa, Helene Garcia, Soressa Gardner, Victor Garibaldi, Mario Gauthier, Sophie Mercedes Genest, Thomas Francois Giros, Christopher Gorman, Lorne F Hammond, Mark Mark J. Hannesson, Todd Harrop, Dry Heeves, David Kettle, Ben Jisoo Kim, Ferdows Laraya, Sebastien Lavoie, Emilie Cecilia LeBel, Hope KW Lee, Marco Liy, Scott Mallory, Jr., Andrew James Noseworthy, James O'Callaghan, Keith Odell, John Oliver, Alex Olsen, Dubravko Pajalic, Robin Parmar, Emilie Payeur, Dimitar G Pentchev, Robert James Pierson, Sylvain Poitras, Ambrose Pottie, Quaternin, Justin Rito, Jana Skarecky, John Sobocan, Gamble Tron, and Jamie Woollard

60x60 Dance Toronto
Thursday, October 16, 2014, 8pm
Harbourfront Centre Theatre
231 Queens Quay West
Price: $22.25
Phone: 416-973-4000
Email: for more information.

Take a quick look at last year's 60x60 Dance in Toronto!

60x60 Toronto - March 11, 2013 from Marvan Kwan on Vimeo.

Electronic Music Midwest

Electronic Music Midwest Festival

October 16th, 2014 - October 18, 2004

About Electronic Music Midwest (EMM)

Electronic Music Midwest is dedicated to programming of a wide variety of electroacoustic music and providing the highest quality performance of electronic media. This annual festival consists of approximately nine short concerts (about 1 hour in length) over the course of a weekend in Autumn. Our goal is to bring together vibrant and interesting artists of all forms, give them a vehicle for their expressions, and a place for them to share ideas with others.

EMM is the result of a consortium formed in 2002 between Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC), Lewis University, and the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Officially formed in 2002, this festival was founded by Mike McFerron, Connie Mayfield, and Paul Rudy in 2000 when it was presented at KCKCC under the name "Kansas City Electronic Music Festival." In 2001, the festival continued at Lewis University under the title, "Electronic Music at Lewis - 2001."

EMM has always featured an 8-speaker surround diffusion system under the guidance of Ian Corbett. The core of the system are eight Mackie 1521 bi-amped speakers, an EAW/QSC subwoofer system, and a Soundcraft MH3, 32+4 Channel mixer (named "Emily"). Due to Ian's expertise, many visiting composers comment that EMM is one of smoothest run festivals they have ever attended.

Since its beginning, EMM has programmed over 500 new electroacoustic compositions. Composers have traveled from around the world to graciously share their music with audiences in the Midwest. However, EMM is about more than just playing new music. We strive to create an environment conducive to building community interaction. Most concerts are approximately one hour long, and composers have plenty of time to "talk shop" with each other as well as interact socially with students and audience members.

Circuit Bridges

Circuit Bridges - Electronic Music Midwest Festival

Thusday October 16, 7:30pm

Circuit Bridges is traveling to Electronic Music Midwest for our first concert outside of New York City. This concert is the other half of the bridge we began with EMM back in April, when we featured their composers on a concert in NYC.

Circuit Bridges is traveling to Illinois to present music by Mark Zaki, Hubert Howe, Magdalena Kress, Howard Kenty, Aaron Johnson, and Melissa Grey. There will be performances by Mark Zaki, Lynn Bechtold, and Mioi Takeda.

Circuit Bridges
Thusday October 16, 7:30pm
Lewis University
1 University Pkwy
Romeoville, Illinois

Craig Hultgren

Craig Hultgren featured on Electronic Music Midwest Festival

October 16th, 2014 - October 18, 2004

Craig Hultgren For several decades, cellist Craig Hultgren has been a fixture on the scenes for new music, the newly creative arts, and the avant-garde. In recent years, he has performed solo concerts and chamber music in Rome, New York, Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, Denver, Nashville, Memphis and San Antonio. A recipient of two Artist Fellowships from the Alabama State Council on the Arts, he was a member for many years of Thátmyris, a contemporary chamber music ensemble in Atlanta. A cellist in the Alabama Symphony, he also plays in Luna Nova, a new music ensemble with a large repertoire of performances available as podcast downloads on iTunes. Hultgren is featured in three solo CD recordings including The Electro-Acoustic Cello Book on Living Artist Recordings. For ten years, he produced the Hultgren Solo Cello Works Biennial, an international competition that highlighted the best new compositions for the instrument. He teaches at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Alabama School of Fine Arts and Birmingham-Southern College where he directed the BSC New Music Ensemble. He is a founding member and President of the Birmingham Art Music Alliance and is on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestras of Birmingham. Hultgren recently completed a CAMA artist residency (Collaborating Artists Manifesting Adventure) with the St. Louis New Music Circle where he presented programs for three seasons. Recently, he performed a 15 Minutes of Fame concert titled Occupy Cello in New York for the Composer's Voice Concert Series. That program featured 15 one-minute solo compositions that challenge the traditional boundaries of the instrument.

