Composer's Voice Concert

Children's Concert

September 30, 2012


what a fix
Greer Baxter
Greer Baxter, piano & voice

<15 (Young Composers)

Step by Step
Nicholas C. McConnell

Matthias's Walk
J.P. Redmond

Dark Shark
Jason Ulysses DaSilva

Human Journing
Ethan Lombardi

Labyrinth Theorem
Chase Dobson

Pirates o'er the High Seas
Hari Parameswaran

Damp and Wet
Henry Crystal-Ewing

Devon Campbell

The Tree
Alexander "Sasha" Yakub

Jimmy Pigott

+2 works by adult composers channeling their inner child:
Roger Blanc

A Quick Image
Daniel Mihai

Suzanne Mueller, cello

Theme from Puppet
Christian McCleer

Christian McCleer

Olive the Double-Pumpkin Jour-Son
Olive Eng

Olive Eng, piano, dance
Randall Eng, piano

Music in Motion
Robert Voisey

Nakyunk Min, soprano
Seulki Han, viola

Douglas DaSilva

Anne Goldberg, oboe
Josh Henderson, violin
Hana Segerstrom, violin
Midori Witkoski, viola
Susan Davita Mandel, cello


Randall Eng

Randall Eng’s operas have been performed at Lyric Opera Cleveland, New York City Opera’s VOX Festival, the Virginia Arts Festival, and American Opera Projects. He teaches at NYU’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. Olive Eng is in kindergarten. She is 5-and-3/4 years old. She is a huge fan of contemporary opera; her current favorites are The Turn of the Screw, The Little Sweep, The Little Prince, and X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X. Pupy Peter Rosebush is a Pooh bear. He is 13 years old but he is Olive’s son. He was born at Sears on Staten Island. Picky Lily Rosebush is a brown bear and is a 10-year-old bear and is starting preschool in the fall. She is Olive’s daughter and friend.

Anne Goldberg

Anne Goldberg is the founder/artistic director of the Synthesis Aesthetics Project, a collaborative between musicians, dancers, multimedia and spoken word artists. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wellesley College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a M.M. of Classical Composition at Manhattan School of Music in Marjorie Merryman’s studio. Anne is a freelance pianist and oboist-English hornist, and was a member of the New England Philharmonic and Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra. She and three of her friends recently formed the Tempus Continuum Ensemble, a touring mixed quartet that premiers a lot of her music. Anne’s music has also been premiered in Boston and New York by ensembles such as Boston New Music Institute & the Novatrio.

Seulki Elise Han

Shortly after starting viola at the age of 12, Seulki Elise Han moved to the United States and continued her training as a musician under Dr. Amy Muchnick at Missouri State University. As an active chamber and orchestral musician, Seulki has worked with members of the Cleveland, Biava, and Tokyo String quartets, and has received both Bachelor of Music Degree and Performer Diploma from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, studying with renowned violist Atar Arad. Seulki has also participated in festivals including the Heifetz International Music Festival, the Innsbrook Institute of Music, and Indiana University Summer Festivals. Seulki is a recipient of the Manhattan School of Music Scholarship and is pursuing a Master of Music degree at MSM under Professor Robert Rinehart.

Josh Henderson

The versatile violinist, Josh Henderson is quickly gaining recognition as a musician for all seasons. He has performed classical music in venues all over the world including prestigious European concert halls such as The Gasteig in Munich, the Kennedy Center in our nation's capitol, Beijing's Forbidden City, as well as high energy electric violin performances in iconic venues of popular music such as Manhattan’s Highline and Hammerstein Ballrooms. As a soloist, he has performed with the Starling Chamber orchestra, Accent X Orchestra, CCM Showcase Orchestra, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, and with the China Performing-Arts Broadcasting Troupe Orchestra. He has studied with Kurt Sassmannshaus in Cincinnati and studies with Naoko Tanaka at New York University.

