a 60x60 (2012) Composer Concordance Mix

60x60 (2012) Composer Concordance Mix

The 60x60 Composer Concordance mix was selected in part by Composer Concordance and presented by the on their concert series.

His music is described as “brainy and jazzy” (American Record Guide) and “fascinatingly strange” (BBC Music Magazine). Arthur Gottschalk is Professor of Music Composition at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. Among many awards, his Concerto for Violin and Symphonic Winds won First Prize in the XXV Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Originale (Corciano, Italy), and in 2011 he was awarded the prestigious Bogliasco Fellowship for further work in Italy. Other awards include the Charles Ives Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and composer residencies at the famed Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center and at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival.
The composer had the honor of working with the late Dizzy Gillespie on a number of occasions, including a Fantasy Records release featuring Gillespie and legendary tenor man Arnett Cobb. Many of the trumpet sounds heard in this piece came from the out-takes of that session; others were provided by trumpeter Reynaldo Ochoa. These sounds were assembled, edited, and layered, and each layer was then processed and staggered in relation to other layers - creating a momentary glimpse of the Ur-trumpet.
  • 24 ) En Train
    Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
    Post-Fluxus artist Dennis Báthory-Kitsz has written more than 1,000 pieces of nonpop, including the vampire chamber opera Erzsébet. He uses his own electronic/acoustic instruments, software/hardware, synthesizers, e-boxes, electronic costumes, and extended voice. He created the 2007 'We Are All Mozart' composer productivity project and co-founded the NonPop International Network.
    The Amtrak comes and interrupts the composition, and the composition capitulates.
  • 25 ) Celestial Blue
    Bob Siebert
    I received my BM and MM Music Degrees from Manhattan School of Music, and have been a performer/composer/teacher in the New York area for the past thirty five years. My music runs the gambit from pop influenced electronic realism through reinvented jazz standards to experimental electronic pieces and improvisations for the African thumb piano. My work can be found on iTunes, YouTube, and cdbaby.com/bobsiebert Upcoming performances include Experimental music festivals in the metropolitan area
    'Celestial Blue' is a minimalist pop/jazz tune, This expansive theme owes it's inspiration to Shostakovitch's 5th Symphony.
  • 26 ) paroxysm extract
    Gene Pritsker
    Composer/guitarist Gene Pritsker has written over four hundred compositions, including chamber operas, orchestral and chamber works, electro-acoustic music, songs for hip-hop and rock ensembles, etc. All of his compositions employ an eclectic spectrum of styles and are influenced by his studies of various musical cultures. Gene's music has been performed all over the world at various festivals and by many ensembles and performers.
    Paroxysm - 'A sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity.' is an 8 min. piece written for choreographer/dancer Erin Bomboy. It manipulates sounds of the sitar, contra bass, piano, voice, bells, and static. Paroxysm Extract takes the last min of this piece and gives us a glimpse of this sound scape
  • 27 ) A Minute in the Bronx
    Milica Paranosic
    Critically acclaimed composer Milica Paranosic has established herself as one of New York's finest and most daring composers, performance artists, producers, and technologists. Milica is co-director of Composers Concordance, music faculty of The Juilliard Schoo and 92nd Street Y and maintains an active private teaching studio. Furthering her deep commitment to education and outreach, Milica founded Give to Grow, an education initiative which brings music technology to developing communities.
    This is a hybrid of A Bronx Tale, a piece I was commissioned to write and perform for the Earth to the Earth Festival in October 2011, and my piece for Bass and electronics, part of Blink, a piece commissioned by VisionIntoArt in 2005. Sounds are collected on the 'sound hunt' in the Bronx. Bass line played by Mark Vanderpoel.
  • 28 ) Gerontius II
    John Howard Maycraft
    Wanting to progress in his chosen instrument, he studied at first with his high school music teacher, then going on to specialise in electric guitar. All the lessons and study were of great benefit in the formation of a good grounding in musical theory, guitar technique and a genuine enthusiasm for guitar music, and indeed, music of all genres. John came to the conclusion that his "individual voice" was something that had to be learned, but couldn't be taught. This is still an ongoing process..
    Working predominantly on Guitars- though not exclusively- Johns work is Minimalist, with timed echoes. The mathematical principles of "Fibonacci", the "Golden ratio" and "Phi" are also to be found in his work. Therefore odd time signatures and different rhythms are often at the source of these quirky yet melodic pieces. The sustained patterns weave intricate melodies and voices into a simple beginning, often becoming more complex as the themes develop."
