Dwight Winenger
 Dwight Winenger
Founder of the Living Music Foundation
born June 6, 1936

Dwight Winenger was born into a farming family in Indiana in 1936. He worked his way through Indiana State University as a motion picture projectionist. Winenger earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1958 and his Masters in 1959. He also did post-graduate work at Montana State University.

Receiving several scholarships and awards, Winenger studied music under Arthur D. Hill and Joseph Gremelspacher and art under Elmer J. Porter. Winenger's "Breeze for Band" was taken on tour by the University's Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and he wrote several chamber works for friends. His first position as an educator was at Indiana State University as a teaching graduate assistant. He was then art instructor at Wiley High School in Terre Haute, Indiana. Winenger married the lovely Eva Lund Hansen, who was at the time a visiting student from Copenhagen, Denmark, and daughter of the internationally acclaimed press photographer, Helmer Lund Hansen.

Disappointed with the creative potential of high school teaching, Winenger worked in Indianapolis as a studio artist with Creative Designs Advertising Art Studio, becoming a partner in their Printing Division

Winenger discovered that advertising art can also be limiting. He returned to teaching at Tyner High School, then became the Elementary Art Supervisor of the Plymouth Community Schools, all the time composing and painting. He was appointed to the Governor's Committee for the Fine Arts in Indiana.

In the 1960's Winenger moved West, teaching in Colorado and Montana, exhibiting in several shows and writing two symphonies and other works. He was Chairman of the art department of C.M. Russell High School in Great Falls MT for several years and won the Olivet National Set Design Award.

In 1973 Winenger was unable to continue public school teaching. He moved to Washington state and continued working as he was able, writing and painting. In 1975 he brought his young family to California where the weather was more conducive to his work. He is licensed in California as an instructor of Fine Arts and Related Technologies in the Community College System. He worked for a short time for Palm Springs Life magazine, with the College of the Desert Symphony, and with the Chamber Orchestra of the Desert. He was, for a time, Associate Conductor of the latter ensemble. During these years Winenger, encouraged by Arnaldo Trujillo and other imaginative musicians, founded and became Managing Editor of Minuscule University Press, Inc. He began publishing his own works; the quarterly periodical for composers and performers of new music, LIVING MUSIC; and encouraging the work of colleagues.

In 1995 Minuscule University Press, because of its increasing role in international musical activities, became The Living Music Foundation, Inc. In 2000, Winenger resigned as Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. He is now the Publisher of LIVING MUSIC and the Webmaster of the Living Music Foundation Web Site. Dr. Charles Norman Mason, in addition to coordinating Living Artist Recordings, consented to become Executive Director. Rusty and Christy Banks edit Living Music Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska.

The corporation assists individuals who wish to promote the works of emerging artists by directing tax-exempt funding for the worth-while purpose of promoting the arts during the period of their most critical relevance.

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