a 60x60 - Radio Request Extravaganza

60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza

Call 773-279-2017

to request your 60x60 second work

during the show

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60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza 2012 is going to happen at Relevant Tones 98.7 WFMT on October 6th at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Central Daylight Time.

Highlighting the works of more than 850 composers from around the world who have submitted to 60x60 in 2012. Works include every musical aesthetic from punk to neoclassical, free jazz to structure noise and glitch, ambient to text-sound, pop and R&B to environmental sounds. Artists from every professional career stage from teenage novices to seasoned veterans with acclaimed careers; from more than 30 countries of all ages, ethnicity, and gender.

SPREAD the word! Let the world know 60x60 is celebrating a decade of one-minute works with Relevant Tones hosted by Seth Boustead on WFMT

Saturday October 6 at 4:00 PM (16:00 hrs) Central Daylight Time

60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza on Relevant Tones
98.7 WFMT - Saturday October 6 at 4:00 PM (Central Daylight Time)


60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza celebrating a decade of one-minute miniatures
60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza 2012 is airing on Relevant Tones Hosted by Seth Bousted at 98.7 WFMT Chicago, Illinois on Saturday October 6 at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Central Standard Time (16:00-17:00)

60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza- new music enthusiasts call in to request a one-minute miniature submitted to 60x60
60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza is highlighting the works of more than 850 composers from around the world who have submitted to 60x60 in 2012. Works include every musical aesthetic from punk to neoclassical, free jazz to structure noise and glitch, ambient to text-sound, pop and R&B to environmental sounds. Artists from every professional career stage from teenage novices to seasoned veterans; from more than 30 countries of all ages, ethnicity, and gender.

60 works by 60 artists, 60x60 offers something different every minute

60x60 is a project containing 60 works each 60 seconds in length presented continuously in an hour performance synchronized with an analog clock. 60x60 presents a slice of what is happening in the contemporary music scene by representing 60 works that are diverse in aesthetic and style. Works are selected from an international pool of emerging and established composers and sequenced in order. Hosted by Seth Boustead (Chicago-based composer and Director of Access Contemporary Music), Relevant Tones is a weekly exploration of a vibrant and continuing classical music tradition as it thrives in the 20th and 21st centuries. From up-and-coming firebrands to established artists, this program celebrates the dynamic, diverse, and incredibly germane output of modern-day composers. Listen Live at:

or over the airwaves at 98.7 FM

SPREAD the word!
Let the world know 60x60 is celebrating a decade of one-minute works with Relevant Tones hosted by Seth Boustead on WFMT in Chicago

Works for this Radio Request Extravaganza will be played ONLY by calling into the radio station.

The request line number for the radio station is 773-279-2017.
You can start calling when the show begins on Saturday.

The works for the 60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza can be found here:
On the 60x60 page here:

A facebook event page can be found here:

Relevant Tones has a page for the show here:

You can listen to the station LIVE at this link

The 60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza will be highlighting the works of more than 850 composers from around the world who have submitted to 60x60 in 2012. Works include every musical aesthetic from punk to neoclassical, free jazz to structure noise and glitch, ambient to text-sound, pop and R&B to environmental sounds. Artists from every professional career stage from teenage novices to seasoned veterans with acclaimed careers; from more than 30 countries of all ages, ethnicity, and gender.

The more you promote the event the more likely we will be able to present the 60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza again.
-Like the pages.
-Tweet the event.
-Call in and request a work.
-Listen to the show.

This 60x60 Radio Request Extravaganza is being broadcast live on October 6th from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM on 98.7 WFMT 91.1 FM Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Relevant Tones
You can listen to the station LIVE at this link:
This 60x60 Radio Request Request Extravaganza is being hosted by Seth Boustead of Relevant Tones

Relevant Tones
Host: Seth Boustead
60x60 on Relevant Tones

Relevant Tones encourages composers and sound artists to send their work to:

Relevant Tones
c/o 98.7WFMT
5400 N. St. Louis Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

Following are the names of the composers and the works they submitted to the 60x60 project in 2012

