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Robert Voisey - Director and Founder

Founder of Vox Novus, Vice President of Programs at the Living Music Foundation, Director of the 60x60 project, Co-Director of the Composer's Voice concert series; Robert Voisey is a composer, producer and impresario of new works in New York City and throughout the world. He seeks innovative and creative approaches to promote the music of today's composers. Robert Voisey founded Vox Novus in 2000. This organization was created for the purposes of expanding the presence of contemporary music in the public's vision, empowering composers and contemporary musicians to create, produce, and promote their music. Vox Novus does this by the production of concerts, exposure on the Internet, and facilitating networking between professionals. - Mission Statement -

Douglas DaSilva - Composer's Voice Artistic Director

Douglas DaSilva is a composer, guitarist, educator and music curator in New York City. As Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice Concert Series and Premiere Salon Concerts he is dedicated to promoting new music and living composers. He has been curator for concerts in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Valencia. As a guitarist he has performed at places as diverse as Lincoln Centerís Rose Ballroom, the Jan Hus Church, The Bitter-End, and The Cutting Room. As a composer of chamber music with a background in jazz, rock and blues, Douglas composes in variety of styles from the hummable to highly experimental. Much of his music is influenced by Brazilian music and self-inflicted stress. His extensive and daily work with preschoolers (where he is known by his nom de guerre: Mr. Doug) manages to keep him sane while giving him the opportunity to share his love for music with future generations. His chamber music has been performed throughout the US, Europe and Brazil.

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