Composer's Voice Concert [ Vox Novus - the new voice for contemporary music ]
October 20, 2002
A.R.T South Oxford Space
138 South Oxford Street
Brooklyn, New York 11217
Featruring the soprano Agueda Alejandra Fernandez Abad, Composer's Voice presented several works from contemporary composers.
This concert was Similar in program to the Composer's Voice concert presented a week before in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a joint effort with La Scala de San Telmo in an effort to promote American (both North and South) composers in New York and Argentina.

In a joint effort with the Living Music Foundation, Vox Novus hosted a Composer's Voice concert in the A.R.T. South Oxford Space in Brooklyn, New York. The concert contained many debuts most notably Terry Winter Owens debut of Rendezvous with Hyakutake performed by Rene Dennis, Piano Sketches by Marco Oppedisano performed by Hiromi Abe, and Canto di Malavita by Noah Creshevsky.

Review of October 20,2002 Composer's Voice Concert

"On the whole, the programming for this chamber concert demonstrated that Vox Novus, with its beautifully appointed and acoustically pleasing chamber salon, offers a significant venue just a short distance from the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the presentation of serious works by established and emerging composers. Those voices should be heard, and they can even be reheard on the Vox Novus website that generously offers complete audio recordings and even full scores of works presented by Vox Novus at its concerts." - John de Clef Pineiro, New Music Connoisseur (March 2003 Vol.11 No.1)

