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Vox Novus is a collective of composers, musicians, and music enthusiasts collaborating together to create, produce, promote, and enjoy the new music of today. Our mission is to cultivate a music community and make their work available to the greater public.
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Vox Novus includes a diverse membership committed to the creation and dissemination of new music. Their music is of a variety of styles, aesthetics, and ideologies.
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60x60 is 60 one minute recorded audio works by 60 different composers/sound artists. The project is a far reaching endeavor to promote contemporary music and its many genres, styles and aesthetics. 60x60 has collaborated with many art forms and has produced and presented more than 250 performances in over 20 countries. Various incarnations of 60x60 include: concerts, video installations, movie screenings, art shows, and dance performances.
60x60 Dance
60X60 Dance is a project of 60x60 which has take a life onto itself. 60 Dances to 60 one minute audio works to create a multimedia evetn like no other. Hailed by the New York Times as a "masterpiece" enodorsed by the 2012 London Olympics for its Open Weekend and the Create 10 Festival, 60x60 Dance has the energy and excitement of a sports event.
Orchestra 60x60
Orchestra 60x60 is another incarnation of the 60x60 project incorporating 60 one-minute orchestral works by 60 different composers.
The Composer's Voice Concert Series is a chamber concert series based in New York City which presents chamber music of living composers. The series has more than 60 concerts to its credit and is currently presenting one or more concerts each month at Jan Hus Presbyterian church. Composer's Voice concert series is a collaboration presented by Jan Hus Church, the Remakable Theater Brigade, and Vox Novus.
Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is a project where 15 one-minute chamber works are presented by a specific musican/ensemble. The project normally debuts the one-minute works in New York City on the Composer's Voice Concert series
The American Composer Timeline is an extensive timeline of American Composers dating back to the 1600's. The American Composer Timeline contains more than 1400 composers with their birthdates and birth places, as well as links to their home pages or biographical information.
Vox Novus endeavors to provide resources and tools that the contemporary composers may use to create and promote their music.
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[ Vox Novus - the new voice for contemporary music ]
[ Vox Novus - the new voice for contemporary music ]