Susan Davita Mandel

Cellist, Susan Davita Mandel performed the American debut of Robert Delanoff’s Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano at Weill Recital Hall as finalists of the AMTL Young Musicians concert series.Susan also collaborates with hip-hop, pop, rock, and jazz artists and has performed and recorded with Joey Contreras Music, Mason Jar Music, the Robbers on High Street, the Silent League, Vespertina, Capillary Action, and Danny Rivera Jazz Orchestra. She has performed at Webster Hall, (le) Poisson Rouge, American Folk Art Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Glasslands Gallery, and Mercury Lounge. Recently, Susan was the featured cellist in Jihae and John Patrick Shanley’s opera “Fire Burning Rain” at the Highline Ballroom in NYC and the Not For Sale campaign event in San Francisco Bay Area.

Nakyung Min

Nakyung Min is a soprano originally from South Korea. She won several competitions include Korea Voice Competition, Music Education Press competition, and Sungjung Cultural Foundation competition. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree and is currently a Master degree student at Manhattan School of Music under Maitland Peters.

Suzanne Mueller

Cellist Suzanne Mueller made her New York recital debut under the auspices of Artists International, as a member of the piano/cello Elysian Duo, and went on to perform as half of its successor, Elysian II, for ten years, before forming CROSS ISLAND with Ms. Zayas. She also performed for a decade as half of McCarron & Mueller, with guitarist/composer/arranger Mark McCarron. Currently, she is Beech Tree Concerts Artist-in- Residence at Old Westbury Gardens, where she presents a series of outdoor summer concerts with various partners She is also a frequent performer on the Composer’s Voice concert series.

Hana Segerstrom

Originally from Delmar, New York, Hana Segerstrom began playing the violin at age five. She has been a member of the Aspen Festival Orchestra, NYU Symphony Orchestra, New York Youth Symphony, and Empire State Youth Orchestra. Hana received a Bachelor of Music in violin performance from New York University where she studied violin with Naoko Tanaka. During her undergraduate studies, she was a part of several short film and music video recording sessions. She has also been a member of various chamber ensembles including string quartet, piano trio, and string sextet. During the summer of 2012, she attended the Aspen Music Festival. Outside of the classical genre, Hana enjoys playing violin with rock band, Vespertina.

Midori Witkoski

Midori Witkoski, Violist, is a proud advocate of all music, both new and old. Her passion for playing contemporary works has led her to premiere many new works in student composer concerts at the Manhattan School of Music, where she is expected to graduate in May 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Viola Performance. She has worked with and been coached by world renowned chamber musicians such as Lawrence Dutton of the Emerson String quartet, and members of the American String Quartet including Daniel Avshalomov (viola), Peter Winograd (violin), and Wolfram Koessel (cello). She currently coaches with contemporary violinist Curtis Macomber, on works such as the Prokofiev wind quintet and Schoenberg’s Transfigured Night.


Roger Blanc

Roger Blanc, M.M., studied with David Diamond and taught Ear Training at Juilliard for three years. His music has been performed at Alice Tully Hall, The Whitney Sculpture Court, and overseas. He has worked in music for television (Tonight Show), film (Frida), recording (Barbra Streisand), and live performance (Miles Davis).

“Ruminance” for solo cello begins despondently, building up to a lurching, expressive outburst before settling back into something resembling its initial energy state. The piece tends to fold back on itself melodically, and utilizes an ample portion of the cello's available range.

Devon Campbell

Devon Campbell plays the french horn and trumpet, but the ukulele is his instrument of choice. He started a ukulele club at Summit Middle School. His primary musical influences are Iz’s Hawaiian music, Jake Shimabukuro’s and Aldrin Guerrero’s ukulele playing, Tangi’s ukulele instruments, and Anthony Green’s expertise

The circle is central to my piece. In Progression the theme and last variation are quite similar, hence the circle. I was inspired by the prelude to Bach’s first cello suite, and a piece called Pianoforte by Jake Shimabukuro. Both pieces enforce the idea of two voices by using different registers.