  • 29 ) Orchestral Piece
    Thomas Gerwin
    Thomas Gerwin, classically studied composer and sound artist, came into the field of electroacoustic music very early. Since 1991 he also works intensively on soundscape composition and radio art. Today he mostly works in his studio inter art project in Berlin, Germany, composes for concert performances, radio and film '“ (with and beyond traditional music instruments, acousmatic, multi-channel and live-electronics) and creates sound and video installations. He is artistic director of 'Berlin Loudspeaker Orchestra' and of yearly 'International Sound Art Festival Berlin'. His works are released and exhibited worldwide and have been awarded with some international prizes and stipends.
    This piece was made in the electronic studio inter art project Berlin, Germany. It uses sounds of my 'area contra punctus' (2009) for chamber orchestra - played back and forth, processed and transposed - and the sounds of an accordeon, recorded live with mics on and in the corpus. The topic here is 'correlation and interdependence between noise and sound as well as between sounds heard very far and very near. Best to be heard in a dark room or with headphones and closed eyes. "
  • 30 ) Lizzie in the stars and snowfall
    Joan La Barbara
    Joan La Barbara, composer, performer, sound artist, renowned for her unique vocabulary of experimental and extended vocal techniques, composes for multiple voices, chamber ensembles, theater, orchestra, interactive technology, dance, video and film. Awards: 2011 Demetrio Stratos Prize; DAAD Artist-in-Residency Berlin; Music Composition Fellowships: NYSCA and Guggenheim; 7 NEA grants; American Music Center's 2008 Letter of Distinction for her significant contributions to American music. Recordin
    In quiet moments one finds peace. Lizzie (our elegant snow-white Samoyed/Lab mix) graced this earth for nearly 15 years and joined our lives for almost 11 of those years. With this work I honor her life and her dignity and try to bring some solace to myself on her passing. Her voice joins mine, mingled with layers of modified bells and sighs. She had a lovely way of taking little breaths and then releasing a deep sigh of peace when she felt totally relaxed and calm. I reflect that gesture in
  • 31 ) Flagpole = 160
    Mark Petering
    Mark Petering is the winner of the Swan Composer Prize for wind ensemble and winner of the Music Festival of the Hamptons Composition Competition for orchestra. The premiere of his Hamptons' work Train & Tower made music history as Lukas Foss, the composer, and the Atlantic Chamber Orchestra coordinated the performance with a moving Long Island Rail Road locomotive controlled by the composer as well as a recording of a train. The surround sound generated was a music history first.
    Inspired by Rousseau's Reveries of a Solitary Walker, this musique concrete composition combines recordings from my walks from my apartment to the shores of Lake Michigan in southeastern Wisconsin. One blustery winter morning I stumbled upon a beachside flagpole which was producing an invigorating rhythmic pulse through the wind rapping the flagpole rope against the cold metal pole.
  • 32 ) Tiny Yellow Chicks Fifth And Tiny Yellow Chicks Octave
    Patrick Liddell
    Patrick Liddell, aka ontologist, lives and breathes in Oakland CA. His work combines music, video, and other kinesthetic experience to discuss ideas pertaining to philosophy of mind and the root of consciousness. Please write to canzona@gmail.com for discussion and collaboration.
    The tonal sound in this piece comes from two central Javanese instruments, the gender barang and the slenthem. Each of them are playing two standard musical fragments whose names translate from Indonesian as "Tiny Yellow Chicks Fifth" and "Tiny Yellow Chicks Octave". I granularly processed the original tones and merged them with the massive bird canopy.
  • 33 ) Green Island Bit
    Joel Chadabe
    Joel Chadabe, composer, works with interactive audio systems. His music has been presented at concerts and festivals throughout the world and recorded on EMF Media, Deep Listening, CDCM, Lovely Music, and other labels. He is the author of 'Electric Sound' and he has written numerous articles on electronic music. He has received awards from NEA, NYSCA, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Fulbright Commission, and other organizations. He received the 2007 SEAMUS Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Green Island is in Penobscot Bay, a short boat ride from Stonington, Maine. In a visit during the summer of 2007, my wife and I went with a friend to see Green Island. I heard a remarkable pattern of water dropping through a formation of rocks as the waves came in. We listened to the water and the passing boats, close and distant, as we recorded it.
