April 13, 2013



For over a decade, Composer’s Voice has presented the most electrifying contemporary music of living composers and musicians.

For free. All by volunteers: musicians, composers, producer/presenters, and in-kind contributions.

Now we are approaching our 100th concert.

That’s a big deal!

We have produced and presented our chamber concerts with little or no resources relying on the extraordinary talents and commitment of our volunteers who have mostly been musicians.

To celebrate, we are throwing a party called Stone Soup. (Three concert performances at 6:00 PM, 7:30 PM, and 9:00 PM) Attendees can expect to enjoy an extravaganza presenting the greatest number of composers, musicians, ensembles, and performers that we can possibly showcase at one time with wine, hors d’oeuvres, and general revelry. During our kickoff reception and two lively intermissions, we will ask our guests to support Composer’s Voice. The party won’t stop when the last note is played: Join us at Pony Bar, located a block away, for a festive after party.

Why Stone Soup?

The story of “Stone Soup” unfolds as hungry travelers come to a town in search of food. However, a famine has struck the town’s people and they have no food to spare.The travelers boil a pot of water containing a large stone, proclaiming it to be a delicious “stone” soup if only they could locate a special garnish. The inquisitive villagers eventually contribute vegetables, seasonings, and meat to make a nourishing meal that feeds everyone.

The special ingredient is community!

Using the parable of “Stone Soup”, we hope to pool our resources to create a musical soup that can feed us all.

Here’s why.

Composer’s Voice wants to evolve our series to compensate performers for the 2014 season. We can do this if everyone adds a little.

What will you add to the soup?

Donate Now!

Stone Soup - Composer's Voice 100th Concert Gala and Fundraiser

Jan Hus Church
April 13, 2013
Jan Hus Church
351 East 74th Street
New York, New York


3:30-4:15 Play along with Douglas DaSilva

5:00-6:00 Reception with food and drink

6:00-7:00 First Concert

Title: Kahn
Music: Christian McLeer, piano

Title: Artisan Chaw
Music: Douglas DaSilva, guitar

Title: Suite #3
Composer:Gene Pritsker
Performers:The Sofia Ensemble: John Kneiling, cello & Mescal Wilson, piano

Title: The Sticky Register
Music: Alex Sramek, contrabass clarinet

Title: The Scattering of Light
Music: Julius Bucsis, guitar/electronics

Title: Murmur
Lynn Bechtold
Lynn Bechtold,violin & Dan Cooper, 6-string electric bass

Music: Viola Yip & Co
Stuart Breczinski, oboe; Douglas DaSilva, guitar; Zach Herchen, saxophone; Aleks Kajarka, clarinet; Alex Sramek, contrabass clarinet; Robert Voisey, vocal; Viola Yip, vocal and piano

7:00-7:30 Intermission

7:30-8:30 Dance Performance with Sound of Vision

Title: IMPULSE BOUND (Premiere)
Choreographer: Stephanie Dattellas
Dancers: Stephanie Dattellas, Sierra DeSalvia, Brandon Ellis, Aislinn Lacorazza, Amber Schermerhorn
Music: Nicolas Scherzinger

Title: RED TREES, WRINKLED CLIFFS 2011 for guitar & string trio - I. Adagio Amoroso II. Vivo
Music: Zhou Tian

Choreographer: Falon Baltzell
Dancers: Jennifer Helft, Chloe Leibrick, Abbey Staebell
Music: Nicholas S. Omiccioli

Title: FERVOR (Premiere) Choreographer & Dancer: Falon Baltzell
Music: danza di fuoco, 2008 for guitar by Nicholas S. Omiccioli

Title: pop swatches - Intro: shred&riff - Waka wah (inferred)
Choreographer and dancer: Amanda Hinchey.
Music: Doug Opel

Title: COLLIDE-OSCOPIC (Premiere) Choreographer: Heather Roffe
Part I – Assimilation Part II - Reticulation
Dancers: Christina D’Amico (3/30, 4/6, 4/7, 4/13), Devon Monin (3/30, 4/13), Heather Roffe (3/30, 4/6, 4/7, 4/13)
Vanessa VanWormer (3/30)., Heather Kleinschmidt (4/6, 4/7, 4/13), Alaina Olivieri (4/6, 4/7)
Music: M45 & NGC 6357 from Selected Nebulae for computer by Sam Pellman/Video: Miranda Raimondi

Title: RE/BUILD (Premiere) I. Four Minute Prophet II. Elegy for a Rock Star
Choreographer: Missy Pfohl Smith & dancers
Dancers - Alaina Olivieri, Laura Regna, Julie Schlafer Rossette, Ellen Tomer, Courtney World (BIODANCE)
Music: MOVE, 2012 for string quartet by Mark Olivieri

8:30-9:00 Intermission

Raffle announcement for a dreamcatcher by SpokeWoven
Click here to see samples

9:00-10:00 Third Concert

Title: Evil Mario Rave
Music: EMR (Elevator Machine Room) - Robert Voisey, voice & David Morneau, electronics

Title: Soliloquy III
Composer: André Brégégère
Performer: Mirna Lekic, piano

Title: 'Astvihad' [Ey Marg (Death) & Bito (Without you)]
Composer: Ramin Heydarbeygi
Performers: Mary Hubbell, soprano & Mirna Lekic, piano

Title: Pulling Anchor
Composer: Matt Frey
Performers:andPlay: Maya Bennardo, violin & Hannah Levinson, viola

Title: 'Ninguém Entende Nada’ Music: Melanie Mitrano, voice

Title: 'Tudo Se Resume a Você'
Music: Melanie Mitrano, voice

Title: Rainforest Canticles
Composer: Dusan Bogdanovic
Impulse:Kenji Haba, guitar & Susan Mandel, cello

Viola Yip & Co
Danica Borisavljevic, pn; Zach Herchen, sx; Patrick Holmes, cl; Aleks Kajarka, cl; Luke Schwartz, gtr; Lary Seven, prc; Masami Tomihisa, prc; Ellery Trafford, prc; Robert Voisey, vz; Viola Yip, vz/pn

Title: Glassworks
Composer: Sunny Knable
Performers: Parhelion Trio

Title: Being A Soldier
Composer: Jason Ulysses DaSilva
Performers: Josh Henderson, vn; Maya Bennardo; vn Blake Allen, va; Susan Davita Mandel, cello

Title: Wide Awake
Composer: David Wolfson
Performers: Josh Henderson, vn; Maya Bennardo; vn Blake Allen, va; Susan Davita Mandel, cello

Title: 8 Variations for String Quartet
Composer: Spencer Snyder
Performers: Josh Henderson, vn; Maya Bennardo; vn Blake Allen, va; Susan Davita Mandel, cello

10:00- After party at Pony Bar