Title ComposerInstrumentPerformer
Rendezvous with Hytakutake Terry Winter Owens pianoRené Dennis
Foolish Fantasies Robert Voiseyflute Christine Perea
Trembling Dorothy Hindmanflute Christine Perea
A River From the WallsLinda Antasflute Christine Perea
taint Robert Voiseyflute Christine Perea
Canto di Malavita Noah Creshevsky Tape
Sonata for Flute Liana Alexandraflute Christine Perea
persistence of melancholyRobert Voiseypiano Hiromi Abe
Sketches for Piano Marco Oppedisano piano Hiromi Abe
René Dennis has been playing the piano since the age of 7. Raised in various parts of the country, she has studied with such teachers as Eric Larsen from the North Carolina School of the Arts, Fiorella Canin at the Bowdoin Summer Music Festival, and Irina Morozova. Dennis has played in several venues throughout the United States and abroad. In Japan she performed for a UNICEF charity benefit. She is currently studying her Masters at New York University with Dierdre O’ Donohue.
Hiromi Abe an accomplished composer and pianist received her M.A. in Music Composition from the Queens College and studied with Thea Musgrave.
Christine Perea began playing the flute at the age of 10 in Detroit, Michigan. With the encouragement of her private teachers Clem Barone and Shaul Ben-Meir of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and those that she met while attending summer camps at Interlochen, she went on to earn a B.M. in Flute Performance from DePaul University in Chicago where she studied flute with Mary Stolper and Mary Brown and Baroque music with Roger Goodman. While in Chicago, Ms. Perea also served as principal flutist and piccolo player for two years with the Chicago Classical Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Joseph Glymph.
Linda Antas
Linda Antas is currently completing a doctorate in composition at the University of Washington. She has served as a Graduate Staff Assistant at CARTAH (Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities) and has been a teaching assistant for several computer music and theory/ear-training courses. Linda's composition teachers include Richard Karpen, Diane Thome, Salvatore Martirano and Morgan Powell. Linda's works have been programmed throughout the U.S. and Europe and have been recognized by the International Computer Music Conference, the International Music Contest Citta' di Udine, and the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States. Commissions include a work for trombonist Abbie Conant's "Wired Goddess" project and an ICMA Commission. Linda has conducted and performed with ensembles in numerous locations, and performed "A River from the Walls" at the 2000 National Flute Association Convention. Her works are recorded on the Media Cafe, TauKay, and Centaur labels. She spent the 2000-2001 academic year at the Institut Universitari de L'Audiovisual (Barcelona) on a Fulbright Fellowship and a Fritz Grant.
Noah Creshevsky
Trained in composition by Nadia Boulanger in Paris and Luciano Berio at Juilliard, Noah Creshevsky is the former director of the Center for Computer Music and Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. His musical vocabulary consists largely of familiar bits of words, songs, and instrumental music, which are edited but rarely subjected to electronic processing. The result is a music that obscures the boundaries of real and imaginary ensembles though the fusion of opposites: music and noise, comprehensible and incomprehensible vocal sources, human and superhuman vocal and instrumental capacities. Creshevsky's work has been supported by grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and ASCAP. It has been published by Alexander Broude and the University of Michigan Press, released on records and compact discs, and performed and broadcast internationally. Formerly director of the Center for Computer Music and professor of music at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, he has served on the faculties of the Juilliard School and Hunter College, and been a visiting professor at Princeton University.
Terry Winter Owens
Terry Winter Owens is an internationally published composer based in New York City. Her music has been widely performed in Europe and, to a lesser extent, in the US. Her long-time interest in astronomy, astrophysics and poetry is reflected in a recent series of compositions for piano and narrator. A CD of her piano music of the 1990’s, “Exposed on the Cliffs of the Heart”(title from a Rilke poem) in a performance by Portuguese virtuoso Francisco Monteiro was produced by AM&M Records, Portugal and is available from Amazon. Her catalogue also includes works for two pianos, chamber and vocal ensembles, and symphony orchestra. Influenced by the Post-Webernian school , Owens's music has evolved over the years in a modal/atonal direction, which she calls the Resonant Continuum. Her compositions are transparent in texture with soaring pointillistic phrases. She also composes in traditional, historical idioms exemplified by her “Homage To Corelli” written in the Baroque style and an album of piano pieces, “Serenades to the Composers” in 19th century harmonic and stylistic idioms.
Dorothy Hindman
Dorothy Hindman is a professional composer and music theorist whose works have been performed in concerts in the United States, Italy, Russia, Romania, and the Czech Republic. Her commissions include works for soloists, small and large ensembles, and commercial productions. She is a current recipient of an AMTA/MTNA Commission for their 2002 conference. She was a 1998-99 Alabama State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship recipient, and a finalist in the National Symphony Orchestra/Kennedy Center/ASCA commission competition. Her works are in the repertoire of such notable musicians as: cellist Craig Hultgren, hornist Paul Basler, cellist Hugh Livingston, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Alabama Operaworks, the Uncommon Practice new music ensemble, Thamyris new music ensemble, and the Gregg Smith Singers. Her works are available on five compact discs on the Living Artist Recordings label.
Marco Oppedisano
Marco Oppedisano was born in Brooklyn, NY. He began playing guitar at the age of 12 and entered undergraduate studies as a classical guitar performance major, studying with Michael Cedric Smith. He holds a B.A in Music Composition from the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music, an M.A in Music Composition from the Queens College Aaron Copland School of Music and has studied composition with Noah Creshevsky, Charles Dodge, Tania Leon, Thea Musgrave and Henry Weinberg.
Robert Voisey Robert Voisey values himself as a renaissance man. His disciplines include music, computer science, math, art, and poetry. In the midst of accomplishing his Bachelor of Arts at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, he traveled to Israel to study with the composers Oded Zehavi and Aiten Schteinberg. Voisey returned to New York two years later to resume his studies with Noah Creshevsky and George Brunner at the City University of New York at Brooklyn College. After a long hiatus, he returned to his background of computer science creating music with electronic media rather than limiting himself to conventional instruments. In Israel, Voisey debuted several compositions at Tel Hai, Bar-Ilan, and Jerusalem. He also enjoyed performances broadcasted on Kol Muscia (the voice of music) Israeli National Radio. Currently composing in Harlem, New York he has several compositions debut in venues in New York City as well as abroad. Recently his compositions have debuted in Buenos Aires, Argentina with La Scala de San Telmo. Voisey is also the founder of Vox Novus.
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