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Celebrating 15 Years of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame features soprano Keri Lee Pierson singing 15 one-minute works from 15 different composers. The 15 composers included in this unique setinclude: Avery Britt, Jim Dalton, etg, Aidan P. Fischer, Kirsten Johnson,Michael Todd Kovell, Ralph Lewis, Maria E. Ljungdahl, Ben David Richmond,Marina Romani, Ryne Siesky, Chris Tilley, David Unger, William Vollinger, andBlair Whittington.

A little less than Fifteen years ago, Vox Novus started a little chamber music project called Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame. The idea was to create a way to present audiences with the vast depth and variety of new music being written by living composers and the virtuosity of the musicians championing new music. 15 one-minute works written for a specific musician/ensemble or instrumentation.

There has been a lot in 15 years. Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame has done over 100 sets of 15 composers with almost just as many musicians/ensembles. Many musicians have performed their sets multiples times and selected more sets or participated in more calls. Primarily premiering hundreds of works in New York City, Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame has presented works around the world in more than 10 countries.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame has presented works of traditional western instruments such as violin, cello, flute, clarinet, guitar, and many more. The project is also well known for eastern instrumentation and lesser known instrumentation such as oud, hichiriki, bayan accordion, mandolin, Toy Piano, Bass Flute, and harp choir. And has also included ensembles such as the West Point Concert Band, Austin Mandolin Orchestra, The Pone Ensemble, West Point Woodwind Quintet, Passione String Quartet, and many more.

The project’s current form presents works online and rebroadcasts its edited performance on cable access TV in New York City through Composer’s Voice. The project has also been set to dance several times. This year one of the project’s goal is to have 15 different call for scores for different ensembles.

Call for Scores

Call for Scores

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for bayan accordion

This unique call for scores is looking for one-minute works written for the bayan accordion.

Find more information and submit at
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Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame Montage

Continuing our celebration of 15 years of FMoF

A Short Montage

Check out a short montage of fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame I created a while ago: https://youtu.be/2WoLZ553R6A?si=I3bW4StxvmSBTV8q ( still looking to get over 1000 views! Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't done so yet! )

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame DANCE

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with DANCE!

Taking on a new adventure, the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame project has been collaborating with Rachael Kosch and 2nd Avenue Arts to bring choreographers and dance to our one-minute works.

You can see the performance here on YouTube:
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Composer's Voice

is a bi-weekly TV showing airing on Manhattan Neighborhoodd Network


is 15 one-minute works written for a specific musician/ensemble.


60 one-minutes works by 60 different composers

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