Name title
Maximilian Yip Yip collisions
Lilienweiss (Thorsten Scheerer and Dorothea Herrmann) Prinzessin 3.4/Princess 3.4 For 60 Seconds
Quaternin [Vancouver] Seven Crystal Balls
Quaternin [Vancouver] Jackal
Sebastian Ładyżyński Boroughs
Nadav Abramovitch Dionysus
Aaron Acosta love and beauty
Monty Adkins Five Kinds of Dusk
Paul J. Adriaenssens MGY gone down
Jae hyun Ahn Sea
John R Akins Neighborhood1
John R Akins Microtonal Study #1
Jeff Albert Un étude de temps
José Mauricio Albuquerque ¿Por qué no te callas
N. B. Aldrich gannet colony, bonaventure island, perce, quebec, canada.aif
Elizabeth Alexander My Fingers
Liana Alexandra Fast Variation
Giovanni Alibrandi It's Approaching
Giovanni Alibrandi Short Waiting
greg allen self employed
Ganesh Anandan Once upon a time..
Savannah and the Stringz The Revolotionary Biscuits of Italy
James Andean Merja
James Andean Cape Ingrid
James Andean Outgribe
Torsten Anders Trilleretuede
Hannibal Eric Andersen Bells from the deep
Samuel Andreev Toronto Digest
Anita Andreis From above the clouds
Anita Andreis Tale of a life long gone
Anita Andreis Saviour
Andreja Andric 1+1+1
Ricardo Arias Mirando hacia abajo
George Arkomanis 60 sec. to...
Anthony Joseph Arlotta Static Underbelly
Pedro Augusto Mil Mortes
Carlos Alberto Augusto Beethoven's revenge
Eleanor Aversa The Lesson
Shani Aviram Untitled
Sara Ayers What Is The Past But A Dream Of The Future?
Tatjana Böhme-Mehner Match macabre II
Kenneth Babb Spring Rain - A Free Form Haiku
Ignacio Baca-Lobera Estudio de Resonancia III
Rodrigo Baggio "Brazilian Flash"
James Bailey Dear Gerhard
Zach Bain-Selbo Bolts
Zach Bain-Selbo Bolts
daria baiocchi DOORS
John L Baker Quick Six / Steadman Doubles
Michael Baker Inuvik Sky Synth
Kristian Derek Ball 60SECONDSONICSELF
Ros E Bandt Fish in the Yerebatan Cistern
beatrice barazzoni La corde tendue
beatrice barazzoni Streben
beatrice barazzoni Matrioske
Greg Bartholomew Rollick & Romp
Greg Bartholomew Ukiyo-e: Pictures of the Floating World
Greg Bartholomew An Afternoon Reflection
Greg Bartholomew Black Pool
Greg Bartholomew When Johnny
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz En Train
Mike Battaglia Porcupine
Jay C. Batzner Long Story Short...
Bob Paul Bauer Ice Orchestra
Marcia Lynn Bauman Far Memory
Brian Beaudry Cehennem Çukuru
Brian Belet Midnight Bass Stroll
Brian Belet Vocal Point
Jon Paul Bellona The Snow
Ari L. Ben-Shabetai High Voltage Birds on Wire
Robert Bentall Lint_VI
Ieva Berberian Dwelling
Rainer Berger pitchwork
David N. Berlin Homage to Old Futurists
Matteo Bertolna Limulus polyphemus
Steve Betts Inventor
Oleg Bezborodko "Mignonnette" for flute and cello
Oleg Bezborodko "One Mom, Forty Dads" for piano solo
Bryce Nielsen Biffle Voyage to a Usable Toilet
John J. Biggs Alphabet Soup
John George Bilotta Pursuit As A Dance Form
David John Bird Flash Freezing
David John Bird Peep Show
David§ John Bird MissCreant
Rich Bitting Atomic Number 97
Kaja Bjorntvedt 1 minute of Glory
Justin Blackburn chaff that the wind blows aways
Myriam Bleau The Fountain
James Bohn HELL.0 CENT.ra1
Jason Bolte Transferred
Rolf J. Boon Wind Shadows
Benjamin Boone Song of Summer
Benjamin Boone Coming... Going... Gone..
Benjamin Boone Good Evening! It's SHOWTIME!
Sarah Boothroyd On and On
Sarah Boothroyd Tick Tock
Sarah Boothroyd Memory
Sarah Boothroyd Vivaldian Palindrome
Valentino Bosi Sundowner Breeze
Dionysis Boukouvalas Rainbow
Michael Boyd Carnival
Atanas Bozdarov Game of the Century
Mike Brasshole Ecstasy
Susan Ann Brewster the one that got away
Scott Brickman Peace, Love, Signature Piece
Ben Bridges Farewell to Seizures
arnold brooks pig man screech
fabrizio brua golden temple
leif BRUSH radio cue series
Greg Bryant Flesh Frame Jigsaw
Joseph Chen Buchheit A Chopin Etude; Replugged
Julius Bucsis Spin Cycle
Mollie Budiansky Vessel
siobhan burke Before and After
Paul Burnell In One Breath
Anne Elyse Burson Sound Sculpture: Little Wings
Warren A Burt Gannett Penguin Piano Mix
Warren A Burt A Meeting with the Giant Murray Cod
Elliott Butt Matricide
Madelyn Byrne Blue
Brendan Patrick Byrnes Neptuned
David Charles calabrese On to Forever
Patricio Federico Calatayud Destilando Peña
