TC4 Saxophone Quartet

Celebrated for their unique approach and virtuosic performances, TC4 has delighted audiences in the greater Los Angeles area, introducing audiences the exciting music of the saxophone quartet. TC4 uses their unique style to create a fresh environment for classical music; to reflect our lived experience and mixed culture, blending the known with the unknown. They have championed the music of living composers, including Andrew Sigler, Joel Love, Nina Shekhar, and Michael Markowski. The members of TC4 include Andrew Harrison, Isaac Lopez, Frances Cisneros, and Robert Alexander.

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Concert Dates

  • Saturday, September 14, 2024 Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale, CA, USA

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring TC4 Saxophone Quartet

  • Sweet delusion

    Natan Albuquerque

    This music is a short dance in AB form, with contrasting themes.

    My name is Natan Luiz Albuquerque, 22yo, and I study composition in the School of Fine Arts (EMBAP-UNESPAR), in Paraná, Brasil.

  • Optimistic mood

    Nantenaina Andriamorasata

    The piece is scored for Saxophone Quartet with one movement (Andante moderato).

    Music composer from Antananarivo - Madagascar

  • Pequena Dança da Partilha

    Fabio R. Beckert

    "Pequena Dança da Partilha" brings a variation on the Brazilian carnival rhythm Samba-Reggae, commonly performed by large blocks of Afro-Brazilian percussion. This small piece brings the rhythmic cadence of the percussions, transposed for saxophone through the composer's original melodies. This music piece was exceptionally created for the TC4.

    Musician, composer and creator in the performing and visual arts, Fabio R. Beckert is a multidisciplinary Brazilian artist. Self-taught and an enthusiast of classical and popular guitar, he accumulates an expressive number of musical compositions, popular and classical, with which he circulated in numerous regions of Brazil and Europe.

  • Metamorphose IV

    Werner De Bleser

    After visiting an exhibition of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher and the Belgian artists Gijs Van Vaerenbergh in Den Haag, I started to write a serie of pieces with a metamorphose as subject. The 4th metamorphose of a Bach Coral resulted in Metamorphose IV for saxophone quartet

    The music I write, can be devided in two separate blocs: classical, contempory music and more popular music (most of these compositions are suitable for the advanced non-professional musician).

  • Jazz Hands

    Steve Cohen

    JAZZ HANDS Steve Cohen (2023) “Jazz Hands” was composed specifically for the Vox Novus “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” call for scores. The one-minute piece is dedicated to the TC4 Saxophone Quartet. The piece is a light-hearted romp through two jazzy themes, one in monody, and the other in counterpoint.

    Steve Cohen received his training at the Manhattan, Eastman and Juilliard Schools of Music, and has composed a large catalog of symphonic, chamber, liturgical and musical-theater pieces. Steve Cohen is also active as an arranger and orchestrator for shows, concerts, and recordings.

  • Night

    Mack Davis

    "Night" is a short piece for saxophone quartet in D minor. The work begins with an off-kilter feel through constantly changing meter, as well as a thin texture that gradually builds up to a climactic tutti section.

    Mack Davis is from Romeoville, Illinois, and is currently studying Music Composition at Bradley University. They are primarily an oboist, but they also have experience playing saxophone.

  • Se débarrasser du Ré (Get rid of the D)

    Sébastien Devillers-Thijssen

    'Se débarrasser du Ré' (Get rid of the D) is a kind of play and race about the D note which introduced itself from the beginning and never seems to want to get out of the game.

    Born in 1958 in Paris, Former french teacher in high school, Piano and doublebass player, Composer in all styles and instrumentations, Living in France, in the Massif Central.

  • it'll be okay

    Hunter Gregory

    This short piece portrays the steady love in my life that supports me despite my typically anxious personality. The pulse and tones remain constant throughout, a comforting anchor undergirding the changes that surround it.

    Hunter Gregory, is a young and emerging composer and musician. He received his Bachelors of Music in Theory and Composition from Houghton University and his Masters in the same from West Chester University of PA.

  • Clockwork Mannequin

    Chris Kamerling

    This piece shows off each saxophone as an individual while providing a sense of cohesiveness as well. The individual parts are pieces that work in close conjunction with each other (like the gears of a clock).

    Mr. Kamerling has been a composer in the state of Arkansas for 25+ years. He holds a B.A. from Arkansas Tech University in Music Education and a Master's Degree in Music Composition from Stephen F. Austin University. He has been published in the educational music field by various publishers.

  • Nkosi Siyabonga _Kancane Ndebele

    Clement Kanye

    This Composition has an influence of Amandebele harmonies which are found in the East of South Africa.

    I have studied Jazz and Popular Music at Tshwane University of Technology. I have also studied Audio Engineering at Campus of the Performing Arts. My skills includes Film Composition,Music production and Radio Jingles.

  • Capricho en el Tercer Modo

    Áhzi Kharmóna

    "Capricho en el Tercer Modo" is a dynamic and evocative saxophone quartet piece that exploits Olivier Messiaen’s third mode of limited transposition. The piece consists of short descending motivic figures, tight stretto-like passages, and a constant forward momentum.

    Áhzi Kharmóna is an emerging voice in the world of contemporary classical music. Although in the nascent stage of his composition career, it is marked by innovative works that push the boundaries of tradition, creating emotionally resonant compositions that captivate audiences with fresh textures and inventive techniques.

  • Unsuspecting

    David Evan Krebs

    David is perennially concerned with both the pursuit of disillusionment and the inescapability of illusion. His work reflects the joy, mystery, and danger he finds inherent in this ongoing encounter.

    David Krebs has dealt with chronic health issues since childhood, and has long turned to the arts as a means to navigate related struggles. He's mostly worked in private, and is in the early stages of sharing his work more widely.

  • we fine or we numb

    René Mayoral

    This piece is a question: are we fine or are we numb? Comfort provided by capitalism, and ideas that society uses to individualize our struggles make us often forget that our anger is a tool to change our reality. Instead we just keep going forward, with inertia of another day.

    René Mayoral (1993) Cellist, writer and composer from Hermosillo, México. He is interested in music that breaks boundaries between systems, styles and disciplines. His works have been performed in Mexico, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and Israel. You may listen to his music here:

  • Pittsburgh Polyphony

    Charles Nelson

    "Pittsburgh Polyphony" was largely conceived while I visited my brother in Pittsburgh in June 2023. The piece was a way to channel the excitement of being in such a new place with someone familiar.

    Charles Nelson (2003- ) is an emerging composer from Grapevine, Texas. Instinctively loving all that is strange, he expresses this through a wide range of often overlooked sonic and emotional experiences. He currently studies composition at Texas Christian University.

  • "MAASOO"

    Soheil Shirangi

    In The Mazandaran dialect (North of Iran) It means the light of the moon.

    Graduate of Tehran Conservatory. Second Person Tehran International Electronic Music Festival Award(2017).Candidate best composers Thirty-third Fajr festival(2018). Earning a diploma of the III International Contest of Choral Composing named after AD Kastalsky(2018). Scholarship holder at the Hamburg Media Festival(2019).Earning a diploma of the third person of the Orginsky.