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Composer's Voice Concert
October 20, 2002
A.R.T South Oxford Space Brooklyn, New York

In a joint effort with the Living Music Foundation, Vox Novus hosted a Composer's Voice concert in the A.R.T. South Oxford Space in Brooklyn, New York. The concert contained many debuts most notably Terry Winter Owens debut of Rendezvous with Hyakutake performed by Rene Dennis, Piano Sketches by Marco Oppedisano performed by Hiromi Abe, and Canto di Malavita by Noah Creshevsky.

Review of October 20,2002 Composer's Voice Concert

"On the whole, the programming for this chamber concert demonstrated that Vox Novus, with its beautifully appointed and acoustically pleasing chamber salon, offers a significant venue just a short distance from the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the presentation of serious works by established and emerging composers. Those voices should be heard, and they can even be reheard on the Vox Novus website that generously offers complete audio recordings and even full scores of works presented by Vox Novus at its concerts." - John de Clef Pineiro, New Music Connoisseur (March 2003 Vol.11 No.1)

Title ComposerInstrumentPerformer
Rendezvous with Hytakutake Terry Winter Owens pianoRené Dennis
Foolish Fantasies Robert Voiseyflute Christine Perea
Trembling Dorothy Hindmanflute Christine Perea
A River From the WallsLinda Antasflute Christine Perea
taint Robert Voiseyflute Christine Perea
Canto di Malavita Noah Creshevsky Tape
Sonata for Flute Liana Alexandraflute Christine Perea
persistence of melancholyRobert Voiseypiano Hiromi Abe
Sketches for Piano Marco Oppedisano piano Hiromi Abe
Dante Project
November 16, 2002
Advent Lutheran Church 2504 Broadway New York City

In conjunction with our mission Vox Novus also aids other projects which foster contemporary composers and their works. The Dante Project is a concert involved with the text of Dante as it is set or realized to music.

Title ComposerInstrumentation
Inferno, Canto I: The Dark Wood of Error Mira Spektor Two Baritones and Cello
Inferno, Canto II: The Descent Robert Voisey Two Sopranos, Organ, Flute, and Cello
Inferno, Canto V: The Carnal: Paolo and Francesca ("Cantata on a Canto") Peter Homans Soprano, Tenor, Three Baritones, and String Quartet
Inferno, Canto XXXIV: The CenterJohn Lucania Tenor, Two Baritone, Bass, and Organ
Purgatory, Canto I: Cato of UticaConstance Cooper Narrator, Treble Violin, and Viola
Purgatory, Cantos XXV/XXVII: The Top Ring of Purgatory ("Refining Fire") Theodore Wiprud String Quartet
Purgatory, Canto XVII: Virgil On Love ("Excessive Fervor") Michael Kinney Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet, Cello, Flute
Paradise, Canto XXVI:St. John: The Examination of God's Love Eleanor Cory Baritone, Chorus, and String Quartet
Paradise, Canto XXIX: The Creation Marco Oppedisano Three Sopranos
Paradise, Cantos XV/XVII: The Souls of the Great Cross ("Cacciaguida") John Lucania Tenor, Two Baritone, Bass, and Organ
Composer's Voice Concert
November 30, 2002
A.R.T South Oxford Space Brooklyn, New York

In another joint effort with the Living Music Foundation, Vox Novus hosted a Composer's Voice concert in the A.R.T. South Oxford Space in Brooklyn, New York. This concert consisted of world debuts of Frigid Piggy by Robert Voisey performed by Hiromi Abe, Christine Perea, Marco Oppedisano, and the composer himself; Episoidic Rumination performed by Hiromi Abe composed by Micahel Hoffman and New York Debuts of Conversations for Flute and Piano by Michael Kinney performed by Rene Dennis and Christine Perea.

Title ComposerInstrumentPerformer
Monks in Dazzling Lead Cloaks Marco Oppedisano tape
Frozen Tears Marco Oppedisano tape
The Signs of the Zodiac Donna Kelly Eastman flute Christine Perea
Conversations for flute and Piano Michael Kinney flute Christine Perea
and piano Rene Dennis
Some Assembly Required Michael Kinney tape
Medium Serban Nichifor flute Chrisitne Perea
Episodic Ruminations Michael Hoffman piano Hiromi Abe
Trembling Dorothy Hindman flute Christine Perea
hunger Robert Voisey voice Robert Voisey
and tape
Stark Robert Voisey piano Hiromi Abe
Fishing Through an Open Door Charles Norman Mason flute Christine Perea
and tape
Frigid Piggy Robert Voisey piano Hiromi Abe
guitar Marco Oppedisano
flute Christine Perea
and voice Robert Voisey
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