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Title Composer
1) Tonight on 60x60 David Morneau
2) RUDE BUDDHA Brent Wilcox
3) Aphylactic Projection 18 Zach Kurth-Nelson
4) Kansas Has This About It Dean Rosenthal
5) Flash! Joan LaBarbara
6) Flea Circus Alex Shapiro
7) Doubles for a Minute? David Lefkkowitz
8) Blue Sand Lynn Job
9) The Danube at Batina, Croatia, underwater Annea Lockwood
10) Wash Daniel Blinkhorn
11) Philosophers Some Time Went Upon These Hills David Claman
12) I.V. Drip Cheyenne Henderson
13) Hold Your Breath Louis Sellers
14) Father and Son Boogie Ben Bierman
15) Figuratively Speaking Ben Boone
16) Electric Trains Robert Voisey
17) Trai(p)(f)(m) Mike McFerron
18) Marimbell HyeKyung Lee
19) Sixty Second Serenade Todd Merrill
20) Glimmerings Judith Shatin
21) chantey on Sinchan river Song Ming-zhu
22) the Lost Sound Erdem Helvacioglu
23) Voliffera Cyprian Li
24) Babayaga's Chicken Dance Jesse Clark
25) S.0.1. Fünf
26) Altered Reversal Sean Luciw
27) A Few Words Phillip Stearns
28) Godot in hurry Gintas Kraptivakas
29) White Winds Maggi Payne
30) Shelly (The Red-Eared Slider) Marji Gere and Dan Sedgwick
31) fourmis dans mon panatalon David Gunn
32) Free Speech Noah Creshevsky
33) Smuttle Bathory-Kitsz
34) Ghost Singer Robert Scott Thompson
35) Rumble Strip Sean Hickey
36) Musical Mechanics Russell Cannon
37) Plastic edge ver2 Junya Oikawa
38) V-I Daniel Goode
39) Partially Invaded by Flying fish Larry Gaab
40) The Z Relationship Garry Wickliffe
41) Ballad Robert Allaire
42) Lost Voices Sandeep Bhagwati
43) Cold Blood Polly Moller
44) Donald's Soliloquy Rodney Oakes
45) Prelude from a Drama Play Jonas Petterson
46) As timbre goes By Gilberto Assis Rosa
47) Something Else For Now Reconsiderate
48) Pearly Whites Patrick Smith
49) screaming rainforest Simon Whethem
50) Missing My Mother's Garden Julia Norton
51) Old-Green's Life Night David Ben Shannon
52) 60 Second Signs Aaron Acosta
53) Rain Dance Nivedita ShivRaj
54) Undercover Patricia Walsh
55) Mother Africa Christy Carew
56) 3 Strikes and your out Craig Bottomley
57) A CaSamppella Gene Pritsker
58) For Keith Katie McMurran
59) Doubtful mix Alejandro Guerro
60) Big Donut David Hahn
Title Composer
1)Tonight on 60x60 David Morneau

Tonight on 60x60 was composed as a tribute to 60x60 and as a thank you to Robert Voisey who works so hard on the behalf of so many composers. The samples are taken from the first 60x60 CD and from a certain television news magazine show.

David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre, a provider of exclusive unprecedented experiments. In his work he endeavors to explore ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself.

2)RUDE BUDDHA Brent Wilcox

Rude Buddha - "Asian" samples, shortwave radio, smashed preconceptions. Guatama Rocks Your World!

Brent Wilcox has been using and abusing sounds and instruments since 1978, first with fingers and tape loops, now with samples and digital deconstruction. Released works include "Leisure w/Dignity" (1982), "The Pops Science Story" (1987) and "Executive Lullabies" (1988). Mix in 27 years of influential eclectic and experimental radio shows, and this is what you get.

3)Aphylactic Projection 18 Zach Kurth-Nelson

Zach Kurth-Nelson (b. 1986) is currently a graduate pursuing an M.A. in Composition at Mills College, studying composition with Maggi Payne. He received his B.A. in Composition from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2006, studying composition there with Henry Gwiazda. He is also a vocalist, and has been recorded singing Psalmus XXIII by Noah Creshevsky on the CD To Know or Not to Know, released on Tzadik.

4)Kansas Has This About It Dean Rosenthal

Kansas takes its name from a line in John Cage’s “Lecture on Nothing”. The music is a collaborative effort between man and machine and utilizes John Cage’s voice, recorded in the past. Thus, the “portrait” creates the sense of Cage without actually naming him as the subject.

Dean Rosenthal (b. 1974) is a well-known American composer of electronic and instrumental music. His work often features generative mathematical structures and systems. He lives and works in Massachusetts.

