Collaborating with Composer's Voice

Composer's Voice seeks and fosters collaboration with new music organizations, ensembles, and individuals who are dedicated to new music.

In general, Composer's Voice looks to collaborate with entities who will expand the concert series outside of New York City. Normally Composer's Voice offers to do this by setting up a "trade" concert where a performance in New York City is presented to a similar fashion to a performance outside of New York City which is presented by a collaborating entity. This type of collaboration has been very advantageous to those organizations looking to have performances in New York City as well as bring attention to their organization by exposing them to the Vox Novus community.

Currently Composer's Voice is working with the Living Music Foundation and Access Contemporary Music. In the past, Composer's Voice has collaborated with the Birmingham Art Music Alliance, La Scala De San Telmo, and Brazil's Preludio 21.

If you wish to collaborate with Compsoer's Voice pleaase contact Robert Voisey at

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