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Mission of Vox Novus
Vox Novus promotes contemporary music and its creators through concerts, recordings, publications, broadcasts, and online publicity.

Vox Novus believes strongly in the intrinsic value of contemporary music, recognizing it as a force in the advancement of culture and art. Our goal is to keep music alive by strengthening the connection between composer and audience, providing greater exposure to new music.

Vox Novus understands that without the creation of challenging, contemporary music there will be no future masterpieces to reflect our time. Exciting new music is being composed constantly, and must be heard in order to complete the cycle of creativity. Vox Novus gets contemporary music heard: in concerts, radio, Television, compact discs, publications and the Internet.

While artists have always struggled to create and promote their art, one may argue that the situation is now more precarious than ever. Today's economic climate is competitive, and emerging composers inevitably act as their own writer, producer, publicist, agent, and sometimes performer. This daunting array of tasks overwhelms many composers. Vox Novus helps emerging composers face this challenge helping them to promote their music, expand their audience, and advance their career.

Recognizing that a major obstacle for composers is finding venues for their music, Vox Novus finds, develops, and produces opportunities for composers. These opportunities expand the audience for new music beyond the established music community. Vox Novus aims to build a new repertoire by creating friendly, approachable listening environments that integrate a growing body of contemporary composers. Whenever possible, programming is repeated to breed familiarity with this expanding repertoire.

Vox Novus promotes and produces contemporary music using repeatable methods and models that composers can take and use on their own. This way contemporary music can reach an ever wider audience thereby continuing the advancement of culture and art.

Founder Robert Voisey
"My belief is that there is a hungry audience out there waiting to be inspired and touched by the music and ideas that today's composer has to offer; all we need to do is reach them."
– Robert Voisey
The word ‘viral,’ comes to mind as a trendy but disquietingly accurate image for Robert Voisey’s infectious enthusiasm. He is always ready to mutate and reinfect the process as indicated to maintain the highest degree of project fever – and yes, it is spreading.
-60x60: netsuke for the musical mind Richard Arnest, Sounding Board, Spring 2011
Vox Novus Initiatives
Vox Novus is organization with bold ideas and several initiatives that it proliferates throughout the globe. Keeping with it mission to empower the new music community, Vox Novus has founded, produced, and presented several creative projects to accomplish its goal. Vox Novus also creates a central hub for its membership to present and promote their works with web pages and links on the world wide web. Vox Novus also collaborates and fosters endeavors with other new music organizations in order to strengthen the community

Vox Novus produces, presents, and inspires hundreds of new music performances and events throughout the world through its projects. Providing opportunities and exposure to composers that would not have been available to them previously.

60x60 is a colosal endeavor; the project has instigated the creation of thousands of works and has had them premiered and replayed in more than 250 performances around the world. 60x60 has promoted thousands of composers ranging from emerging novices to seasoned veterans. The music has been presented in a broad range of venues and formats in front of tens of thousands of appreciative audience members. 60x60 has collaborated with several other art forms creating multi-media experiences including: dance, video, photography, and sculpture.
Composer's Voice
Composer's Voice is a chamber concert series that presents only the chamber works of contemporary and living composers. The concert series shas had over 60 performances premiering hundreds of works in New York City. The series also prides itself for encoring works of composers having their work replayed for different audiences. Founded in 2001 by Vox Novus, the Composer's Voice concert series is now a joint collaborative with the Remarkable Theater Brigade and Jan Hus Church.
Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Fifteen Minutes of Fame is a new endeavor of Vox Novus started in 2010. Fifteen Minutes of Fame is a project which commisions works to be written for a specific musician or ensemble through its calls. 15 works are selected and then premiered on a Composer's Voice concert in New York City.
American Composer Timeline
The first project initiated by Vox Novus in 2000, the American Composer Timeline premiered as the most comprehensive timeline of American composers at the time. It lists more than 1300 American composers starting from the 1600's including their birth dates, places of birth, and links to biographical information.

Since its inception in January of 2000, Vox Novus overcame several obstacles and have enjoyed many accomplishments. Currently consisting of a membership of over 200 composers which range from a variety of nations around the world; Vox Novus hopes to grow membership and inspire collaborative individuals seeking to strengthen the new music community.

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[ Vox Novus - the new voice for contemporary music ]
[ Vox Novus - the new voice for contemporary music ]