5)Flash! Joan LaBarbara

Flash! was composed for violinist Ariana Kim and premiered at her recital in Juilliard's Paul Hall in December 2005, "Flash!" begins with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights gasp and hurtles forward at breakneck speed, fingers flying through flashing runs until the final strum and rapid snap pizz. It is a sonic animation in the spirit of great thriller films. Allan Kozinn's comment for the NY Times (January 21, 2006) said: "Flash!" "had the spirit of an animated monologue." (note by Joan La Barbara)

Joan La Barbara, composer, performer, sound artist has created sound scores for film, video and dance. Awards including Guggenheim Fellowship in Music Composition, DAAD Artist-in-Residency in Berlin, NEA grants, and numerous commissions. Recordings include "ShamanSong" (New World) and "Voice is the Original Instrument" (Lovely Music), hailed as one of The Wire's 10 best reissues. "73 Poems", her collaboration with text-artist Kenneth Goldsmith, was included in The Whitney Museum American Century Part II: SoundWorks. Live Music for Dance commissions include: "Dragons on the Wall", "Landscape over Zero", "Desert Myths" and "Fleeting Thoughts". La Barbara is composing an opera inspired by the life and work of Virginia Woolf.

6)Flea Circus Alex Shapiro

Life is short. Fleas are short. This piece is short. Three terrific Los Angeles musicians of moderate height make these performing insects dance for you: clarinetist Berkeley Price, violinist Nancy Roth, and pianist Deon Nielsen Price. Step right up! A trio awaits to amuse you with their amazing antics! No fleas were harmed in the making of this music.

A resident of Washington state's San Juan Island, Alex Shapiro aligns note after note with the hope that a few of them might sound good next to each other.

7)Doubles for a Minute? David Lefkkowitz

Doubles for a Minute? is so named because most every note is repeated (doubled), most every note is a double stop, and the entire movement should take exactly a minute to play. An alternate title for the work could be "Cello, Anyone?".

David S. Lefkowitz received his BA from Cornell University, his MA from University of Pennsylvania, and his Ph.D. from The Eastman School of Music. As a composer David S. Lefkowitz has won international acclaim, having works performed in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, and Israel, and winning National and International Competitions, including the Fukui Harp Music Awards Competition (twice), and the American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers Grants to Young Composers Competition. In addition, he has won prizes and recognition from the National Association of Composers, USA (NACUSA), the Guild of Temple Musicians, Pacific Composers' Forum, Chicago Civic Orchestra, Washington International Competition, Society for New Music's Brian M. Israel Prize, the ALEA III International Competition, and the Gaudeamus Music Week. He has also been a Meet-The-Composer Composer in Residence.

8)Blue Sand Lynn Job

Blue Sand paints a swirling palette of spiritual chaos and strife - pregnant destiny surging and wrestling as waves between boulders. A strike on the bell tree calls the vision into focus, the prophetess reads impressions of future warfare between Israel and a Far-east alliance. Water (judgment and revelation), reveals both the mystical Leviathan and the invisible armies of the Shield of David. Blue Sand quotes from Job’s allegorical Arcangelo Red (Stepháne Tran Ngoc, violin), and Shadow’s Pipe (Jennifer Chen, flute). Finished during Hanukkah, December 3, 2007.

Lynn Job was born in South Dakota, U.S.A., and is published by BUCKTHORN Music Press. Dr. Job is an active woman composer for all new classical genres, a mystic poet, thespian, and author with past military and archaeological service.

9)The Danube at Batina, Croatia, underwater Annea Lockwood

Composer of instrumental and electronic music, installations, and soundscapes, Annea Lockwood collaborates with choreographers, sound poets, and other artists. She explores the physical, natural and human world, using the sounds of glass, earthquakes, rivers, exotic instruments. Lockwood recently retired from a faculty position at Vassar College. She actively composes and performs worldwide. "One of the biggest discoveries to influence my later work happened when I simply set up a microphone at the window and recorded the sound environment ... I started to listen to the sounds around me like one great composition." This is from her sound installation, 'A Sound Map of the Danube'. - Annea Lockwood

10)Wash Daniel Blinkhorn

Wash is a short meditation on bathing in a stream.

Daniel Blinkhorn is a composer and digital media artist currently residing in Sydney, Australia. His works have been performed, exhibited and presented internationally at numerous festivals/ concert halls, conferences and loci and his citations include; Luc Ferrari International Radiophonic Composition Competition, 9th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva, Diffusion 2008 and Diffusion 2006 International Electroacoustic Composition Competitions, 33e and 34e Concours Internationaux de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourge, Confluencias VI International Competition de Miniaturas Electroacústicas, 6th International Computer Music Competition 'Pierre Schaeffer', Città di Udine Seventh edition International Competition for Composers, Fellowship of Australian Composers Prize 2007, XXV Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Originale per Banda, Italia and the ISCM World Music Days, 2007.