  • 34 ) Shimmering
    Emily Doolittle
    Emily Doolittle was born in Nova Scotia and educated at Dalhousie University, the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Hague, Indiana University and Princeton. Since 2008 she has been Assistant Professor of Composition at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Her doctoral research was on the relationship between animal songs and human music, a field in which she continues to be active. Other interests include traditional music, community music-making, and music as a vehicle for social change.
    Shimmering is a short electronic work based entirely on sounds from humpback whales, sperm whales, and hermit thrushes. It was created using Soundhack and Audacity.
  • 35 ) Water Ways
    Judith Shatin
    Judith Shatin is a composer whose music, called 'something magical' by Fanfare reflects her fascinations with the arts, the sounding world, and the social and communicative power of music. Shatin's music has been commissioned by organizations including the Barlow and Fromm Foundations, the Library of Congress, the Lila Wallace-Readers Digest Arts Partners Program, and numerous ensembles. She is a four-time recipient of Fellowships from the NEA, as well as grants from Meet the Composer and many other organizations. www.judithshatin.com
    Water Ways was created from recordings I made at the Deering Estate at Cutler in Miami, including the sounds around the bay as well as underwater recordings. It reflects the multiple pathways water can take as it moves through the environment, with unexpected ripples and reflections. It also speaks to the rhythm of life that the water supports.
  • 36 ) Zoo
    Matthew Schickele
    Matt Schickele is a composer and songwriter. His concert music has been presented by the 5ive Boroughs Music Festival, the Morgan Library, and The Stone, among others. As a songwriter his releases include The Badger Game, April/November, Cities Filled With Lights, and he is a founding member of the M Shanghai String Band. He is a graduate of Bard College, where he studied composition with Joan Tower. He also co-hosts the podcast Scopes Monkey Choir.
    "Zoo" is a collage of sounds recorded on a visit to the Bronx Zoo.
  • 37 ) A Meeting with the Giant Murray Cod
    Warren A Burt
    Warren Burt is a composer, performer, writer, video artist, etc. He has lived and worked mostly in Melbourne Australia since 1975. He currently teaches at Box Hill Institute in Melbourne, and Bendigo Regional Institute of Technology in Bendigo. Information about his current work can be found at www.warrenburt.com.
    The Giant Murray Cod is a tourist icon in Swan Hill, Victoria. Late in April 2012, we made a visit to it. While there, my wife took a photo of me in front of it. This was converted into sound with a graphics to sound program, using a sample of harp arpeggios in 11 tones per octave. The 11-tone harp samples were played on a scale based on Ervin Wilson's work. In the middle of the piece is a computer voice singing an agricultural mantra from the Swan Hill region tuned in 12 tone equal temperament. The whole is a poly-microtonal celebration of the joys of frivolous, loony tourism.
  • 38 ) Nano Opera: The Rise, Triumph, and Fiery Demise of Robotika
    Sabrina Pena Young
    Obsessive sci-fi buff and composer Sabrina Pena Young writes mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Her music has been heard in film festivals, radio, electronic dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Young's latest project is Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, a futuristic and slightly psychotic sci-fi electronic opera about evil geneticists, psychedelic pharmaceuticals, and lost love.
    "Nano Opera: The Rise, Triumph, and Fiery Demise of Robotika" is an exhaustive opera in 3 acts. In Act 1 we meet the fledgling Robotika adrift in outer space. During the riveting battle scene in Act 2, the evil antagonist Teknilateroa betrays Robotika in a scintillating battle of wits. Act III begins with a massive explosion as Robotika accidently hits the big red button that destroys the galaxy's second quadrant. The opera ends with Robotika's ashes again adrift in the multiverse.
  • 39 ) Teleplay
    John Link
    John Link is a composer and founding member of Friends & Enemies of New Music. His music is available on the New Focus, Bridge, and 60x60 labels and he has published several articles and books on the music of Elliott Carter. He lives in New York City and is a Professor in the music department at the William Paterson University of New Jersey.
    The prevailing message of Teleplay's personalized system of interlocking formulas keeps close to the body. Its sumptuous appointments and genuine old-world hand craftsmanship empower enduring elegance with a current sensibility that doesn't have to be hyper-groomed or relentlessly retro. What's showing is our style.
