Fifteen Minutes of Fame: with Andrew Hosler

Saxophonist and new music curator Drew Hosler (he/him/his) is an advocate for contemporary music, he has commissioned and premiered over one-hundred pieces by award-winning composers from all over the world including Andrew Mead, Alexis Bacon, Benjamin Attahir, Jamie Leigh Sampson, Gregory Wanamaker, Spencer Arias, and Marilyn Shrude. His upcoming debut solo album, delta waves, features thirteen world premiere recordings of 21st century works for the tenor saxophone. For this album, he has been awarded grants from EXCEL Enterprise Fund and ArtsEngine. His 2020 self-released EP Hope Will Carry Us COVID-19: Music for Solo Tenor Saxophone features eleven world premiere recordings from composers all over the world. It was featured on WSMR Florida’s Classical Music Station’s Modern Notebook hosted by Tyler Kline.

Drew is an avid performer as a soloist. He was selected as a winner of the 51st Bowling Green State University Competition in Music Performance and has been awarded grants through the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary, Pro Music, among others. He has performed concerti by Walter Mays and William Albright with the Bowling Green Philharmonia and the Bowling Green State University Concert Band under the baton of Alexander Popovici and Bruce Moss. He has performed at the Cortona Sessions for New Music, University of Kansas New Music Guild, Earth Day Art Model hosted by Travel Arts Research Center at Indiana University, Flint Youth Symphony Orchestra 75th Anniversary Alumni Recital, the 5PM Series, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Bowling Green State University ArtsX Festival, University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance Imprint Series, Bowling Green State University Praecepta Concerts, International Conference on Saxophone Pedagogy and Performance as well as various North American Saxophone Alliance Conferences. His upcoming engagements include a recital with the Gilgamesh Arts and Culture Foundation, a performance at the 6th New Music Gathering Conference, and two recitals with Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame.

As a chamber musician, Drew has performed at the New Music Gathering, IDAGIO’s Global Concert Hall Arts@Future, World Saxophone Congress, Bowling Green New Music and Art Festival, Toledo Museum of Art, US Navy Band International Saxophone Symposium, District New Music Coalition, and WGTE Toledo Radio. He has won multiple prizes at the Douglas Wayland Chamber Music Competition with the Epsilon Saxophone Quartet and Fifth Circle Reed Quintet. Drew is a founding member and saxophonist for the new music ensemble, The _____ Experiment. In March 2020, they released their debut album, Conversations, which includes seven world premiere recordings from five different composers. This album was funded partially by the Running Start Competition through Michigan State University. They have performed at schools across the countries including Michigan State University College of Music, The State University of New York at Potsdam Crane School of Music, and the Flint Institute of Music.

Concert Dates

  • November 6, 2021 - LIVE broadcast by Virtual Concert Halls

15 one-minute selections for Andrew Hosler

  • Fonquesquonque

    David Bohn

    David Bohn received degrees in composition from the University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Illinois. He currently resides in West Allis, Wisconsin, and is the music director at St. John's Lutheran Church in West Milwaukee. He is the President of the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers.

    Another flashback to my high school days, filtered through 35 years of existence.

  • Spillikins-II

    Utsyo Chakraborty

    Utsyo Chakraborty is an Indian composer and Statistics Major born in 2001. He holds an Associate degree in Piano Performance from the Trinity College of London. His electronic and instrumental music has been performed by various Indian and international artists.

    Spillikins-II was composed in February 2021, especially for Drew Joseph Hessler and this call of scores. It is second in a line of a cycle of short pieces for various solo instruments (viz. marimba, saxophone and cello). The word "Spillikin" essentially means a splinter. This piece is thus a compilation of light, (slightly tipsy!) fragments concatenated together.

  • minidrama

    Philip Czaplowski

    Philip Czapłowski lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he completed a PhD in composition at Monash University in 2007. In 2005 Czapłowski also attended the Academy of Music in Kraków, Poland. He focuses on solo and chamber works, many of which have been performed around the world.

    minidrama for solo tenor saxophone was written for American saxophonist Drew Hosler and completed in April 2021.

  • Tubes

    Marcello Di Russo

    Based in Brooklyn, NY, Marcello Di Russo believes that the forefront of art and creativity finds its sources in the study of the past and its completion in the productivity of the present. Marcello holds a B.Mus in Composition from the Conservatory of Brooklyn College.

    The title of this piece wants to reflect on the physical properties of the instrument and all its beautiful sonorities, including sounds that are less ordinary as well. "Tubes" intends to design a brief and rich world of unconventional tones and gestures.

  • Back Alley

    Jeffrey Hoover

    Jeffrey Hoover's compositions have received recognition through national and international prizes, grants, publications fellowships, and more than 25 commissions. A saxophonist himself, he has performed a broad range of music and this has influenced his work as a composer. Hoover teaches theory and composition at California State University, Sacramento.

    Back Alley brings together two distinct playing approaches for the tenor saxophone: the technique of jazz and funk music, and an abstract sonic world through extended techniques. This music presents a possible scenario of leaving a well-lited sidewalk at night, walking down an unfamiliar alley, and emerging on the opposite street.

  • Elevator Music

    Shigeru Kan-no

    Shigeru Kan-no

    The first draft of 30 seconds each way was decided by measuring the time when the elevator went up. It is the time of the round trip that is divided into two parts.It is background music not the depicted music with almost no repetition.