11)Philosophers Some Time Went Upon These Hills David Claman

David Claman teaches at Lehman College-CUNY. He is co-director of the Extensible Toy Piano Project.

12)I.V. Drip Cheyenne Henderson

Having sadly spent extended periods of time in a hospital recently, the core of this piece comes from sounds that I actually imagined were there, despite the numerous beeps and noises that are constant in a hospital. I became simultaneously fascinated and unnerved at the relentless drip of the I.V. and wondered what those drips might sound like if a tiny microphone were placed inside the plastic casing. Eerily, heart monitors no longer make noise and show only a graphic representation of the beat, so I imagined this sound as well and put it in the piece.

Cheyenne Henderson first remembers establishing his own taste when he secretly obtained hip-hop tapes with explicit lyrics at age 11. He fortunately (but barely) continued piano lessons so when he discovered jazz at 13, he had a foundation to work with. A graduate of UCLA with ethnomusicology and psychology degrees, Cheyenne is currently studying with Dan Becker at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in the master's program. He continues to play jazz around the bay area as well. He received the ASCAP Louis Armstrong Jazz Composition Award, the David Abell Jazz Piano Award, and the Elaine Krowne Klein Award.

13)Hold Your Breath Louis Sellers

Hold Your Breath, is a Trip-Hop sound exploration of lush tones. The music features 2 sections of holding your breath for 30-seconds.

Louis Sellers is an aspiring producer, engineer and musician. Collaborating and playing with bands since the young age of 13, he continues to take the UK by storm in his energetic, Alternative Rock band 'In Darklight'.

14)Father and Son Boogie Ben Bierman

Father and Son Boogie is a rhythmic free-for-all featuring the composer, Benjamin Bierman, on mouth percussion, and his son, Manny Bierman, on Udu. Ben also gets to join in the fun by blowing some bluesy trumpet over the whole thing.

Benjamin Bierman is a composer, trumpet player, pianist, arranger, producer, and bandleader. He has a very wide range of musical experiences and an eclectic aesthetic sensibility to match. As a composer, his works have been performed both nationally and internationally. Ben was recently the Composer-in-Residence for the Goliard Ensemble, and his piece for orchestra (Proximities) was conferred the status of special recognition by the Los Angeles Philharmonic in their recent Synergy Project competition. He resides in Brooklyn with his wife and three sons. He loves being outdoors, and cannot resist a great groove.

15)Figuratively Speaking Ben Boone

Benjamin Boone’s life -- thus far -- in 85 words: Born in Statesville, NC in 1963; related to Daniel Boone; father was a traveling glue salesman and mother a homemaker; youngest of five sons; moved all over since; recorded rhinoceros vocalizations in Zimbabwe; was a Music Manager in New York; plays sax all over the U.S.A. and Europe; compositions performed all over the world and on numerous CD’s; loves to ski, play saxophone, compose, read, teach and play with his wife and kids; teaches theory and composition at California State University, Fresno; loves "30 Rock.”

16)Electric Trains Robert Voisey

Robert Voisey is a composer and impresario of electroacoustic and chamber music. His aesthetic oscillates from the Ambient to the Romantic. Voisey embraces a variety of media for his compositions, and pioneers new venues to disseminate his music and reach audiences.

17)Trai(p)(f)(m) Mike McFerron

Henry's Trai(p)(f)(m) is an attempt to capture just a small fraction of the excitement and fascination that my two-year old has with trains.

Mike McFerron is an associate professor of music and composer-in- residence at Lewis University and he is founder and co-director of Electronic Music Midwest. A past fellow the MacDowell Colony, June in Buffalo, and the Chamber Music Conference of the East/Composers’ Forum, honors include, among others, first prize in the Louisville Orchestra Composition Competition, first prize in the CANTUS commissioning/residency program, and recipient of the CCF Abelson Vocal Music Commission.

18) Marimbell HyeKyung Lee

Marimbell uses Logic software instruments sound – marimba and bell.

An active composer and pianist, HyeKyung Lee (born in Seoul, Korea) holds a D.M.A in Composition and Performance Certificate in Piano from the University of Texas at Austin. An accomplished pianist, HyeKyung has performed her own compositions and others in numerous contemporary music festivals and conferences in the United States, Europe, and Korea. Currently she is living in Columbus, Ohio with her son and teaching at Denison University, Granville, Ohio

19)Sixty Second Serenade Todd Merrill

Sixty Second Serenade represents my continued fascination with discovering the soul that humans design into their machinery, and coaxing humanity from technology. It is a love song to those who have remained so devoted and sympathetic to me over the years: my beautiful machines.