  • 40 ) Wall Street 2008
    Rodney Waschka
    Rodney Waschka II is best known for his algorithmic compositions, his unusual operas, and theater pieces. He frequently composes music for traditional ensembles. An expert in computer music, his works often include electronic computer music or other media: visuals, theater, or poetry. Recent commercial recordings include the London Schubert Players chamber orchestra performing his trumpet concerto, Winter Concerto. Waschka teaches at North Carolina State University.
    In 2008, the world felt the results of various types of crooked and unregulated dealings on Wall Street, in and among banks, and elsewhere. These transactions included the development and use of 'derivatives' based on deceitful home mortgages. One is inclined to think of Bertolt Brecht's question: 'What is the crime of robbing a bank compared to the crime of founding one?' and to ask another: Who has been punished for these crimes?
  • 41 ) Inventor
    Steve Betts
    Too drunk to write one
    Fireworks: Argument: Understatement for gunfire: War: November 5th: Overthrow of Government (thwarted)
  • 42 ) #37
    Mike McFerron
    Mike McFerron is professor of music and composer-in-residence at Lewis University, and he is founder and co-director of Electronic Music Midwest (http://www.emmfestival.org). His music can be heard on numerous commercial CDs as well as on his website at http://www.bigcomposer.com.
    This work is dedicated to all 60x60 composers
  • 43 ) Amor Confusion
    Angela McGary
    I'm a singer from New Mexico who moved to LA for the big dream. I work for Studio Pros as their new Spanish Singing vocalist and I'm in the process of putting together a children's show with puppets.
    It's in Spanish and the main lyrics are "I would like to tell you that I love you."
  • 44 ) Following Wind
    David Wolfson
    David Wolfson is an eclectic, versatile composer of songs, concert music and music for theatre. Please visit his website, www.davidwolfsonmusic.net.
    Following Wind is an attempt to complete a satisfying melodic statement within the 60-second limit.
  • 45 ) Pursuit As A Dance Form
    John George Bilotta
    John G. Bilotta has spent most his life in the San Francisco Bay Area where he studied with Frederick Saunders. His works have been performed by Rarescale, Earplay, the Talea Ensemble, the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, Chamber Mix, Musica Nova, the Avenue Winds, the Boston String Quartet, the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra, the Kiev Philharmonic, the Oakland Civic Orchestra, San Francisco Cabaret Opera, Bluegrass Opera, Boston Metro Opera, and VocalWorks. He co-directs with Brian Bice and Davide Verotta the Festival of Contemporary Music. He is a member of SCI., serves on the Executive Committee, and edits SCION.
    One cat, one squirrel, one tree. What else is there to say?
  • 46 ) Spelunk Funk
    Dan Cooper
    Dan Cooper was born and raised in Manhattan, and educated at Horace Mann, Columbia, NEC, and Princeton. As a composer: awards, premieres etc from Albany Symphony, ACO / Sonic Festival, ASCAP, Cary Trust, Circadia, Electro-Music, ESYO, Fontainebleau, Imani Winds, June in Buffalo, NARAS, NEA, NYNME, NYYS, North River Music, and Tanglewood, among others. As a multi-instrumentalist: venues including Berlin Philharmonic Hall, CBGB, Hong Kong City Hall, Joe's Pub, Le Poisson Rouge, Massey Hall, Rockefeller Center, Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, The Blue Note, and Town Hall. http://www.dan-cooper.com
    'Spelunk Funk' is a multitracked 7-string bass guitar improvisation with effects. Besides composition, my main musical passion remains the bass guitar, this amazing instrument which isn't even taught at most conservatories. Through college, my main bass was a '68 Fender Jazz which I still have today. However, I gradually moved over to these 'e.r.b.s' (extended-range basses) - their registral possibilities being well-suited to my work as a composer. The 7-strings i've been playing for over a decade now were co-designed by me and built by Haydn Williams and Chris May of Overwater basses over in Carlisle, UK.
  • 47 ) BoHopus
    Patrick Grant
    Patrick Grant is a composer, musician, and producer living in NYC.
    Created after-the-fact as an introduction to a performance of "Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms" for violin, cello, electric guitar, electric bass, & piano at NYC's Bohemian National Hall in May 2012, it was composed in-mind to stand alone as a solo instrumental.
  • 48 ) Gilgamesh Variation I
    Christian B. Carey
    Christian Carey is an Assistant Professor of Music Composition, History, and Theory at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey.
    A short piece that is part of a theatre score: Gilgamesh Variations, produced in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY in 2011.
