New Music for the 21st Century
February 20, 2015
New Music for the 21st Century
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New Music for the 21st Century
Perchance to Dream?

Perchance to Dream?

World renowned organist Lucinda Dinklaker was seated at the massive Smackover Concert Organ ready to play Pringler’s dazzling Etude Bruté when suddenly the instrument’s keyboards, stops, and pedals all vanished! That was bad enough, but then one of the pipes began to resonate, sounding like a diapason reed in the throes of a painful clyster. Lucinda grabbed the pipe, trying to stifle the sound, but there was no way to turn it off. Some of the hundreds of spectators began to stamp their feet, hiss, and whistle rudely. Oh, what was she to do?! Fortunately, at that very moment, she awoke from her frightful nightmare. What a relief! But the reprieve was only temporary as she soon discovered that she really was seated at the Smackover organ, though at least that pipe wasn’t buzzing and the audience had not begun to hiss. What was it that her organ teacher, Professor Meptang, had said to do at times like this when reality seemed to have taken a holiday? He insisted that the answer was locked away in one’s subconscious, whose only access was through the dream world. So, she willed herself back to sleep. Perchance to dream? Alas, not this time.

David Gunn

For 10½ years, David Gunn co-hosted the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award-winning radio show, Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar. The show is archived at Gunn's own website,, contains numerous recordings and scores of his compositions. Gunn is also a writer and humorist, and examples of both can also be found on his website. He lives simultaneously in Barre, Vermont.

New Music for the 21st Century
Composers Voice

Composers' Voice 5th Annual Trajetória Brasileira February 22, 2015
Sunday at 1:00pm

Composer's Voice 5th Annual Trajetória Brasileira concert featuring the World Premiere of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Rodrigo Baggio

Music and performances by Latin Grammy nominee Sergio Roberto de Oliveira, Eva Ingolf, Douglas DaSilva, David Souza, JP Redmond, Fermino Gomes, Syrlane Albuquerque, Maria Carolina Cavalcanti, Kristen Mather, Sara Bong, and more!

Fifteen Minutes of Fame Rodrigo Baggio

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with Rodrgio Baggio
Febraury 22, 2015
Sunday at 1:00pm

Fifteen Minutes of Fame is 15 one-minute works by different composers. Vox Novus is called for one-minute pieces composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of Fame with Rodrigo Baggio, Improvisation as a Unique Compositional Challenge.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame gives a variety of new music by living composers to audiences hungry to hear what is being created in today's music scene.

"...the 15 Minutes of Fame project of Vox Novus is a godsend. It organizes competitions whereby ensembles commission worldwide calls for submissions of approximately one-minute pieces, and then select their 15 favorites for premieres. The players, themselves emerging and without the funds for a traditional commission fee, get original works to present, while the likewise emerging composers get a chance for exposure and a premiere..." - Seth Gilman, NY Music Culture Examiner

The presentation of fifteen works in a short amount of time allows for the performance of composers works who would not normally get programmed on a chamber concert.

" The obvious strength of that approach is that it allows many composers to gain exposure in a short time span. But there is also an esthetic benefit... Since the pieces are performed in quick succession and each has a character of its own, the audience is treated to a kaleidoscope of styles; in turn textural and tonal, avant-garde and neo-romantic... like the entire smorgasbord of contemporary idioms was playing a game of musical chairs, so to speak, and the effect was thrilling. " - Damjan Rakonjac, Artificialist

Rodrigo Baggio has excelled internationally in 2012, playing concerts and having his music played in various countries around the globe. He was the guest guitarist of Université Laval (Quebec) in their 2012 winter semester, premiering four compositions (“Serra Verde” – for guitar, “Suíte Américas”- for guitar and trombone, “Lâmpada do Operário” – for tenor, guitar and trombone and“Ciclo de Improvisações Sobre Memórias Regionais” – for guitar and tenor saxophone) commissioned by the great trombone player Dr. James C. Lebens for that special occasion. Alongside the concerts, Mr. Baggio has composed music for different ensembles and projects such as “Fantasia Brasileira I” (for guitar) specially written for Prof. Brian Katz (University Of Toronto). His piece “Three Insights Of The Brazilian Landscape” (for Percussion) was one of the winner pieces of “Carl von Ossietzky Composition Prize” at Oldenburg University (Germany). A former pupil of Jaime Barbosa (Composition/University of Ribeirão Preto), Dr. Marcos Cavalcante (Improvisation/University of Campinas) and Arrigo Barnabé (Composition/ULM), Baggio is currently developing his own project called "Guitar Solo" in which Composition and Improvisation are combined on a particular way of instrumental performance.

Works featureed in this Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame include:
Limitros by Guilherme Afonso,
A .R. B by David Bohn,
Passeios by Erik Branch,
Charmer by Brett Copeland,
Rorschach Test by David Cortello,
A Nod to George Barker by Fermino Gomes,
Sal a Gosto by Joel R. Hobbs,
Scary Original Theme by Daniel Mihai,
Fractal Fingers by Francesco Sclafani,
Death and Redemption by Bob Siebert,
Referenças by Juan Maria Solare ,
Contemplação by José Jesus de Azevedo Souza,
February 22, 2015 by Ann Warren,
Red by Blair Whittington, and
Lamento pela Morte do Allen Forte by Christopher M. Wicks

Composer’s Voice presents the pinnacle of today’s music with its twice-monthly concert series of music by living composers at the Jan Hus Church, 351 East 74th Street, New York City.

