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60x60 Dance (2009)
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60x60 Dance (2009)
Wallstreet Night Club
Columbus, Ohio
Vox Novus is partnering with Columbus Movement Movement (cm2) to present 60x60 Dance at Wallstreet Nightclub in Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to come see this exciting performance.

60x60 - 60 works each 60 seconds to create a one hour art performance.

60x60 is a churning wheel of production, performance and dissemination. Representing an aesthetic and geographic diversity of composers, choreographers, and artists, 60x60 is an annual performance project containing 60 works where each piece is 60 seconds in duration. The mission of 60x60 and its presenter, Vox Novus, is to expose contemporary music, modern dance, experimental video, and other contemporary art forms to the largest audience possible. 60x60 combines grassroots ideology with innovative methods of presentation and distribution. Each year the project grows in artistic and distributive scope. Achieving its initiative, 60x60 presents performances across the globe.

"The idea — 60 new dance pieces are performed to 60 new pieces of music, each lasting no more than 60 seconds — is quite mad. But it’s this kind of madness that makes the cultural world go round..." - An Express Without Any Delays, By ROSLYN SULCAS, New York Times, November 17, 2008

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Two performances:
First performance: 7:30-8:30
Second performance 9:00-10:00

Wallstreet Nightclub
144 N. Wall Street
Columbus, Ohio

Price: $5 (18+ only)

 Title Composer Choreographer
1) I Don't Know Halsey Burgund Amiti Perry
2) 60 Morneaus Matthew Dotson Kristina Isabelle
3) equinoctial worms Christopher Ariza Susan Van Pelt Petry
4) An inexperienced Hallucination Masaaki Iseki Performance Improvisation Ensemble
5) Stutters Andrew Weathers Amy Levin
6) White China Timo Kahlen Karl Rogers
7) Almost shiny Jay Batzner Lindsay N. Calvert
8) Romanian trip Josue Moreno Michael J. Morris
9) hell's hounds are yorkies Doug Opel Noelle Chun
10) Automation v2.2 Pau l Oehlers Shawn Hove
11) a glass is not a glass Adam Basanta Meghan Durham
12) singing mbira Danny Clay CoCo Loupe
13) ji7 Alvin Curan Jenai Cutcher
14) FRELELETTE Christophe Petchanatz Mariah Layne French/Xclaim
15) Conjim for Ed Dennis Bathory-Kitsz J. Lillian Gray
16) Space Peace Jane Wang Sarah Hixon
17) Strata Cross Morgan Fisher Cara Surico
18) 44-86292 Pasquale Mainolfi Claire Augustine
19) 1000msx60 Peter Mottram Megan Pitcher
20) Speak Dwight Ashley Betsy Miller
21) Balanae Hermes Camacho Sandra Mathern
22) 60Rain Aaron Acosta Erika Twining
23) Malachi-Messenger Lynn Job Michael Abbatiello
24) Sutton40 Matt Schickele Yu Xiao
25) Nesa Forest Flower Angela McGary Susan Van Pelt Petry
26) A Vibraphone Dreams Kraig Grady Eoin OíBrien
27) Meditation in steel Diana Simpson Maree ReMalia
28) Feedfold feedback Enrico Francioni Michael J. Morris
29) Synergy 5 David Congo Alexis M. del Sol
30) By Chance Gregory Yasinitsky Alejandra Jara
31) Uneven Motion HyeKyung Lee Performance Improvisation Ensemble
32) Summer Fragment Bernadette Johnson Abigail Zbikowski
33) Blur Michiko Kawagoe Paige Phillips
34) Mermecolion Anton Killin Sarah Hixon
35) Scraps from Solo Trumpet Mark Eden Yu Xiao
36) Abdominal Cyclist Ultra Polly Moller Jessica Tupa
37) Presence Laurie Spiegel Shawn Hove
38) Crimson Brian Lindgren Lindsay N. Calvert
39) Chikatilo Arc Kala Pierson Karl Rogers
40) ipso facto Cem Guney Mariah Layne French/Xclaim
41) He Knows We're Here Alexander Mouton Noelle Chun
42) Bicycle Etude No 2 Philip Schuessler Kristina Isabelle
43) Neutral Zone Patricia Walsh Frances Lewis
44) Topoii Aart Uunivers Betsy Miller
45) An Evening of Opera Jorge Sosa Claire Augustine
46) Cooling Wind John Maycraft Amy Campbell
47) Tantallon Les Scott Meghan Durham
48) Phantasmagoria Yoko Honda Sandra Mathern
49) Thread Steven Snowden J. Lillian Gray
50) Blender Hollandaise Justin Brierley Paige Phillips
51) Scream Leslie Melcher Jenai Cutcher
52) Eat Bass Natal Zaks Erika Twining
53) Water machine Andrew Willingham Alejandra Jara
54) Banal Blast David Morneau Abigail Zbikowski
55) Phoenix 6 Robert Ratcliffe Kelsey Schafer
56) Funky Transmission Aaron Krister Johnson Amiti Perry
57) Healing Paradox Gene Pritsker Megan Pitcher
58) My Fellow Citizens Ben Boone Maree ReMalia
59) Meadow Butter Tova Kardonne Alexis M. del Sol
60) Daddy Richard Hall CoCo Loupe

1) I Don't Know      Halsey Burgund • Amiti Perry
"I Don't Know" was composed using a custom built MaxMSP patch developed initially for my installation "Beat Vox". The entire piece is built out of one spoken audio sample which was the first clip I recorded when I began composing for 60x60. Sometimes you get lucky the first time around.

Halsey Burgund is a musician and sound artist living outside Boston. Both his installations and musical performances make extensive use of spoken human voice recordings as musical elements, alongside traditional and electronic instruments. His work explores a balance of control between participants' input, algorithmic randomness and his own compositional decisions. Halsey performs his music live with his band, aesthetic evidence, often collecting and incorporating audience member's voices into the performances in real-time.

Amiti Perry received her BA from UNT and MFA from OSU. She has produced, choreographed and performed original works since 1998. In addition, she has performed, collaborated and been otherwise involved with several companies and productions. Amiti founded æmp:dance / amiti perry + company, a multi-directional, multi-dimensional dance company based in New York.

2) 60 Morneaus      Matthew Dotson • Kristina Isabelle
"60 Morneaus" is a collage of 60 samples taken from David Morneau's 60x365 project in which Morneau produced a new work every day for one full year. The samples I utilized were determined by randomly selecting a date and then extracting a small motive from the composition of that particular day.

Matthew Dotson is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition at the University of Iowa where he has studied with Lawrence Fritts, John Eaton and David Gompper in addition to assisting in the operations of the Electronic Music Studios. Recent performances of his music include New York City (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival), Romeoville, Illinois (Electronic Music Midwest), Cleveland, Mississippi (Electroacoustic Juke Joint), Gainesville, Florida (Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival), Belgrade, Serbia (Art of Sounds Festival), and Santiago, Chile (Festival Ai-Maako).

Kristina Isabelle is the artistic director of Kristina Isabelle Dance Company and co-director of HighJinks Productions. Isabelle earned her BFA from The Juilliard School and an MFA in dance and choreography from The Ohio State University. She has performed with Bebe Miller, Stephen Petronio, Earth Circus, Grimaldi Circus and Jordan Fuchs.

3) equinoctial worms      Christopher Ariza • Susan Van Pelt Petry
This work is an exploration in four-part polyphony. Independent lines shift between foreground and background through contour, hocket, and mixture. Synthetic sound sources are generated and transformed with athenaCL, Csound, Max/MSP, and various other software and hardware. The title is taken from Allen Ginsberg's 1977 poem "Haunting Poe's Baltimore."

