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February 24, 2008
Jan Hus Church
351 East 74th Street
New York, New York 10021
Vox Novus joins with Remarkable Theater Brigade and Jan hus Church to present Composer's Voice, a monthly concert series championing the work of living composers.
Title Composer Performer
Taint Robert Voisey John McMurtery - Flute
Untitled Naren Rauche Naren Rauche - guitar
Compound Refractions Dennis Bathory-Kitsz John McMurtery - Flute
Blues Dream Apogee Jason Kao Hwang Jason Kao Hwang - Violin
Untitled Jay Sorce Jay Sorce - Guitar
Flutist John McMurtery enjoys a multi-faceted career as a soloist, ensemble performer, orchestral musician and teacher. His innovative approach to concert programming, coupled with his unique ability to inspire audiences with performances of the most challenging contemporary music, has brought McMurtery tremendous acclaim as one of the most versatile performers of his generation. Of his debut performance of Carceri d'Invenzione IIb at the 2005 Lincoln Center Festival, The New York Times wrote: "…a tour de force for flute bristling with invention was played brilliantly by John McMurtery…[exploring] the extreme high and low registers of the instrument, zapping back and forth at hyperspeed…" 2002 marked McMurtery's debut at Carnegie Hall in New York City with the eclectic ensemble UpTown Flutes. In recent seasons, McMurtery has also been invited to tour extensively throughout Europe, performing recitals in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the Czech Republic. He made his much-anticipated European debut with the Vienna Chamber Ensemble in 2000 as part of the prestigious Wien Modern concert series. Adding to his discography, Mr. McMurtery recently recorded for the NAXOS label as principal flutist on a collaborative disc of world premieres by award-winning composer Sean Hickey. Mr. McMurtery's devotion to commissioning and performing works of contemporary composers earned him a debut at the innovative Focus! Festival at Lincoln Center in 2001, where he was selected to perform the American premiere of Nicola Sani's "I binary del tempo" (1998). His success led to immediate reengagement at the 2002 Focus! Festival for a performance of Roger Reynolds's "Transfigured Wind IV." Works commissioned for him include two virtuosic pieces for solo flute by James Romig: "Sonnet 2" (1999) and "Oiseau Miro" (2000). Mr. McMurtery has given countless premieres by renowned composers such as Sean Hickey, Jackson Hill, and Edward Taylor. In the interest of emphasizing programmatic diversity, he frequently performs works of Elliot Carter, Milton Babbitt, George Perle, and Brian Ferneyhough.
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz has made work for sound sculptures, soloists, electronics, stage shows, orchestras, dancers, interactive multimedia, installations, and performance events, having written more than 950 compositions. He encouraged the chamber opera rebirth with Plasm over ocean (1977) at the World Trade Center; the interactive performance piece Echo (1985) used handmade instruments; the museum installation In Bocca al Lupo (1991) and outdoor installation Traveler’s Rest (1992) were collaborations with sculptor Fernanda D’Agostino for quasi-intelligent systems; he was the first American commissioned for Prague’s Mánes Museum, conducting Zonule Glaes II (1999) for string quartet and electronics; and retrospective concerts were presented in Europe beginning in 2003. His recorded compositions include Detritus of Mating (Sistrum), zéyu, quânh & sweeh (Frog Peak), iskajtbrz (UnLimit), The Warbler’s Garden (Capstone), Snare:Wilding (illegal art), krikisque and Future Remembrance (60x60) and Icecut (Perschbacher). Dennis co-hosts the award-winning program Kalvos & Damian, co-founded the NonPop International Network, is project director for numerous art and music festivals, and created the We Are All Mozart project to encourage composers’ public work.
Jason Kao Hwang, a composer, violinist and educator, has created works ranging from jazz, classical, “new” and world music. His jazz quartet EDGE (Asian Improv Records) was named one of the Top Ten CDs of 2006 for All About Jazz. Innova Records will release a second CD by EDGE in early 2008. Local Lingo (Euonymus Records), Mr. Hwang’s duets with Sang Won Park (kayagum, ajeng, voice), cracked the CMJ college radio charts at #36. Opera News selected his chamber opera with librettist Catherine Filloux, The Floating Box, A Story in Chinatown (New World Records with Music From China) as one of the Top Ten Opera Recordings of 2005. Mr. Hwang has received support from Meet the Composer, National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New Jersey State Council on the Arts, Rockefeller Foundation, New York Community Trust and Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust and others. As violinist, Mr. Hwang has worked with Anthony Braxton, Reggie Workman, William Parker, Henry Threadgill, Vladamir Tarasov, Tatsu Aoki, Frances Wong, Sirone, Dr. Makanda Ken MacIntyre and many others. Mr. Hwang taught Asian American Music, a course he originated for New York University, and lectured at Westminster College and Brooklyn College.
Naren Rauch has done multiple tours of Europe, Asia, United States, as well as performed at Lincoln Center NY, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Strawberry Music Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, WFPK Waterfront Wednesday Concert Series (Louisville, KY). Naren has recorded with Laptop (Universal/Island records), The Navigators (Velour Records), Sony Music and appeared on GLR (UK), BBC Radio 1 (UK), NBC (USA). WFPK (USA), Woodsongs Radio Hour (USA). As an audio engineer, he has credits for Les Sans Culotte (Vibratone Records), Leftover Crack (Fat Wreck Chords). As a composer Naren has written music for numerous TV commercials (Saturn, Wendy's, Fanta, AT&T, Black & Decker, NASCAR, AT&T, Adidas) as well as for short films. He has had his pieces performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Naren Rauch graduated from Manhattan School of Music in 1999 with a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance. Naren's website is www.narenrauch.com.
Robert Voisey is a composer and impresario of new works primarily in New York City. He seeks innovative and creative approaches to promote the music of today's composers. In 2007, Voisey participated in the Tempest Project with his work by the same name and will be featured on an upcoming CD release. His work, tongues, on the 60x60 2004-2005 CD release of the project and India Songs, a collaboration with Anne Cammon will appear on a poetry compilation released by LOGOchrysalis Productions. His work Constellations (TRANSreveLATION Mix) was performed at the TRANSreveLATION concert in New York City; and Constellations (EMM MIX) was performed at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival in Kansas City, his solo piano work, stark received its German debut in Munich, Germany at the A*DEvantgarde festival; Most recently his work has been performed at Fine and Dandy, a east village variety show. This includes "hunger" and "lust" in a collaboration with the choreographer Jeramy Zimmerman and India Songs, a collaboration with poet Anne Cammon. India Songs was also performed at the Bowery Poetry Club.
Robert Voisey, taint
taint is the first composition of many in a series bearing versions of the title. This series was inspired by Berio’s Sequenza.

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Compound Refractions
A refraction bends a signal as it passes through another medium, and in Compound Refractions, the idea of a single note is bent as it passes from mental image through score through performer. The notes are animated from a single pitch outward, with a grace note momentarily twisting the light and pulling it away. It glints down a bit, then lower, and finally reflects up and beyond the starting point. Out of the glimmering come longer phrases, sprays of illumination, and a brief hiding in shadow. Then, like a gemstone, the facets are bending and splitting light, sputtering along with the candle throwing light behind and into it. The melodies and rhythms behave like drawings of flickering rainbows on the walls from the prisms of a chandelier. The one initial source of light has been bent and split and bent again so many times that it hardly returns at all when the light finally flickers out. This through-composed piece is an étude on a single thought, the illusion of refraction, and can be heard as a parallel to how the eye perceives the scientific aspects of light as beauty.
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