New Music for the 21st Century
March 20, 2015
New Music for the 21st Century
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New Music for the 21st Century
Robert Dick

Jimmy Fallon places "The Other Flute"
on the DO NOT READ list

I just became aware of the “Do Not Read” skit on Jimmy Fallon.

Robert Dick is one of the pioneers of contemporary flute and a visionary in his field. He has a unique performance technique which is a requirement for any flutist looking to know how to play the contemporary flute.

I was extremely disappointed to see “The Other Flute” as a book not to read. Of course since this is a technical manual for contemporary flutists and composers, I don’t expect it to be on the shelves of the greater community; however, I think that placing this revolutionary book in the company with the others is a disservice.

While I understand the humor of “dick” jokes catering to the uneducated, placing the “Other Flute” on a do not read list is a slight to the entire contemporary music community.

Robert Dick has recently performed a contemporary music project called Fifteen-Minutes-of-Infamy. This is a set of 15 one-minute miniatures based on the techniques from the book “The Other Flute.”

I challenge Jimmy Fallon to put his “Money Where His Mouth Is” and invite Robert Dick to perform a short work on the show.

Robert Voisey

Robert Voisey is the Executive Director of Vox Novus, a new music production and promotion company. Through Vox Novus, he founded and continues to direct the performance projects: 60x60, Composer’s Voice, Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame, and Circuit Bridges resulting in more than 500 performances promoting thousands of composers, musicians, choreographers, dancers, and artists. He is responsible for empowering the new music community with the composer resources, Composers’ Site and Music Avatar. He is also the Organizational Advancement Director of Electronic Music Midwest and is active in promoting contemporary new music projects throughout the world

New Music for the 21st Century
Robert Dick


On Monday, March 16, Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s “Tonight Show”, the most widely watched TV show in the United States, did a horrible, tasteless sketch ridiculing me, my name and my book “The Other Flute”. Here is the link so you can see this for yourself: Do Not Read -- THE OTHER FLUTE start at 2:20

I have decided that the best response to this is to appear on the TONIGHT SHOW and play “The Other Flute” – and do my best to blow the minds of the national TV audience.

To do this – I NEED YOUR HELP. Please contact The Tonight Show and tell them they just have to have me on so that they can see what “The Other Flute” is all about. Tell them I’m funny and entertaining (its true!) and that my music will appeal to a huge audience -- they should not miss this opportunity.

Here are the links:


Tonight Show website: go to "I have feedback", then "I have a comment or suggestion"

Time is of the essence!



With very best wishes for good music and joyful connections between people without bullying and hate,


Robert Dick

With equally deep roots in classical music old and new and in free improvisation and new jazz, Robert Dick has established himself as an artist who has not only mastered, but redefined the flute. Known worldwide for creating revolutionary visions of the flute's musical role, listening to Robert Dick play solo has been likened to the experience of hearing a full orchestra. His performances typically include flute (with his invention, the Glissando Headjoint®)piccolo, alto flute, and bass flutes in C and F. On special occasions, he'll bring out the giant, stand-up contrabass flute.

Composer's Voice

Reflecting on Composer's Voice by Douglas DaSilva

Composer’s Voice has been blessed by the partnership between Vox Novus and the Jan Hus Presbyterian Church in the heart of Manhattan’s Yorkville neighborhood.

This beautiful and historic (see: ) Jan Hus Church has been home to hundreds of our concerts and the stage for thousands of premieres and performance of music by living composers from around the world.

Over the past year, there have been some significant changes. The first was the refinishing of the 125+year old floors. This refurbishing did not only beautify the church, it also made the space a dancer’s dream! (see: and page down to the 2014 videos!).

Most recently, the interior of the church sanctuary has been getting painted. This is a huge project and as a result, we had to move our March 8, 2015 Composer’s Voice concert to an alternate space.

The alternate space, although not as impressively beautiful as the sanctuary upstairs, was more than adequate, with about 100 seats setup appropriately for a concert, a piano, music stands and room for the performers to be comfortable. Jan Hus Church hosts hundreds of groups every week, from senior yoga, Aikido, to the Homeless Outreach & Advocacy Program (HOAP). I imagine giving up their primary space was a logistics challenge for the church administrators. Happily, the show went on!

And what a show! Tzu-En Lee’s Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame was one of my favorite performances, and performances by Jennifer Shaw, who played pieces by Serban Nichifor and Jose Jesus de Azevedo Souze as well as performances by Lish Lindsey who performed alto flute with Markus Kaitila for the World Premiere of Greg Bartholomew’s “Canopy” and then played piccolo as she teamed up with her husband, bass clarinetist and composer Todd Groves on his “23.5x121”.

March 8, 2015 was perhaps the first truly nice day of this particularly cold winter that we had in a long time. Although we were to get more snow in the coming week, it was a hint that winter was cracking and there is hope for spring on the horizon. Tzu-En Lee concluded the concert with the appropriate and lovely Taiwanese Folk song “Spring Breeze”.