  • A Melodic Haiku

    Janay Maisano

    Janay Maisano is a recent graduate of the University of Redlands with a Bachelors of Music in Composition. She is passionate about writing music for talented performers as well as media, especially video games.

    A short piece based on a sudden melody that came to mind one day.
    A short piece based on
    a sudden melody that
    came to mind one day.

  • Socially Awkward

    Tyler Mazone

    Tyler Mazone attends the Crane School of Music studying Composition and will graduate in May 2021. He has been involved in programs such as the National Band Association's Young Composer Mentor Project.

    A person wanders around in a crowd of people, with some occasionally bumping into them, represented by sforzando accents, and thoughts spiral inside their head as they wonder what to do and how to go about this crowded situation. A quick escape ends the piece and a door slams as the awkward person abruptly leaves the crowded room.

  • Melodic Wilderness

    Eileen Mc Loughlin

    Eileen Mc Loughlin (a.k.a. Creative Musician Ireland) is a composer and music teacher from Dublin, Ireland. Eileen composes contemporary and experimental music. She completed her MA in Composition and Creative Music Practice at University of Limerick, Ireland in August 2021.

    'Melodic Wilderness' is a short melodic and expressive piece composed for tenor saxophone in March 2021, to be performed by Drew Hosler.

  • 두억시니(Du-eog-shi-ni)

    Hanee Park

    As a composer and arranger originally from South Korea, Hanee Park (1989) has been exploring how music engages with culture, history, literature, philosophy, and other arts in order to pursue her belief that music must go beyond music. Park is currently pursuing a DMA in composition under Clifton Callender at Florida State University where she was the recipient of the Ellen Taffe Zwilich Fellowship in 2019 - 2020. She has earned the Bachelor of Music at Ewha Womans University in South Korea, and the Master of Music at Roosevelt University in Chicago, USA, where she studied with Stacy Garrop and Kyong Mee Choi. Her compositions have received many performances, including the Bent Frequency at CNMF, Composers Who Brunch series, and The Rocking Chair series. From a young age, theatre has been her significant influence. She has extensive experiences working as a music director and a sound director at diverse places including, Who's There, a music theatre club she co-founded for students from multiple colleges in South Korea, and Beings, the English Theater Society of Ewha Womans University. This background has impacted her compositional style and she keeps broadening her compositional perspectives by searching for the ways that can convey something beyond music.

    두억시니(Du-eog-shi-ni) is a god-level of monstrous existence found in the Korean folklore from the past. Du-eog-shi-ni is known as a powerful and ferocious character, particularly for its cruel behaviors; it murders humans by smashing their heads. Furthermore, when it discovers human dreads deep inside it, it traps them in never-ending cycles of nightmare. In this regard, back when diseases were considered mysterious, people believed Du-eog-shi-ni was the cause of their headaches or mental illness. I would like to describe Du-eog-shi-ni's impersonal cruelty with making use of personal fear and camouflaging like a human.

  • Surface Limitations of a Four-Dimensional Bubble

    Edward RosenBerg III

    Edward RosenBerg III is a composer, performer and educator residing in Brooklyn, N.Y. His freelance career has led him in a wide variety of directions, including playing jazz-metal with Kilter, writing children’s music with The Green Orbs, and conducting Oklahoma! On Broadway.

    I hope you enjoy this piece.

  • As Time Drew On

    Juan Maria Solare

    Juan Maria Solare, born 1966 in Argentina, works in Germany as composer, pianist (contemporary, neoclassical & tango) and teaching at the University of Bremen and at the Hochschule fuer Kuenste Bremen. His music has been performed in five continents. Over 30 CDs of different performers include one of his pieces.

    The main structural idea behind this piece consists on a single macro-chord: each of the twelve pitch classes appears ONLY at one octave level. Besides, the element glissando has a protagonic function here. Allow me a pun in the title "As Time Drew On", which is dedicated to (An)Drew Hosler.

  • Those Lights

    Shahrzad Talebi

    Shahrzad Talebi She is a contemporary composer born in 1995, Tehran. She studied music composition with Mohammadreza Tafazzoli and Karen Keyhani at Tehran University of Art. Currently, she is a graduate composition student at Bowling Green State University. In her music, she tries to get inspiration from Iranian classical and folk music.

    Memories start to disappear and fade as time passes, and we sometimes struggle to remember them and keep them alive in our minds, but time sometimes wins! I wanted to give the feeling of struggling with remembering a good memory from years ago. "Those lights" is written in April 2021.

  • For This Moment

    Roger C. Vogel

    Roger C. Vogel is Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia. A productive composer, he has over 150 compositions to his credit. His works have been performed in recitals and at conventions and festivals throughout the United States, and in Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.

    For This Moment was written in 2021 for the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with saxophonist Drew Hosler program. The title refers to the exploration of several short ideas in a limited time, a moment.

  • Op. 691 AT LAST WE HAVE HEAT AND ELECTRICITY: Supplication For Solo Tenor Saxophone

    P. Kellach Waddle

    P. Kellach Waddle ( b.1967) enjoys an extremely busy and lauded career as a composer, solo bassist, orchestral bassist, concert curator, and writer. Among his now nearly 700 works are more than a dozen works for saxophone, including two concertos and two unaccompanied works that were premiered in Carnegie Hall.

    This piece was written in response to the winter apocalypse we suffered in mid-February 2021 when ERCOT blacked out huge parts of the Texas power grid. People suffered with no heat, electricity, and some without water for anywhere from 2 to 9 days.