Christopher Ariza is a composer and programmer of sonic structures and systems. He has composed for digital media, theatre, film, concert hall, and interactive media, and performs live electronics with diverse ensembles. He has been the recipient of fellowships, awards, and commissions, and his compositions have been performed at numerous festivals and conferences. His research in generative music systems and computer-aided algorithmic composition is made available through the open-source, cross-platform software athenaCL. His web-based media and systems include the babelcast, telequalia, Post-Ut, algorithmic.net, and envl.net.

Susan Van Pelt Petry has had a twenty year career choreographing, performing, and teaching dance internationally. She has received six Ohio Arts Council Choreography Fellowships, grants and commissions for her work including The Repertory Project, Wellspring Dance Collective, and numerous university dance programs and solo artists; she was Artistic Director of the Van Pelt Dance Ensemble for seven years based in Columbus, Ohio and toured a solo show internationally.

4) An inexperienced Hallucination      Masaaki Iseki • Performance Improvisation Ensemble
My work consists of two elements; regular elements and unexpected elements. I try to make a harmony between non-musical tone; panning-sound and abstract musical tone to be concrete to let a work reflect the concept of this project.

My name is Masaaki ISEKI. I am Japanese male and presently, in my 4th year at the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music where I'm studying composition and acoustics. In the beginning of the interest for electronic music, it's an encounter with Ryuichi Sakamoto's YMO. My prize career; there are Yokohama International Music Contest award and so on.

The Performance Improvisation Ensemble was created in Autumn 2007 through a repertory class taught at OSU. Following the completion of the class, around twelve undergraduate students continued work through self-directed rehearsals. The ensemble performs and creates simultaneously with the goal being to create a piece with as much attention, detail, and development as choreography.

5) Stutters      Andrew Weathers • Amy Levin
Andrew Weathers is a composer and performer based in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he studies composition at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro under Mark Engebretson and Alejandro Rutty. Weathers tours regularly, and has performed across the United States, including at the Spark Festival (Minneapolis, MN), Signal Festival (Chapel Hill, NC) and the Open Ears Music Series (New Orleans, LA). Recordings of his music are available on Blondena, Full Spectrum, and Quilt Records.

Amy Levin is a recent graduate of Grinnell College where she was a member of a modern/postmodern Dance Troupe for three years. Experienced with modern dance technique, yoga, and some performance/dance studies, she is interested in furthering modern/postmodern dance experience, education, and awareness.

6) White China      Timo Kahlen • Karl Rogers
The audio work "White China" (2008) by Timo Kahlen investigates the methods by which contemporary Chinese culture makes use of its own (and western) traditions and values. The ambivalence of cultural, ethnical and economic revolution and cleansing (not only in China) becomes audible in this subtle audio work, focussing on the destructive process of creating "progress".

Media and sound sculptor Timo Kahlen was born in 1966, has been nominated for the German "Sound Art Prize 2006" and invited to participate in "Manifesta 7" Biennial of Contemporary Art in Italy in 2008. The artist lives and works in Berlin / Germany and has presented his work in more than 90 national and international exhibitions since 1987. See http://www.staubrauschen.de/soundsc.htm for a selection of works.

Karl Rogers, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a member of David Dorfman Dance and has danced in projects for Terry Creach, Jennifer Nugent + Paul Matteson, Colleen Thomas, Hoi Polloi, and many others. His new solo, Dandy!, inspired by descriptions of Victorian aesthetes and the work of David Hockney will premiere Spring 2010. He is also collaborating with Heidi Henderson (Elephant Jane Dance) on a series of duets that investigate time and the workplace.

7) Almost shiny      Jay Batzner • Lindsay N. Calvert
"Almost Shiny" was composed in the summer of 2008 for the Unsafe Bull Podcast. The work's extended counterpart, Shiny, was a finalist for VI Concurso Internacional de Miniaturas Electroacusticas that same year. The sound sources come from David McIntire's wacky bag of magical noises.

Jay C. Batzner is currently on the faculty of Central Michigan University. He has been places and done things and some of them are rather impressive. Jay is a sci-fi geek, an amateur banjoist, a home brewer, and juggler.

Lindsay N. Calvert, originally from Tampa, FL, received a BFA in Choreography and Performance from Ohio University. She is also a certified Pilates and yoga instructor. In addition to performing in the works of Travis Gatling, Mariah Maloney, and Adriana Durant during college, she choreographed several dances for the Movement Dance Organization and researched site-specific dance from an environmental perspective. She received several university awards for her site-specific dance work, which helped develop her choreographic interests to include relationships between nature, the body, and technology. She currently teaches and dances in the Southeastern Ohio region.

8) Romanian trip      Josué Moreno • Michael J. Morris
"Romanian trip" is a 'signature piece' where the gestures and metaphoric representations are the plot that represents a dreamlike situation. Even though there is a programmatic inspiration, the sound events are placed according to its inner characteristic qualities and a structural plan. Composed in Jaén in December 2008.

Josué Moreno.Born in Jaén, Spain in 1980. Master in Composition at Conservatorio Superior de Mœsica Valencia where he followed the courses in Computer Music and Electroacustics at LEAlabs. He is studying towards a Master's in Music Technology at CM&T, Sibelius Academy Helsinki. His music has been performed at important festivals such as Jiem, Festival Punto de Encuentro, Synthèse and Seoul International Computer Music Festival among others. Recently his piece HaP60 has been published as part of a cd celebrating the 60th aniversary of Musique Concrete.

Michael J. Morris holds a BFA in Dance from Belhaven College. He is currently pursuing graduate studies in dance at the Ohio State University where he was awarded a University Fellowship. He has studied Butoh in the United States and in Yokohama, Japan at the Kazuo Ohno Studio. More at http://morrismichaelj.wordpress.com/

READ what Michael has to say about 60x60: http://morrismichaelj.wordpress.com/

9) hell's hounds are yorkies      Doug Opel • Noelle Chun
"Hell's Hounds are Yorkies" is the result of manipulating samples taken from my landlord's pet Yorkie, Bella. When in protection mode, Bella barks her head off as if she is a serious threat....a force to be reckoned with. With this in mind, I imagined transforming her sonically into the large, tough dog she imagines herself to be.

Doug Opel explores amalgamations of contemporary, rock, jazz, pop and electronic influences to develop a compositional language that is at once, dark and humorous, controlled and chaotic, classical and contemporary. His works have been performed by The Duquesne Contemporary Ensemble, Vision of Sound, Keys to the Future, MATA and at venues in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. He has received commissions from bass-baritone Timothy Jones, pianist Nicola Melville, the Fort Wayne Alumnae Chapter of SAI & MATA. Broadcasts of his work include Radio-Canada, WMBC/Baltimore, WFMT/Chicago and WCNY & WKCR/New York.

Noelle Chun currently is based in Columbus OH, where she performs, choreographs, and teaches dance. She holds a BA in both Anthropology and Theatre Arts from Beloit College in Wisconsin, and an MFA in Dance from OSU.

10) Automation v2.2      Paul Oehlers • Shawn Hove
Paul A. Oehlers is most recognized for his "extraordinarily evocative" film scores. (Variety) Films incorporating his music have screened at the Berlin International Film Festival, the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, the Indiefest Film Festival of Chicago, and the Hamptons International Film Festival, where the film Paul scored, Most High , captured the Golden Starfish, the largest independent film award in the United States. The film has gone on to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Atlanta International Film Festival and the Prism Award for Outstanding DVD of the Year.

Formally know as the Shawn Hove Dance Company from Seattle, WA the newly renamed shove gently dance has reformed in Columbus, Ohio as its new home. Artistic director Shawn Hove looks to find virtuosity through simplicity and space. Hove has been creating work for over 15 years across the country.