Ede - Cameron staghit
David N Campbell Chloroplasts
Nicole J Campbell Fanfare for the (jerk) King!
David Neil Campbell Undine
David Hal Campbell Mercury
Juan Campoverde Q. animas ii
Rob Canning RadioKulturo Mon Jun 4 23:46:40 BST 2012
Luis Martin Capella Fractured images
Robert Thomas Caponi Five Bagatelles for Piano, Mvmt. 5
Christian B. Carey Gilgamesh Variation I
Jorge Catoni Maravilla Retro - Atropellamiento
Ricardo Cedeño Montaña Zoommetry
J.J. Ceniceros Flushing Goldfish
Joel Chadabe Green Island Bit
Paulo Chagas Early June Duo
Chin Ting Chan Glass Fantasy
Guillaume CHAPPEZ La Forêt des Ombres
Guillaume CHAPPEZ Résonnance(s)
Anna Chatziathanasiou kitrino
Srikanth Cherla Order from Chaos - Our Story
John R Chittum and many voices were silenced at once
John R Chittum The Shifting Sands in the Canyon of our Consciousness
Meat Cove Choir You Know My Name (Friend Me on Facebook)
Chase Thomas Christensen 3600 Seconds
Jenn Chu Untitled
Chad M Clark Monroe Harbor
Ian Michael Clarke Dopamine Overload
Bernard Clarke chorale
Sarah Clevely Suburban Foxes
Ricardo Climent "Manhattan minuit (2010)"
Nicholas Cline schoenhut study
Nicholas Cline ...and the wind whispers...
simon coates Jonah and the Ark
Pablo Martín Coble hoMo 40
Remigio Coco Granulis
Remigio Coco Voxodia
Remigio Coco Clarecursive
Dave Howard Collins String Quartet No. 1
Alison Conard Pastor Steve Speaking
Jason Conklin Piece For Kalimba and Computer, You Mah
Andrew Connor Glazing
Christopher Cook Siren Song
Christopher Cook The Blue Marble
Jo Cooper Waiting a minute
dan cooper tbd
Maxime Corbeil-Perron Glass Candy
Viv Corringham Going Up/ Coming Down/ Going Up
Zlatko Cosic Song for 180
Ron Coulter First Date
Ron Coulter Botox Babies
John G Coutanche Mockingbird Whispering
Jerome TK Covington Totem (Reprise)
Mike Crooker Ghosts On The Rails
David Crowe weird vibes
Lucio Edilberto Cuellar Excerpt from Rios Siderales
Lin Culbertson Micro Tones for Semi Drones
Adam Cullen For the Mountains Shall Depart
Jeremy Peter Curry Sixty To Life
Philip Watts d'Alton Timeless
Christopher Danforth Okay/Apples
Hien Kim Dang Rolling Rhythms
CJ Darnieder Bagatelles for Woodwind Quartet, IV. Tourette's Syndrome
Douglas DaSilva MDV
Hugo Ricardo de Armas In God We Trust
Giada de Gioia Don't Waste Your Time
Aidan Deery Country Stroll
Bruno Degazio Descent
Gordon Delap So turns the Sluggard on his Bed
Albérick Demontreuille fourthousandblackbirds - And Please Stay Away From The Adobe Flasher Player
Thomas Dempster residues (don't)
Jonathan Desjardins Steel wool study #21
Jonathan Desjardins Steel wool study #66
Jonathan Desjardins Steel wool study #81
Jonathan Desjardins Steel wool study #32
Jonathan Desjardins Steel wool study #48
Nicolas Diab Trinity
Robert Dick On Simak Pond
Gabriel DiMarco Escape at Dusk
Gabriel Anthony DiMarco Triumph
Lawrence Dolton Burble
Lawrence Dolton Amble Low
Lawrence Dolton East 4th Street Chatter
Victoria Dominguez Myocardial Infarction
Emily Doolittle Shimmering
Gil Dori Cento
Everaldo Pereira dos Santos Madness...............................
Erin Dougherty Untitled
Robert J Dow Vanishing
Roger L Doyle Link/Separator
Michael Drews Deconstruction no.6
David Drexler By the River
Leonardo Duerto Tedijequeno
David Z Durant The Rack
欣諭 "Dofi" 謝 I Love You Love You Not
Tilted Eardrum Too Much LDS
Suzy Easton I sang for 60 seconds
Gerald Eckert étre disparu
Mark Eden Too Kind I'm Tellin' Ya
Arne Eigenfeldt Roboterstück
Frank Ekeberg CityFlow
Amos Elkana Eight Flowers - Lotus
Kurt J. Ellenberger Wigs on the Ping
Jill Elliott Sick Kitty and the sticky ticket
Matthew Ellis Change of State
Kramer Elwell Contest
Gregory Emfietzis Communication
John Emond Happy Riff
Dean English Chrildsdeamons
Yoav Eshed Deep Inside The Ocean
Joanna Estelle Appassionato
Jason Kilburn Evans Sixty001
Anteo M Fabris In Steel and Glass
Ángel Faraldo Sketch on Catullus 51
Lainie Fefferman Thanks, Paul
Pamela Ferro Tristan Perpetuum
Ambrose Field Quantaform for Solo Flute: mvt 3
Akis Filios Catharsis
Elaine Fine Birthday Piece #1
Ferdia Fitzgerald torann
Dana Flavin Bali Dream
Robert Fleisher Loretto Alfresco (piccolo)
Chris Flores Runaway
Alessandro Fogar Cuts
Allen Fogelsanger Fiboboogie