CONCERT 2: Friday, October 17, 10am

Featuring: Mike Polo, JP Merz, Eli Fieldsteel, Mike McFerron, Ian Michael Clarke, Chris Arrell, and Andrew Selle

CONCERT 3: Friday, October 17, 1:30pm

Featuring: Ana Paola Santillán Alcocer, Aaron Crawford, Robert Voisey, John Mayrose, Jaimie Lynn Hensley, Kyong Mee Choi, Linda Antas, and Ed Martin

CONCERT 4: Friday, October 17, 5pm

Featuring: Dan VanHassel, David Ibbett, Luca De Siena (music) & Antonello Belgrano (video), Frank Felice, Anne Neikirk, Jason Richmond, and Jason Bolte

CONCERT 5: Friday, October 17, 8pm

Featuring: Jaeseong You, M. Anthony Reimer, David Biedenbender, Christina Butera, Dave Seidel, Eric Honour, Craig Hultgren, Rich O'Donnell, and Anna Lum,

CONCERT 6: Saturday, October 18, 10am

Featuring: L.J. Henke, Amanda McCullough, Kevin Ernste, Jeffrey Hass, Jinghong Zhang, and Mark Phillips

CONCERT 7: Saturday, October 18, 1:30pm

Featuring: Michael James Olson, Jay C. Batzner, Alex McLean, David Ogborn, and Eldad Tsabary, Elizabeth A. Baker, and Dorothy Hindman

CONCERT 8: Saturday, October 18, 5pm

Featuring: David D. McIntire, David Morneau, David Taddie, and Philip Schuessler

CONCERT 9: Saturday, October 18, 8pm

Featuring: Timothy Kramer, Michael Pounds, Christopher Biggs, Jason Palamara, Greg Dixon, Samuel Wells, and Monroe Golden

For more information about the EMM festival visit here:


Calendar of Vox Novus Events

2014 AGBU Sayat Nova International
Composition Competition

AGBU is deploying efforts to attract the interest of young composers to classical music and the traditional Armenian repertoire. If the encounter between classical musicians, of written tradition, and traditional musicians, of oral tradition, is sometimes difficult, it is all the more richer. Together they create the musical heritage of tomorrow.

Hence, the idea of the Sayat Nova composition competition is born, combining modernism, tradition and Armenian inspiration. It aims to discover talented young composers, help them financially, record their works, and diffuse them.

When it was first introduced in 2006, the Sayat Nova Composition Competition proved to be a laboratory of creativity. Amidst festivities for AGBU’s centennial, a panel of expert judges reviewed an impressive range of submissions. On December 9, 2006, it ultimately granted Artur Akshelyan with the first prize. That night, Akshelyan’s piece was brought to life by the Armenian Diaspora Chamber Orchestra through a memorable performance in the Salon Opéra at the Intercontinental Hotel in Paris.

The 2012 AGBU Sayat Nova International Composition Competition was a great success as evidenced by the 22 candidates participating from around the world. Two young composers were distinguished: Tomas Berreiro, Mexican, was granted the 2nd Prize for his work The Death of the Nightingale and Ernest Dulgaryan, Armenian, the 3rd prize for Whispers. In addition to the Sayat Nova competition prize, Tomas Barreiro was awarded the Special Prize "Carnegie Hall” by the jury. As such, his composition was interpreted during the AGBU - NYSEC Annual Concert in December 2013 in the prestigious New York concert hall.

Contest participation conditions:

The 2014 Sayat Nova competition candidates will have to compose for a chamber ensemble consisting of 3 (three) instrumentalists (piano, cello and duduk) and a woman's voice, mezzo- soprano register (spoken or sung).

The duration of the piece must be within 7-10 minutes.

The piece must include one quotation, in any form, from a text of Daniel Varoujan in Armenian or translated into a Western language (i.e. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Russian).

The deadline for submission of works is no later than 28 November 2014.

See more at:

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Music Avatar is a great new way to upload works for composer opportunities hassle free! You will be able to submit, update, and modify your submission all the way up to the deadline date of the opportunity.

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