  • 49 ) Music for Carl Asa from FAMILY PORTRAIT
    Greg A Steinke
    Dr. Greg A Steinke is retired, former Joseph Naumes Endowed Chair of Music/Art and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon; Associate Director, Ernest Bloch Music Festival ('93'“97) and Director, Composers Symposium ('90'“97) (Newport, OR); served as the National Chairman of the Society of Composers, Inc. (1988'“97). Composer of chamber and symphonic music and author with published/recorded works and performances across the U. S. and internationally; speak
    Musical family portrait
  • 50 ) Benzene Ring (with Waltz for Cats)
    Donald Hagar
    Donald Hagar's music, spanning a wide range of genres, is described as rhythmically exciting and exhaustively inventive. Reviewers for the Boston Globe have called his music 'intimate,' 'finely structured'and 'perky.' Hagar studied at Ithaca College with Karel Husa and, at the Ithaca College London Centre, with Justin Connolly. At Boston University he studied with Theodore Antoniou and Bernard Rands. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, Hagar is a teacher in the New York City Public Schools.
    Benzene Ring (with Waltz for Cats)" was written for and dedicated to Jennifer Hoyer, who, when observing the composer's use of interlocking hexagons to create pitch material, and when noting a mutual appreciation of cats, suggested the concept and title of the piece.
  • 51 ) No Rest
    Daniel Weymouth
    Daniel A. Weymouth composes electroacoustic music, as well as non-electronic music that tends to sound electronic. He is interested in highly kinetic works, perhaps because of a decade spent as an itinerant musician, playing jazz, C&W, rock, disco (!), R&B and funk. Commissions have come from international ensembles, as well as a wide range of wonderful musicians; recordings are on SEAMUS, Bridge, and New World Records. He co-hosted the 2010 International Computer Music Conference at Stony Brook University, where he is Director of the Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology, and a member of the Composition faculty.
    Something I never do: use recordings of acoustic instruments for a 'tape' piece. Here, I use a movement from my Metronome Etudes for piano and digital metronome, with the wonderful pianist Winston Choi performing. It is pretty fast to begin with, and then I take out all of the rests until it just falls apart.
  • 52 ) Burst
    Maggi Payne
    Maggi Payne is Co-director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. She also freelances as a recording engineer/editor. Her electroacoustic works often incorporate visuals she creates using images ranging from nature to the abstract. Her works have been presented in the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Australasia. She received Composers and Interdisciplinary Arts Grants from the NEA, and received six honorary mentions from Bourges and one from Prix Ars Electronica. Her works are available on Innova, Starkland, Lovely Music, Music and Arts, Centaur, Ubuibi, MMC, CRI, Digital Narcis, Frog Peak, Asphodel, and/OAR, Capstone, and Mills College labels. www.maggipayne.com
    Burst uses the sounds of water that I've recorded over the last few years, including sounds I've recorded using my Offshore Acoustics hydrophones. Burst begins with fizzing, then turns to dry ice bubbling in water. Hydrophone recordings from the shallows of Tomales Bay, in northern California take over, ending with more dry ice bubbling, then all vanishes into thin air in an instant.
  • 53 ) In a Shorter Minute!
    Pamela Sklar
    Pamela Sklar collaborates with other artists, composing and playing many styles of music. Performance highlights include solo appearances with Alan Hovhaness and Dave Brubeck, international appearances with Claude Bolling and studio recordings for many other well-known artists. Pam's chamber music has been commissioned by NY-area ensembles, is included in Lincoln Center Library's Spellman Collection, is published and can be heard on her new CD, A Native American-Jazz Tribute.
    In a Shorter Minute! (aka In a Minute!) was composed in 2011 for a Composer's Voice Fifteen Minutes of Fame competition. Influenced by NYC, the piece creates a mood which increases in energy, intensity and irony while containing a sense of humor and flexibility as it is inundated with various pitches, textures and volume.
  • 54 ) Psychoirian
    Mari Kimura
    Violinist/composer Mari Kimura is widely admired as the inventor of 'Subharmonics' and her works for interactive computer music. As a composer, Mari received grants including NYFA, Arts International, Meet The Composer, Japan Foundation, Argosy Foundation, and NYSCA. In 2010 Mari won the Guggenheim Fellowship, invited as Composer-in-Residence at IRCAM in Paris, and received a Fromm Commission. Mari's CD, The World Below G and Beyond, features her Subharmonics and interactive computer music.