Todd Merrell studied composition and voice at Berklee College of Music, and with James Sellars of The Hartt School, and works primarily with single sideband shortwave radio, granular synthesis, and processing. He has been reviewed in The Wire and other publications, and recorded for labels including Archive and Mode.

20)Glimmerings Judith Shatin

Glimmerings bounces through time with harmonies that shimmer in rhythmic whirls, sweeping into higher spaces before gliding to a stop. It was created using RTCmix running under Linux.

Judith Shatin' s music is inspired by her explorations and inventive extensions of timbre. Shatin's music has been commissioned by such groups as the Ash Lawn Opera Festival, the Barlow Foundation, Core Ensemble, Kronos Quartet, National Symphony, the Dutch Hexagon Ensemble and Wintergreen Performing Arts, through Americans for the Arts. Currently, Judith Shatin is William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Music and Director of the Virginia Center for Computer Music at the University of Virginia.

21)chantey on Sinchan river Song Ming-zhu

Chantey is the spirit of Sichuan Rivers(include Yangtse Rive),This chantey sung when they leave home and depart.

Professor Song Ming-zhu, Director of the Composition Department of Sichuan Conservatory of Music is an expert with special allowance from the China’s State Council. He has been awarded numerous prizes in China’s top competitions held by the government and associations. He was also awarded the Excellent Music Education Award and the first prize of Sichuan Higher Education Achievement by both China’s Education Ministry and Sichuan provincial government.

22)the Lost Sound Erdem Helvacioglu

Erdem Helvacioglu received several prizes including two consecutive "3rd prize" in the 2002 and 2003 Luigi Russolo Electroacoustic Competition and "honorary mention" in the 2004 Insulae Electronicae Electroacoustic Competition with his electroacoustic tape works. His compositions have been performed in various electronic music festivals such as CEAIT 2003, San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2004, Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music 2004, Nuit Bleue Electronic Music Festival 2004, Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2004, Computer Art Festival 2004, CEAIT 2005, 14th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Acousmania Festival 2005 and the 10th International Electroacoustic Music Festival "Primavera en La Habana".

23)Voliffera Cyprian Li

Volifera is a person's inner feeling of resignation, a person who has had a long experience of the ups and downs of life.

Cyprian Li, Chinese, was born and educated in Hong Kong, and worked for many years as a school teacher of Physics and Chemistry. Without formal music training, he started his pursuit of music in the eighties, experimenting and composing with the sounds of synthesizers and algorithmic and signal-processing software.

24)Babayaga's Chicken Dance Jesse Clark

Babayaga's Chicken Dance is created solely from a recording (using a Canon Elph camera) of a shadow puppet troupe's rehearsal.

Jesse S Clark, aka Agents Del Futuro and member of Pineresin, is a San Francisco-based musician, composer and producer. Visit his website jsclarkstudios.com for a live video feed from his recording studio as well as hours of his music, video art and other media.

25)S.0.1. Fünf

Fünf are five multi-instrumentalists who, while regular performers with live bands, are proponents of using the recording studio as an instrument. As a result, Fünf compositions evolve as if they were live band pieces, dynamic and musical, taking many unexpected detours. Each piece begins as a “seed track” created by one member. It is then emailed to the next member. The next member adds new elements – acoustic/electronic instruments, samples – and sends it to the next member.

26)Altered Reversal Sean Luciw

Altered Reversal combines the altered jazz chord arpeggios with reversed chaos.

Sean Luciw is liberated from analog by digital, and liberated from digital by analog.

27)A Few Words Phillip Stearns

A Few Words was composed using your standard text editor. Intuitively generated text was entered into the text editor and various parts were copied and pasted thousands of times. The result was a rather large and largely unreadable file that was then opened in Pure Data and played as an audio file. It’s becoming a common practice to open PDF or other files into audio buffers and use them as source material. I thought it would be interesting for this project to try my hand at creating the music in the data file itself.

Phillip Stearns is a Los Angeles based sound artist and composer who studied music composition with Micheal Pisaro, Mark Trayle and Sarah Roberts at the California Institute of the Arts. MFA candidate in the Experimental Sound Practices program, his work deals primarily with the subversion of commonly used electronic devices and computer software normally associated with the production of music or sound. This subversion has manifest in compositions made with the use of mixer feedback, circuit bent and DIY electronic audio/video devices, hacked or broken software and various other unique processes.

28)Godot in hurry Gintas Kraptivakas

Gintas K (Gintas Kraptavicius) has been participating in the Lithuanian experimental music scene since 1994. Gintas K was a core member of the first Lithuanian industrial electronic music band ‘Modus.’ From 1997 to 2000 he worked as an editor on the radio station 'Kapsai' for an alternative radio show titled 'The Ways and Mistaken Pathways'. He became known for his sound actions, theatrical performances and conceptual art in the manner of Fluxus. Since 1999 Gintas K has been working as a sound artist exploring minimal digital sounds, sine waves, noise, glitches, microwaves and acoustic vibration, making music for films, sound installations. Gintas K’s sound works were presented in various festivals, exhibitions and released by various record labels.