Carlo Forlivesi Fragile Environmental Music
Jose E. Fornari EVOstinatti
Rachael Forsyth Time is Wasting
Massimo Fragalà Akatastasia
Enrico Francioni Mad hatter
Yannick Franck XVI
Judy A Franklin About Kathy
Judy A Franklin Some Topics
Jake Freivald Noon-ish
Louise Fristensky Icarus
Christopher Froehlich Listen to the Bees
Benjamin Fuhrman Tinnitus Study
Larry Matthew Gaab Gladly Beyond
Cheryl C Gallagher Skyscape
Cheryl C Gallagher Inner Peace 2
Rodrigo Gallegos El Borde Mexicano
Rodrigo Gallegos El Borde Mexicano
Terry Gambarotto foam
Shaun Gamboa n4t2a
Helene Garcia Maritime exile
Soressa Gardner Just Like Humans
Soressa Gardner Greenchain
Victor Garibaldi Dark in the dark
Didier Marc GARIN Carte postale #1
Diego Garro Más Claro
Eleazar Garzon Ritual Space
Mario Gauthier (re)Find Objects no. 2
Douglas Geers Polk Pond
Sophie Mercedes Genest The 1 second sound
Gerardo Gerulewicz SpyrallarypS
Gerardo Gerulewicz Male-female
Thomas Gerwin Orchestral Piece
stelios giannoulakis Meteo
Campbell Gilg room with comfortable chair and open window
Thomas François Giros Une histoire de métal
leyton glen view from a window
Ana Gnjatović Light Trains
Michael D. Golden Not Doing So Well 'Til I Heard from You
Josh Goldman Hexagonal (Facet 2)
Oswaldo Gonzalez Trio for 60x60
Christopher Gorman FM-TASF
Gerard Gormley Odessa
Arthur Gottschalk NYCDizMiniMix
Kraig Martin Grady Lamorna Summons The Mayans
ULF GRAHN Dance of the fireflies II
Patrick Grant BoHopus
Melissa Grey Ubiquity
Kio Griffith gas furnace 04
Stephan Groß Kokain
Joshua Groffman Faith really is the favorite food of fools
Murray Gordon Gross Traffic
Daniel Grossman Haiku60
Mike T Guerino Sub-sink
Nicole J Gutman 7 Bagatelles - Movement 2
Nicole Gutman Pi
Nicole J Gutman 7 Bagatelles - Movement 4
Nicole J Gutman 7 Bagatelles - Movement 5
Nicole J Gutman 7 Bagatelles - Movement 6
Kerry L Hagan 60mechanisms
Donald Hagar Benzene Ring (with Waltz for Cats)
David Hahn Biblical Principles
Richard Dee Hall Los Gritos de la Inocentes
Richard Dee Hall Ta Ti
Richard Hall The Can
Nathan Halverson Missed Connections
Bruce Hamilton unk
Lorne F Hammond Railway Siding, Mars
Pat A. C. Hanchet The March of Time
Pat A. C. Hanchet Stark, Raving Fiddler
Pat Hanchet Dulcimer Dance
Michael Francis Hannan Mine-Etude I
Mark Mark J. Hannesson minim
Hell Hans hellhans turns sixty
Nathan Harrison The Train
Todd Harrop Lithufo
Florian Hartlieb Zersplittert
christopher haworth Musik für die Bayreuther Festspielhaus
Sinead Hayes Jokab's Roaratorio Homage
Andrew Heathwaite The Television Wept
Dry Heeves Mother-in-Law's Tongue
Abby Helasdottir Wouivre
Roel Heremans Electrodynamic
Alejandra Hernández Villarreal Abbr.
Brian Hernandez !X!citobor!X!X!citobor!X!
Jaclyn Heyen Beathoven
Will Hickl ElectriCITYofSL
Joel David Hickman Prelude for Quarter-tone Guitar
Christina Higgins Foreign Objects: Dialogue
David David Hindmarch Electric water
Ben Hjertmann Self Portrait in Yellow and Grey
lisa hogan Already Gone
lisa hogan Millions of Words
Yoko Honda dots, lights and sound
TJ Hospodar Baconstorm
Chiayu Hsu distortExtract
Chih-Fang Huang Misty Poem
John B Huenemann OWL
Peter Lucas Hulen Hapyy Holid
Alexander Thomas Hunter For a Number of String Players
Connor Hutton Tao
Fabio Ighina to the second space
Kirsi Ihalainen CV-Kirsi Ihalainen
Holly Ingleton Athens Rumble
Holly Ingleton Femifesto
Holly Ingleton Occupy Equality
colin anthony ito Senryu
Heidi C Jacob Agnus Dei
Jason Jagello Finality
Jason Jagello Respire
Miquel Parera Jaques nx60x60-2012
VIAL JEAN-PIERRE Ballade Percussive
Nigel Jefferies Of Knights and Knaves
Karl Heinz Jeron Airplane Landing
Lynn Job Bones Release (Psalm 6:2)
Lynn Job Strange Fire
Lynn R Job Sunesis falls
Lynn Job Carraige Baine
Aaron Krister Johnson Blah
timothy johnson piano solo
Allison Adah Johnson had had had a better effect
Adam Scott Johnson Hammers to Glass
Fergus Johnston Lord Leonard Gray, his March
Charles Jowett The Mystery of the Black Cone
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter Ode to an Elevator
Gretchen Jude In a Hive of Brass and Steel
Flora Könemann I am running out of order. Order running out of me.
