Composer's Voice Concert [ Vox Novus - the new voice for contemporary music ]
November 13, 2001
La Scala De San Telmo
Pasaje Giuffra 371
Buenos Aires, Argentina
In conjunction with La Scala De San Telmo, Vox Novus produced its first overseas concert in Buenos Aires.
Similar in program, the concert made an opportunity for several debuts for American (both North and South) composers in New York and Argentina. This first Composer's Voice collaboration was a tremendous success with many debuts of contemporary music. We are proud to host debuts of Claudia Montero Benjamin Bierman, John Bouz, Robert Voisey and more.
Title ComposerInstrumentPerfromer
Vendran lluvias suaves Adrian Pages soprano Agueda Abad-Pages
pianoNora Cardahi
Nocturno Adrian Pages soprano Agueda Abad-Pages
pianoNora Cardahi
Aprendizaje Adrian Pages soprano Agueda Abad-Pages
pianoNora Cardahi
Rhapsody John Bouz pianoNora Cardahi
Fantasia para violin solo Claudia Monetro violin Miguel Buchhalter
Preludes for Violin Benjamin Bierman violin Miguel Buchhalter
Music is Poetry in Motion Robert Voisey soprano Agueda Abad-Pages
violin Miguel Buchhalter
Agueda Alejandra Fernandez Abad
Miguel Buchhalter
Benjamin Bierman
Benjamin Bierman is a composer, trumpet player, educator, arranger, producer, and bandleader. He has a very wide range of musical experiences and an eclectic aesthetic sensibility to match. As a composer, his works have been performed both nationally and internationally. His works have been performed by, among others, Cygnus Ensemble, Monica Harte, The Remarkable Theater Brigade, 60x60 Project, Anderson/Fader guitar duo, The New York Victorian Consort (he is their resident arranger), and the CUNY Graduate Center Contemporary Music Ensemble.
Claudia Montero
Claudia Montero Was born in Buenos Aires, and started her musical education in Alberto Ginastera Conservatory in Buenos Aires, graduating in Musical Pedagogy and Composition. From 1993 to the present, she has had an opening for all her works, She has received requests from Soloists in the most pretisgious Orchestras in Buenos Aires, and Chamber Orchestras from the Chambers in Argentina, Spain and the rest of Europe.
Robert Voisey
“With few opportunities and much competition,...composers show creativity in just getting heard.” And in Chris Pasles’s article in the Los Angeles Times, Robert Voisey is highlighted as one of those composers. Composing electroacoustic and chamber music, his aesthetic oscillates from the Romantic to the Post Modern Mash-Up. His work has been performed in venues throughout the world including: Carnegie Hall, World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium, and Stratford Circus in London.
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