29)White Winds Maggi Payne

I built this stormy miniature landscape using a Moog IIIP's pink noise oscillator through the Moog's highly resonant filter, a voice resonating through a grand piano, a mechanical transport, a ball bearing, dry ice, paper, and tapping on tuning pins of a piano. In its brevity, it is almost as if one is looking through a window into another world for a moment.

Maggi Payne is Co-director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, in the San Francisco Bay Area (USA) where she teaches recording engineering, composition, and electronic music. She also freelances as a recording engineer/editor and historical remastering engineer. She has had performances of her works throughout the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Australasia. Her works are available on Starkland, Lovely Music, Music and Arts, Centaur, Ubuibi, MMC, CRI, Digital Narcis, Frog Peak, Asphodel, and/OAR, Ubuibi, and Mills College labels.

30)Shelly (The Red-Eared Slider) Marji Gere and Dan Sedgwick

Shelly is a round dedicated to the Sedgwick family’s rambunctious seventeen-year-old turtle. It is one of a set of eight rounds to be recorded in winter 2008 by the composers and their ensemble An Exciting Event.

Currently residing in Houston, Marji Gere and Dan Sedgwick frequently collaborate on composition, puppetry, chamber music, and cooking projects. "Shelly" is a round dedicated to the Sedgwick family's rambunctious seventeen-year-old turtle. It is one of a set of eight rounds to be recorded in winter 2008 by the composers and their ensemble An Exciting Event.

31)fourmis dans mon panatalon David Gunn

David Gunn composes mostly acoustic music. He’d write for orchestras all day if anybody would let him. His latest product is incidental music for a theatrical production of Ray Bradbury’s Pillar of Fire, for which the check is already in the mail. (How cool is that?) Next up: Locomotives stalking a leopard in a china closet, for large percussion ensemble. In 2003, Albany Records released a CD of his chamber music called Somewhere East of Topeka. Brisk sales are anticipated any day now. For 10½ years, he co-hosted Kalvos & Damian’s New Music Bazaar, which won an award once. Twice, actually.

32)Free Speech Noah Creshevsky

Text for Free Speech written and performed by Chris Mann.

Trained by Nadia Boulanger and Luciano Berio, Noah Creshevsky is the former director of the Center for Computer Music and Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. Free Speech uses hyperrealism, an electroacoustic musical language constructed from sounds that are found in our shared environment, handled in ways that are somehow exaggerated or excessive.

33)Smuttle Bathory-Kitsz

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz has made work for sound sculptures, soloists, electronics, stage shows, orchestras, dancers, interactive multimedia, installations, and performance events. He encouraged the chamber opera rebirth with Plasm over ocean at the World Trade Center; the museum installation In Bocca al Lupo and outdoor installation Traveler’s Rest were collaborations with sculptor Fernanda D’Agostino for quasi-intelligent systems; he was the first American commissioned for Prague’s Mánes Museum, conducting Zonule Glaes II for string quartet and electronics; and retrospective concerts of his work were presented in Amsterdam and Ghent. His recorded electroacoustic work includes Detritus of Mating (Sistrum), zéyu, quânh & sweeh (Frog Peak), iskajtbrz (UnLimit), The Warbler’s Garden (Capstone), and Snare:Wilding (illegal art). Dennis co-hosted Kalvos & Damian’s New Music Bazaar, co-founded the NonPop International Network, and has been project director for new music festivals since 1973.

34)Ghost Singer Robert Scott Thompson

Ghost Singer are the sounds of imaginary bouncing objects frame an evolving vocal drone.

Robert Scott Thompson is a composer of instrumental and electroacoustic music. He creates work in a wide variety of forms ranging from chamber and orchestral music to works for the virtuoso soloist, computer music, and video and performance art. He is the recipient of several important prizes and distinctions for his music including the First Prize in Musica Nova 2003 (Czech Republic), First Prize in the 2001 Pierre Schaeffer Competition (Italy) and awards in the XVI Concorso Internazionale "Luigi Russolo" (Italy), Irino Prize Foundation Competition for Chamber Music (Japan), and Concours International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges (France), among others.

35)Rumble Strip Sean Hickey

Composed in 2004, Rumble Strip, more or less conforms to a work made to order, in this case a work lasting 60 seconds or less. Scored for a rather unorthodox combination of instruments, the piece highlights not the range and agility of each instrument, (which is a byproduct nonetheless), but rather the ability of the Finale Notation Software program to accurately - and somewhat crudely - play back the line given to each instrument. Ranges jump, meters change and the group manages to stay together. Though never quite derailing, Rumble Strip makes for a short and bumpy ride.