Timo Kahlen "In a Nutshell", 2010 from: "Six 60-second Works"
Elischa Kaminer To Philomel
Dick Kaputt The Vagina Monologue
Maria Karpova Tension
C.R. Kasprzyk vignette
Reena Katz Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) Signal
Brad Kemp Lift Off
Howard W Kenty I Hope the Rescue Ship Arrives Shortly
Benjamin J Kepler Destination Wedding
David Kettle 60 X 60 X 2012
Anton Killin One
Anton Killin Absence
Ben Jisoo Kim Each uisge
Jahyun Kim 60sec noise
Jahyun Kim 60sec tape étude
Mari Kimura Psychoirian
Dmitry Kitsenko Inside
Benjamin Klein Hopper
Panayiotis Kokoras Digi Dragon
Ioannis Kourtis L'usine
Gregory Kramer Until It Is Struck
Reiner Kramer Interlude #2
Gintas Kraptavicius e
Johannes . Krause qp
Drew Krause Minute Rag
Annette Kruisbrink Cultune
Petri Kuljuntausta The Swan On The Water
Petri Kuljuntausta Cervical vertebrae
Damir Kustic Rijeka Bell Ringers
Giorgos Kyriakakis Lacrimae
Joan La Barbara Lizzie in the stars and snowfall
Mark Edward Langford The party was going fine until the Charge Nurse cleared the Urology ward.
Ferdows Laraya Eight Bars
Ka Yau Lau Fancy Mahjong
Michael Bartholomew Laurello Monolith B
Michael Bartholomew Laurello Plumbing
Michael Bartholomew Laurello Ribbons
Kristof Lauwers Slides
Sebastien Lavoie Voz Flamenca
Sebastien Lavoie Autumn - The Fourth of the 4 Seasons
Sebastien Lavoie Electric Bells
Sebastien Lavoie Winter - The First of the 4 Seasons
Sebastien Lavoie Santa Fe Alley
Tuan Hung Le Melodia Guitarra
Emilie Cecilia LeBel Sherbourne
Gerard Lebik cranial MR
Hope KW Lee flashing into the dark
Hoyong Lee Snapshots
HyeKyung Lee Reminiscence
Robert Lepre Pulsar
Augustine Jan Seth Maranatha Bannatyne Leudar Bio Luminescent patio
Michelle Lewis-King Meshes of Afternoon
Cyprian Li Undulata
John S Liberatore nanokosmos
Patrick Liddell Tiny Yellow Chicks Fifth And Tiny Yellow Chicks Octave
Mason Lieberman Jazz on Vicodin
Elainie Lillios Last Night I Dreamt That My House Was Clean
Elainie Lillios Entracte
En-Ju Lin Inspiration
Moises Linares Manswatter 3
Eric Lindsay Frontispicia IV
Eric Lindsay Fazoli (from Two Million Minutes)
stan b link Um....Yeah.
John Link Teleplay
Andrew List Piano Etude No.1 "Sun yellow"
Derck Littel square circle
Marco Liy Geostatic Arrays
Coralie Lonfat Cafe 474
Jay-Dea Lopez After the Rain
J Henry Hartman Lowengard A Minute by Minute
Monica Lynn Mirror Images
Monica Lynn Chaos
Jesse Lyons Mechanical Bird
Nora-Louise Müller Wendy's Clarinets
Wilson Drake Mabry Taksim Canons
sylvi macCormac Hildegard Westerkamp inside the Soundscape
ella macens Oh, It's Stopped
Jon C Mack Marketplace
carleton macy Rapido
Shivin Madivanan Malaise
Camillo Pietro Magliocco Bray Head
Florian Magnus Maier Velocity Solo (over a backing track by Obscura)
Sara Maino Far breath
Gabriel Malancioiu Traulos
Jerome W Malek Mountain Whispers
Ivan M Maletin Fukushima
Scott Mallory, Jr. Midi
Chris Mann Told You So
Matt Marble Conversation with a wolf
Simon Marchant Cas A
Luis Marques Desync2Piano
Alex Edward Marse Moon Minute
Pamela J Marshall Duet with Red Squirrel
Byron Edward Martin The Last Flight? - January 31st, 2011
Blake Martin Untitled
Mika Martini Mental Death Metal
Charles Norman Mason Cavern
antony maubert stries et sillons 01
William Anthony May Soulful Mechanical - for Dueling Pianists, III. "Ring, Ring"
John Howard Maycraft Gerontius I
John Howard Maycraft Gerontius II
John Howard Maycraft Gerontius III
Danny Mc Carthy White Star Line (Re)visited
Daniel Clive McCallum Thoughts on a Violin 1
Daniel Clive McCallum Thoughts on a Violin 3
Daniel Clive McCallum Thoughts on a Violin 2
Daniel Clive McCallum Thoughts on a Violin 4
Daniel Clive McCallum Thoughts on a Violin 5
Brian McCorkle Make the face off
Stephen McCourt Hommage
Mike McFerron Henry’s Trai(p)(f)(m)
Mike McFerron #37
Mike McFerron #37
Angela McGary Amor Confusion
David D. McIntire Portal
Tina McKee Into the Trench
Kathy McTavish the joy of pluto
Claudi Meneghin Canon in E=, three in one upon a ground
Claudi Meneghin The Blue Canon
Claudi Meneghin Chorale in G
Claudi Meneghin Canon 2 in 1 in F for two Alto Saxes
Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz Keys of Light
Zack Merritt 3 (whisper)
