Bateira Trio

  • Sooyun Kim

    Winner of a Georg Solti Foundation Career Grat, flutist Sooyun Kim made her prize-winning debut at age ten with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. She has appeared with the Munich Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Seoul National Philharmonic, the New Amsterdam Symphony, the Boston Pops, and the New Jersey Symphony orchestras. In 2010 she became the first American since 1964 to win a top prize at the ARD International Music Competition. Ms. Kim completed her studies at the New England Conservatory with flutist Paula Robison. In 2007, she was named one of Korea's Young Leaders of Tomorrow by the Korean Central Daily News in recognition of her achievement and contributions to the arts. Ms. Kim is a member of Chamber Music Society Two.

  • Conway Kuo

    Conway Kuo, violist and violinist, is a native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Juilliard School. He is currently the Associate Principal Second Violin of the New York City Ballet Orchestra and also a Section First Violinist with the New York City Opera Orchestra. Mr. Kuo performs regularly with the Philadelphia Orchestra and participated in theAspen, Schleswig-Holstein, and Pacific Music Festivals. Mr. Kuo was the violist for the Four Seasons String Quartet, which gave performances in Merkin Concert Hall and the John Harms Center. His major teachers include Jascha Brodsky, Masao Kawasaki, Glenn Dicterow, and Arnold Steinhardt.

  • Satoshi Okamoto

    Satoshi Okamoto was an assistant principal double bassist in the San Antonio Symphony for eight years and a member of the New York City Ballet Orchestra for a year before joining the New York Philharmonic in September 2003. He received his master's degree from The Juilliard School, and a bachelor's degree from Tokyo University of Fine Arts. An eight-time Aspen Music Festival participant, he won the festival's bass competition twice, in 1993 and 1997. He also became a finalist of the International Society of Bassist Solo Competition in 1997, and the Izuminomori International Double Bass Competition in 2001. His teachers include Philharmonic Principal Bass Eugene Levinson, Paul Ellison, Al Laszlo, Bruce Bransby, Yoshio Nagashima, and Osamu Yamamoto

Concert Dates

  • January 29, 2012 - New York City

15 one-minute selections for Bateira Trio

  • Batteria di pentole 3 pz con termostato

    Matteo Bertolina

    Matteo Bertolina was born in 1988; he's studying composition and electronic music with Paolo Ferrara and Javier Torres Maldonado. He took part in 3 editions of "Festival 5 Giornate" (Milan) and in "2011 Shanghai Electronic Music Week". He won the First International Plathner's Eleven Composers Competition (Hannover).

    Three pans fall to the ground.
    And, they're resonating...

  • Just a Minute

    David Berlin

    David Berlin is a composer, music educator and arts education consultant. He took his degrees at Carnegie Mellon University and West Virginia University. He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, the Society of Composers and other organizations. His music has been performed nationally and internationally.

    "Just a Minute" for Flute, Viola and Double Bass This short piece begins quietly with plucked notes on the bass. The tension builds to a climax point about half way through, then relaxes the tension leading into a brief double bass solo before the music builds again and comes to closure.

  • Rondellhund

    Douglas DaSilva

    Douglas DaSilva is a composer, guitarist, educator, filmmaker ,and Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice and Premiere Salon Concerts in New York City. He composes in various styles including jazz, pop, children’s music, chamber music and experimental. Much of his writing is influenced by Brazilian music and self-inflicted stress.

    In "Rondellhund" I explore the Brazilian Baiao rhythm in its most basic form. Like the eponymous dog, this rhythm has spread throughout my music & hopefully will spread throughout the world without incurring any violent repercussions. Rondellhund (or roundabout dog) is a Swedish artistic phenomenon which has gone viral.

  • I can't quite remember...

    Murray Gross

    An award-winning composer and conductor, Murray Gross studied at New England Conservatory, Oberlin College, and Michigan State University. Currently on the faculty at Alma College (Michigan), his compositions have been performed by the New York New Music Ensemble, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and numerous professional and collegiate ensembles.

    Memories can be elusive, and we often struggle to accurately recall moments from the distant past. Far from a Proustian revelation, "I can't quite remember..." contains a few short bursts of insight, but remains primarily a quiet minute in search of a vague, long-forgotten dream.

  • Petite Trio

    Isaac Hayward

    Isaac Hayward is a freelance performer, composer and music director. For the last three years he has played in theatres around Australia as the musical director of The Rock Show, and in 2012 will join the music staff on the Australian tour of Disney/CML's Mary Poppins.

    A single original melody weaves through the three instruments as they accompany each other with outlines of major chords. The angular melody and distantly related chords collaborate with the instrumentation, metre and length of the piece to affect a charming quirkiness.