Born in Detroit, Sean Hickey's music education began with an electric guitar, a Peavey amp, and a stack of Van Halen records, the early ones of course. He studied jazz guitar at Oakland University, later graduating with a degree in composition and theory from Wayne State University. His instructors were James Hartway and James Lentini, and studied further with Leslie Bassett and Justin Dello Joio. He has composed orchestral, choral, chamber and solo works for a variety of individuals. 2005 saw the Billboard-charting release of several of his chamber and orchestral works on Naxos.

36)Musical Mechanics Russell Cannon

Musical Mechanics is designed to explore what exactly takes place while someone or a group of persons is playing a piece of music.

Russell Cannon is a native of Garland, Texas. He is presently enrolled in the Music Theory and Composition Program at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he is also a member of the Wind Symphony.

37)Plastic edge ver2 Junya Oikawa

Plastic Edge ver.2, a poetic small piece that came out of fusion between simple and deep Japanese sounds and bolero. Sound artist/composer,

Junya Oikawa (b.1983 in Sendai, Japan) began playing the electronic-guitar in a rock-band. In 2007, he graduated Music and Sound Design in Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.

38)V-I Daniel Goode

The “V” can last an indeterminate time, but the “I” would always be a mere eighth note in length.” - Daniel Goode.

Daniel Goode, composer and clarinetist, was born in New York. His solo, ensemble and intermedia works have been performed worldwide. He is co-founder/director of the DownTown Ensemble, formed in 1983. He has been a performer and composer with Gamelan Son of Lion since 1976. His innovative music for solo clarinet includes Circular Thoughts (Theodore presser Co.) and Clarinet Song on the XI label. His theater-music work Eight Thrushes, Accordion and Bagpipe, was performed at the Pfeifen im Wald festival in Berlin and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. He is a 2004 New York Foundation for the Arts fellow. A complete catalogue of his works can be found at Frog Peak Music. “Using circular breathing, I express on the clarinet the most basic chord progression in music. This composition was part of the original set of pieces titled Clarinet Songs, recorded on X I records in 1993 but dates back to 1979. V-I was not included in the recording so this is the first published recording.

39)Partially Invaded by Flying Fish Larry Gaab

Partially Invaded by Flying Fish is a rhythmic piece with nebulous patterns. Silence reveals contours. Trying to make sense. Dissonance just beyond recognition. Unsettling, yet captivating. Vague, yet vivid. Not quite so. Partially. Larry Matthew Gaab (b. 1950) is a native of the United States where he creates music at his studio in Chico, California. His body of works are for tape alone and for mixed acoustic and electronic instruments. His musical language focuses on various abstractions of sound, but especially the elasticity and transformational aspects. Composed in the studio, his works are in part improvised, part composed, and part computer generated.

40)The Z Relationship Garry Wickliffe

When I decided to enter the 60x60 competition I had no idea what I was going to compose. I'm not very familiar with how to manipulate sounds and synthesize new ones, so I decided to compose something I was very familiar with; I created an audio movie trailer. The movie itself does not exist, nor does any footage. I wrote the script myself and play the voice of the protagonist. The other voices were my friends Michelle Ferguson (soprano) and Christian Teague (bass). The end result is a "seriously funny" trailer about the hidden horrors of 20th c. music.

Garry Wickliffe is a native of east Texas and is currently completing his master's degree in music composition under the tutelage of Dr. Stephen Lias at Stephen F. Austin State University. Although Garry is a published composer and arranger of concert works, he hopes one day to write music for either film or video games. He has worked extensively with the SFA film department and has helped to score two of their feature films, and he hopes one day to take the skills he learned from those experiences all the way to Hollywood.

41)Ballad Robert Allaire

Ballad is nothing more than an epic tale of daring, romance, adventure, personal discovery, danger, intrigue, death, familial estrangement, political turmoil, war, famine, national reconciliation, ecological disaster, and true love.

Robert Allaire is a composer of chamber, media, and electroacoustic music. Robert has composed for films, animations, and video games. Allaire enjoys composing 8-bit dance music and playing accordion in a Santa Clarita based folk duo.

42)Lost Voices Sandeep Bhagwati

Sandeep Bhagwati was born in Bombay; India came to Europe since he was six. He specializes in experimental music theatre, chamber music, computer music and audio art. His music has been performed worldwide and by prestigious performers such as Ensemble Modern or Munich Philharmonic. He has worked intensely with musicians form India and China. He is also a prolific writer on music. He was artistic director of several Festivals: RASALIALA (Berlin 2003), KlangRiffe (Karlsruhe 2003) and A*Devantgarde (Munich, 1991-95). He was Composer in Residence at the IRCAM and the Beethoven Hall Orchestra, amongst others.