Kevin Robert Miller String Quartet No.1 mvmt 3
Shaahin Mohajeri Through a dream
Liam Molloy Enda - 'sheppard'
Ryan Molloy Fiddling
Tomoko Momiyama a day in borodubur
David R Mooney Elevation
Felippe Moraes Todo samba é uma forma de oração
dario moratilla UNLOCKED SEARCH
Daniel Morel The Duck
Josué Moreno romanian trip
Tiago Morais Morgado Tiago Morais Morgado - from total radicalism in art to moderate lifemeans II (excerpt)
John Lank Moriarty Self Criticism
David Morneau Here, I'll Play it Again
David Morneau Doomed
Abram Worth Morphew synapse failure
Jeff Morris Hit the Deck!
Jeff Morris On the Deck
Jeff Morris Decked Out
Jeff Morris Stack the Deck
David Moscovich FOR JOHN GIORNO
David Moscovich Exercises In Failure#17
David Moscovich The Title Is The Performance
Steve Alfred Moshier Can We Remember It For You?
Peter Mottram Be Prepared
Alexander C Mouton faraway Inside
Tim Mukherjee Impedance
Joe Mulcahy Lifr's too short
Casey Mullen Door Slam
Melne Murphy Gentle Rain
KO. DO. NA godbox
Noriko Nakamura HOKAHI for percussionist and 2 partners[HIROSHIMA Version]
Jascha Narveson International Space Station
shalev Neeman Sailing West (Ground Heights)
Eyal Netzer Susanne
Mary Lou Newmark I dreamt of birds
Serban Nichifor Continuum Clock
John Steven Nichols Mind of Matter
Ken Nickels The Adventures of Cathode Ray
nailah nombeko piece for oboe and piano
Nick Norton Tiny Machine Designed to Make Altocumulus Clouds
Julia Norton Ou est votre chien?
Roger Norwood Skomer Farmyard Night Atmos
Andrew James Noseworthy A Palette (for electric bass and effects)
Linda O Keeffe Cassini Landing
James O'Callaghan Isomorphia
John Gerard O'Connell Dreamy Alarm Call
Keith Odell Millisecond Pulsar
Yemin Oh Variation III of Papyri
Emma O'Halloran Selectric
Norberto Oldrini Danza per la morte di Truculentus
Norberto Oldrini Inno nazionale italiano
Norberto Oldrini Tango dei capi neri
Norberto Oldrini Fine dei vermi
Norberto Oldrini Intermezzo
Norberto Oldrini L'anellino d'argento
Norberto Oldrini Notturno del popolo
Norberto Oldrini Alla dottoressa M.
Norberto Oldrini Dono d'estate
Joao Pedro Oliveira Stream
John Oliver Race Against Time 2
Ryan Olivier Metronomic Hommage
Alex Olsen Hot Water
Michael James Olson Florentine
Doug Opel The Unbearable Being of Likeness
renzo filinich orozco Maps & Diagrams
Cezary Maciej Ostrowski One Minute Love feat. Mind Map That
Mariko Otake Haunted
Felipe Otondo Irama flux 4
Alexandra Ottaway Zen Sutras Finale
The OverDubbliners The Tape
Arnaud Pérennès Fukushima reactor NO 2
Dubravko Pajalic Organoleptic dream
daniel palkowski Turbulence1M
Ken Paoli Slices
Lefteris Papadimitriou Symphony
Milica Paranosic A Minute in the Bronx
Thomas Jackson Park Dark Valley
Robin Parmar spinward and falling
Robin Parmar After Keem
Claudio Parodi Vitesse
Javier Party Urzu
Emilie Payeur Attraction
Maggi Payne Burst
Joseph Pehrson crawlerbaby
Valentin Pelisch Nimia
Samuel Pellman Kymoto Konzerto
Sylvia G Pengilly Collage
Dimitar G Pentchev They
David R Peoples Nocturnal Recitation
David R Peoples Associated Orienting of Some Musical Personalities
Rotem Perach Means
Rotem Perach M.k.
Mark Petering Flagpole = 160
Michael Peters CheapSwitterBeat
Kala Pierson Cumulus Arc
Kala Pierson Radiation Arc
Kala Pierson Disappeared
Robert James Pierson Choir Loop
Kala Pierson Chilling Effects
Kala Pierson Chikatilo Arc
Kala Pierson Metal Arc
Antonio Pinho Vargas One minute to go
Diego Felipe Pinzon Garcia Thresgold
Derek Piotr Deforesting
rotor plus it will crash before it breaks
Sylvain Poitras The Longing for Repetition
Sylvain Poitras Twice through the looking glass
Nora Ponte To and Fro
Aleksandra Popovska In the baby room or HicCup
Ambrose Pottie Wheeze3
Ambrose Pottie Breeze
Karen Power sandy cockle sandwiches
Christopher Preissing BLO
La Cosa Preziosa Wing and A Prayer
Dylan Thomas Price Pursuit
William Price A Memory of Tomorrow
Mik Prims Regentoilet
gene pritsker paroxysm extract
Syd Barrett's Privateers Bad Guru
Stephan Probst Moment
Christopher Andrew Prosser Throes of life
Aleksander Ryszard Pusz Transformation 2
Fabian Racca Rain water for life
Jeffrey Raheb Echos part 3
Juan Ramírez Hundreds of antennas jumping and swallowing in my backyard
