• Vox Novus Festival - 15 years of new music
  • Vox Novus - presenting tomorrow's music today
  • xMX - eXperimental Music Video
  • Circuit Bridges - connecting electroacoustic music
  • 60x60 Dance - madness that makes the cultural world go round
  • Composer's Voice - it's on the edge of what's happening
  • Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame - champions of new music
Vox Novus Festival - 15 years of new music1 Vox Novus - presenting tomorrow's music today2 xMX - eXperimental Music Video3 Circuit Bridges - connecting electroacoustic music4 60x60 Dance - madness that makes the cultural world go round5 Composer's Voice - it's on the edge of what's happening6 Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame - champions of new music7

Vox Novus

Vox Novus has 15 years producing, presenting and promoting new music. Founded by composer Robert Voisey, Vox Novus uses a “maximalist” approach introducing new work to audiences everywhere.

With a spirit of discovery, Vox Novus uses its concert programs to empower thousands of composers and musicians in 40 countries on 5 continents. For more than a decade, Vox Novus has commissioned and premiered the works of thousands of composers around the world from every walk of life with different aesthetics, styles, and career stages. Vox Novus always embraces an ideology of presenting a broad cross-section of the great wealth of contemporary music being written today.

Endeavoring to reach the largest audience, Vox Novus has presented over 500 performances across the planet. Highlight presentations include Carnegie Hall, Stratford Circus for Open Weekend for 2012 Olympics, Winter Garden Atrium, Enwave Theater in Toronto, St Louis Sheldon Theater for the American Arts Experience, Dance Parade in Tompkins Park, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Vox Novus brings its programming approach to common and untraditional venues alike focusing on reaching audiences with dynamic presentation practices. Performances have been presented in various types of venues from concert halls to classrooms; from contemporary museums to art galleries; from projections on building walls to installations in storefront windows; from large public atriums to bars and nightclubs. Vox Novus has presented its performances on TV, radio, Internet, film, video, festivals, concert performances, bar/nightclub happenings and sound/art installations.

Vox Novus believes strongly in the intrinsic value of contemporary music, recognizing it as a force in the advancement of culture and art. Our goal is to keep music alive by strengthening the connection between composer and audience, providing greater exposure to new music.

Vox Novus is celebrating with a festival of performances from its Composer’s Voice, 60x60, Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame, Circuit Bridges, and xMV performance programs.