43)Cold Blood Polly Moller

Cold Blood was created in November 2004 for the Pax Recordings compilation album /Voices In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of G.W.'s America/ -- and adapted for 60 x 60. It features Polly Moller's original spoken words (written on an afternoon hike up Sweeney Ridge in the San Francisco Bay Area) and her flute multiphonics, transformed and made into electronica by Will Grant.

Polly Moller enjoys a multifaceted career as a performance artist, composer, improviser, and avant-garde flute player. Her past performing credits include a flute recital at the University of Missouri-Columbia New Music Festival and a Late-Night Cabaret at the National Flute Association's annual convention. Her recordings have been released on Albany Records, Pax Recordings, Mindspore Records, and Silver Wheel Music. Polly Moller has been awarded grants by the American Composers Forum Subito Program, the American Composers Forum Community Partners Program, and the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts. She is currently recording her fourth solo CD, “Not Made of Stone”.

44)Donald's Soliloquy Rodney Oakes

Rodney Oakes is a composer and trombonist living in Los Angeles. He currently teaches as a professor emeritus at Los Angeles Harbor College. Oakes's music is available on a number of CDs, and he performs concerts for music for the MIDI trombone in the US and Europe. He also performs wit a number of jazz ensembles.

45)Prelude from a Drama Play Jonas Petterson

S.J. Pettersson is a Swedish composer residing in Los Angeles. His current project is a chamber opera for small orchestra and soloists based on the famous 1900 theatre play by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg called "A Dream Play". The play is the first piece of non-linear theatre ever written and describes in a series of dreamlike sequences the visit to Earth of the daughter of the God Indra. She experiences the difficulties and moral complexities of living a human life. whole project is expected to be finished and have its premiere in late spring of 2009.

46)As timbre goes by Gilberto Assis Rosa

As timbre goes by, electroacoustic work based in the material constant transformation.

Gilberto Assis Rosa works professionally as a Music Producer, Music Teacher, Composer and Arranger. He finished his Master Degree at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo/Brazil based in a research about the Composer Edgard Varèse. Recently he has worked mainly in collaboration with choreographers and taking part of international contemporary music festivals as a composer.

47)Something Else For Now Reconsiderate

Casual and easy going—what else could describe Something Else For Now?? In this tasty morsel, we get a good sample of Reconsiderate's signature multi-layered binary/drone mixing style.

Reconsiderate is what you get when you mix industrial rock with hip hop, and toss in elements of spoken word, break beat, avant garde experimentalism and whole a bunch of other stuff that nobody has yet invented names for.

48)Pearly Whites Patrick Smith

Pearly Whites is my sixty-second musical work written in the style of 1960's game show music. It is hopelessly cheesy and I take delight in its unabashed "long-in-the-tooth"-ness.

Patrick Smith is a composer, producer, keyboardist and author. He has composed music for media for over 20 years. Among his credits are documentaries for Discovery Channel, Dramatic Television for Fox, Theatrical installation shows for Bermuda, Saudi Arabia, the State of Kentucky, the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, and many others. He is an author of two books, the second of which was recently released.

49)screaming rainforest Simon Whethem

screaming rainforest is a 60 second excerpt of a recording that also appears as part of 'Understory', which was released in December 2008 through the re-established record label Trente Oiseaux. The recording was made during Simon's participation in the Mamori Sound Project, a two week artists residency based in the amazon rainforest region of Brazil and run by Francisco Lopez. Simon's participation was funded by the Arts Council England and his grandmother, Joan Shear.

Simon Whetham was described as 'a novelist' by Rinus van Alebeek, the organiser of Das Kleine Field Recording Festival, Berlin, 2008. The description Rinus gave Simon and his approach to composing using field recordings is perfect. His recorded and performance pieces are episodic, dramatic and evocative. Simon's work has led him to record and perform in Iceland, Mongolia, France, Germany, Brazil and Estonia, and to perform alongside artists such as Fennesz, Philip Jeck, The Owl Project, Mira Calix, Plaid and Hauschka, to name but a few. He has had work released by 60x60, Entr'acte, Trente Oiseaux, Gruenrekorder, Earth Monkey and Filament, with upcoming releases through Lens Records and 1000fussler.

50)Missing My Mother's Garden Julia Norton

Missing My Mother's Garden was recorded when I was feeling sentimental and bluesy.”

Julia Norton, Originally from the UK, is a performer, composer & voice teacher now living in the San Francisco Bay area.

51)Old-Green's Life Night David Ben Shannon

Old Green’s Life Night is built around several samples of nocturnal wildlife. Each of these is mimicked by another instrument, the intention being to demonstrate the inherent musicality of nature.

