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The primary mission of the Composer's Voice Concert series is the promotion of living composers and their music via concert performance in New York City.

Vox Novus believes strongly in the intrinsic value of contemporary music, recognizing it as a force in the advancement of culture and art. We help keep it alive through the promotion and dissemination of the music of contemporary composers. Our goal is to broaden the channels of new music between composer and public, providing greater exposure to new music.

The Composer's Voice concert series accomplishes the mission by providing an avenue for composers and musicians who champion contemporary music to present new music to audiences. The series does this in a chamber concert format premiering and encoring works primarily in New York City.

Composer's Voice also collaborates with several organizations to further this mission. Organizations which the Composer's Voice concert has collaborates with are Vox Novus, Remarkable Theater Brigade (RTB), and Jan Hus Church. Other collaborations inlcude Access Contemporary Music (ACM) and Malted Media.

The Composers' Voice concert series seeks to empower the composer, promote their work, highlight dedicated muscians, amd expose audiences to new music. Perceiving that the most important corollary to a completed work is a performance, Composer's Voice gives an outlet for those performances to happen. In these concerts we develop audiences that include yet extend beyond the bounds of the musical community, broadening the audience base by familiarizing it with certain works in repeat performances, while continuously integrating new composers into the repertoire.

"[Vox Novus offers] the presentation of serious works by established and emerging composers. Those voices should be heard, and they can even be reheard on the Vox Novus website (http://www.VoxNovus.com) that generously offers complete audio recordings and even full scores of works presented by Vox Novus at its concerts." -- John de Clef Pineiro, New Music Connoisseur (March 2003 Vol.11 No.1)
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