Troy Ramos Dead of '92 and '93
Giuseppe Rapisarda It was
Tom Rasely Operator
Sasha Raskin C OF LOVE
Robert Ratcliffe Mindfields
Robert Ratcliffe (The Best Part of) Breaking up
Robert Ratcliffe Phoenix 1+2 (60x60 mix)
Robert Ratcliffe Live Mashup 1
Robert Ratcliffe Wake up Call
Tim Reed Mantra
Philip Reeder Gylly Beach
Tony Reimer earth
Ryan Adam Rey 7th Coffee
Vladko Ribarski Obep Never
João Ricardo ROUTIN
Tim R Risher Where the Water Runs
Justin Rito Two Robots in a Phone Booth
Peter Roberts An Interruption
Steve Roberts The Future of Franz
Prent Rodgers Rattlesnake Ridge
Montserrat Rodríguez Ese momento particular
Aldo J Rodriguez Partículas / Particles
Paul J Rogers Icing On The Cake - Scrape Reduction pt3
Lucía Roig-Seigneur una
Gilberto Assis Rosa Berimbau Symphony
Dean Rosenthal Life is What Happens
Lee H Rosevere Study for Clown Horn (Number 42)
Lee Rosevere Study No. 42 for Clown Horn
David Warren Ross Infinity Chilli
James Ross Transmutation
Bettie Ross Robot Stomp
Bettie Ross Reverie
Bettie Ross Phibian Dance
Bettie Ross The Next Window
Anna I Rubin Two Million Flowers
Ronan Rubline Ectoplasm
Edward G Ruchalski The Sound Collector
vivian adelberg rudow Moo-Goo-Gipan!
Luca Ruggiero An ordinary day
Paul Russell Edinbourgeois
Bill Ryan Centipede
Thomas C Salata Meditation.... 4000 feet under the see
Lanier Sammons Wind Down
Holland Sangster Dark Hallways
Holland Sangster Funky Beat
Marilinda Santi Chromonoise
Marilinda Santi Eugenio's gardens
Marilinda Santi Multiphonics
Marilinda Santi "De natura sonorum" Conterpoint 1
Marilinda santi “ De natura sonorum” Counterpoint 2
Marilinda santi Cagepoint
Paul K. Sayed My Friend, Hello
Paul Scea Top of the Pingree
john schappert A Happy Minute
Thorsten Scheerer Engel 1.7 60x60 (Angel 1.7 For 60 Seconds)
Matthew Schickele Zoo
Christian Friedrich Schiller nu
jacky schreiber omaggio_fz
Stephen Jay Schumacher Just Rolling Along
Bernd Schumann Fingerübung IV
Christoffer John Schunk Piece for Max Wanderman
Julian Scordato Micro mega
richard scott A Short History of Stuttering
Les Scott A Murder Of Crows
Aurelio Scotto Snapshot
Nichola Scrutton Rifts
Carlo Serafini Thirteenstan60
Sila Shaman All Sounds Left Undone
David Ben Shannon Qingdao Quandary
Judith Shatin Water Ways
Michael S Sheiman Sunshower
Dylan Sheridan the little hills
RAY SHERMAN Embellished Melody No. 3
Nivedita ShivRaj Himalaya Queen
Nivedita ShivRaj Mystic Earth
Nivedita ShivRaj Infinite Dhwani
Nivedita ShivRaj Day Break
alan shockley die Tiefen des Rheins
alan shockley Kaija calling
alan shockley ...calling
Evagelia Siarvali APOLLON
Bob Siebert Celestial Blue
Aurelio Silva Saez Manual de Psicología para Alquimistas en el Mundo de la Materia Muerta
Alex Simescu Awakenings
Max M Simoncic Night sounds on a Delta Island
Mary Simoni Death Dance
Nigel Lorimer Simpson the shortest song that I know
Cris Sirc Much on shorty
Johannes S. Sistermanns TrAnspaRenCY
M SKÃœLFÃœK Objectum Sexual
Jana Skarecky Rain
Jana Skarecky Deep Peace
Pamela Sklar In a Shorter Minute!
Scott M Slade 2 Right Feet
Adam Smetana A Life At Sea
Andrew Smith Sub
David Jason Snow Ain't nobody here but us chickens
john sobocan Boon
The Socialist Network One More Tweet
Juan Maria Solare Pluvial Precipitations in the Iberian Peninsula
Jerod Sommerfeldt Soft Gamma Repeater
beth sorrentino snowday
Achilleas Sourlas The Death of A Sound
Laurie Spiegel Passing Uncertainty By
Laurie Spiegel Pulsing
Laurie Spiegel Cadence
Laurie Spiegel Zoom Deeper
Gianluca Syd Spiritelli seconda musicale
Jason Staczek Kymenlaakso
Phillip David Stearns 30Hz 360 Degrees
Greg A Steinke Dad's Tune from FAMILY PORTRAIT
Greg A Steinke Lullaby for Kyle Alban from FAMILY PORTRAIT
Greg A Steinke Music for Carl Asa from FAMILY PORTRAIT
Greg A Steinke Mom's Delight from FAMILY PORTRAIT
joe stevens Northwest 6 to gale 8
Eli Stine Life
Derek William Strahan Action Cue
steel stylianou microsini
Andres Cuartas Suarez Sonodrome
Camilla Martina Succi Student
Yuji Suga 0xdeadbeep
Roger Sundstrom The Past
Daphne Sung Rage
Jameson Hans Swanagon Minor for Guitar I
Mike Swinchoski microcosm
Mike Swinchoski Let it go
Captain Thomas Taglienti Dr. Recycle
Nathan Tamborello Im Not OCD