Douglas DaSilva

Artistic Director of the Composer’s Voice concert series, Douglas DaSilva is a composer, guitarist, educator, curator, film-maker and amateur clarinetist in New York City. He composes in various styles including jazz, pop, children’s music, chamber music and experimental. Much of his writing is influenced by Brazilian music and self-inflicted stress. His compositions have been described as “very individual, and to us has a very clear personality” in Classical Guitar Magazine. His pieces Sarabande; How to Build a Totalitarian State and Contrails have been included in 60x60 projects. His works have been performed in Brazil, England, Italy, Germany, Romania, Brazil & throughout the USA.

Jason Ulysses DaSilva

Jason Ulysses DaSilva is a pianist-composer-music enthusiast in NYC. As a pianist he has performed at Hunter College as well as other venues in New York City. Jason's compositions have been performed by the ensemble ThingNY; pianist Sophia Yan, and his electronic works premiered on the Composer's Voice concert series.

Dark Shark - A robot shark is swimming in the water and when it finds its prey it pops out machine-guns and a whole bunch of other weapons and blasts it out of the water.

Chase Dobson

Chase Dobson will be a junior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts in Dallas, Texas. He studies composition and piano at Southern Methodist University. He has worked with Dallas ensemble Voices of Change, and has had compositions performed at SMU, Meyerson Symphony Center, and Carnegie Hall.

When wandering through a labyrinth, the end can be worse than the beginning. Labyrinth Theorem demonstrates this concept. The rhythm and dynamics gradually become more abrasive as they become lost in the labyrinth. As the piece progresses, the hope of escape fades and it ends with jarring double stops. Henry Ewing-Crystal is eight years old and lives in New York City. He plays piano and cello. He likes to play soccer and tennis, and he especially likes playing with his dog Leo. He enjoys acting in musicals, and is considering being an actor when he grows up. Henry feels that “Damp or Wet” is a sort of mellow but experimental piece. He named his piece “Damp or Wet” because he asked his mother for a paper towel while trying to come up with a title, and she asked “Do you want it damp or wet?”

Olive Eng

Olive Eng is in kindergarten. She is 5-and-3/4 years old. She is a huge fan of contemporary opera; her current favorites are The Turn of the Screw, The Little Sweep, The Little Prince, and X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X.

Pupy Peter Rosebush is a Pooh bear. He is 13 years old but he is Olive’s son. He was born at Sears on Staten Island. Picky Lily Rosebush is a brown bear and is a 10-year-old bear and is starting preschool in the fall. She is Olive’s daughter and friend.

Ethan Lombardi

Ethan Lombardi, age 6, recently graduated from Kindergarten in Albuquerque. He sings at the University of New Mexico's Music Prep School. Ethan enjoys rocks, bugs, trains, and of course, music.

Christian McLeer

Christian McLeer (20th century), an American Composer is a graduate of the Juilliard Conservatory Pre-College, and Manhattan School of Music. At the age of fourteen he received his first major commission for the American Cancer Society for which he wrote and performed Hope in concert. Since then, he has composed a number of works that have been commissioned and recorded including his one-act opera House of Comedy , an avant-garde piece entitled Feedback Parade, the ballet The Grandfather Clocks, and the opera Haibo. His composition Musing is included on acclaimed flutist Sophia Anastasia's CD of the same name and Hope is included on the CD Encores 2 by the world-renowned pianist Anna Marie Bottazzi. His work, Black Lung was included on the 60x60 project. As a concert pianist Christian has performed at many respected venues including Weill-Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall, Merkin Concert Hall and the New Orleans Astro Dome. He has also performed as a conductor with the New Music Consort. Christian is an accomplished classical, jazz, pop & rock musician and is recognized as having the ability to unite these genres in his compositions. He co-founded the Remarkable Theater Brigade, he is the musical director at Jan Hus Church, and co-directs the Composer's Voice Concert Series in New York City with Vox Novus. On his free time, he plays piano at the after-school rehearsals for the Fort Hamilton High School chorus and National Chorale program, where they are singing "Meaningful", from Mr. McLeer's musical "G Train", under the direction of Mr. Robert Lanaghan.