11) a glass is not a glass      Adam Basanta • Meghan Durham
"a glass is not a glass" is composed from a single sample of a recognizable wine glass, this miniature study is concerned with the back-and-forth musical interplay between different sound identities. When does the glass stop being anything but a glass?

Adam Basanta is completing a BFA in music composition at SFU, studying electroacoustic composition with Barry Truax. In his compositions, Adam tries to preserve a connection the real world phenomena while engaging with medium-specific techniques. He is particularly interested in semiotic approaches to electroacoustic composition, ecological modeling, binaural recordings, as well as found sound environments. He has collaborated with choreographers Henry Daniel, Troika Ranch (NY/Berlin), and Kinesis Dance (Vancouver).

Meghan Durham /Merge Dance, founded in 2004, supports physical and aesthetic inquiry through the medium of dance, and invites the integration of dance with multiple artistic media. Meghan Durham/Merge Dance has performed in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and most recently, Ohio where the company now resides. See www.mergedance.org for Image Gallery and more information about Meghan Durham/Merge Dance.

12) singing mbira      Danny Clay • CoCo Loupe
"singing mbira" is a sound sculpture made from homemade mbira recordings. I sought to explore the quirky, pristine textures of this little African instrument that served an important role in my early musical life, using the medium of electronics to expand upon its unique voice.

Danny Clay is a composer and general noise-maker based in Ohio. His work includes music for a variety of fixed-media, live electronics, and acoustic instruments in various combinations. He is currently a second-year undergraduate composition student at the University of Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music.

CoCo Loupe holds a BFA & MFA in Dance/Choreography. In the past 20 years she has been an ADF freak-a-zoid, and indie dance group dreamer, pick-up performer and a university educator. Her work has been performed all over the place but not everywhere. She lives in Columbus, OH and likes it. She works on websites everyday and makes dances when she can. She also blogs about her dance life and other stuff here: http://cocoloupedance.wordpress.com/.

READ what CoCo has to say about 60x60: http://cocoloupedance.wordpress.com

13) ji7      Alvin Curan • Jenai Cutcher
Democratic, irreverent and traditionally experimental, Curran travels in a computerized covered wagon between the Golden Gate and the Tiber River, and makes music for every occasion with any sounding phenomena -- a volatile mix of lyricism and chaos, structure and indeterminacy, fog horns, fiddles and fiddle heads. He is dedicated to the restoration of dignity to the profession of making non-commercial music as part of a personal search for future social, political and spiritual forms.

Jenai Cutcher has an MFA in Dance from The Ohio State University. She tap dances, writes, teaches, and makes movies. She has performed with Brenda Bufalino, Savion Glover, Derick Grant, Lynn Schwab, Rumba Tap, Ritmico, and Tap City, in venues such as The Joyce Theatre, Symphony Space, City Center, and the Duke on 42nd Street. She has collaborated with many Columbus artists including Brian Casey and Honk, Wail and Moan, dance professor John Giffin, and percussionist Joe Krygier in Drums Downtown. Her new documentary, Thinking On Their Feet: Women of the Tap Renaissance can be seen at OSU Urban Arts Space Thursday, October 22.

14) FRELELETTE      Christophe Petchanatz • Mariah Layne French
A waltz (by Klimperei) of 60" in 3 parts : overture, bridge, final, all recorded with not very tuned acoustical instruments, toys & pieces of wood & metal especially for this project·

Klimperei : formed near 1985 by Francoise & Christophe Petchanatz. This music is often described as "toy-music, acoustic, experimental, minimal, childish, neo-classic, bizarre, avant-garde, lunaire... French toy-pop... avan strange toy pop chamber music...." Klimperei is since 2002 a solo project of Christophe & guests. In 2007 was formed a virtual band for live performance (improvisation) called Klimperei et ses amis starring Philippe Perreaudin, Mme Patate, Denis Frajerman, Jacques Barbéri, David Fenech, Pascal Ayerbe, Sylvain Santelli, Stéphane Obadia,Dominique Grimaud, David Passegand, Roberto Cavalcante... Klimperei published more than 30 CDs, recorded music for TV & theater·

Mariah Layne French holds a BFA from OSU. She is the director and lead choreographer for the critically aclaimed Contemporary-Jazz Fusion dance ensemble Xclaim. Her choreographic style emphasizes musicality and rhythm. It is a culmination of diverse experiences within the world of dance and in her own life.
Performers: Mariah Layne French, Samuel Walker)

15) Conjim for Ed      Dennis Bathory-Kitsz • J.Lillian Gray
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz has made nearly 1,000 works for sound sculptures, soloists, electronics, stage shows, orchestras, dancers, interactive multimedia, installations and performance events. He broke ground with the sampling work On nix rest... in China, encouraged chamber opera's rebirth with Plasm over ocean, wrote Echo for handmade instruments and software, created In Bocca al Lupo and Traveler's Rest with quasi-intelligent systems, was the first American commissioned for Prague's M‡nes Museum, and completed the 100-work We Are All Mozart project. His recorded compositions include Detritus of Mating; zéyu, qu‰nh & sweeh; iskajtbrz; The Warbler's Garden; Snare:Wilding; krikisque; Future Remembrance; and Icecut. Dennis co-hosts the award-winning Kalvos & Damian, and wrote several books including Country Stores of Vermont: A History and Guide.

J.Lillian Gray. BGS Southeastern Louisiana University 1999. MFA The Ohio State University 2005. IATSE Local 12. Head Carpenter/Stage Manager, Capitol Theatre, Vern Riffe Center. Freelance Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Choreographer and Video Artist. Hobbies include physics, cooking, motherhood and recycling.

16) Space Peace      Jane Wang • Sarah Hixon
"Space Peace" is a meditation on the ongoing seemingly futile quest for peace using sound clips from the space weather station and two distinct Jaymar toy pianos.

Jane Wang was born in Oxford, England and is currently a member of the Mobius Artists Group and the cdzabu collective. She is a composer who frequently collaborates with choreographers, theater and performance artists and is particularly attracted to toy and found instruments.

Hixon Dance is a modern dance company based in Columbus, OH under the direction of Sarah Hixon. The company has been chosen four times to present work in the “Columbus Dances” series, was a semi-finalist in the BalletMet/GCAC New Choreography Project, and was invited to present work in the Ohio State University Summer Dance Festival, and the Dance Compassion Project. The company presents a full-length production annually, which features live music. Hixon Dance has received numerous grants through the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Sarah Hixon’s choreography has been selected twice as a “season highlight” by Jay Weitz of the Columbus Alive!

17) Strata Cross      Morgan Fisher • Cara Surico
(1) Timestretch, shortening the piece from ~40 minutes to 1 minute. (2) Layering - cutting the piece into 40 approximately 1-minute sections and layering them all on top of each other. The two files were mixed together, with the first one panned slowly L>R. This "STRATA CROSS" (or an accented Òstraight acrossÓ) symbolises a journey in time through layers of stratified sound. Especially on headphones you can hear the frantic timestretched file (40 times normal speed) working its way straight across the massed layers of sound (40 layers thick). A kind of geological approach to music.

Born in London, England 1950-1-1. Played keyboards with Mott the Hoople in the 70's. Since then has worked more experimentally with Lol Coxhill, Yoko Ono, etc... Produced "Miniatures" (an album of one-minute pieces) in 1980. Living in Tokyo since 1985. Since November 2003 has performed an ongoing series of monthly solo improvisation concerts (using vintage keyboards and loopers) at Superdeluxe, Tokyo, such as the 40-minute piece played 2009-1-15 which was recorded and used for this composition. Instruments featured in this remix made 2009-2-8: Lipp Pianoline, Yamaha VSS-200, Hohner Duo, Martenot Claviharp, Yamaha YC-30 organ, Mylodica.

Cara Surico, originally from Dayton, OH, is a choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Brooklyn. She received her B.F.A. in Dance from The Ailey School and Fordham University in 2003. She is currently the artistic director of SuriCo. a modern dance company that seeks to create an aesthetic experience through the power of simplicity that engages one from start to finish. In NYC, Surico’s work has been shown in Gowanus Wildlife Preserve Showcase #8, the 2008 Dumbo Dance Festival, Battery Dance’s Downtown Dance Festival in 2006 and 2007 and Bridge For Dance’s Uptown Performance Series 2006. In addition to pursuing her own choreographic vision, Surico has had the wonderful opportunity to have worked with Darrah Carr Dance, Joanna Mendl Shaw’s Dancing with Horses, the Kevin Wynn Collection and Kim Young.

18) 44-86292      Pasquale Mainolfi • Claire Augustine
"44-86292" was conceived as a journey of one minute to the inside of the mind of Paul Tibbets (pilot of Enola Gay) release before the atomic bomb (1945). The materials used for the composition comes from radio and television broadcasts of that era, worked and treated with appropriate software.

Pasquale Mainolfi was born in Naples on 14/04/1984, he began his musical studies at the age of 13 years with the study of the guitar before switching to the study of musical composition, now attending the fourth year of Composition at the Conservatory of Benevento (IT) and the third year of the university of music and new technologies in Benevento (IT).

Claire Augustine is currently a Choreography Major at Otterbein College. During the past two summers, she goes home to Austin, Texas to teach dance around the city to elementary school kids. At school, her choreography has been seen in department Dance Workshops and The Vagina Monologues. I have assisted for two choreographers in Otterbein’s “To Each, His Own”.

19) 1000msx60      Peter Mottram • Megan Pitcher
"1000msx60" was written as an attempt to condense the dynamics of a much longer piece of music into sixty seconds. The limited time frame lent itself to fairly minimalist instrumentation, which would enable a theme to be developed within the allotted time. As is often the case, it was discovered that the limitations that were deliberately applied actually aided the composition process ! Hopefully, the piece transcends the limitations imposed on it and becomes something of interest in its own right.

Peter Mottram writes music in a variety of different styles, under a variety of different aliases. Stylistically, this has included such diverse genres as leftfield electronic, classical, sound collage and traditional guitar based music, as well as a host of other material that lies somewhere between these terms ! So far this has resulted in two well received releases on Occasional Records, with a further two contemporary/experimental classical recordings expected to be released later in 2009.

Megan Pitcher is the founder and artistic director of MegLouise Dance, a Cleveland based dance collective. She received her BFA in Dance from Ohio University and supplemented her training at Movement Research (NYC), Dance New Amsterdam (NYC) and Bates Dance Festival (MN). Pitcher has spent the past seven years developing a movement language that blends postmodern techniques with dramatic storytelling. Recent projects include: an collection of jazz music / dance collaborations; Nearly Nude: Deconstructing Beauty, addressing beauty and body image; and iNput, ensemble improvisations influenced by audience interaction. These and other projects have been presented by Cleveland Public Theatre, Playhouse Square Center, Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Junction Arts Festival (Canada), DUMBO Dance Festival (NYC), Outlet Dance Project (NJ), Ohio Dance Festival, Ingenuity Festival and Moscow Theater West (Russia). Pitcher has been a long time guest artist with Cuyahoga Community College, Beck Center for the Arts, Shaker Heights Ensemble Program and Hathaway Brown.

20) Speak      Dwight Ashley • Betsy Miller
"Speak" - Music for Viola, Cello and Vox After nearly two decades of making private solo recordings, composer Dwight Ashley released his official solo debut, Discrete Carbon, in 2004. He soon followed with two more solo recordings, Four, in 2005, and Ataxia, in 2006. A retrospective entitled Watermelon Sugar is his most recent solo release; his full catalog also includes collaborations with Tim Story, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, and K. Leimer.

Ashley's compositions have been critically acclaimed for breaking new ground in the "dark ambient" genre. His recordings are characterized by immense aural landscapes that interweave lush, string-laden tonalities and gritty industrial textures to produce a psychologically compelling audio experience.

Betsy Miller is a Graduate Fellow at the Ohio State University, where she is pursuing a M.F.A in Dance. She is a founding member of New York-based Propel-her Dance Collective. Betsy graduated from Connecticut College in 2005 with a B.A. in Dance. Her choreography has been presented at venues throughout New York City and in Columbus.

21) Balanae      Hermes Camacho • Sandra Mathern
"Balanae" (Latin for "whale") utilizes underwater recordings of whales calling out to eacho other combined with processed "concert stage" sounds, including viola and violin chords and gestures and the rustling of programs and keys. Balanae was composed in December 2008.

Hermes Camacho currently lives with his wife in Austin, Texas studying composition at The University of Texas at Austin with Donald Grantham, Yevgeniy Sharlat, and Dan Welcher. He previously earned degrees in music at Cal State Long Beach and the University of Colorado. Hermes' music has earned awards from SCI/ASCAP, National Endowment for the Arts, Vermont Arts Council, and ArtsAha!, among others. He has also served residencies with the Boulder Youth Symphony and the Chamber Music Conference of the East. In his spare time, Hermes follows the ups and downs of his hometown 49ers, SF Giants, and Sacramento Kings.

Sandra Mathern is a dance maker, improvisor and performer. Her work focuses in collaboration and improvisation in performance and has incorporated video-projected backdrops, live music, poetic text, and set designs. Sandra has co-created multiple evening-length concerts and has had the privilege of dancing with veteran improvisors Karen Nelson, Chris Aiken, David Beadle and Nina Martin. Her work CONTAINED, is an installation performance for solo performer/improviser, 4 moving screens with projected imagery that are interactively controlled. Sandra teaches contemporary technique, improvisation, production and choreography, including site-based work at Denison University

22) 60Rain      Aaron Acosta • Erika Twining
"60Rain" is a composition that explores the elements, rhythms and textures of rain. The rhythm and textures of rain inspire tones that are ancient and new.

Aaron Acosta is a graduate from the College of Santa Fe with a BA in Sound Design in Media in 2002. This is a Self Designed major that consists of studies in Theatre, Film, and Music. Sound helps us interpret the world in a unique way with frequency, amplitude and time: he chooses to explore these realms. He is involved with electro acoustic composition as well as more traditional composition and currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Two cds called frequency, amplitude and time and wave . Subscriber: Electronic Music Foundation. Member USITT & CITT.

Weathervane Playhouse Artistic Associate and freelance choreographer Erika Twining has worked on 20+ productions, receiving an Excellence in Choreography Central Ohio Theatre Roundtable Award. Her contemporary jazz dance troupe, ExtrACTION Dance Theatre aims to bring various arts together emphasizing use of everyday objects to create theatrical dance performances that stimulate all the senses in playful and challenging ways.

23) Malachi-Messenger      Lynn Job • Michael Abbatiello
". . . The sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings; and you will go forth . . . ." (Malachi 4:2, NASV, The Holy Bible). Several ancient and new sacred works toss together to revive a vision from this essential oracle to Jerusalem from 430 B.C. Chants "Hosanna filio David" and "Laetatus sum" (Psalm 121) vie with modern brass for foreground amid a vibrant creation punctuated with pentatonic flute ("Shadow's Pipe") and percussion. Shards from Job's "Toumai: Hope of Life," "Raphael-intercession," and "Moon Largo" refract a cautious joy: the story unfolds your heart.