    "Psychoirian (2012), 60x60 version Psychoirian is a work for violin and interactive computer, exclusively using a wonderful signal processing external object for a 'choir' effect in MaxMSP called 'Psychoirtrist' written by Norbert Schnell at IRCAM. Psychoirtrist~ can transpose and delay a monophonic input multiple times with random variations obtaining a choir effect. I decided to write "Psychoirian" to understand this game-changing processing for my musical listening and composition. "
  • 55 ) Ubiquity
    Melissa Grey
    Melissa Grey is a composer and teaches Sound Studies at The New School, NYC.
    Ubiquitous sound comes from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. (Augoyard/Torgue, Sonic Experience)
  • 56 ) Sunesis falls
    Lynn R Job
    Lynn Job (pronounced with a long 'o'), DMA, born in South Dakota, USA, owns Buckthorn Music Press (ASCAP/MPA). She is an active professional composer (serious "non-pop" acoustic & sonic e-art, stage & broadcast), a published poet/author, professor, biblical archaeology hobbyist, and more. Her main production studio is in North Texas. www.Buckthornstudios.com
    Psalm 86:3-4 "Have mercy/bring joy . . . for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul." "Sunesis falls" quotes Job's choral "Kyrie eleison" & "Fragment 23" within a brief meditation on baptism set within evocations of refreshing springs, Davidic harps & percussion. The use of "falls" here is as the English verb, not noun. The title then means "wisdom that networks, descending." The interior vision is of gracious mercies bathing the wise.
  • 57 ) Passing Uncertainty By
    Laurie Spiegel
    Laurie Spiegel is a creative thinker who doesn't like to do the same kind of music over and over. You never know what you're going to get.
    While composing, we feel for what's right for the next moment. We get a burst of material, maybe a phrase and then stop, uncertain again till the next idea fragment. One reason for doing music electroncially had nothing to do with timbre or interactivity - just timing. Only by electronic generation could the equivalent of a whole orchestra play non-metrical rhythms, such as this rubato, in exact synchronization. This is a standard 4 phrase form with a doubling of harmonic tempo at its midpoint.
  • 58 ) Dr. Recycle
    Captain Thomas Taglienti
    Captain Tom is a New York native. He has been performing his own brand of performance art around the city for several years. He has successfully managed to juggle his life as an embalmer and middle school science teacher with his artistic pursuits. The Captain also is the bassist in the famous Doo-Wop outfit, "The Emotions" backing band. Captain Tom also has a strong connection and reverence for the U.S. Civil War. The Captain grows all his own vegetables.
    Dr. Recycle was inspired by the work of an 8th grade student in my class. She had voiced her concerns about the amount of trash her family produced per day. Then she said, "Is there a doctor or something I can call"? Then I laughed and said, "Farhana, you mean, a recycling doctor"? We laughed and she had a good talk with her family about reducing their carbon footprint.
  • 59 ) Nevada
    Robert Voisey
    The word 'viral,' comes to mind as a trendy but disquietingly accurate image for Robert Voisey's infectious enthusiasm. He is always ready to mutate and reinfect the process as indicated to maintain the highest degree of project fever" -60x60: netsuke for the musical mind Richard Arnest, Sounding Board, Spring 2011
    Nevada is part of Rob Voisey's States project inspired by Jon Nelson's 50/50
  • 60 ) Velocity Solo (over a backing track by Obscura)
    Florian Magnus Maier
    FLORIAN MAGNUS MAIER is one of the most prolific young composers in the Netherlands. A cum laude graduate of the Rotterdam Conservatory, his music is performed all over the world, and earned him a.o. the Paul Jacobs Memorial Award, two Tanglewood fellowships and nominations for the Gaudeamusprize and the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers. As arranger, he worked with a.o. Devin Townsend and Paradise Lost. Next to his bands Noneuclid, The Hungry Gods and Dark Fortress, Maier performs as soloist with leading ensembles and orchestras like the Metropole Orchestra, Orchester des 13. Tons and the Asko, Doelen and Nieuw Ensembles.
    "My good friends from the progressive death metal band Obscura asked me to contribute a solo for their most recent album Omnivium. Since they told me to boldly go beyond the playable, and considering the track is called Velocity, me and the tab-to-transient-button of ProTools had a little jam. And what do you know, shortly after the album's release, some kid put up a youtube video covering the solo top to bottom. Tsk, tsk, young people today... Backing track written by Steffen Kummerer and Hannes Grossmann. Relapse Records 2011."
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