Daniel Mihai

Romanian violinist Daniel Mihai chose to follow new music under the tuteledge of Maestro Serban Nichifor and Liana Alexandra. He completed his BA in 2007 and his MA in 2009. He is grateful to these teachers and considers them as "spiritual parents who aided me to grow up." Daniel is currently pursuing PhD courses-extramural form of higher education-UNMB.

Daniel Mihai has attended MBA courses in the Faculty of Performing Art, with the objective of improvement and assimilation of all knowledge related to contemporary music, both orchestral as well as chamber soloists/violinist. He completed thesis March, this yeaR 2013,

Daniel is also professor of violin for the National College "Regina Maria" in Constanta, where, among those who try to inspire joy to learn, to live and perceive music, art, violin, “I have the privilege and honor to guide and advise along with my sister, violinist Any Clara."

Concert Dates

  • September 15, 2013 - "Mihail Jora" Concert Hall of the Romanian Radio Society for the The George Enescu Festival, Bucharest, Romania

15 one-minute selections performed by Daniel Mihai

  • Winter's Tale

    Inna Buganina

    Inna Buganina lives in Ulyanovsk, Russia. She worked as a teacher, a journalist. She took lessons in vocal from Ulyanovsk teacher Igor Asanov and composer and teacher Stanislav Stankevich. In recent years she studies composition under supervision of the russian cellist and composer Vsevolod Youdenitch.

    Do fairies go away when snow covers ground? They just dress theirselves warmier… Winter is magic. Soft snowfalls in December, Christmas and New Year. Vacations, waiting for gifts and miracles. Winter’s tunes and tales are in clarity of snow and calligraphy of trees, in round dances of snowflakes, in frozy crunch under boots… gentle and tender tunes.

  • Eu sunt un antrenor de delfini

    Douglas DaSilva

    Composer, guitarist, educator, filmmaker, Douglas DaSilva is Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice Concert Series and Premiere Salon Concerts. He is dedicated to promoting new music and living composers His extensive work with children keeps him sane; giving him the opportunity to share his love for music with future generations.

    My visit to Romania in 2011 was highlighted by the opportunity to meet and work with Daniel Mihai. My ignorance of the Romanian language was the source of much humor. With modern technology: a Romanian travel app, I was able to learn the important phrase “I am a dolphin trainer.”

  • Desert Dream

    Ulf Grahn

    Ulf Grahn has written several works that includes voice both in Orchestra, Chamber Music and Art Songs. His works are performed worldwide. He has composed work for various ensembles, orchestras, choirs including ballet and theatre. Currently he is living and working in Takoma Park, Maryland. http://www.pytheasmusic.org/grahn.html

    This is a short little piece for violin and tape where the tape part sets up the mode and the violin tries to and or disturb and challenge it.

  • Bare Azaleas

    Colin Holter

    Colin Holter is a musician and writer on music based in Moorhead, Minnesota, USA. He holds degrees in music from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Brunel University, and the University of Minnesota.

    The title of Bare Azaleas is borrowed from a prose poem entitled “The Frozen Waterfall” by the American writer Clark Ashton Smith. In it, the narrator relates a winter encounter with a stilled waterfall to his perception of passing time and the progress of his life.

  • Violin and Tape for Daniel Mihai

    Eva Ingolf

    Eva Ingolf (born 22 June 1962) is a well known Icelandic violinist particularly recognized for her authoritative performances of solo works by J. S. Bach. She comes from a leading musical family and her father, Ingólfur Guðbrandsson, premiered many of the great choral works in Iceland and six of her sisters and brothers are professional musicians who have made an important contribution to the high quality of the musical life in the country. Eva Ingolf currently lives in New York City

  • Reflections on Simplicity

    Holly Aliyah Kinsey

    Holly Aliyah Kinsey is originally from Georgia, USA, and is currently pursuing degrees in both Music Education and Clarinet Performance from The University of Alabama. Though the nineteen year old has no background in composition, she found the “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” competition the perfect opportunity to experience this field.

    “Reflections on Simplicity” was written for violin solo accompanied by a clarinet trio. The short, yet serene melody of the violin soloist embodies the joy of the past while depicting an anticipation of the mysteries of the future. “Reflections on Simplicity” is intended to represent peace with times of uncertainty.