"it's on the edge of what's happening"
- Brant Lyon, Great Weather for Media

Tickets: Admission is FREE. Donations of food, clothing, and toiletries are encouraged for the Homeless Outreach & Advocacy Program

Composer's Voice Concert
Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 1:00pm
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
351 E 74th Street
New York, New York 10021

New Music for the 21st Century
New Nodes

New Nodes at Montana State University
February 22, 2015
Sunday at 3:00pm

“Circuit Bridges: New Nodes” a curated traveling program that bridges the growing network of electronic music communities around the world, will be presented in a free concert at 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 22, in Reynolds Recital Hall at Montana State University.

Vox Novus and the MSU School of Music sponsor the performance of “new electroacoustic music representing a cross section of the diversity of music being composed today.”

Founded in 2014 by Robert Voisey and under the artistic direction of David Morneau and Melissa Grey, Circuit Bridges highlights the community of electroacoustic music creators and explores all music under the electroacoustic umbrella. This includes sonic art, radio art, glitch, circuit bending, electronica, real-time improvisation, network performance, audiovisual composition, mash-up and data sonification.

The concert features music by Dan Abatemarcon, Daniel Blinkhorn, Chris Cresswell, Melissa Grey, Elainie Lillios, Mike McFerron, David Morneau, Milica Paranosic and Robert Voisey.

The MSU Multimedia Series features live-sound diffusion through an 8.1 multi-channel speaker array and HD video projection. The concert is sponsored by the School of Music's MONSTER Studios, home of the Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology.

Reynolds Recital Hall is located in Howard Hall, across from the MSU Duck Pond.

New Nodes
Montana State University
February 22, 2015
Sunday at 3:00 PM
Reynolds Recital Hall is located in Howard Hall, across from the MSU Duck Pond
Bozeman, Montana
United States

New Music for the 21st Century
Circuit Bridges in North Carolina

Circuit Bridges &
The North Carolina NewMusic Initiative

February 22, 2015
Sunday at 7:30pm

The North Carolina NewMusic Initiative at ECU, in collaboration with the Arts NOW series at NCSU and the Circuit Bridges series in New York City, welcomes you to join us for an evening of recent electronic music in the A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall. This unique event combines curated works by North Carolina based composers with those selected by the Circuit Bridges organizers in NYC. Guest composer Rodney Waschka II will present a lecture on his work at 4pm in the Recital Hall.

Composers represented on this program include: Keith Allegretti Stephen Anderson Daniel Blinkhorn Thomas Rex Beverly Lin Culbertson Travis Garrison Melissa Grey Scott Lindroth Elainie Lillios / Bonnie Mitchell David Morneau Bill Seaman / John Supko Rodney Waschka II Lee Weissert

Circuit Bridges with
The North Carolina NewMusic Initiative at ECU
February 22, 2015
Sunday at 7:30pm
A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall
Greenville, North Carolina 27858
United States

New Music for the 21st Century

Circuit Bridges: Tri-Bridge Crossings
February 26, 2015
Thursday at 7:30pm

Circuit Bridges is featuring Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA) and Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes (Irritable Hedgehog Records) in a special concert featuring electroacoustic music on February 26 at Gallery MC, 549 W 52nd St, New York, New York.


The first half of the program, "Circuit Bridges and FETA present: FETA & Friends", features solos, duos, and group pieces performed by the co-founders of Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA), a Miami-based organization with the mission of nurturing and promoting new art forms: Juraj Kojs and Paula Matthusen and the friends Aurie Hsu, Natacha Diels, Adrian Knight and Luke Dubois. The performance will include sounds of reel-to-reel tape machines, vintage synthesizers, iPhones and iPads, Slovakian bass pipe fujara, flute and video as well as a belly dance performance based on the interactive relationship between movement and music.

Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA), an organization established to cultivate composition, performance, production, and research of emerging electronic music, art and multimedia forms.

FETA seeks to expand our understanding of the world around us through exploration and promotion of novel expressions that fuse arts with technologies. Current FETA’s programs include: 12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art, SofIA: Sonorities of Interactive Acoustics, Cyberinstruments via Physical Modeling Acoustica 21


The second half of the program, "Circuit Bridges and Irritable Hedgehog Records Present: Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes", features a trio of composer/performers devoted to indeterminate music with David D. McIntire, Ryan Oldham, and Brian Padavic. In addition to leading the ensemble, McIntire is founder of Irritable Hedgehog, a label specializing in minimal and electroacoustic repertoire, whose releases have been widely praised for their excellence and historical importance

EIO, or Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes, may seem to be a strange name for a trio, but it nicely captures the group's mission. David D. McIntire (clarinet, ocarina, electronics), Ryan Oldham (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Brian Padavic (double bass) have vowed never to play a tune the same way twice.

Circuit Bridges (New Nodes Extravaganza) CHANGE to Circuit Bridges: Tri-Bridge Crossings
February 26, 2015. 7:30 pm.
Gallery MC
549 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019
(ride the freight elevator to the 8th floor)
$15 / $7 (students)
United States

New Music for the 21st Century

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New Music for the 21st Century

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