Hans Tammen Erebus
Michael Tanner Misericords
peter elyakim taussig Rude awakening - an urban wakeup
John R Taylor Quark
Joel Grant Taylor Second Eikdohole Ball Study No 2
Benjamin D Taylor Chip
John R Taylor Fluxive
Claudia Teschner Ice&Snow
matilda jane thayer Tones and Colours
Aidan Thomas Tobin Undissolved
Caroline joelle topley Babushka's lament
Shinichiro Toyoda jazzmaster
Dan Tramte 2-glu
Dixie Treichel Then and Now
Dixie Treichel Ear of the Beholder
Dixie Treichel Glassophony
Dixie Treichel 80 x Infinity
Dixie Treichel Change
Dixie Treichel River Walk
Lance M Trevino Diatonic Day Job
Michael Russell Trew Peace Piece
Gamble Tron people with stripey hats go to the mountain and play bongos
Rob Turner The Freezing Fog
paul thomas turner rain drilling through my head
David Turner The Flightless Bird
Katerina Tzedaki Once upon a time
Francisco Uberto Little Bat
Benjamin Johann Ulbricht what comes next
Basar Under Love in Morse
Vulva Underground Puss in Boots
Nicola Upton nine
Chris Vaisvil What Are You Looking For?
Christoper Vaisvil Please Press 9
Christoper Jonathon Vaisvil The Earth Speaks For Itself
Christoper Jonathon Vaisvil Green Friends
Jeremy Van Buskirk Anniversary
Bert Van Herck 22-May
anne vanschothorst say : hi daddy!
Giovanni Varrica Rigel's Worst Day
Audun Vassdal Abrupte
Theo Vidgen Train Spotting
John Villec Violet
Carlos Villena Les parets dels escorxadors, son fosques
Ultra Violins Vaselina
Joseph M Vogel emily
Joseph M Vogel storm clouds
Joseph M Vogel Liz
Robert Voisey Nevada
Clemens von Reusner ['sIksti]
Ronny Wærnes Arctic Drops of Colour
Damon Waitkus deepwater horizon burning
Jacob Tyler Walls This music with all of you - Prelude
Patricia Walsh Curtain Call
Patricia Walsh This Is Now
Patricia Walsh Party Line
Patricia Walsh Curtain Call
Patricia Walsh This Is Now
Andrew Walters Toying With Time
Jane Wang Untuned TP 1
Rodney Waschka Wall Street 2008
Georgia Webb Dijulation
Jeffrey Wegrzyn Submarine Harmonics
Rachel Weissman Snappy Shock
Robert MacGregor Welsh Arise of the False Self-The Ego
Daniel Weymouth No Rest
Lisa Whistlecroft Was She on the Boat?
Kevin White Paradise Awaits
John S Wiggins RAY X
Margaret Lucy Wilkins A Baker's Dozen
Will Dallas Williams Here the _ Comes
Duncan Williams Phase_Osc2
Tom Williams Rewire
Mark Wilson Secondary Way
Simon D. Wilson Untitled
Paul Wilson Audley's Window
Greg Winston Winston Infernum
Greg Winston Winston Toccata
Greg Winston Winston Moment of First Awakening
Michael Wittgraf Disinfindis
Kristina Wolfe Homage to Brahms and Dinner
David Wolfson Following Wind
Logos Women Firenze
James Charles Woodward Inevitable Finality
Jamie Woollard the days you work are the best days
Tessie L Word I heard it Happened by the Woodshed
Aaron Word Untitled
Mescaline Worms WiccaLeaks
Justin Writer Symmetry Breaking
Ming Yang water
John J Yerger Second Breakfast
Sabrina Pena Young Nano Opera: The Rise, Triumph, and Fiery Demise of Robotika
Charles David Younger "The Breeze, a Butterfly, and a River"
Charles David Younger "Dance of an Oriental King's Court"
Barbara Zakrzewska Arterie
Nazariy Zanoz Coala
Julie Stenberg Zeidel 60 seconds or less
Nena Zinovieff All all and all
Nena Zinovieff Evila Gnieb
Nena Zinovieff Goodbye

To date the 60x60 project has created over 10 themed mixes of the project.
These mixes have ranged from regional themes to political themes. Some mixes are one time events, others are being created yearly in tandem with the International Mix. Current active mixes for 60x60 include: Canada Mix, Pacific Rim Mix, Midwest Mix, UK Mix, UnTwelve Mix, Athena Mix and the Evolution Mix. Past mixes have included: New York Minute Mix and the Munich Mix on Oppression and Totalitarianism.

International Mixes

Midwest Mixes

Pacific Rim Mixes

Canada Mixes

ICMC "RED" Mixes

Other Mixes

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60x60 is a project of Vox Novus
60x60 was created and founded by Robert Voisey to inspire, produce, promote, and disseminate the vast aesthetics and styles of contemporary composers being written by today's living composers.
More about Vox Novus and Robert voisey can be found on their perspective websites: