60x60 project
"...is stylistically diverse and eclectic by default,
its success can be explained by the sheer wealth of different approaches on display..."
- Tobias Fischer, Tokafi
60x60 Collaborations
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Each year 60x60 creates a multimedia event by collaborating with artists in different disciplines. To date the 60x60 project has worked with experimental and underground film makers, choreographers, experimental photographers, and video improvisors.

Pedro Pinheiro - 60x60 Sanguine Mix Video Collaboration Pedro Pinheiro

Pedro Pinheiro was born in 1974 at Oporto, Portugal. Study visual arts since he was young of age, Graphic Design, Painting and Multi-media.

“...On my recent exhibitions and projects, the medias being use are: collage, multi-media installation and video art. Those multiple combinations of techniques originated on its majority by biological and organic signs and nature, have turned out in several organic compositions, ephemeral structures, multi-sensorial spaces, semiotics, imaginarium generators, videos, drawings, you name it... That try to question primitive and modern issues through subtle ironies, real or abstract and metaphors...” (Pedro Pinheiro, 2007) Relevant Socio-Cultural Experiences: 20O4-05 Brazil (13 weeks); 2002-03 India (26 weeks); 2001 Azores (2 weeks); 1998 London (18 weeks); 1996 Peneda/Geres (3 weeks); 1995 Marroco (3 weeks); In 2007 he move to Barcelona were he's a resident at La Torre. Website: pissoffart.wordpress.com

Patrick Liddell Patrick Liddell

Patrick Liddell is a composer and video artist living in Chicago. His music/video is a postmodern blend of 'art' and 'popular' styles, with strong hints of electronic, ethnic, video game, experimental, and film music. His YouTube project "Video Room 1000" has received over one million views and has been featured on a host of viral websites.

Patrick recently completed the video for Vox Novus's "360 degrees of 60x60", a six-hour video installation featuring the works of 360 different composers; each hour of the video revisits the same source material but manipulated to uniquely accompany the music playing. He regularly performs live and improvised video with many groups in the Chicago area, as well as his own video/music/art under the moniker [ontologist]. Please discover more at: www.ontologist.us.

Amiti Perry Amiti Perry

Amiti Perry founded æmp:dance / amiti perry + company, a multi-directional, multi-dimensional contemporary dance company. In addition to working with her own company and 60×60 Dance, Amiti is a performing member of ellen stokes shadle/DANCEWORKS and seenperformance, and is curator and co-producer of Uptown Performance Series at Bridge for Dance. As co-founder of DIPdance with collaborator Coco Loupe with which she presented and performed works in New York, Texas, Louisiana and Ohio. She performed as a guest artist with Rachel Lampert and Dancers and performed, taught, assisted and designed, nationally and internationally, with Skip Costa/COREmovement Project-NYC.

Jeramy Zimmerman
CatScratch Theatre
Jeramy Zimmerman

Jeramy Zimmerman is a co-founder and director of CatScratch Theatre. She began collaborating with Krissie Marty and founded CatScratch Theatre in 1999, a multi-disciplinary dance theatre company dedicated to public performance. CatScratch Theatre has performed in places such as Washington D.C. Metro’s red line, the Staten Island Ferry, Wall Street, and Chateau Cazals in southeastern France. ...more...

Zlatko Cosic Zlatko Cosic
Promotional clips and Biography for 60x60

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Zlatko's professional and art work as a member of Belgrade's Academic Film Center where he created experimental films. Zlatko's education and professional involvement with media production inspired his creativity and enthusiasm resulting in numerous short movies, multimedia performances, public projections, video installations and live video performances. Zlatko performs at various locations by projecting and live editing a variety of his multimedia projects including pieces of his films and mixtures of new experimental videos. Zlatko currently lives in St. Louis and works as an independent film, video, and multimedia artist.

Gisela Gamper Gisela Gamper

"Rob Voisey invited me to create a video for the 60x60 Project 2005. I was looking forward to exploring how I could adapt my work as an improviser to a fixed piece of music. As part of See Hear Now: Visible Music, a music and video duo, I mix my video projections in the moment to the real time performance of the musician.

These performances take place in an installation which uses mirrors, fabric and projectors to surround the audience with sound and video imagery. After listening to the 60 minute CD I decided I would 'translate' my performance aesthetic to this music. I improvised to the 60 compositions while listening to them as a single hour-long piece. Since this document of my improvisation will be viewed primarily on a projection screen, computer or TV, I projected my video mix onto a small mirror installation which created shapes and collages, adding a dimension to the video imagery in reference to visual aspects of the See Hear Now experience."
- Gisela Gamper, February 2006

Gisela Gamper Shimpei Takeda
Videos from Shimpei Takeda for the 60x60 project
Slides from Shimpei Takeda for the 60x60 project

Shimpei Takeda is an artist who has mainly worked in the areas of: photography, video and audio-visual performance. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He has been interested in capturing random organic motion, such as movement of the water’s surface or light reflection. And, the primal elements’ flexibility, as an ingredient to the visual medium, they are enhanced by using digital cameras, with their instant preview and long zoom lens — this allows me to realize abstract paintings in the motion. His work has shown across the U.S., Europe, and Australia including the: The Essl Collection of Contemporary Art, Weisman Museum of Art, and the Austin Museum of Art.