Daniel Mihai

My name is Daniel Mihai and I have studied with the Maestro and teachers like Serban Nichifor, Stefan Gheorghiu and a lot of great teachers of Romanian School of Music (National University of Music in Bucharest)! The first teacher in my life was my father who brings my special love to music and special to my first love- violine! I attended MBA courses in the Faculty of Performing Art, with the objective of improvement and assimilation of all knowledge related to contemporary music.I am teacher of violine in Constanta and also i play with pleasure this kind of music wherever! Also, I want to finish my final thesis soon as possible!

Nicholas McConnell

Nicholas McConnell studies composition, violin and viola with David Gordon, jazz piano with Tara Buzash, and piano with Dmitri Korneev. His compositions have won or received honorable mention in national competitions from the MENC, NAfME and ASCAP. Outside of music, Nicholas enjoys math, programming, reading, and card games with friends. Recently I've been enjoying some Etudes by Ligeti. Many of them use less common meters, so I was inspired to write this piece in 5/8. In a piece for a solo instrument, even without chords, I tried to write it so that the listener could discover and imagine the chord progressions.

Hari Parameswaran

I am almost eleven and enjoy playing the piano. I have been learning to play for three years and like playing fast pieces and ones that challenge me. I played a concerto for my last recital. I also like playing video games, tennis, and listening to Bollywood music.

This piece was inspired by a school project on pirates my friend was doing. So I decided it would be cool to write a piece about pirates. The piece starts with the pirates riding across the sea. Then, they run into navy ships and start battling them.

Jimmy Pigott

Jimmy Pigott studies viola and piano in New York City. His compositional style is usually classically structured; and although he occasionally experiments in this capacity, his focus is on the exploration of the oft-neglected consonants. Jimmy is Assistant Stage Director for the Composer's Voice concert series. The title Cl'Oud reflects the similarities this piece has with a piece I recently wrote for the Oud. While "Cl" is usually the abbreviation for clarinet, I am using it to represent the cello and to form the world "cloud," since this piece's smooth, rhythmic flow reminds of the motion of a cloud in the sky.

Robert Voisey

“With few opportunities and much competition,...composers show creativity in just getting heard.” And in Chris Pasles’s article in the Los Angeles Times, Robert Voisey is highlighted as one of those composers. Composing electroacoustic and chamber music, his aesthetic oscillates from the Romantic to the Post Modern Mash-Up. His work has been performed in venues throughout the world including: Carnegie Hall, World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium, and Stratford Circus in London. Voisey has been profiled and music broadcasted on HEC-TV public television in St Louis, Elektramusik in France, as well as radio stations all around the world including: Cityscape NPR St. Louis Public Radio; Arts & Answers & Art Waves on WKCR, Upbeat with Eva Radich on Radio New Zealand; and Kol Yisrael Israeli Radio. Rob Voisey’s neo-romantic chamber works are routinely performed in New York City on the Composer’s Voice concert series and his 10 minute opera was featured on “Opera Shorts” produced by the Remarkable Theater Brigade. Voisey’s electronic work ranges wildly in style and aesthetic but has the common feature of being collaborative and community orientated. Some of his current projects include: one minute electronic works for 60x60; 50 second miniatures named for each State in the Union; Constellations, a project of miniature ambient pieces put together in a mobile form.

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Remarkable Theater Brigade

Remarkable Theater Brigade founded by Christian McLeer, Dan Jeselsohn and Monica Harte, creates and produces new operas and musicals and takes children's versions out to special-needs and at-risk children free of charge.

Remarkable Theater Brigade creates and produces new works including operas, orchestral pieces, ballets, musicals, and electro-acoustic works and co-produces the Composer's Voice Concert Series concerts. Remarkable Theater Brigade was founded in 2002 by Christian McLeer, Monica Harte, and Dan Jeselsohn.

Jan Hus Church

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