  • To slow My Exhale

    Scott Janz

    Scott Janz studies Music Composition with Drs. Michelle Schelle and Frank Felice at Butler University. He has worked collaboratively across his medium to create works of dance, theatre, and visual art. He also currently works as a social worker with youth in the juvenile correctional system.

    Groups of five notes are often slurred together, and when they are, an effort should be made to play all five notes as evenly as possible to produce a hemiolic gesture. This gives the effect of slowing in the exhale.

  • Masks

    Francis Kayali

    Francis Kayali is a Franco-American composer currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. Recently performed works include the pocket quartet "That's a New Dog" (Choreodography No. 1) and Astronomies of the Mind, for symphony orchestra.

    "Masks" is a study in small forms only invites further compression. Thus the idea of a three act opera with three characters: a perky flute, whose shifting moods never detract from her charm, and her two cohorts (viola and bass), who see her through it all, until the opera's very end.

  • 3.6 Miles Per Hour

    Cheryl Krugel-Lee

    Cheryl Krugel-Lee is a composer and orchestrator whose work spans both the commercial and classical worlds. She has composed and orchestrated scores for theatre productions and films, collaborated with choreographers, and created numerous works for a concert setting. She earned her Master of Music degree in 2011 from New York University.

    "3.6 Miles Per Hour" chronicles my adventures on public transportation. It is directly inspired by my Thanksgiving vacation, members of my immediate family, and the amount of time it took for me to travel from my apartment in Brooklyn to LaGuardia Airport in Queens—I could have walked.

  • Spirit Smoothie

    Vivian Li

    Born in Hong Kong, Vivian Li is a graduate of Cornell University, and is currently pursuing her graduate studies in composition at Mannes College under the guidance of composer Paul Moravec.

    The flute, viola, and double bass each have their own charming voice. "Spirit Smoothie" is inspired by the wonderful sound of this ensemble and the possibilities that this combination offers. These fresh sounds are pureed with honey in a smoothie blender and it makes a wholesome drink for your spirit.

  • Phat Pi

    Stan Link

    Stan Link teaches composition at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where he lives with his wife, Melanie Lowe, daughter, Wednesday, and assorted mammals and fish. Although hoping to write its obituary in his middle years, Stan's ego was at one time supported by composition degrees from Oberlin and Princeton.

    "Phat Pi" is an imaginary curve in which extreme precision meets irrationality. Politically, that particular combination is typically a prelude to some kind of brutality. Here, however, it aims at the whimsy of, say, a well built and perfectly functioning machine whose purpose is to sort driftwood from orange socks.

  • Fantasy

    Ted Mann

    Ted Mann is a multi-instrumentalist and award-winning composer on the music faculty at Keene State College. His specialties include music history, counterpoint and guitar. He has performed across the country as a soloist and with a variety of chamber groups. Joseph Maneri and Tamar Diesendruck are his main teachers in composition.

    This "Fantasy" is composed for the exciting instrumentation of the Bateria Trio. The five-note set found in the first measure was the impetus of the piece. It ends as it began only in retrograde, emphasizing and then de-emphasizing the c# along the way.

  • Solace

    David Morneau

    David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre, a provider of exclusive unprecedented experiments. In his work he endeavors to explore ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself.

  • Ragtime

    Aurelio Scotto

    Aurelio Scotto is a young Italian composer, his music has been performed in Italy, Russia, Usa, Malta, Japan, Swizterland, and published by Wicky Edition Milano, Taukay Edition Udine, IMG Edition, Premiere Store Lugano, Universal Music Publishing Ricordi Edition. Winner of many National and International Composition Competition.

    "Ragtime" is a funny composition written for the Bateira Trio. One of the most typical American rhythms is the background on which imitations and contrapuntal processes create the structure of this little piece. The three instruments talk to each other in a lovely ensemble. Nice to play and to hear.

  • Stay...

    Nina Siniakova

    Composer and pianist Nina Siniakova (b.1974) received her education at St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov conservatory and Hochschule fuer Musik Cologne. She has written pieces for orchestra, chamber ensembles, choir and theater. Her music has been performed in Europe and published at the publishing houses Compozitor in Russia and Four Forth in Belarus.

    "Stay... Don't leave me! Pain, anger, fair... Hope! Last sparkle in a darkened love. Please stay...

  • On the Aerodynamic Instability of Bees

    Douglas Wagoner

    Douglas Wagoner is a composer and conductor based in Newton, Massachusetts. His formal education was at Berklee College of Music, Boston University and New England Conservatory in composition, film-scoring and conducting.

    There is a famous anecdotal story of an aeronautical engineer that calculated that bees shouldn't be able to fly. But clearly they do. Similarly, at first glance, this ensemble of flute, viola and contrabass might look like it can't fly. But it does.