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American Composer Timeline
In the hope of bringing a greater awareness of the American contemporary music scene we have compiled an American Composer Timeline from the age of Colonialism where the Americas were European colonies. This growing database of composers lists the rich music culture still in development today.
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Welcome Speech from Karl Paulnack
This is an excerpt from a welcome address given to parents of incoming students at The Boston Conservatory on September 1, 2004, by Dr. Karl Paulnack, Director of the Music Division. This speech embodies the ideals and missions of Vox Novus and its founder Robert Voisey.
Composer Bookshelf
This compilation is a list of books that have proved useful to to composers as we practice our art. Attached is a "composer's bookshelf" bibliography (with annotations), compiled by David McIntire, which lists books that I have found to be helpful, inspiring or provocative in his journey as a composer. Some are references, some are technical in nature, others deal with music obliquely, if at all.
60x60 10 year Analysis by David Morneau
This is a series of charts and analysis of the 60x60 project for its first 10 years. Compiled and analyze by composer and 60x60 participant David Morneau, the document gives perspective of the mission and accomlishments of 60x60.
Calls for Works,
and Calls for Scores
60x60 Call for Submissions

60x60 is an Internationally sprawling multimedia project with critical acclaim. Calls for submissions from composer's, sound artists, choreographers, dancers, video artists, and perfromers are routinely made.
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15 Minutes of Fame
Call for Scores

15-Minutes-of-Fame is a chamber project of Vox Novus which is featured on its Composer's Voice concert series. Calls for specific performers and ensembles are made routinely.
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Composer's Voice
Call for Scores

Composer's Voice is a chamber concert series of Vox Novus which is a monthly concert seires. Occaisionally calls for works are made for Vox Novus members to submit for possible performance.
Click here to view the current Composer's Voice call for scores.

Composer's Site
The Composer's Site is a fanastic site compiling many calls for works and composer opportunities. It is easy (and free) to get email updates about opportunities and easy (and free) to list opportunities.
This is a MUST JOIN for any composer.
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