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Composer's Voice concerts are always premiering and encoring new music by living composers in New York City. Composer's Voice does this by having a monthly performance at Jan Hus Church on the last Sunday of every month. (In November and December the series goes "dark") The concert series strive to have a concert on the second Sunday of every month at Jan Hus Church. (Keep updated on performance on the Vox Novus mailing list or at the Composer's Voice Calendar) Composer's Voice concerts at Jan hus Church are short one hour performances of diverse new chamber music which begin at 1:00 PM in the afternoon.

The Composer's Voice concert series is presenting Rob Voisey's "15 Minutes of Fame" - a group of short one minute works written for a specific musician/ensemble to highlight both the wealth and diversity of contemporary composition as well as the strength and virtuosity of the performers who champion new music. This innitiative gives the opportunity for composers to have a work called for and receive a debut in New York City as well as give the opportunity to have the musicians and their instrumentation written for them specifically.

Composer's Voice is always looking to collaborate with dedicated new music organizations to present concerts outside of the New York City region. Collaborations with other organizations give the opportunity to dicersify and expand horizons for organizations and composers to opportunities they woudln't normally receive in their local region.

Knowing the intimate conduit to having new music heard is the musician, Composer's Voice is always looking to present and highlight dedicated musicians who incorporate new music into their reptoire. Composer's Voice feels that playing the work of living music is vital to our culture and community.

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