Lynn Job (pronounced with a long "o") was born in South Dakota, U.S.A. and owns Buckthorn Music Press (ASCAP/MPA). She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree, and is an active professional composer (all serious "non-pop" genres, sonic e-art, and broadcast) as well as a published poet/author, actress, professor, archaeology hobbyist, and more. Her main production studio is in North Texas.

Michael Abbatiello is a freshman at the Ohio State University. He has studied with alli ruszkowski and kendra portier at Monroe Dance Academy. He looks forward to this experience with 60x60.

24) Sutton40      Matt Schickele • Yu Xiao
"Sutton 40" was made as a present for musician Matt Sutton's 40th birthday party. All the samples are from either old world music recordings or recordings made by the birthday boy.

Matt Schickele is a composer and songwriter. His releases include Lion Air, April/November, and Cities Filled With Lights. He is also a founding member of the M Shanghai String Band. Matt's concert music has been performed by the Da Capo Chamber Players, the St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble, and the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, among others.

Yu Xiao is currently an individual dance artist, dance maker, and video artist based in Columbus OH, and the co-artistic director of Foreground Dance Company. Xiao hails from China, and holds a B.A.in Choreography & Performance at Beijing Dance Academy, and an M.F.A. in choreography at the Ohio State University, where she held a graduate assistantship working with dance & technology, and teaching in elective dance program. Before she came to the United States, she worked professionally with Xiamen Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe in Fujian Province in China as a choreographer and dancer, performing throughout the China, Australia and New Zealand. Xiao is a recipient of the 2009, the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellemce Award grant for her choreography.

25) Nesa Forest Flower      Angela McGary • Susan Van Pelt Petry
Angela McGary is an exciting, Los Angeles based Producer/Singer/Songwriter who focuses primarily on Hip Hop and R&B music. She sings and writes in Spanish and English and likes to incorporate ethnic rhythms and melodic sounds into her music style which ranges from Blues to Flamenco and everything in-between.

26) A Vibraphone Dreams      Kraig Grady • Eoin O’Brien
*Vibraphone Invocation* is a totally acoustic recording of a like instrument retuned after the great missionary expulsion on Anaphoria Island. The scale known as Meta Slendro is that used in its shadow theatre and was independently invented by Erv Wilson

Kraig Grady, an Anaphorian now living in Australia, composes almost exclusively for acoustic instruments of his own making or modification tuned to just intonation. Often his work is combined with his Shadow Theatre productions. His work has been presented at Ballhaus Naunyn Berlin (Germany), the Chateau de la Napoule (France), the Norton Simon Museum of Art, the UCLA Armand Hammer Museum, the Pacific Asia Museum, the Los Angeles Philharmonic's American Music Weekend and New Music America 1985. He was chosen by Buzz Magazine as one of the "100 coolest people in Los Angeles".

Eoin O’Brien is a third generation circus performer and has continued his family legacy with his own company Dr. Grimaldi Circus that has been creating unique performance art events since 1991. He has performed all over the United States and Europe. With his family act he performed with The Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus, The Royal Hanneford Circus, The Nordmark International Circus, the T.N.T. Circus, and The Tarzan Zerbini Circus to name but a few of them. His circus skills include juggling, stilt walking, acrobatics, slack rope walking, fire eating, and aerial trapeze work. He has designed large-scale club events, costumes, video collages, puppets and sets for his own work as well as for other companies. He has written and directed numerous films the most recent video piece is The Rite of Spring. Eoin has his BFA in Dance from the Ohio State University and has danced in numerous choreographers’ works such as Victoria Uris, Susan Van Pelt and John Giffin. He also appeared in Camelot with Columbus Opera. He has taught master class circus workshops as well as gymnastics and acro-sport. Eoin is currently performing and creating new work with dancer / choreographer Kristina Isabelle & HighJinks Dance Company.

27) Meditation in steel      Diana Simpson • Maree ReMalia
Maree ReMalia is currently a graduate student pursuing her MFA in Dance at The Ohio State University. First, she is a performer. Her current interests in dance also include explorations in creative process, improvisation, and various somatic practices. Early in her career, Maree performed with Southern Ballet Theatre and the Richmond Ballet. Since 2003, she has worked with Cleveland-based companies MorrisonDance and Meglouise Dance. She has also performed in the Cinci Fringe Fest, Dance Michigan, DUMBO Dance Festival, New England DanceProject, and the Yitzhak International Arts Gathering in Acco, Israel. Her original choreography has been presented in MegLouise Dance Sneak Reviews, Cleveland Public Theatre’s Dance Works and Big Box Series, as well as the WPA Free Fest. She earned her BA in Education and Cultural Studies through Prescott College. Recently, Maree has been deeply inspired by her participation in Moving on Center’s School for Participatory Arts program and the Batsheva Dance Company’s Gaga Intensive.

28) Feedfold feedback      Enrico Francioni • Michael J. Morris
The short work does part of a most spacious collection of pieces finisheds and autonomous of 60 seconds each, titled "Gestures in textures". In each piece is put in obviousness a salient feature than almost has codified in the course of the last sixty years of life elettro-acoustics. Every composition will go seen like a sum of micro-gestures (gestures), that goes to give life to a most spacious weaving (texture) with obvious features of space-temporal continuum. For the technical accomplishment I employed a commercial software, beyond to other programs for audio editing, on Apple-PowerBookG4, OS X 10.4.11.

Enrico Francioni has achieved degree in double-bass and electro-acoustic music at the Conservatorio "Rossini" of Pesaro. He interpreted in World Premiere the Suite I for double-bass by F.Grillo. The its you works they were performed and spread by: Oeuvre-Ouverte (Bourges), Cinque giornate per la Nuova Musica (Milano), Il Suono aperto (Pesaro), Festival Villa e Castella (Pesaro), FrammentAzioni (Udine), XVII C.I.M. (Venezia). As composer and soloist he was rewarded in national and international competitions. He has recorded for Dynamic, Orfeo, RAI and other. He was double-bass teacher at Conservatorio of Pesaro and he's involved in several educational music activities.

29) Synergy 5      David Congo • Alexis M. del Sol
"Synergy 5" was created using a characteristic melodic motif stated at the very beginning of the piece, and chords constructed of various fifths (perfect fifths, flatted fifths and inverted fifths). A sampled chamber group consisting of five instruments - piano, harp, flute, French horn and high-pitched electronic sounds - was used to develop this material. By combining these highly rhythmic elements in different time dimensions throughout a wide sound spectrum, the listener experiences constant energy and intensity driving this short piece from its first articulation to its final sonority.

David Congo has been composing art music for both electronic and acoustic instruments since 1979. His electroacoustic works are created using both purchased and personally designed software. Music programs written by David are used to suggest music possibilities. The final result in all cases is achieved by extensive editing and detailed work. David holds a M.A. in music composition from Ohio State University and is currently working in the Information Technology field. He is published on Capstone Records.

Alexis M. del Sol is starting her first year as a dance MFA student at Ohio State University. Her latest credit was working with Urban Bush Women as an apprentice for Jawole Willa Jo Zollar. She has also worked with other choreographers such as Monica Bill Barnes and Nia Love.

30) By Chance      Gregory Yasinitsky • Alejandra Jara
"By Chance" is a jazz ballad inspired by joyful, serendipitous chance encounters in life. This recording was made by pianist Kathleen Hollingsworth, bassist Frederick "David" Snider, drummer David Jarvis and saxophonist Greg Yasinitsky. It was recorded in the Washington State University Recording Studio, Jeremy Krug, engineer.

Gregory Yasinitsky, composer and saxophonist, has over 140 published musical works performed in more than thirty countries in six continents around the world. He is the recipient of grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, Meet the Composer West, The Commission Project, Artist Trust, Washington State Music Teachers Association, Washington Music Educators Association and ASCAP. Yasinitsky is a Regents Professor of Music and Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Washington State University.

Alejandra Jara was born in Asuncion Paraguay. She finished her studies in the dance academy from Marisol Pecci, where she took ballet, contemporary and jazz dance. After she graduated as a dance teacher she begun teaching at the academy. She joined the National Ballet from Paraguay in 1999, where she performed for 9 years. In 2007 she won the UNESCO scholarship to Cuba, were she studied contemporary dance for 3 months. In 2007 she obtained the Fulbright Scholarship, which allowed her to pursuit her masters degree in the United States. Right now she is a candidate at the Ohio State University for her Master in Fine Arts in Dance.

31) Uneven Motion      HyeKyung Lee • Performance Improvisation Ensemble
An active composer and pianist, HyeKyung holds a D.M.A in Composition and Performance Certificate in Piano from the University of Texas at Austin. Her works are available on New Ariel Recordings, Equilibrium, Capstone Records, Mark Custom Recordings, and SEAMUS CD Series. Currently she is an Assistant Professor at the Denison University, Granville, Ohio.

32) Summer Fragment      Bernadette Johnson • Abigail Zbikowski
Bernadette Johnson, author of acustical poems, radioart, installations and other soundprojects: "Acoustical poems are suggestive sound-pictures, which investigate and define other aspects of reality. The sounds follow a clearly musical dramaturgy and their own associative grammar of narration. A musical fragment is vocalised, ornamented, compressed, imitated, multiplied, disguised, distorted..using digital and analog electronics."

Abigail Zbikowski graduated from Temple University summa cum laude with a BFA in dance and minor in psychology. Since graduation Abby has been choreographing, performing, and teaching in Philadelphia and has has had the oppourtunity to show her work in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, New Edge Mix in West Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Ethical Society, the DUMBO Dance Festival in New York, and ACDFA where her work was chosen to be performed at the National Festival held at the Kennedy Center in D.C. and was nominated for a dance magazine/ACDFA award for outstanding choreography. Most recently she was an artist-in-residence at the nEW dance festival. She has performed for choreographers Megan Mazarick, George Alley/Alley Ink, and Charles O. Anderson / dance theatre X (dance magazine top 25 to watch in 2008).

33) Blur      Michiko Kawagoe • Paige Phillips
"Blur" was made by the computer program called SYNTAL06 designed by Wayne Slawson that generates music consisting of speech-like computer-synthesized sounds. In "Blur" I made a particular effort to make flutters and percussive attacks for voiced-colored plosives. Various event types are used to create contrasts between straight tones and vibrato, noises and voiced sounds, unvoiced and voiced-colored plosives. But the contrasts are blurred intentionally with overlaps. "Blur" tries to clarify something that is unclear in my mind.??

Michiko Kawagoe lives in Tsukuba, Japan. Working in many musical mediums, her work "PROPAGATION" was chosen for the compilation CD of 47 women sound creators worldwide in experimental electric music by the Women Take Back The Noise project by ubuibi.

Paige Phillips is a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and Cornish College of the Arts. In Seattle, she danced for Cyrus Khambatta’s Phffft Dance Company!, touring with them throughout the Pacific Northwest and Europe. She has also danced for Mark Haim, Wade Madsen, Tonya Lockyer, Amy O’Neal, and KT Neihoff. From 2003-2007 Paige was the Artistic Director of Ideogram Dance whose work was produced at venues including On the Boards, Velocity Dance Center, and the Firehouse Performing Arts Center. In 2007 she founded The Express Boatman with Javier Berzal and continues to perform and make work with the company.

34) Mermecolion      Anton Killin • Sarah Hixon
"Mermecolion" is a somewhat obscure mythical creature. It is a hybrid, combining the body of a giant ant with the head and foreparts of a lion. The combination of such physically contrasting species is the motivation and inspiration for this piece, in which several sound-worlds are combined to create a hybrid sound-world: strings and flutes, Balinese gamelan, and electronics.

Anton Killin is a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music and Victoria University of Wellington. He divides his time teaching music, composing new works, performing with several ensembles, and writing on philosophy.

35) Scraps from Solo Trumpet      Mark Eden • Yu Xiao
Synthesized from an extended session with jazz trumpeter, Jon Pemberton, the sonic slapstick of "Scraps from a Solo Trumpet" offers an oblique nod and tip of the hat to Carl Stalling and Harpo Marx.

In his sixth year of composing, Eden's sound pieces have been played in multiple venues from London to Berkley. His "Cremation Science" was included on the Innova CD, "The Art of the Virtual Rythmicon". Eden teaches Advertising at St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN.

36) Abdominal Cyclist Ultra      Polly Moller • Jessica Tupa
The text of "Abdominal Cyclist Ultra" was a gift to the composer from the gods of the Internet. It is an incantation, an impassioned plea to those gods, Highfalutin Melanie and Grain Bertrand, to grant the composer...something. And to protect all innocent netizens from the nefarious intentions of Other Abdominal Fluffy Cylindric Crandall!

Polly Moller is a composer, performer and performance artist based in Oakland, California, USA. For twenty years she has immersed herself in improvisation, extended techniques on the flute and bass flute, and original and adapted text. She leads the band Reconnaissance Fly and is a member of the Outsound Presents Board of Directors. Her flute quartet, "Remove Before Flight", is available from ALRY Publications.

Jessica Tupa has her degree in Dance from OSU and has danced with several choreographers. She has been teaching and choreographing, in Columbus, for the last several years and served on the board of cm2 as secretary and vice chair. In 2007 Jessica started her dance company TUPACO Dance.

37) Presence      Laurie Spiegel • Shawn Hove
Laurie Spiegel, composer, software designer, and banjo player, is known widely for her pioneering works with many early electronic music systems, including the GROOVE system at Bell Telephone Laboratories, and for Music Mouse, a software-based musical instrument. She founded New York University's Computer Music Studio. Her music has been performed and broadcast throughout the world and she has produced and participated in several CDs. She is currently living and working in New York.

38) Crimson      Brian Lindgren • Lindsay N. Calvert
"Crimson" is inspired by a poem taken from Daisaku Ikeda's "Fighting for Peace". Daisaku Ikeda is a Buddhist leader, peacebuilder, a prolific writer, poet, educator and founder of a number of cultural, educational and peace research institutions around the world.

Brian Lindgren currently resides in Brooklyn NY. Besides his work as a composer of electronic and acoustic music, Brian is a freelance violist, teacher, and improvising musician. He also performs with the sound art collective Sham El Nessim.

39) Chikatilo Arc      Kala Pierson • Karl Rogers
"Chikatilo Arc" uses material from my audio for the experimental play A Little Piece of the Sun, by Daniel McKleinfeld. Actor Dan Maccarone reads source texts by the Ukrainian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo; Ilya Temkin plays bandura, a Ukrainian lute.

Kala Pierson is a U.S.-born, NYC-based composer and sound/media artist. Trained at Eastman School of Music and Bard College at Simon's Rock, she focuses on long-term projects such as Axis of Beauty (collecting and setting texts by living Middle Eastern writers, in an ongoing answer to "Axis of Evil" propaganda) and Illuminated (setting texts that explore sex and sexuality, by writers around the world).

40) ipso facto      Cem Guney • Mariah Layne French
"Ipso Facto", materialized from source materials that were attained by the modeling of analog instruments via software applications. Processed field recordings were also used for this track.

Born in Turkey, 1973, Cem Guney, influenced by jazz, started to play the trumpet and later attended, College of San Mateo's Music Department in California. Being a DJ since 1994, and during his years of playing trumpet, his interaction with music has mostly been towards the experimental forms, which in the past few years directed him to work with sound in the field of Sound Art. In 2008, he Portuguese media-label, Cronica released his debut album, "Praxis."
Performers: Mariah Layne French, Andrea Lotzar, Mary Negley, Kelsey Schafer, Laura Schoessler

41) He Knows We're Here      Alexander Mouton • Noelle Chun
"He Know's We're Here" brings together computer generated sounds with field recordings from Costa Rica and Ohio.
As an digital artist Alexander Mouton explores the potential that new technology has for bringing visual and sound arts together for interactive and immersive works both online and in physical spaces. Alexander's time-based work is regularly featured in new media festivals internationally and his artists' books are in collections including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and the Kunst Bibliothek in Berlin, Germany. Currently he is Assistant Professor of Digital Art & Design at Seattle University in Washington.

42) Bicycle Etude No 2      Philip Schuessler • Kristina Isabelle
"Bicyclette Etude II" is music salvaged from an abandoned film project. The work is a study in placement and timing in relation to a single transformation. It is a reflection upon April 19th, 1943, known as Bicycle Day, the experience of which Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann wrote, "We went by bicycle, no automobile being available because of wartime restrictions on their use. On the way home, my condition began to assume threatening forms. Everything in my field of vision wavered and was distorted as if seen in a curved mirror. I also had the sensation of being unable to move from the spot. Nevertheless, my assistant later told me we had traveled very rapidly."

Philip Schuessler holds degrees from Stony Brook University, University of Miami, and Birmingham-Southern College. His teachers have included Charles Mason, Dorothy Hindman, Dennis Kam, Keith Kothman, Daria Semegen, and Dan Weymouth. He has had works performed at notable venues such as June in Buffalo Festival, Festival Miami, the Czech-American Summer Music Workshop, CCMIX in Paris, International Computer Music Conference, MusicX, Spark, Electronic Music Midwest, Juke Joint, and SEAMUS among others. His work has also been recognized by mention in the Bourges International Residence Prize and Random Access Music.

43) Neutral Zone      Patricia Walsh • Frances Lewis
"Neutral Zone" - fragments of dialogue lifted from various times/memories and woven together with an ethereal back-beat.
Patricia Walsh is a UK artist working with sound and video. Her research into scientific discovery and romantic propaganda makes exploratory navigations into time, space and place. Using a language of resonance her work often touches upon unseen presences, immeasurable distances and the mysterious nature of communication. BBC Big Screens in England are currently screening her videos Pearls, Fantastic Journey and Between Two Worlds. And her sound-work, Vanishing Act, was selected for the Sound Report II - MADE UP Cd, released through SoundNetwork for the Liverpool Biennial 08.

Frances Lewis has been dancing at Susan’s Tap-N-Toe, in Lancaster Ohio, for 19 years. He has been a member of their dance team, TNT Dance Team, for 6 years, and is going to Ohio University for a minor in dance.

44) Topoii      Aart Uunivers • Betsy Miller
"topoii" (.one) topoii is a klang-structure re.modeling established passages through formalized mind-areas. neuverortung des inneren makrokosmos. instantanious ideospheres. synapse tongue. init notion.

Aart Uunivers, global composer, stereo-detuner and anti-capitalistic phase-destroyer. linked on a loose but steady basis to the 90's-cologne experimental & electronica scene, emerging as an independent entity with output under many pseudonyms. Between 2004 and 2009 he managed to banish any public or personal noise floor, wiping out boundaries and formulas in his gestalt-apparat. He remigrated as aart uunivers - reinventing multi-layered, narrated sound-shapes - stylistically labeled scenic (in his own words: "head noise iident", which could be translated into: sound of clustered, deployed mind spheres).

45) An Evening of Opera      Jorge Sosa • Claire Augustine
Based on the play "The Massive Anual" by Emily Combere "52 teeth back to a deck of cards..Just cards Jane. No metaphors. Just cards·. Music rises in the air like a phoenix from the ashes. Where do we start? Because I can't seem to compose anything right now. So where do we start, Max? We play cards. Have you ever played war Jane? It's as if the game's all ready begun."

Jorge Sosa is a Mexican composer. His works have been widely performed in Mexico, the United States and Europe, including performances in New York, Paris, Barcelona, London, Sofia and Mexico City. His piece Bounce for Solo Saxophone was performed at Carnegie Hall in 2007. Jorge's Refraction III was recently performed at the Festival de Mœsica Nueva Manuel Enriquez in Mexico City.

46) Cooling Wind      John Maycraft • Amy Campbell
"Cooling Wind" was composed around a 1960 Fender Stratocaster guitar. I selected the instrument and then thought what sound attracted me to that particular type of guitar. The composition came about through "processing" the guitar to sound like the music that I listened to when I was growing up· (Jimi Hendrix).

John was born in August 1960 in the North West UK ."I remember The Beatles, Roy Orbison, and a lot of the late 50s music being played on the family radio as I grew up·" He started playing acoustic guitar when he as 12, moving on to Electric guitar when he was fourteen. In the early nineties John was contracted to produce 3 albums. This was the start of his commercial writing, and gave him the opportunity to co-write and produce commercial music professionally, which he continues to do to this day, as a full time musician and composer.

Amy Campbell has a BFA in dance from OSU, where she made dances and performed for numerous choreographers. While in Columbus she taught and choreographed competitive dance for five years at JAZ Dance and More, and danced for Anatomical Scenario and shove gently dance. After graduating, she moved to Brooklyn with the hopes of dancing, choreographing, and being generally awesome. She currently dances with æmp:dance.

47) Tantallon      Les Scott • Meghan Durham
Tantallon is a piece for processed guitar and voice which draws together two separate responses to the calming, soul-cleansing beauty of the beach below Tantallon Castle in winter. Rebecca Sharp's recitation of her haiku is set against a contemporary interpretation of the use of drones in Scottish music, incorporating techniques from glitch electronica.

Les Scott's debut album "Altered Carbon" was released in November 2008 under the name Neu Gestalt and was followed by an appearance on the album "To Infinity" by Alex Tronic, released in February 2009. He is presently working with Norwegian vocalist Asa Seljestad on pieces for her second album whilst carrying out remix work for a number of artists.

48) Phantasmagoria      Yoko Honda • Sandra Mathern
Phantasmagoria does not need a lot of composition description I suppose ö As the title says, it represents the phantasmagoria. I tried to represent it by developing short motifs one after another.
Y oko started learning music since she was 2, as her parents found that she has got natural perfect pitch. She has studied various music styles (ex: Classical music, Rock, Jazz, Traditional / Ethno music, Latin music, Pop music, Electronic music, Dance music etc.) internationally ö she had studied in Japan, UK and the US. Now yoko creates her music for multimedia and for artists with very original sound, as a Film & TV composer, arranger, songwriter, orchestrator, theatre sound designer, producer and so on.

49) Thread      Steven Snowden • J. Lillian Gray
"Thread" is a snapshot of the half-conscious mind. Just before relinquishing to sleep, the brain maintains a fleeting link between the conscious and subconscious; weaving together thoughts and associations that the waking mind can hardly fathom.

Steven Snowden creates music for a diverse array of media including theater, dance, film, installations, and the concert stage. Along with composition, he performs and promotes new music for horn, and constructs instruments from found objects for use in electro-acoustic improvisation and interdisciplinary collaborations. He is currently pursuing his DMA at UT Austin where he studies with Russell Pinkston and Yevgeniy Sharlat.

50) Blender Hollandaise      Justin Brierley • Paige Phillips
Some things in life are improbable. Some are delicious. Blender Hollandaise is both.

