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The 60X60 Project (2004)
The call for works for the 60x60 project was a tremendous success. We received over 350 works from over 200 composers from more than 30 different countries throughout the world.
Concert Dates for 60x60 (2004)
- The Essl Collection, Klosterneuburg, Austria 12/14/05
- Collective: Unconscious, New York, New York 3/19/05
- University of Maine at Fort Kent 3/15/05
- University of Maine, Presque Isle, Maine 2/18/05
- Weisman Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2/17/05
- National University of Music, Bucharest, Romania 12/09/04
- Harbor College, Los Angeles, California 11/20/04
- Contemporary Art, Museum St. Louis, Missouri 11/19/04
- Southern College, Birmingham, Alabama 11/09/04
- UNDER St. Marks, New York City 11/07/04
- Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah 11/04/04
The goal of this project is to include many composers to represent a cross-section of contemporary music, representing many different styles and aesthetics as well as to produce concerts in as many venues throughout the world as possible exposing audiences to the variety of today's music composition.
The following are the 60 composers that were selected for 2004:
Riad Abdel-Gawd
Aaron Acosta
Liana Alexandra
John Allemeier
Christian Banasik
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
Stephen Betts
Sandeep Bhagwati
Justin Breame
Scott Brickman
George Brunner
Robert Carl
Miha Ciglar
David Claman
Douglas Cohen
Noah Creshevsky
Leslie de Melcher
Patrick Dorobisz
Moritz Eggert
Karlheinz Essl
Carlo Forlivesi
David Gamper
Douglas Geers
Peter Gilbert
Robert Gluck
Daniel Goode
Ramon Gorgoitia
James Hegarty
Mark Henry
Erik Hinds
Bernard Hughes
David Jaggard
Keith Johnson
Michael Kinney
John Link
David T. Little
Guy Livingston
Annea Lockwood
Juan Maria Solare
Charles Mason
James McWilliam
Luis Menacho
David Mooney
Michael Murphy
Serban Nichifor
Richard O'Donnell
Maggi Payne
Mark Petering
Morgan Quaintance
Giuseppe Rapisarda
Laura Reid & Andrew Hudson
Robert Sazdov
Jacky Schreiber
Alex Shapiro
Emma Shiffrin
Allen Strange
Thomas Sutter
Vladimir Tosic
Eldad Tsabary
Robert Voisey
The goal of this project is to include many composers. Another method for the 60x60 project to accomplish this goal is to hold regional concerts including works that are worthy to be heard and not selected for the main project. For 2004 the 60x60 project will hold its first regional concert in Los Angeles, California. It will include composers from the Pacific Basin area, including countries such as Austrailia, Western Canada, Korea, Japan, The Western United States and more.
The following are the 60 composers that were selected for the 60x60: Pacific Basin Mix
Katy Abbott
Aaron Acosta
Glenn Adams
Renee Arakaki
John Baker
Charles Berry
John Bilotta
Colin Black
Stephen Blumberg
Rolf Boon
Benjamin Boone & James Miley
Benedikt Brydern
Raven Chacon
Ray Cole
Adam Cotton
John Creaghan
Emma Lou Diemer
Nicholas Duggan
Daniel Eichenbaum
Marcelo Fernandez
Nobuyukji Furukawa
Larry Gaab
David Hahn
Yuko Hamura
Jason Heald
Duane Heller
Susan Hurley
Marc Hyland & Silvio Palmieri
Cha Hyuk
Daniel Iglesia
David Evan Jones
Solange Kershaw
So-young Kim
Meri von KleinSmid
Igor Korneitchouk
Mark Langford
Daniel Luzko
David Marguiles
Luis Menacho
Charles Nichols
Julia Norton
Maggi Payne
Alexis Perepelycia
Steven Ricks
Robert Sazdov
John Schappert
Alex Shapiro
Donald Shearer
Max Simoncic
Paul Steenhuisen
Allen Strange
Mayu Tsuzaka
John Villec
Jen Wang
Chris Ward
Dwight Winenger
RD Wraggert
Katrina Wreede
Hajime Yabe
60x60 Project
The goal of this project is to include many different composers. We are doing this in several different ways. One is to hold regional concerts. In areas where we have received many submissions we are looking to hold regional concerts wtih different selections for the 60x60 project (or remixes.) Another way we are promoting this project is collaborating with different media. Last year we worked with video artists, this year we hope to work with painters, sculptors, dancers and other artists. Please contact us for more details about these endeavors. Most importantly we are continuing this project for years to come. We are calling for 60 second (or less) works for our third annual project in 2005.
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