Douglas DaSilva

Composer, guitarist, educator, filmmaker, Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice Concert Series, and Premiere Salon Concerts, Douglas DaSilva is dedicated to promoting the music of living composers.

New Music for the 21st Century
Fifteen Minutes of Fame  Kenyon_Wilson

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with Kenyon Wilson
March 21, 2015
Saturday at 1:00pm

Fifteen Minutes of Fame is 15 one-minute works by different composers. Kenyou Wilson received so many submissions for his fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame he wanted to include fifteen more in another set for his conference recital at the Southeast Regional Tuba/Euphonium Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The following 15 composers selected for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is to be premiered on March 21, 2015.

Composers Selected inlcude: Peter Allen, Greg Bartholomew, Inna Buganina, Ryan Deems, Cara Giovanetti, Kyle B. Jones, David Meckler, Ken Paoli, Jody John Ramey, Bob Siebert, Juan Maria Solare, Ananda Sukarlan, Ruben Toledo, Blair Whittington, and Justin Writer.

Kenyon Wilson is the Associate Professor of Low Brass and Music Theory at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He performs with the Tuscaloosa Symphony in Alabama and the Symphony Orchestra Augusta in Georgia.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is to be premiered on March 21, 2015 at the Southeast Regional Tuba/Euphonium Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee

For more innformation visit:

Southeast Regional Tuba/Euphonium Conference in
Saturday 21, 2015 at 1:00pm
Knoxville, Tennessee

New Music for the 21st Century
Fifteen Minutes of Fame Mosaic Trio

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with the Mosaic Trio
March 25, 2015
Wednesday at 12:30pm

Fifteen Minutes of Fame is 15 one-minute works by different composers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 6:30PM (Bucharest): Vox Novus Festival Romania presents Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: MOSAIC TRIO with OANA VIŞENESCU, violin, EMIL VIŞENESCU, clarinet, and DIANA SPÂNU-DĂNILĂ , piano premiering 15 one-minute-works by 15 living composers: Daniel Arnold, David Bohn, Erik Branch, Scott Brickman, Inna Buganina , Jean-Charles Gooden, Cindi Hsu, Laszlo Kékszakállú, Douglas Madison, Martin Neil,Yan Pang, Juan Maria Solare, José Jesus de Azevedo Souza, Max Stannard, Chace Williams) Sutu Palace, Bucharest: Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 2, București, Romania ‎

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with the Mosaic Trio
Wednesday 25, 2015 at 12:30pm
Bucharest Museum
Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu

New Music for the 21st Century
Circuit Bridges (Up to Upstate)

Circuit Bridges (Up to Upstate)
March 26, 2015
Thursday at 7:30pm

Circuit Bridges and SUNY Buffalo State are collaborating onCircuit Bridges: Up to Upstate,a concert featuring electroacoustic music, on March 26, 2015at Gallery MC, 549 W 52nd St, New York, New York.The concert features work by Linda Antas, Hubert Howe,Dave Seidel, Whitney George, Tomás Henriques, Sabrina Peña Young, and a special performance by composer/guitarist/rapper/Di.J.Gene Pritsker, who will celebrate the first anniversary of Circuit Bridges by re-mixing music from the first season.

Half of the program, Circuit Bridges: Up to Upstate, is organized by composers Sabrina Peña Young and Tomás Henriques, andfeatures composers from SUNY Buffalo State, where Dr. Henriques is Director of the Program in Digital Music and head of the Music Theory and Composition. The second half of the program is curated by Circuit Bridges, based in New York City, and featuresDave Seidel, a composer/performer who works with electronics in improvised and composed idioms. He will be performingPrism, Mirror, Lens on a Shnth, a recently-invented electronic instrument, and processed in real time by Csound, which is in turn controlled by the performer using a device called a rePatcher. His CD ~60 Hz was released by Irritable Hedgehog in 2014. George Grella in The Brooklyn Rail rated it the “best electronic music” of 2014. Hubert Howe, Director of the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and Executive Director of the New York Composers Circle, will present Inharmonic Fantasy No. 2. Composer and digital artist Linda Antaswill present her audiovisual work All That Glitters and Goes Bump in the Night. Composer Whitney George will present the world premiere of a new work for piano and video.

Circuit Bridges is a monthly concert series dedicated to highlighting the community of electroacoustic music creators. Founded in 2014 by Robert Voisey and under the artistic direction of David Morneau and Melissa Grey, Circuit Bridges strives to explore all music under the electroacoustic umbrella. This includes but is not limited to sonic art, radio art, glitch, circuit bending, electronica, real-time improvisation, network performance, audiovisual composition, mash-up, and data sonification. Our mission is to connect with artists from around the globe to present the wealth of electroacoustic music being written today.

Circuit Bridges Circuit Bridges (Up to Upstate)
March 26, 2015
Thrusday at 7:30pm
Gallery MC
549 West 52nd Street
New York,> NY 10019
(ride the freight elevator to the 8th floor)
$15 / $7 (students)

New Music for the 21st Century

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New Music for the 21st Century

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