Born on the 31st anniversary of the first acid trip, Justin H Brierley combines the ancient art of improvisation with shiny new technology. Utilizing synthesizers, MIDI, overdubs, and the occasional bit of virtual circuit bending Mr. Brierley creates a free flowing electronic music with the improvised flair of Jazz, harmonic structures reminiscent of Bach, and textures influenced by synth pioneer Brian Eno as well as modern underground Hip-Hop.

51) Scream      Leslie Melcher • Jenai Cutcher
Mr. Leslie de Melcher holds a PhD. in philosophy from the Universitie of Paris, Sorbonne and a first prize in composition from the Ecole Normale de musique de Paris. He studied with Pierre Boulez and Todd Machaover at the IRCAM, where he became a guest composer. His string quartet and brass quintet have been published by Symphony Land. His latest works include award winning Xtreme Digital Opera: the Crystal Dome, for digital music (5.1 Dolby surround sound), choir, actors and digital animations and Alone, for digital electronics, mixed choir and computer animation, premiered in June 2004 in Toronto, Canada

52) Eat Bass      Natal Zaks • Erika Twining
"Eat Bass" was made for a school project about electronic music, and my teacher was the one to send it to 60x60. The sound is obviously dominated by the heavy bass-line which is inspired by the UK genre dubstep, and that's all there is to say. The rest is up to the listener, so eat bass!

My name is Natal Zaks and I live in Århus, Denmark. I'm 18 years old, and I've been composing electronic music for about 4 years. My musical career begun when I started to play guitar at age 10 and since it has been keeping me busy. I mainly produce minimalistic dubstep, but also make some tech-house and drum n' bass once in a while.

53) Water machine      Andrew Willingham • Alejandra Jara
A short Musique Concréte piece, Water Machine is made from sounds I recorded in my shower. I found it challenging to try to make a piece that illustrates how water, a "natural" sound, can also be presented as a mechanical and unnatural sound.

Andrew Willingham (b. 1986) is an electroacoustic composer currently living in Atlanta, GA. His interests include interactive music and installations, record production, and music for film. Andrew's works utilize innovative technologies to produce music that is cutting edge and artistically rich. His works have been performed by the ADORNO Ensemble, Teresa McCollough, and members of Sonic Generator, among others. Andrew is currently a graduate student in Music Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Check out some of his other work at www.composerandrew.com

54) Banal Blast      David Morneau • Abigail Zbikowski
"funky synths blast out • rhythms overlap themselves • bass line rules the day"
David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre, a provider of exclusive unprecedented experiments. In his work he endeavors to explore ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself.

55) Phoenix 6      Robert Ratcliffe • Kelsey Schafer
Metrical and Structural information from Stravinsky's Rite of Spring was used as a template for the organisation of musical material within Phoenix 1-6, whose final structure is an amalgamation of formal attributes (time signature changes, motivic relationships) taken from the last four movements of the source work. Original material contained within this outline was generated by sequencing various analogue synthesizers using a pattern-based hardware sequencer, with the converted audio subsequently processed using digital audio techniques to provide an aggressive and belligerent sound palette ranging from distorted analogue patterns to digital noise.

My current compositional research explores new forms of hybrid musical discourse, and in particular, a musical vocabulary that draws primarily from art music and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). An important part of this research has comprised of looking in detail at the tools of production used in the creation of EDM by various artists. The output of this research into the functionality of the equipment and deliberate Îcreative subversionâ of its intended normative use has been used to develop a vocabulary of compositional techniques for use within my own work.

Kelsey Schafer has dance experience in jazz, acrobatics, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, and swing. She has choreographed for a group she started at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, called the JCU Dance Ensemble.
Performers: Kelsey Schafer, Mariah Layne French, Andrea Lotzar, Laura Schoessler

56) Funky Transmission      Aaron Krister Johnson • Amiti Perry
"Funky Transmission" is a capture of a signal recorded June 3rd, 2012 from a radio telescope pointed at the center of the Milky Way. Curiously, it bears the signatures of intelligent life, since no known natural source would possibly transmit the "Divine Proportion" in the varied ways it is embedded in the signal, as our scientists have uncovered. And, we can now only wonder how "they" knew about the Winstons, since our radio broadcasts of "Amen, Brother" would not have reached them yet. What does this all mean?

Aaron Krister Johnson is a Chicago-based multi-keyboardist, teacher and composer. The Chicago Sun-Times called his composition 'evocative', and Keyboard Magazine labeled his work 'challenging and creative'. As a theatre composer, his score for 'Peer Gynt' was nominated for a 2005 Joseph Jefferson award. Primary among his compositional interests is the expansion of the pitch palette. Realizing a sense of mission, he founded UnTwelve, a concert series dedicated to exploring the frontiers of music beyond the 12-note system. He is a graduate of SUNY Purchase and Northwestern University, both in piano performance.

57) Healing Paradox      Gene Pritsker • Megan Pitcher
Composer/guitarist/rapper Gene Pritsker has written over three hundred compositions, including chamber operas, orchestral and chamber works, electro-acoustic music, songs for hip-hop and rock ensembles, etc. All his compositions employ an eclectic spectrum of styles and are influenced by his studies of various musical cultures. He is the founder and leader of Sound Liberation; an eclectic band playing the New York club circuit. Other organizations he is associated with include: Composersâ Concordance, Absolute Ensemble, The International Street Cannibals and The New Music Connoisseur magazine. His music is published by: Falls House Press, Gold Branch Music & Calabrese Brothers Music.

58) My Fellow Citizens      Ben Boone • Maree ReMalia
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal ... they [should therefore] not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." ö Martin Luther King Jr., 1963

Benjamin Boone's life thus far: Born in Statesville, NC in 1963; related to Daniel Boone; youngest of five sons; moved all over since; recorded rhinoceros vocalizations in Zimbabwe; was a Music Manager in New York; plays sax all over the U.S.A. and Europe; on numerous CD's; and teaches theory/composition at California State University, Fresno.

59) Meadow Butter      Tova Kardonne • Alexis M. del Sol
"Meadow Butter" was composed and sung by Tova, and also sung, and recorded by Amy Medvick, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator. It was inspired by delicious fat.
Tova Kardonne's formative choral experiences and her Conservatory training in viola and piano fed into a passion for classical, African, Eastern European and Klezmer music. She earned her Vocal Jazz Diploma from Humber College, where she received instruction of Shannon Gunn, Pat LaBarbera, John Macleod and Don Palmer among others. She composes/choreographs a cappella performance art, sings her Balkan-Jazz fusion compositions with 8-piece band The Thing Is, and performs with the Composers Collective Big Band. Tova holds an Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto with majors in French Linguistics and Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics.

60) Daddy      Richard Hall • CoCo Loupe
"Daddy" is an electronic piece written for the 60x60 project. It is fourth in a series based on the growth and development of the composer's four-year-old daughter Julia. (The first three: Gerburt von Julia , Julia Lernt das ABC, and Juliaâa Gonna Count). The work contains one sample of Julia chopped into several different fragments, which are manipulated in real-time utilizing delay and stereo panning. The piece is inspired by Steve Reich's works utilizing sampling and beat displacements. The piece represents Julia's curiosity in her father's compositional process. (The last or "second" sample was accidentally recorded during another project.)

Richard Hall is a Senior Lecturer of Music at Texas State University. His teaching duties include Composition, Electronic Composition, Music Technology, and Humanities. He also assists with the Texas Mysterium for Modern Music Ensemble. He specializes in live laptop "art" music and has performed at many conferences, festivals and art museums throughout the country. Richard has received numerous commissions, scored two independent films, has several pieces published by Dorn Publications and Go Fish Music and is featured on ERM Media recordings.