David Ben Shannon is an English composer. Working predominantly in film and theatre, he is a music graduate of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and is based in Merseyside, England. Artistic Director of LiNK! the Movement.

52)60 Second Signs Aaron Acosta

Aaron Acosta is a graduate from the College of Santa Fe with a BA in Sound Design in Media in 2002. This is a Self Designed major that consists of studies in Theatre, Film, and Music. Sound helps us interpret the world in a unique way with frequency, amplitude and time: he chooses to explore these realms. He is involved with electro acoustic composition as well as more traditional composition. Aaron Acosta is a member of USITT & CITT.

53)Rain Dance Nivedita ShivRaj

Rain Dance symbolizes our relationship with nature and portrays the joy that rain brings. It is a musical composition based on the Indian Raga – Amirtha Varshini (the sweet showers) and has been played on the multi-stringed instrument Veena with Indian musical instruments Mridangam and Morsing (Jews harp) along with digital music.

Nivedita ShivRaj is a composer, performer and teacher of Carnatic Music (South Indian style of classical music), proficient in both vocal and instrumental forms and plays the ancient multi-stringed instrument "Veena".

54)Undercover Patricia Walsh

The mesmerising rhythms of the piece Undercover, draw on themes of nostalgia and desire and fluctuate between the contrasting and converging positions of fact and fiction / past and present.

Patricia Walsh is a UK artist working with sound and video. Her research into scientific discovery and romantic propaganda makes exploratory navigations into time, space and place. Using a language of resonance her work often touches upon unseen presences, immeasurable distances and the often mysterious nature of communication.

55)Mother Africa Christy Carew

Mother Africa uses the traditional West African instruments of kora, a stringed instrument similar to a harp, and balafon, a tuned percussion instrument similar to the vibraphone or xylophone. Fedounoum hand drums, cruche, shaker and a wooden rain stick provide the rhythm, with the voices of women and children highlighting the string section. It is a brief, uplifting, and rhythmic journey into the world of African music and instrumentation.

Christy Carew is a Canadian-American composer and pianist. She holds a BM from Loyola University New Orleans and a MA in Film Scoring and Composition from New York University, where she studied with Deniz Hughes. Christy also has a diploma from the EAMA composition program at L'Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. She lives in Los Angeles, CA where she writes for film and concert, with several films she has scored going to festival. She is now scoring the independent feature film “Manhattanites.” Christy recently arranged additional music for “Sex and the City: The Movie.” She interns with Sharon Farber. As a composer of African descent – Zimbabwe and South Africa, to be exact – I greatly enjoy writing African music and exploring my heritage musically.

56)3 Strikes and your out Craig Bottomley

3 strikes and you are out was created with Logic 8 in conjunction with a vocal part mixed with a vocoder. The whole contrast of the tracks works together to from a singular idea which can be expanded from this point.

Craig Bottomley is a composer from the U.K.

57)A CaSamppella Gene Pritsker

In A CaSamppella, I take samples of voices from various cultures and combine them to create a cohesive electronic composition lasting 60 seconds. I create grooves from snippets of voices and layer melodies taken out of contest from longer vocal lines.

Composer/guitarist/rapper Gene Pritsker has written compositions that employ an eclectic spectrum of styles and are influenced by his studies of various musical cultures. He is the founder and leader of Sound Liberation; an eclectic hip-hop/chamber/jazz/rock/etc. ensemble. Since coming to New York in 1994,

58)For Keith Katie McMurran

For Keith is a brief musical message to a friend.

Katie McMurran is a composer and sound artist living in Los Angeles. She studied music at UC Berkeley and CalArts, and her music and sound art have been presented with New Adventures in Sound Art, New Town Arts and Radio Village Nomade.

59)Doubtful mix Alejandro Guerro

Doubtful mix was done by Alejandro Guerrero with the collaboration of his brother Arturo

Guerrero Alejandro Guerrero was born in Mexico city and grew up there, until he came to Ann Arbor to study performing arts technology at University of Michigan.

60)Big Donut David Hahn

While sitting in a cafe at 8:30 am, I noticed a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. The girl happily wore a whipped cream mustache from the hot chocolate she was drinking. Realizing, however, that the offered donut was nor of adequate size, she began to complain. Her dissatisfaction quickly escalated into a full-blown kicking-and-screaming tantrum, while her mother--scratched and fully distressed--had to make a hasty exit. From an early age, David Hahn was forced to wake up before dawn to begin an hours-long trudge through frost-bitten and dilapidated industrial ghettos to get to his job making donuts in a major American metropolis. Despite all odds--or perhaps because of it--he was able to learn the basics of music composition from a fellow survivor and trans-fat connoisseur.