  • c'est Dominique

    Michael Lukaszuk

    Michael Lukaszuk was born in Kingston, Canada in 1989. He holds a Master’s degree in composition from The University of Western Ontario, where he studied with Omar Daniel and Peter Paul Koprowski. His music has been performed in Canada, the United Sates and the United Kingdom.

    This is a brief look at Dominique Vidal, Julie Delpy’s character in the film Blanc, from Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Trois Couleurs. I sought to use sounds of the violin that reflected her nature, and some of the rhythms imitate her speech. She is gorgeous, harsh, and not without a coquettish side.

  • Perpetual Motion for Violin and Tape

    Steven H Markowitz

    Steven H Markowitz Studied Composing and Arranging at Dick Groves (Studio City California) in the mid 80's. He is an accomplished improviser at the piano keyboard, wherein he merges classical and jazz sonorities. Influences include Keith Jarrett, Eric Satie, and Sergei Prokofiev.

    Perpetual Motion for Violin and Tape was derived from an improvisation. It is in loose canon format. The violin echos the tape through the whole piece. It is dedicated to Daniel Mihai.

  • At the Frog from Electrudes

    Josh Newton

    Josh Newton received his Master’s Degree in Composition, studying with Daniel Sonenberg at the University of Southern Maine. He lives in the middle of the woods with his wife, son, puppy, and six cats near a beautiful stream and a lousy driveway. He writes about composition and music at http://www.newtonmusic.com/blog.

    This is the first piece that I have written like this. It became the first movement a suite of pieces for violin and recording. Other movements included “Sostenuto”, “Whack with a stick”, and “Out of Tune”. This has been, in many ways, a gateway piece into electronic music for me.

  • No Signnal

    Lefteris Papadimitriou

    Lefteris Papadimitriou is a Greek composer and performer currently studying for a PhD in composition at the University of Huddersfield. In 2006 he won the international Gaudeamus Prize with his composition for piano and orchestra, titled “Black and White”. He has studied composition with Iannis Ioannidis and he is a graduate of the music department of the University of Athens.

  • Far and Away

    Bettie Ross

    Bettie Ross is an award-winning composer and keyboardist in a mixed contemporary classical and new age style with jazz, pop and blues tinges. She has two Gold Records for pipe organ, and her piano CD, "A Magical Time of Year," garnered two first place awards. Bettie’s website is www.bettieross.com.

    “Far and Away” The uniting of tape and violin can be magical, and this piece seems to call forth a distant land and another time.

  • Amphion assembling hewn stones

    Juan Maria Solare

    Juan Maria Solare, born 1966 in Argentina, works currently in Germany as composer, pianist (contemporary & tango) and teaching at the University of Bremen and at the Hochschule fuer Kuenste Bremen. His music has been performed in five continents. Twelve CDs of different performers include at least one piece of him. www.JuanMariaSolare.com

    Amphion assembling hewn stones. "Amphion assembled hewn stones by the sound of his violin. To build a city he had only to play a rigadoon and a minuet", wrote Voltaire in his book The white bull (chapter VIII), a collection of 'philosophical tales'. Nevertheless, in his Philosophical Dictionary he alludes to this fable with a smile, while describing 'absurde superstitions': "A violin only will be wanted to build a city, and a ram's horn to destroy it."

  • Oana Tinu

    Oana Tinu

  • If Ye Love Me

    David Nelson Tomasacci

    David Nelson Tomasacci (b. 1984) is a composer – theorist from Shickshinny, PA. His teachers were William Duckworth, Donald Harris and Thomas Wells. He received his PhD in Music Theory from OSU in May 2013, has taught at OSU and Kenyon College, and is currently Adjunct at Columbus State Community College.

    Tallis’ “If Ye Love Me”…reinterpreted as the dictate “love thy neighbor” now lost in these hateful times; garbled, distorted. The violin invokes pleading fragments, attempting tonal emphases on the few remaining spectra, but in the end it too is lost. Composed in reaction to the crocodile tears of Paula Dean.

  • Flux for Violin and Electronics

    Ryan Woodhouse

    Originally from Overland Park, Kansas, Ryan Woodhouse holds a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music in Composition from Missouri State University and Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition from the University of Kansas. His compositions are published by JPM and Potenza Music.

    Flux for Violin and Electronics is in a constant state of fluctuation. It features many portamenti in the violin part and oscillating electronics that rarely center around a specific pitch.